Tiger Eye (The Force Stone)

What is Tiger Eye?

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye Natural Stone is a crystal tasked with maintaining the balance of nature by transforming energy. It is also known as the independence stone among the people. It gets its name from its color resembling a Tiger’s Eye. It is called Tiger’s Eye Natural Stone in all sources and is referred to by this name in official works.

What Does the Tiger’s Eye Stone Mean?

Tiger Eye, which has a glassy structure, has a healing effect on its user and environment. It protects from all kinds of situations and objects that feel incomplete or damaged, negatively affecting the individual. For this reason, it is a natural stone whose spiritual meaning is more significant than its materiality. It is known to have many benefits because it has been used since ancient times.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye Natural Stone, a quartz stone, helps to experience psychological and physical healing. Every age group and gender can see the benefits of using it. Although it is generally used in accessories, it can take its place in some household and ornamental items. Since it is one of the most accessible, the Tiger Eye stone can be purchased anytime.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone Formation

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

It takes millions of years for natural stones to complete their formation processes. For this reason, it is accepted that it was born from volcanic events and took its final shape after the reactions it entered. Especially hot and cold transitions lasting millions of years, combustion reactions with oxygen determine the properties of the stone. Tiger Eye Natural Stone is among the natural stones that take a long time to form and can exchange energy due to the magnetic effects it sees.

Where Does the Tiger’s Eye Stone Found?

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye Crystal, which may sometimes have white or black lines, is not a natural stone that can be mined all world. For this reason, processed or unprocessed forms are imported from foreign countries and offered for sale. It is among men’s and women’s most preferred stones as it looks aesthetically beautiful. Australia and South Africa are among the places where it is extracted.

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Considerations When Buying Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye stone is one of the most preferred natural stones, so it is helpful to be careful when buying it. With the developing technology, it should be ensured that the Real Tiger’s Eye, whose imitations can be produced, is taken. Otherwise, it can be mistaken by taking the painted version of an ordinary rock.

Although natural stones go through specific processes, they are sold very close to how they were extracted. Therefore, each stone can have different colors and patterns. Although the Tiger Eye Natural Stone is only in brown and yellow tones, the differences in the colors seen can cause the rocks to be confused. It is essential that the shopping place is knowledgeable and experienced in this regard to buying the suitable stone.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Stones used regularly maintained and cleaned on time to exchange enough energy. In this context, care should be bought to use the Real Natural Stone to be bought. If the person does not like to use accessories, he should make choices in favor of household items. Although it is preferred as an accessory, it is essential to wear it almost daily to see the benefits of Tiger Eye Natural Stone.

How to Tell if Tiger Eye is Real or Fake?

Tiger's Eye

There are Some ways to check if the Tiger Eye Natural Stone is natural or fake. Although those who know the rocks can verify their authenticity by touching them or holding them to the light, some imitations are difficult to distinguish. For this reason, it is possible to have information about its authenticity by using simple tests in which natural stone can be inserted.

One way to understand the authenticity of natural stones is to break a small piece of the stone. If the inside of the Tiger’s Eye is brown and yellow like the outside, it can be said to be accurate. However, this should be done in cases with more than one stone, such as a bracelet, rosary, or necklace. Otherwise, the beauty of the purchased goods may deteriorate and cause them to lose their aesthetic appearance.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Another way to find out if the Tiger’s Eye stone is natural without damaging it is to burn it. This natural stone, which is highly resistant to fire, does not experience chemical changes when burned. It remains as it is. If there is wear, melting, and steaming in its appearance, it is understood that the stone is fake. Similarly, the Tiger Eye Natural Stone that stays in the sun for a long time does not fade or turn yellow.

If these methods cannot be tried to verify the authenticity of the Tiger’s Eye stone, its temperature at room temperature can be controlled. In this way, the possibility of damage to the stone is eliminated. Since natural stones are cold at room temperature, they leave a feeling of cooling on the person who touches them. Painted, fake, and imitation stones stay at room temperature and become hotter. Of course, this isn’t the best way to check if your crystal is fake.

What are Tiger Eye Natural Stone Properties and Effects?

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger’s Eye usually shines like glass but is also available in a matte state. It is reminiscent of silk due to its iridescent appearance. It creates a dazzling effect by scattering light when exposed to the sun. It is a mineral-rich stone because it contains sodium, silicon elements, iron, and oxygen. Since its place on the hardness scale is close to 7, it is not a stone that breaks easily.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

The Tiger Eye Natural Stone protects the person by attracting negative energies. Situations like evil Eye and magic also create a spiritual protection shield because they originate from negative energy. It also helps to get rid of addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes. The Tiger Eye Natural Stone is vital in providing self-control by strengthening the will.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye Natural Stone, which can be called the stone of strength and courage, gives the individual the freedom he deserves. It strengthens the sense of independence, making it easier to get out of the yoke of others. Since it gives courage to the person, it helps to stand against injustice, to prevent persecution, and to end the problems experienced due to a lack of self-confidence.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone Usage Areas

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

The Tiger Eye Crystal stone stands out by balancing the person’s energy and is suitable for use in different areas. It is preferred in alternative medicine mainly because it heals diseases. It prevents potential diseases by regulating the work of internal organs. Thus, it helps to stay healthy for a long time.

Tiger Eye is called the stone of strength because it gives spiritual and physical power to its wearer. Its use since ancient times is also due to this feature. It is suitable for people with mental health conditions and reduces the psychological problems caused by stress, anger, and sadness. It helps to use emotions in a better way. For this reason, it provides a balance between the mind and the heart and the evaluation of both sides of the events.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye Crystal, used as an accessory and ornament, has a vital role in the natural stone trade. While men prefer it as bracelets, rings, and rosaries, women mainly use it in necklaces and earrings. They are produced in different sizes, shapes, and patterns to be placed in offices, homes, and cars. In addition, Tiger Eyes can be found on the handles of some knives.

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Tiger Eye Natural Stone Ritual

Rituals are performed to gain strength on issues that are felt incomplete. The Tiger Eye Natural Stone is considered one of the indispensable parts of ways as it gives power to the person. Mainly to eliminate the negativities experienced in the spiritual sense, acting together with the Tiger Eye Crystal ensures that the benefits of the rituals will be multiplied.

The Tiger Eye Crystal, used in rituals performed in dim and quiet environments, should contact the person if possible. In cases where it cannot come into contact, it should be positioned in the room where the ritual is performed, close to the individual. To benefit from the energy it emits at the maximum level, it should be placed on the compatible chakra.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

The effect of the Tiger Eye Crystal is seen in all rituals performed to remove love, relationships, health, and negative energies. It helps those who move away from acting rationally while making the bonds of love more meaningful—this balances emotions and reason in all relationships, events, and situations.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

It will be noticed in a short time whether the rituals are working or not. If the person feels relief and lightening immediately after the way, it is understood that he is away from negative energies. However, if there is no change in emotion, there may be situations where it is done incorrectly. It is also possible to get more efficiency from the Tiger’s Eye stone by repeating the rituals from time to time.

Which Chakra Is Tiger Eye Compatible With?

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Chakras are the names given to important centers in the body. The closure of the chakras can cause some problems because they have different effects. Opening the chakras provides protection or healing from diseases both spiritually and physically. Tiger Eye Crystal also helps to open the sacral and root chakras.

The sacral chakra is a chakra located in the groin area. For this reason, it affects the functioning of the organs in that region. When it starts to open with the help of the Tiger Eye Crystal, the lack of self-confidence is eliminated. The feeling of jealousy, which can reach the level of obsession, is restrained. It also helps people who are perfectionists or critical to quit these habits.

Tiger Eye Box

The root chakra is essential as it ranks 1st among the seven main chakras. When it is opened with the help of the Tiger’s Eye, it gives the person the joy of living. It provides better control of emotions while improving survival instinct. It facilitates the treatment of psychological disorders by ending the state of constant anxiety. It also helps people who have the habit of lying turn into honest individuals.

Compatible Signs of Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Since natural stones benefit all people, they are effective on every sign. For this reason, having a particular zodiac sign to use the Tiger’s Eye stone is unnecessary. However, since it adapts to the movements of Aries, Leo, and Capricorn, its effects are better seen in those who carry these signs. It improves the quality of life by helping to be constructive in facing problems, maintaining energy balance, and increasing positive energy.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone Benefits and Harms

Tiger's Eye Watch

Since the purpose of the existence of Tiger Eye Natural Stone is to balance energy, it does not harm nature or people. It can turn into an ordinary accessory by not showing any effect only in unconscious use. However, it is only possible to enjoy its benefits when adequate care is taken in its maintenance and cleaning.

Especially the functioning of the digestive system and the protection of the organs’ health are among the benefits of Tiger Eye Crystal. Since it regulates blood circulation, it prevents sudden drops and rises in blood pressure. Thus, it contains many diseases that may occur by protecting heart health.

The positive effects of Tiger Eye Natural Stones are seen in patients with respiratory tract infections, high fever, and asthma. If it is used regularly, it makes asthma attacks rare. It keeps the damage that can be taken from harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol to a minimum. It is especially effective in headaches caused by stress.

Where to Put Tiger Eye Natural Stone at Home?

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

After the Tiger’s Eye stone is taken, one of the most thought about is where to put it in the house. The most critical issue for the stone to have an effect is whether it is placed in a visible, open area. The Tiger’s Eye stone, which is left in a closed room, may not be able to show the desired benefits because it cannot draw enough energy.

Tiger Eye Natural Stones can be placed in bedrooms to get rid of psychological problems faster. It can be used in halls and living rooms to strengthen the bonds of love and provide domestic peace. Since it is an attention-grabbing stone, it allows it is rising in both business and academic fields when left on the work desks. It is also suitable for children’s rooms to support growth and development.

Where to Buy Tiger Eye Natural Stone?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Tiger Eye Natural Stone Cost?

The Tiger Eye Natural Stone can be found next to the rocks of many countries. The prices are reasonable as it is neither rare nor included in the jewelry category. There are pocket-free prices that anyone can buy. However, prices may increase depending on where it is sold, which brand it belongs to, and the size and shape of the stone. Accessories made of bright and more yellow-containing stones are offered for sale as more expensive than others.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone Care and Cleaning

The most critical issue in using natural stones is maintenance and cleaning. Care and cleaning are different concepts for Tiger Eye Natural Stone, which requires more care than standard accessories. While cleaning is related to the rock’s outer surface, maintenance is the inner cleaning. It is essential to do regular maintenance to see the benefits and effects.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone

Caring for the Tiger Eye Natural Stone means expelling the negative energies contained within the stone. Natural substances such as water, soil, and sunlight are needed to do this. Tiger Eye Natural Stone, commonly treated by burying in the ground, is purified by leaving the bad energies in it in the background. Thus, it shows its effects by transforming energy better than before.

Flowing water is famous for removing bad energies. Although it is generally used to explain bad dreams and purify the person, it is also preferred to care for the Tiger Eye Natural Stone. Thanks to the flow of water, it is possible to filter the rock and have an effect as if it was just bought. However, in cases with no running water source, it is also appropriate to leave it in a glass of water overnight.

Interesting Facts about Tiger Eye Natural Stone

The Tiger Eye Natural Stone, which has been used since ancient times, was one of the indispensable parts of warriors in ancient times. For this reason, it was used in war tools and armor decorations. Since it is among the stones symbolizing protection, it was also widely used among the people. For this reason, there is extensive information about the subjects it benefits from.

Tiger's Eye

The Tiger Eye Crystal was especially preferred by the leaders, as it symbolized independence and was always kept with them. It was also worn on the clothes of state officials from time to time. Commanders used the Tiger’s Eye stone to protect their independence when they went to war.

Tiger Eye, also included in Egyptian Mythology, has been associated with the gods due to its success in wars. He was significantly related to the Goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet, the goddess of destruction and victory, was believed to have transferred her strength to the Tiger’s Eye stone. In this respect, it is one of the natural stones that have reached the present in different varieties from the past to the present.

Tiger Eye, used primarily by warriors since ancient times, provides spiritual and physical strength to fight for desires. Thanks to the Tiger Eye Natural Stone Pendulum, you can learn to fight rationally and achieve your wishes.


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