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Weight Loss Stones

Natural Stones to Help Lose Weight

Losing Weight Is Easier Than You Think with Stones Have you ever heard of something called Weight Loss Stones? Given that a significant portion of the world’s population is overweight or even obese, it would be fair to say that for many people, losing weight is their primary goal in life. Many people know about natural stone healing and seek help from natural stones that accelerate metabolism to achieve this goal. Natural stones help to lose weight. But you can’t lose weight from the beginning by sitting down with the stone in your hand! You have to do it on...

Which Natural Stones Are Good For Thyroid?

Which Natural Stones Are Good For Thyroid?

Thanks to Thyroid Stones, you can help heal ailments such as goitre. The human body has a miraculous mechanism. Even if it loses an organ or a function, the body can continue releasing hormones and balance itself over time. And natural stone healing can provide various benefits in this regard. Natural stones can provide enthusiastic support to relieve a thyroid condition and weakness. Depending on the nature of the situation, Stones that are good for the thyroid can provide more life energy and colour-ray nutrition to the thyroid glands. Moreover, it helps to regulate and rebalance its regulatory function. Additionally,...

Throat Chakra

Natural Stones for Throat Chakra

If you are going through a period where you want to improve communication skills, there is no better option than Stones for Throat Chakra. If you have trouble expressing your true feelings, cannot identify your needs, or feel you are never understood, you may have a blockage in your Throat chakra. The throat chakra is the energy centre that governs communication and self-expression. Balancing it with throat chakra stones will help you enjoy life and your relationships. Throat Chakra Properties Colour: BlueElement: Ether (Space) and SoundMain Functions: Communication, Expression, Authenticity, Purpose, Truth, Confidence, Creativity, Emotion and Intuition BalanceBody Areas: Throat,...