Bloodstone Heliotrope (The Purifying Stone)

What is Bloodstone?

Bloodstone Natural Stone Skull

Bloodstone Natural Stone is increases the positive energies found in nature. It is the purification stone among people because it breaks the microbes from the blood. It has become more popular lately as it is among the zodiac stones. It is among the natural stones suitable for use in many areas, durable, and has a natural elegance.

What Does Bloodstone Mean?

Bloodstone ring

This natural stone, named Bloodstone, is a powerful healing stone because the stains on the dark green theme resemble blood. It is very effective in treating diseases while protecting psychological and physical health. It has been used continuously since ancient times. Although it has an opaque appearance, it has a chance to shine after the processes it has undergone.

Bloodstone Natural Stone Formation


The most important feature distinguishing natural stones from ordinary stones is their ability to transform energy. They owe this to the completion of their formation over millions of years. Bloodstone is also a natural stone formed after volcanic events many years ago. It started spontaneously next to the rocks by entering into hot and cold reactions.

One of the most important reactions of Bloodstone Natural Stone in its present form is the combustion reaction with oxygen. The source of the red spots varies according to the iron in them. Although it usually has a green-dominated appearance, there are also red-dominated varieties.

Where Does Bloodstone Spawn?

Bloodstone Crystal skull

Although the most significant source is India, Bloodstones extracted from Brazil and China are also available. Other regions where Bloodstone Natural Stone has been mined include Australia, the United States, and Madagascar.

Extracting Bloodstones is an uphill task. It is difficult to remove because it is formed in deep places, especially in icy environments. It is found in cracks and cavities, sometimes near groundwater. Bloodstone Natural Stone is rarely seen near the earth’s surface. For this reason, it is not found among natural stones resistant to heat.

Considerations When Buying Bloodstone Natural Stone


Bloodstone Natural Stone is among the most widely used natural stones because it has unique benefits. Due to its popularity, imitations are produced and released to the market. Therefore, the first thing to check before buying your Bloodstone is whether it’s real. Since the use of fake stones is equivalent to the use of ordinary paving stones, there is no benefit.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

It is as essential to have the stones as to use them regularly. For this reason, a Bloodstone Natural Stone that will be used several times and set aside should not be bought. In such cases, it should be preferred as an ornament rather than an accessory; as it is effective even in the environments it is in. The benefits will be seen from the first moment when placed in constantly used areas.

Bloodstone moves according to the energy given to it. For this reason, if someone cannot warm up the Bloodstone to be bought, he should look at other models and sizes. Stones used without love are not as effective as stones bought with love. It may cause prejudice against other natural stones as they will not meet the expectations.

How to Tell if Bloodstone is Real or Fake?

Bloodstone Natural Stone

There are fake Bloodstones on the market as well as real ones. For this reason, it is necessary to distinguish between the two and not buy counterfeit stones instead of real ones. In addition, it can be mixed with stones such as Hematite, Red Agate, and Carnelian, which it resembles. The exterior of the Bloodstone Natural Stone consists mainly of dark green and occasional red patterns. Stones sold outside of these colors are very likely not to be Bloodstones.

Bloodstone Natural Stone Pendant

Another way to find out if the Bloodstone is real is to break the stone. Having an opaque appearance, Bloodstone’s inner and outer colors are the same. Since their patterns progress similarly, if a difference is seen, it is easily understood that it is fake. In addition, due to its rigid structure, Bloodstone Natural Stone is not quickly broken. Minor impacts do not damage it.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone Natural Stone does not have high resistance to fire. For this reason, when testing its authenticity, care should be taken by examining whether it changes in the fire. Although it is natural to be kept on fire for a long time, it can cause wear. However, if it changes quickly if the outer surface paint of the stone is peeling or melting, it can be concluded that the stone is not natural.

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What Are Bloodstone Natural Stone Properties and Effects?

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Between 6.5 and 7 on the hardness scale, Bloodstone is invulnerable to minor hits. It has a dull and opaque appearance. The red patterns on it are usually small and scattered as if the paint has been splashed on it. The specific gravity of Bloodstone Natural Stone, which has many benefits, is calculated as 2.6.

Since Bloodstone Natural Stone is a purifying stone, it can purify the person from negative energies. Thanks to this feature, it is considered a healing stone. The rock is a protection stone, which is believed to protect its owner from evil eyes and magic. It also has positive effects on many psychological disorders.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone, which has been in use for many years, has many benefits for human health. It includes cleaning the blood, regulating blood flow, and adjusting the blood pressure balance. It can also relieve headaches and stomachaches caused by stress. By helping the body to regenerate, it ensures that the person always has a youthful appearance.

Bloodstone Natural Stone Usage and Usage Areas

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone, which strengthens the immune system, is especially suitable for medicine. By regulating the functioning of the internal organs, it prevents possible discomforts. Since it acts as a shield against infectious diseases, the public’s use rate is relatively high. It also helps the treatments applied by doctors to take effect faster.

Bloodstone Pendant

It is also possible to use Bloodstone Natural Stone in the field of psychology. It makes it easier to get out of the effects of emotions such as sadness, anger, tension, and especially stress. It is very effective on feelings of guilt and remorse. Since it calms the mind, it makes sleeping easier and prevents nightmares. In this way, it creates a sleep pattern and wakes the user more vigorously.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Another area where Bloodstone is used is injuries. Especially hairdressers and barbers use Bloodstone Natural Stone to clean up the blood on their items. In wounds with heavy bleeding, blood flow can be slowed by using Bloodstone. It is also appropriate to use Bloodstones for injuries caused by minor accidents at home.

Bloodstone Natural Stone Ritual

Bloodstone Natural Stone

A ritual is often performed with Bloodstone Natural Stone on energy balancing, healing, love, and purification. Used in these areas, Bloodstone makes up for deficiencies by improving energy. It aims to bring the person to permanent comfort by taking action to eliminate the primary source of the problem. Increasing the effect of the ritual helps to achieve better work in a shorter time.

It is possible to use Bloodstone Natural Stone in different ways in rituals. It is usually in contact with the body, in the chakra area where it is compatible, or in the palm. However, it can be found in the symbols drawn on paper from time to time, in water, or any part of the room. It is a stone suitable for optional use as it will be effective in all situations.

Bloodstone Skull

The Bloodstone Natural Stone ritual takes effect more quickly than those performed without the stone. It offers a chance to relax mentally and physically by making the other party feel the energy it spreads. It shows emotional improvements as it reduces stress. It ensures that the problem, which is the reason for performing the ritual, ends positively quickly. Thus, it can be observed that it has an effect that increases the quality of life and gives happiness to the individual.

Which Chakra Is Bloodstone Natural Stone Compatible With?

Bloodstone Sphere

The purpose of the chakras in the body is to provide healing and development in the areas they are related to by providing energy flow. However, the energy channels can be blocked sometimes, and the chakras are closed. In such cases, it is possible to open the chakras by taking the help of natural stones and doing meditation and rituals. Bloodstone Natural Stone is considered to be in harmony with these chakras, primarily because it affects the opening of the root and heart chakras.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

The root chakra is located at the bottom of a person’s spine and represents their foundations. It opens with the effect of the red color in the Bloodstone and completes the declining self-confidence of the individual. It develops the instinct to stand and survive on its own. In closed situations, individuals are observed to be more indecisive, discouraged, and shy. The root chakra must be open to holding on to life more intensely.

The heart chakra is a chakra that is mainly associated with emotions. It blends powerfully with Bloodstone as it can be unlocked with its green color. It helps to achieve good results in mutual love situations. It enables the person to forgive himself first and then other people. While ensuring the balance between mind and heart improves the ability to produce different solutions to problems.

Compatible Signs of Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone raw

The task of natural stones is to clean energy, balance energy, and ensure it is in constant transformation. For this reason, they are substances that anyone can use whenever they want, without any prerequisites. However, in some cases, the effect of natural stones becomes more substantial, and changes in the individual occur quickly. Thus, it is understood that the natural stone used by the person is compatible with their zodiac sign.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone Natural Stone is especially effective on Aries, Libra, and Pisces. It allows individuals with Aries, Libra, and Pisces signs to get rid of negative energies faster. In this way, it is possible to get away from stress, relax, and complete the issues that are felt incomplete. It protects from bad results by activating the instinct to make the right decision in the face of dilemmas.

Mothers with Aries, Libra, and Pisces signs can facilitate their birth by getting help from Bloodstone. It is also beneficial to be with newborn babies. It is recommended to use as it regulates women’s periods. It also helps to experience the symptoms of menopause more mildly.

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Bloodstone Benefits and Harms

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone, which has reached today with many different uses from the past, does not have any harm. It only shows less effective when it is not taken care of. It is one of the stones focused on its benefits because it is suitable for all ages and genders. Its effects can be observed in different areas, such as physical, psychological, and metaphysical.

Bloodstone physically supports the bones, lungs, and kidneys for regular functioning. While preventing diseases that may occur related to these organs, it acts therapeutically for existing conditions. Since it cleans the blood, it positively affects the heart and blood circulation. It is beneficial in renewing the skin by healing bleeding wounds rapidly.

Bloodstone skull

Bloodstone Natural Stone, which has a motivation-boosting feature, also significantly affects creativity. It supports positive thinking and saves the person from a pessimistic mood. It can be a natural tranquilizer during stress, depression, and sadness. In addition, since it is a stone that strengthens the soul, it helps to get through these periods more easily.

Where to Put Bloodstone Natural Stone at Home?

Bloodstone pyramid

The first question that comes to mind after owning your Bloodstone is where to put it in the house. It doesn’t matter where the Bloodstone can be found, which works better in confined spaces. It should be placed so that no other object is visible only to the naked eye, which will block the flow of energy.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

The answer to why the Bloodstone is used can determine where it should be placed in the house. If it is used for healing purposes, having it in the bedroom is more correct. People who spend their sleep time in bed are under the influence of Bloodstone Natural Stone all night long, even if they don’t realize it. For this reason, they can achieve the healing they want by experiencing a recovery in a short time.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Study rooms are the most suitable place for Bloodstone Natural Stone, which is expected to reduce anxiety while demanding concentration, success, and motivation. This stone, which can be placed on work desks in both homes and offices, will lead the person to victory in the shortest way. It helps to overcome the fears caused by stress, especially anxiety about the future. It is a stone that should have a place on the table for students preparing for exams.

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Where to Buy Bloodstone Natural Stone?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Bloodstone Cost?

Bloodstone Natural Stone

The prices of Bloodstone, which can be easily reached from almost every city, are in line with the standard natural stone prices. Since there are models that every budget can own, there are cheap and expensive options. Prices may vary depending on the quality of the design desired by the individual, the size of the stone, and other items next to it. In this regard, it is impossible to give exact information about the price of Bloodstone Natural Stone.

Many factors determine the price of a Bloodstone. The first is the brand name from which the stone will be purchased. Although the rocks are taken from the natural environment and do not undergo much processing, they can be pretty challenging to remove. Whether they are brittle or complex, they require finesse during shaping. The brand name, therefore, plays a vital role in the price of Bloodstone.

Bloodstone Natural Stone Care and Cleaning

Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone Natural Stone is one of the most easily maintained and cleaned natural stones. In addition to being opaque and matte, all maintenance methods can be applied because it has a rigid structure. It is sufficient for its maintenance to be buried in the ground for an average of one hour, kept under the sun, or stand underwater. Thanks to the soil, water, and sunlight, the negative energies are removed, and the stone is cleaned and taken care of.

Interesting Facts About Bloodstone Natural Stone

Bloodstone Natural Stone

There is exciting information about Bloodstones Natural Stone increases the positive energies found in nature. It is the purification stone among people because it breaks the microbes from the blood. It, has been used since ancient times. It is observed that it is used in many areas, mainly due to its influence in mythologies. For this reason, the Greeks and Romans considered it appropriate to use this stone on athletes to provide endurance. In Babylon, it was accepted as a healing method for wounded warriors. More recently, it is seen that the Christians gave the name of the martyr stone to the Bloodstone because of its relationship with Christ.

Bloodstone, which provides purification from negative energies, also includes cleaning the blood by affecting blood circulation. You can buy the Bloodstone Natural Stone Mass, which can be used in every way to gain spiritual and physical healing.


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