KYANITE (Dream Stone)

What is Kyanite?

kyanite stone

Kyanite natural stone is a magnificent crystal that brings spiritual growth. Kyanite stone, found in many natural colours, is a natural stone with colour tones consisting of a mixture of translucent blue and white. Kyanite stone, believed to give peace, is also used as a protector.

If you use it as an ornament, this stone helps everyone in the house to get rid of stress and tension. In addition, since there is no negative energy charge in Kyanite stone, it is unnecessary to clean or purify the stone.

kyanite stone

Kyanite was used as a compass to determine the direction in ancient times. This stone can be seen in different colours when viewed from different angles. It does not have a colour change feature, but it has an iridescent shade.

This stone, which gives calmness and peace, is beneficial for people with problems such as fatigue and insomnia. If you want to wake up fit and energetic when you wake up in the morning, you can place the Kyanite stone under your pillow.

Kyanite stone gives positive energies to people belonging to all zodiac signs except bull and ram. Taurus and Aries people should use it more carefully.

History of Kyanite Stone

kyanite stone

Kyanite stone, discovered by Abraham Werner in 1789, takes its name from the Greek word “kyanos”. Kyanos means blue. Although the colour of the rock changes from time to time, it takes its name from the word “blue”. This is because blue was commonly seen when the stone was first discovered. Kyanite stone has many other colours that can be seen together with blue—these; green, orange, indigo and black. However, the rarer colours are pink, white, grey and yellow.

Where Is Kyanite Found?

kyanite stone

Kenya, Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Cambodia, Brazil and America appear to be essential sources of Kyanite stone. However, this stone is widely available in many regions of the world.

Kyanite Stone is the Stone of Which Zodiac Signs?

kyanite stone

Kyanite is not generally associated with one or more zodiac signs. However, the blue kyanite stone is the stone of the ram and bull signs born in spring. Kyanite stones in other dark colours can be considered the birthstones of people born mid-winter.

The coloured ones of kyanite stones appear as very precious stones. The green kyanite stone brings wisdom, truth and dignity to the person. This stone is the birthstone of people born between April 20 and May 20. This stone brings health and success to these people.

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Kyanite Stone Benefits

kyanite stone

  • It provides positive thoughts and is a very effective stone for happiness.
  • Prevents the confusion of people from mental disorders.
  • It helps people who are extremely angry and have anger problems to keep their anger under control.
  • Offers positive effects on self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • If you sleep by putting it under the pillow, it provides conscious and lucid dreaming and helps you easily remember the dreams seen and forgotten dreams.
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  • Known as the dream stone, it is also known as the luck stone.
  • It explicitly activates the fifth chakra, the throat chakra, and benefits various throat problems.
  • There is a belief that it protects the person who uses it.
  • It provides inner peace and calmness.
kyanite stone
  • It absorbs negative energies and turns them into positive energy.
  • Balances all the chakras and makes them work harmoniously.
  • Protects the person from harmful energies and the evil eye.
  • It gives general healing to the body and has available healing properties.
  • It helps to focus while meditating and makes positive contributions to meditation.
  • It is suitable for muscle aches and problems in the throat area when used as a necklace.

Physical Benefits of Kyanite

Blue Crystal blue
  • Kyanite natural stone is one of the first crystals that come to mind in throat diseases.
  • Kyanite is a beneficial stone for people with communication problems, diplomatic missions, and other matters that must be shared.
  • Kyanite helps people who have difficulty expressing themselves to express themselves more easily.
  • It is a stone that helps to recall forgotten memories.
Kyanite Crystal
  • If you carry this stone with you when you must address a large group, it will significantly benefit you when you need to improvise or answer the questions asked.
  • It is also a beneficial stone for children with communication problems and difficulties communicating with their friends or teachers at school. You can place this stone in your child’s school bag or the pocket of his clothes.

Emotional Health Benefits of Kyanite

Blue Crystal
  • Kyanite makes the person think more logically and helps the person to act more decisively.
  • It helps to overcome a fatalistic mentality and not try to change one’s life, and accept and put effort into every negative thing in their life. In this way, the person takes steps to improve his life and gains courage.
  • It allows people not to overreact or to react more generally in some situations.
  • Kyanite provides a rapid flow of energy in the body and helps to convert negative energies into positive energy.

Spiritual Benefits of Kyanite

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  • Kyanite stone can strengthen the telepathic relationship between two people and improve the progress of people working on this subject.
  • It helps to get rid of negative emotions such as disappointment and anger.
  • It helps to connect with the reality of the heart.
  • It saves people who believe in the idea of horrible fate from this mindset.
  • It helps the person to mature and gain the ability to act wisely.
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How to Tell if Kyanite Stone is Real or Fake?

Kyanite Crystal

Kyanite generally has a blue-white colour and a semi-transparent structure. It can also sometimes be found in black or brown veined forms on blue. You can test whether kyanite is a natural stone with simple methods. First, carefully look at the kyanite photos on our website and compare them with the one you have, then measure and compare the Density and hardness of your stone. It will give primarily accurate results. However, although the testing methods we have tried at home are not as precise as analyzing the mineral structure, it still mainly works.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Kyanite Stone

Kyanite Crystal

The hardness of kyanite stone is not very high. Although it does not have an extremely fragile and soft structure, it has a much quieter feature than ores such as diamond and sapphire. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful while maintaining it.

You can easily clean it by keeping it in running water for a short time and then wiping it with a damp cloth. Keeping your kyanite jewellery in a separate pouch prevents it from breaking, scratching and getting damaged.

Heavy chemicals should be avoided while cleaning kyanite stone, and products containing ammonia, such as bleach, should not be used.

Is Kyanite Jewelry Expensive?

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Kyanite, which can be used as an affordable alternative to blue sapphire, which is generally more expensive in the jewellery category, is quite limited in terms of its use in jewellery due to its variable hardness.

This stone, most commonly used in white gold and silver jewellery, is often used as pendants and earrings.

Kyanite Crystal

Since Kyanite stone is ubiquitous in the world, it is one of the most affordable stones in terms of price. Using a rosary made of kyanite stone during worship will load the person with positive and peaceful energies and provide a kind of relaxation. Kyanite stone is also frequently used in porcelain and ceramic pottery.

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How is Kyanite Used?

The most common use of kyanite stone is to put it under the pillow before sleeping; it can be used as a sleeping stone and as jewellery. In ancient times, Kyanite was used as a compass. Besides, this stone is suitable for use as ornaments in your homes.

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Rosaries made of Kyanite stone will also be helpful to use frequently while praying protective prayers. The rosary made with this stone will make the person feel good feelings. When kyanite stone is used as a decoration and ornament, it will not only provide a very stylish image but also prevent negative energy from infecting you with its protective effect.


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