Natural Stones for Crown Chakra

Chakras are energy centers evenly distributed throughout your body. By learning how to balance them, you stabilize these powerful energy sources. This, in turn, promotes feelings of health, happiness, and confidence. Conversely, you can feel bad and emotionally low when there is an imbalance. The crown chakra is the energy center that governs how well we connect spiritually. Balancing it with crown chakra stones helps us embrace unity and achieve enlightenment.

The crown chakra is the 7th energy center in the body. It is located on the head like a crown. It governs our connection to higher consciousness, universal awareness, and sense of oneness and spiritual presence. The crown chakra is where the life force enters our body. At the same time, earth energy enters our body through the root chakra at the base of the spine. Therefore, the crown and root chakras are naturally linked as they represent the extreme points of the chakra system.

Balancing these extremes is one of life’s most incredible adventures. But when accomplished, it feels connected to the source, both earthly and spiritual, at the same time.

Crown Chakra Key Features

Location: Top of the head
Colour: Violet
Element: Cosmic Energy
Associated Animal: Eagle

Signs of clogged crown chakra When the crown chakra is blocked, you may not see much beauty in the world. You may also experience symptoms of depression. If you have just developed this blockage, you may notice a decrease in your overall motivation and excitement. Physically, chronic headaches can occur.

How To Open The Crown Chakra?

There are more advanced techniques for the crown chakra that you can learn over time if you wish. However, the simplest ones are often the most effective. These simple techniques can be easily incorporated into everyday life and require no special training. You can do it on your own and do some together. For example, you can use crown chakra stones or say crown chakra affirmations while meditating.

Crown Chakra Meditation

Meditation is good for keeping the chakras open and aligned. It promotes self-awareness, emotional regulation, and relaxation. There are also chakra meditation techniques for beginners that target each chakra. You can follow the steps below to do a simple and effective crown chakra meditation.

  • Relax with your back straight and feet on the floor.
  • Put your hands on your lap and turn your palms towards the sky. This position is called “mudra” and helps you get energy.
  • Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Imagine a lotus on the top of your head.
  • As you breathe slowly and evenly, see the lotus petals open to show you a bright purple light, the color of the crown chakra.
  • Imagine the light getting brighter and brighter, warming the top of your head.
  • Let this warmth spread throughout your body.
  • After 5-10 minutes, open your eyes and sit quietly for a few minutes.

Crown Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are a well-known technique for balancing the chakras. Because the crown chakra is linked to self-esteem, affirmations can often be thought of as promoting an open crown chakra. Some of the crown chakra affirmations are as follows:

“I am constantly connected to my highest self.”

“We all came to this world to make a difference.”

“I am attuned to the divine energy of the universe.”

“I know my spiritual truth and live according to it.”

“I am open to divine guidance today.”

“I see beauty in the world and embrace it.”

“I am love, I am light, and I am joy.”

“Oneness with the world around me.”

“I am confident, happy, and confident in my worth.”

Natural Stones for Crown Chakra

The color of the crown chakra is violet. However, it also has connections with clear stones and crystals. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to using healing stones. Crown chakra stones; You can wear them as a necklace, earring, or bracelet, hold them in your hand or place it in your home. Crown chakra stones can help align and open the crown chakra as long as they symbolize chakra work. Here are the natural stones and their benefits for the crown chakra

Selenite Stone for Crown Chakra

Selenite is another crown chakra stone with a very high vibration. Therefore, it works to raise our vibration as well. To do this, it clears negative energy and purifies our chakras, energy field, and environment.

With the help of Selenite, we can often heal ourselves by removing energy blockages and negativities. We can connect to our guides by accessing the higher realms. Purchasing a selenite bracelet that provides clarity will help you benefit from these effects.

Amethyst Stone for Crown Chakra

Amethyst is one of the most famous crown chakra stones. It provides a soothing yet stimulating energy that promotes spiritual insight and new perceptions. It is also the third eye chakra stone. Therefore, it increases our wisdom by optimizing both our intuition and intelligence.

Amethyst prepares us for deep meditation as it calms the mind, balances the energy field, and brings us to a calm but alert state. It raises our vibration and transforms negative energy into love.

Ametrine Stone for Crown Chakra


A beautiful combination of amethyst and citrine stones, ametrine is associated with the spiritual self and higher consciousness. This gives us a spiritual connection driven by personal power. It allows us to live a spiritual life while remaining grounded.

This crown chakra stone; promotes inner harmony, optimism, and happiness. It helps us release limiting beliefs, make guided decisions, and accept ourselves and others. Physically, it supports those struggling with chronic fatigue, headaches, depression, or addiction.

Howlite Stone for the Crown Chakra

Howlite Stone

Howlite is a crown chakra stone that tunes us to our best selves and deepens our connection with higher consciousness. It promotes awareness of our hidden truths and who we are spiritual. It is a stone that brings calmness to mind, body, and spirit.

It calms our emotions, contains the mind, and encourages positive behavior. It also helps us access deeper insights from our dreams.

Lodolite Stone for Crown Chakra


Lodolite is a crown chakra stone that deepens our connection with our inner self, provides new insights, and helps us understand our place in the universe. Therefore, it allows us to experience a gentle personal power quite mighty.

This stone is known as the master healer. Because it contains a mixture of crystalline quartz and other minerals, this ensures that it has powerful cleansing and healing properties.

It also helps us access deep meditative states and spiritual experiences. It increases our spiritual perception, allows us to communicate with our guides, and clears the energy field. Physically, it supports the pineal gland.

Crystal Quartz For Crown Chakra


Crystal quartz; opens the crown chakra, allowing spiritual light to enter the body and flow down to balance all the chakras and cleanse our inner light.

It puts us in touch with our higher self and helps us understand how we fit into the universe. This crown chakra stone allows us to vibrate at a higher frequency when used. This, in turn, helps us live with more positive intentions.

Ways for Crown Chakra Alignment

  • Meditation
  • Visualizations such as seeing white light flowing into the crown chakra
  • Affirmations
  • Yoga poses
  • Essential oils (jasmine, rose, lavender, sandalwood)
  • Silence
  • Awareness practices
  • Reading a book in the sun
  • Nature walks
  • Show kindness
  • Gratitude

By working to balance the crown chakra, you can experience life on a much deeper level. And the crown chakra stones we mentioned above are one of the most effective ways to do that.


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