Ruby (Life Force Stone)

Red Crystal

Ruby Stone; symbolizes love because of its color in red tones. This stone; is also known as the “love stone.” At the same time, Ruby Crystal, considered the stone of kings and queens, represents dignity and nobility.

Ruby is known as the lord of precious stones. In addition, the homeland of ruby, although it is mined in Europe and the United States, is defined as South Asia and India. Ruby; has always been interpreted with love, affection, loyalty, intimacy, and passionate devotion.

What is Ruby Crystal?

Red Crystal Raw

Ruby; Although it is red, it is very precious. In addition, it is among the most popular stones for jewelry and jewelry models, as it represents love and affection. All natural stones have their unique properties and healing and various energies. It can be stated that ruby is among the most popular and curious rocks. Ruby or Ruby stone represents vitality, protection instinct, life force, passion, and comfort.

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Ruby Crystal; is included in the four precious stones that have been followed into the jewelry category. Other natural stones; are grouped as semi-precious or ornamental stones. Remarkable natural rocks can be listed as Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond. Ruby Natural Stone; It is one of the most valuable stones in terms of aesthetics and beauty. However, this stone in India is considered the lord of the rocks. The hardness of Ruby Crystal is determined as 9. In addition, ruby belongs to the corundum category; It is one of the most complex and precious stones after diamond.

Ruby Beautiful

It has a color scale ranging from brown to red or magenta to pink in various shades of red. The substance that gives the red color to the Ruby Natural Stone can be defined as the chromium element in it. The most preferred and essential Ruby Crystal; is the one with a vivid and dark blood-red color.

History of Ruby Stone

red Crystal

Ruby; It is one of the most important and colorful stones in the historical sense. Ruby; It is mentioned four times in the Bible book in connection with concepts such as wisdom and beauty. In ancient languages, Ruby is a Natural Stone in Sanskrit called the king of precious stones. In the first century AD, The Roman scholar Pliny explained the hardness and density of the Ruby.

Ruby Crystal

Hindu people in history; divided the ruby stones into four castes. However, the genuine oriental ruby is named Brahman. It was believed that those who possessed a Brahman had the opportunity for exceptional security. Ruby Crystal; has had many legends over the centuries. In India, Ruby stones were believed to help their owners live in peace with their enemies. Throughout Burma, Ruby was used to making warrior individuals invincible. But just wearing the Ruby was not enough. However, they made the ruby stones a part of their body by inserting them into their flesh.

red Crystal

Ruby’s name; comes from the Latin Language, which means “red.” The bright red color of Ruby Crystal; allowed me to think of the unquenchable flame burning in the stone and even shining through the clothes, boiling the water. Ruby Natur is named the most valuable among the 12 rocks created by God. Ruby Crystal; continued to maintain its importance within the emergence of the western world. It has been among the most sought-after jewels of the European royal family and upper-class people. European individuals found in many medieval times; used Ruby to guarantee wealth, health, success in love, and wisdom.

The Structure of Ruby Natural Stone

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Crystal; It is among the mines with the highest hardness after diamond, which is the most crucial feature due to its structure. It is called the most precious stone because of its burgundy and red colors. It has many positive meanings, including success, wealth, and luck. Ruby; It is the most precious type of corundum mineral variety, including sapphire stone.

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Crystal; It is among the colored stones and has the highest value per carat. This situation; makes Ruby one of the most important jewels in the colored stone market. However, in its purest form, the mineral corundum is colorless. Some elements that become part of the crystal structure of the mineral cause changes in the stone’s color.

red Crystal

Chromium; It can be defined as the trace element that causes the red color of Ruby Crystal. The strength of the red of the Ruby Crystal; depends on how much chromium it contains. The chromium mineral also causes fluorescence, increasing the red color’s intensity. The more chromium mineral, the stronger the red color.

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What is the Meaning of Ruby Natural Stone?

Crystal red

The word ruby; has passed into our language from the word “rubber,” which means “red” in the Latin language. However, Ruby Natural Stone; got this name because of its vibrant and bright red color. Ruby; When combined with the mineral corundum and chromium oxide, it is formed at unbelievably high temperatures in the deepest parts of the world. In addition, natural Ruby Natural Stone; was first found in Thailand, Afghanistan, and parts of Australia. In addition, to the Ruby, It has also been found in South America, Europe, and North America.

What are the Benefits of Ruby Natural Stone?

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Crystal has many benefits in terms of human health. However, the benefits of Ruby can be listed as follows;

Physical Benefits of Ruby Natural Stone

pink star Crystal
  • Ruby treats infertility, sexual dysfunction, impotence, and early menopause.
  • It is considered a bloodstone. It also stimulates blood circulation and flows.
  • Ruby; It helps to clean the human body and blood.
  • It helps in the treatment of heart diseases.
Ruby Crystal
  • It is thought to be beneficial for the reproductive organs.
  • Ruby Crystal; contributes positively to the treatment of infections and fever.
  • Ruby; regulates menstrual flow.

Metaphysical Benefits of Ruby Natural Stone

Ruby Crystal
  • Ruby Crystal; It makes an essential contribution in times of stress.
  • Ruby; becomes a light in the darkness of the individual.
  • It is a unique stone for overcoming an individual’s mental overload.
  • Ruby; It helps to enjoy being in the physical world and to perceive spiritual energy.
  • A necklace made of Ruby Natural Stone supports the connection of the energy field to the earth to renew the energy stores.

Emotional Benefits of Ruby Natural Stone

red Crystal
  • Ruby Crystal; provides positive emotional effects.
  • It gives strength to individuals under threat by helping them.
  • Ruby Crystal; It provides support in deciding whether or not to remain to suffer.
  • It allows the sharing of energy that is loving toward past suffering.
  • It reveals the protective aspects of the individual.
  • Ruby Crystal; Eliminates anger and negative energies.
  • Ruby; elicits a positive and more courageous mood.

What are the Features of Ruby Crystal?

Ruby Crystal

Ruby; It can be defined as part of the corundum varieties. Ruby is a Natural Stone; the color red; is from the mineral chromium. However, this stone; is a type of stone in its natural rough form and has a dull, oily appearance. But polished and cut, It is dazzling with its significant brilliance and vitality. In addition, Ruby is sometimes mixed with diamond. The rich red colors of the Ruby Crystal change when viewed from different directions.

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Natural Stone; It has a vitreous luster and vitality. The most precious ruby stones are a type of ruby called “pigeon blood.” The tone of the red color varies depending on where it originated. Ruby Crystal; Sometimes, it can be dark red and pink, orange and reddish, violet, and dark wine red.

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Natural Stone; It is the birthstone of Capricorn individuals born in the winter season. In addition to this, Capricorn; is symbolized as a mountain goat. Capricorn individuals; are serious, strong-willed, and determined individuals. That’s why they are successful in every path they take. Capricorn individuals; He is honest and patient. They enjoy friends who make them laugh. On the other hand, this stone is suitable for Capricorn individuals.

Things to Know for Understanding Ruby Natural Stone

Ruby Crystal

Ruby; It is a type of stone in burgundy tones and most often in red color. Ruby is a Natural Stone, the most complex and most valuable stone after diamond; It is the second stone sold costly because it is scarce. There are also non-natural and synthetic forms of Ruby for humans. These stones are sold very cheaply. However, separating these ruby stones from the real ones is very difficult. Ruby stones with similar properties to the natural ones; are discernible by microscopic cavities and bubbles. If it is desired to have a reliable Ruby it is essential to buy Ruby from reliable places.

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How to Clean Ruby Natural Stone?

Ruby Crystal

Ruby; should be cleaned very carefully. However, each stone has its way of cleaning. Toothbrush and sparkling water; It will cause the structure of the ruby to deteriorate. For this reason, washing the Ruby with clear and plenty of water is recommended for easy cleaning. Although it has a complex structure, accessories and jewelry are made with natural ruby; to not scratch and damage the ruby, it should not be stored next to other jewelry.

How to Use Ruby Natural Stone?

Ruby Crystal

It can be worn as jewelry to overcome drowsiness, fatigue, and exhaustion. Ruby; stimulates blood circulation, vitality, and energy in the body. In addition, nervous and susceptible individuals may find it disturbing to wear bracelets or necklaces made of Ruby. Ruby Crystal is also said to calm hyperactivity in some individuals.

Ruby; With its intense energy, it sharpens the mind. This stone; Helps high concentration and awareness. Courage helps. However, it increases the success of the individual during discussions. Because of these effects, Ruby Natural Stone; may be suitable to wear in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Ruby Crystal

Ruby; It is a type of stone with an aphrodisiac effect. Wearing a necklace, ring, or bracelet made from a Ruby Natural Stone; will help to receive very positive energies. This stone; deepens the relationship between the individual and supports commitment. Of the individual, It allows all kinds of love to be experienced, from sensuality to togetherness. In addition, it is defined as the stone of Sara’s love. Accessories made of Ruby Crystal worn during romance; can support the recovery and maintenance of passion. Apart from this, it is a unique stone to increase the chance of conception. Using all kinds of accessories made of Ruby Crystal will contribute to positive effects.

How to Understand the Reality of Ruby Natural Stone?

Red Crystal

To understand the reality of Ruby Natural Stone, It is essential not to buy fake Ruby. There are some methods to know whether the Ruby Crystal is actual. Some of these;

Color is the most crucial element in the name of Ruby Crystal. In addition, the red color of ruby is one of the distinguishing features of the stone.

Ruby Raw

But generally, there are also purple, pink, or orange colors. The more purple or orange it is, the lower the value of the Ruby is. Among Ruby Natural Stone’s colors, the most desired one is dark blood red. “Pigeon blood” Ruby; is the rarest stone. However, it is generally more expensive because it does not contain secondary colors.

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Natural Stone; is extracted from various countries around the world. The most extracted places; are Africa and Asia, including Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Zambia, Thailand, Pakistan, and Mozambique.

Thanks to the elegant and vivid color of the Ruby, it can be understood whether even the small-sized ones are real or not. All natural and precious stones; It has minor imperfections and residues. When checking the clarity of Ruby Natural Stone, it is essential to pay attention to any visible marks on it. If deficiencies exist in the hidden areas, this will not affect the beauty of the Ruby Natural Stone.

red Crystal

The stone should be checked to ensure there are no defects in the regions that would compromise the integrity of the stone. Ruby; the clearer and fewer imperfections, the more valuable the ruby is.

It is necessary to be aware of the Fake Ruby Crystal. It can be dyed to create a vivid and bright red color from products such as quartz or glass. Therefore, when buying Ruby Crystal, it is essential to consult an expert and shop from a reliable place.

How Much Ruby Crystal?

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Natural Stone; It is a unique stone type used in rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Gram price of Ruby Crystal; On average, it is around $100. Ruby Crystal; It is generally offered for sale in dollar terms. However, the price of the stone increases significantly in direct proportion to the dollar on a dollar basis. Ruby stones with lower prices are generally used in gold and silver jewelry. However, everyone can find suitable jewelry and accessory types according to their pocket and precious natural stone.

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About Jewelry Made with Ruby Crystal


Rosary models, produced by Ruby, attract much attention. However, the price of ruby; may differ according to the stone’s reality, quality, and processing. Ruby Crystal with burgundy and red colors; It is possible to complete it with stylish clothes. Ruby is a precious and hard stone used in the most elegant accessories and fashionable jewelry. Apart from this, ruby; is also known as a lucky stone. However, among its available features, It is highly preferred because it is believed to protect from negativity and negative thoughts.

Things to Consider by People Using Ruby Natural Stone

Ruby Crystal

Ruby Crystal; It is a challenging type of stone due to its structure. Therefore, it is a natural stone resistant to impact and harsh conditions. If a ruby earring and the necklace are to be worn, It should not be forgotten that products such as make-up materials, sprays, and perfumes will cause the brightness of ruby stones to decrease. When using these stones, It is essential to pay attention to the fact that chemical substances do not come into contact with Ruby Crystals to avoid losing the stones’ properties.


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