Natural Stones for Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

If you are going through a period where you want to improve communication skills, there is no better option than Stones for Throat Chakra. If you have trouble expressing your true feelings, cannot identify your needs, or feel you are never understood, you may have a blockage in your Throat chakra.

The throat chakra is the energy centre that governs communication and self-expression. Balancing it with throat chakra stones will help you enjoy life and your relationships.

Throat Chakra Properties

Throat Chakra

Colour: Blue
Element: Ether (Space) and Sound
Main Functions: Communication, Expression, Authenticity, Purpose, Truth, Confidence, Creativity, Emotion and Intuition Balance
Body Areas: Throat, Mouth, Tongue, Jaw, Throat, Neck, Ears, Nose, Shoulders, Thyroid

The throat chakra is the fifth energy centre in the body. It is located in the middle of the Throat. It governs our self-expression and communication. This chakra can be compared to our voice in the world.

It is the first of the upper chakras, the spiritual chakras. Therefore, problems with the lower chakras need to be taken care of to benefit from the full power of the throat chakra. Throat chakra; is associated with the colour blue and the element ether. It represents the space that connects the heart and mind. When it flows freely, it makes you realize deep spiritual truths. In this way, we can talk, listen and express ourselves fully.

The Throat chakra needs to function optimally so that we can understand and express our truth.

Congested Throat Chakra Symptoms


It’s normal to experience Throat chakra issues once in a while. Even if you specialize in how to balance your chakras, sometimes you experience blockages. However, it may be time for the most effective throat chakra balancing exercises.

All chakras can develop small blockages that are difficult to understand. That said, it’s worth knowing about some classic triggers for a stuffy throat chakra.

If you were raised to be aware that you should always keep your emotions to yourself, you would likely develop a throat chakra blockage.

  • If you have trouble saying what you want
  • If you don’t have the vocabulary to describe your feelings
  • If you feel like you’re keeping too many secrets
  • If you feel like people don’t know the “real you.”
  • A blocked throat chakra can also cause a variety of physical symptoms.
  • For example, if you suffer from chronic sore Throat
  • Irregular fluctuations in hormone levels
  • If you wake up with a stiff or sore neck
  • A prime example is painful communication experiences.
  • Your Throat chakra can become unstable due to a harsh, negative evaluation at work or harsh words in an argument.

How to Open the Throat Chakra?

Throat Chakra

The improvement of the throat chakra is mainly caused by the truths you hold inside and cannot say. These high-energy words you feel inside are as if stuck in your Throat. The high energy of words destroys your Throat. It sounds strange, yes, we know, but various throat ailments, especially those related to the thyroid, are caused by your inability to express yourself. Strangely, when the Throat chakra is disturbed, it becomes more difficult to express yourself, and diseases increase. Unless we intervene to reverse this deterioration from the outside, the problem will continue to grow.

So what should we do? The solution is simple: “Use high-frequency natural stones” to heal your chakra. With the healing energy of the crystals, your throat chakra, which has been damaged first, will return its rotation direction and speed to its normal values so that you will enter a state of healing. Afterwards, you will express yourself with the right words, clear your Throat and find comfort.

For beginners, Natural stone treatment can seem a bit strange at first. Healing by correcting your invisible chakras… So “Chakra Healing” may sound complicated and impossible. Or, you may think it will take a long time to open the chakras properly. Fortunately, chakra exercises do not require continuing for as long as you might think, and you can incorporate these exercises into your life very quickly with natural stones.

You maximize your chances of experiencing a happy and balanced life by doing throat chakra balancing exercises.

As your Throat chakra heals, you will experience amazing improvements in your communication in various areas, especially regarding throat chakra healing. It is liberating and empowering. It helps you live a much more free life.

Throat Chakra Meditation

Throat Chakra

Anyone can learn meditation techniques. If you’ve never tried meditation, you’ll still have no problem. This is a very positive and healing process for everyone. Ideally, you should do the Throat chakra meditation for at least 10 minutes once a day. However, you should only apply it a few times a week. Try these exercises every day when you wake up and just before bed.

  • Take your favourite Throat chakra stone in your hand.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet room.
  • Inhale and exhale ten times as deeply as you can. Inhale through your nose and then exhale through your mouth.
  • Scan your body starting from the top of your head and imagine your muscles relaxing as you go.
  • Hold the throat chakra crystal at the level of your Throat.
  • When you do this for your entire body, imagine a spinning ball in blue (the throat chakra colour).
  • See it sitting at the level of your Throat and imagine it glowing.
  • See the blue orb getting bigger and bigger, focusing on a feeling of clarity and relaxation in the Throat.
  • Allow the energy to disperse throughout your body, and open your eyes when ready.

Throat Chakra Stones

Throat Chakra

The colour of the throat chakra is blue. Therefore, a large decorative stone with a naturally blue colour, bracelet, or necklace can help you work with this chakra. The idea here is pretty simple!

All you have to do is wear throat chakra stones or carry them in your purse. You help clear throat chakra blockages and heal them with this simple act. So, what are your favourite throat chakra stones?

Amazonite Stones for Throat Chakra

Amazonite is one of the best Throat chakra stones because it helps us express ourselves. It encourages us to dig deep to discover what drives us. For this reason, it is also known as the “stone of truth”.

It promotes harmony and increases self-esteem by reducing aggression, fear, anxiety and anger. It balances our emotions and the feminine and masculine energy in our relationships.

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Aquamarine Stones for Throat Chakra

Aquamarine is a stone of empowerment that improves communication by helping us set aside judgments, reduce arguments, and make balanced compromises.

It is a great throat chakra stone. Because it helps us live in harmony with others and gain confidence in our relationships. When we use it, We find it easier to go with the flow and demonstrate strength without forcing it. This stone will help us improve our mental function and discover the truth. Aquamarine is beneficial for maintaining a healthy throat.

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Sodalite Stones for Throat Chakra

Sodalite is known as the Stone of Intuition and Logic. It strengthens our connection to our higher self and helps us access our intuition while allowing us to think logically.

From where it leads, we can understand ourselves and open our minds to deeper, non-emotional thoughts. This throat chakra stone helps us to be authentic by improving our understanding of ourselves so that we can accept who we are and live more confidently. It is also beneficial in enhancing hormone function.

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Blue Tiger Eye Stones for Throat Chakra

Blue Tiger Eye is one of the best Throat chakra stones, although it is not very common because it carries many properties that benefit the Throat chakra in its mineral structure.

It works wonders when its harmony with the throat chakra is combined with its calming properties. This soothing stone; emits a calm energy that dissolves stress and reduces depression, anxiety, anger and fear. It enhances our ability to understand our emotions and cast aside our fears. We can heal our emotional wounds and find the best solutions to our problems.

It allows us to communicate clearly and speak easily to enjoy more trust and harmony in our relationships. It is a stone that balances the masculine and feminine energies within us. This, in turn, balances our intuition and mental focus, inspiring creative problem-solving.

Blue Lace Agate Stones for Throat Chakra

Agate is the stone of writers and speakers. Those who want to use words fluently and effectively should prefer blue agate stone whether there is a problem with their Throat chakras.

We recommend wearing the blue agate stone around your neck as a necklace. Because agate is a slow-working stone, it can completely transform your Throat chakra to its old and healthy state within six months. Once your Throat chakra has healed, it’s really hard to break down again.

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Blue Apatite Stones for Throat Chakra

Blue Apatite increases our strength by removing confusion and reducing the emotions that keep us alive. With its help, you will likely experience less negativity, guilt, sadness, anger and irritability.

This stone; stimulates the mind, prepares it for knowledge and ignites creative ideas for better problem-solving. It enhances psychic abilities and opens us up to many levels of consciousness. It is particularly helpful in helping us heal from emotional wounds resulting from past life traumas. Blue Apatite also works to improve our metabolism and teeth.

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Chrysocolla Stones for Throat Chakra

The interaction of chrysocolla with humans is different from other throat chakra crystals. Correcting the throat chakra is basically about expressing what you cannot say. But chrysocolla is primarily for people who talk a lot. Although we don’t talk about it much above, talking too much and empty is because your Throat chakra works too fast and wrong. So it is a different disorder in your Throat chakra.

Here chrysocolla perfectly helps you to say what you need to say. Sometimes it’s so hard to keep quiet! With chrysocolla, you can learn to be silent where you need to be silent and to speak when you need to.

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Other Tips for Throat Chakra Balancing

Natural stones are, of course, the best and most permanent way to heal chakras. However, besides using Throat chakra stones, there are other exercises to balance it.

  • Singing, chanting and humming
  • Reading aloud
  • Working with scents such as narcissus, jasmine, rosemary, sage, cypress, sandalwood, geranium, clove, mint and tea tree
  • Yoga poses like shoulder position, cat pose
  • Eating more fruit and drinking more water
  • keeping a diary about your feelings
  • Throat chakra affirmations
  • Wearing blue clothes

By trying to balance the Throat chakra, you will eventually be able to feel like you are in your own body. All your throat ailments can be healed immediately if you try exercises with the Throat chakra stones mentioned above.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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