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Tanzanite Crystal – All Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs, and Chakras

TANZANITE’S HISTORICAL AND MYTHOLOGICAL USE This Amazing Crystal is the lavender-blue form of Zoisite. Zoisite was first identified in 1805 by geologist Baron Sigmund Zois von Edelstein in the Saualpe Mountains, Austria. It wasn’t until 1967 that Manuel D’Souza was shown what was later named Tanzanite while prospecting in Tanzania. According to local Masai herders, a lightning strike had set fire to the grass; once the fire was out, they found the crystal scattered around the site. In 1970, Tiffany jeweller Henry Platt named the gem Tanzanite as a marketing ploy. It quickly became a favourite for healing and jewellery,...

Balance All Imbalances in Your Life with a Tanzanite Crystal

Balance All Imbalances in Your Life with a Tanzanite Crystal

Tanzanite Crystal, an astonish precious stone, is mined in Tanzania. It maintains the body’s balance and has an intuition-enhancing effect. The colors of Tanzanite Crystal are dark purple and blue tones. Tanzanite has a powerful healing feature with its intense energy that brings thousands of years of formation. It has noticeable positive effects on physical and mental health. What is Tanzanite Crystal? It is a magnificent crystal known as a balancing stone. The Tanzanite Crystal deposit is located in the Tanzania region. It is a precious stone due to its limited availability and rarity. It is stated that the interaction...