9 Spectacular Crystals That Can Remove Your Fear Forever

You can get rid of all your fears with healing crystals.

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Fear is anxiety or sadness in the face of danger or the thought of danger. First, however, let’s examine it more deeply. Fear is a phenomenon created in the brain, which restricts your range of motion and sometimes prevents you from having good experiences, as it is thought to have harmful consequences. This restriction of movement, which can be physical and psychological depending on the fear felt, restricts freedom whether we are aware of it. So, would you rather be free or live within the limits of your fears? Of course, we know you want to be free. But who wants to be a prisoner of their fear? You can get rid of all your fears with the crystals chosen to overcome your fear.

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Fear of potential danger is a perfectly normal and self-protective mechanism that helps ensure survival. A typical minor fear is anxiety and nervousness before a test, meeting, or performance.

However, when this fear becomes a part of everyday life, it can become hugely debilitating. It can prevent you from doing daily chores like shopping or talking on the phone. Fear, anxiety, and phobias; can prevent you from progressing in life, achieving your goals, building relationships, or leaving home in serious situations.

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Common fears include; altitude, elevator, water, aircraft, insects, and germs. However, these can develop concerns in your everyday. Sometimes fears can be traced back to a specific event or trauma in a person’s life, but they may not have an apparent cause. Traditional treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can provide excellent results in helping to reduce or even heal deep fears. You can get rid of all your fears with healing crystals.

Complementary techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises can be helpful not only when the fear arises physically or in your mind and when trying to reduce symptoms from day to day. Another complementary treatment that can be applied very easily and safely is natural crystals. Apart from their beautiful appearance, it also has a wide variety of qualities that can be accessed in combination with other methods such as meditation, wearing them as jewelry, or carrying them in your pocket and keeping them in your home. In this article, we will talk about natural crystals that are good for fear and how these crystals can help your fears!

Accept That It Is Normal To Have Fears With Labradorite Crystal!

You know you have fears, and you have thought about the source of your fears. After this stage, you must accept that the feeling of fear is a normal emotion, like love or dislike. Thinking that it is not customary to have any fear can gradually cause fear to take over your life. Therefore, at this stage, you should first accept whatever your fear is and not call it “good” or “bad.” Fear is just fear. Also, thinking that there is something that almost everyone in the world is afraid of can help you simplify the feeling of fear in your mind. Simplifying the sense of fear and fears is one of the ways to overcome fears. Labradorite is one of the most effective crystals for fear.


Labradorite crystal is a highly protective crystal that removes negative energies from the aura field. It can dispel fears and insecurities caused by past difficulties and disappointments. This precious crystal enhances its wearer’s self-confidence. It helps to distinguish reality from other people’s perceptions.

Labradorite calms an overactive mind and helps balance imagination, rationality, and insight. It can be beneficial in dispelling any illusions, helping with false thoughts and ideas, and helping to find the root cause of fear.

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Better Understand the Symptoms of Fear with Agate Crystal!

It is vital to call the things you fear “fear.” For this, it is helpful to know the signs of fear. Agate stones will be your biggest supporter so that you can feel these symptoms. Choose an agate that is the color closest to you and focus on the symptoms. You can observe these symptoms in yourself when you encounter or experience the thing you fear:

Acceleration of the heartbeat,
Difficulty in breathing,
Anxiety and panic
Don’t feel like fainting,
Feeling powerless,
So, what can you do to overcome fears?


Agate crystal is an empowering crystal that can provide excellent support in times of stress. It builds stamina and can help you feel determined and grounded. This natural crystal can help correct imbalances between the left and right sides of the brain and create more unified thought processes. It resonates with the heart chakra, aids emotional healing, and calms feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety.

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Discover the Source of Fear with the Nirvana Quartz Crystal!

“How to overcome fears?” Before moving on to the answers to the question, it is helpful to examine how fears are formed roughly. Because this point is significant in overcoming your fears, once you discover the source of your anxiety, you can better fight it and take an essential step towards overcoming it.

Fears often stem from thinking that if the feared thing happens to you, it will end badly. What you read, the experiences you heard from others, and perhaps a traumatic event in the past can cause you to create this ending. Even an event your family has told can be the source of your fear. Therefore, if you have a child, you should be careful about what topics you share with them.

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If you have decided to overcome your fears, there is one thing you should not forget: There is no such thing as going through the scenario you thought when you faced your fear. There are so many possibilities in life, and why would you think the worst and make life a prison for yourself? Acknowledge your fear, question it, and then take the steps you need to take to face and overcome your fears.

The confidence this crystal provides helps you overcome fear. This crystal will confidently assist you as you learn to accept and love yourself fully.

Face Your Fears Gradually With Amazonite Crystal!

You have started to apply our suggestions with crystals. Then you can move on to the next step: confronting your fear! If you think that you will feel bad at the moment when you face your fears, let us state that you need to work a little more on the imagining phase. However, the idea of ​​facing your fears shouldn’t make you feel too nervous.

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Of course, you shouldn’t expect to get rid of your fears entirely at the moment when you will face your worry for the first time. This is something that will happen gradually. For example, if you fear heights, you may first visit your friend’s house who lives in a high flat. Then, maybe you will ride the Ferris wheel at an amusement park. After a while, you can even try paragliding, which you wonder what kind of experience it is! Amazonite is one of the most effective crystals for fear. This precious green crystal works with the Heart Chakra and has relaxing energy. It calms the brain and nervous system and can help alleviate emotional trauma.

Amazonite crystal; helps to remove worries and fear from life and increases feelings of self-worth. This crystal can also be used when a confidence boost is needed. It is also very successful at dissipating any negative energy that causes blockages within you that result in fear and anxiety.

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Get Professional Help With Azurite Crystal!


If you think you can’t face your fears alone, you can get help from experts. For example, if you fear airplanes, you can participate in activities that help you overcome this fear, thanks to airplane simulation and various therapies. Work with an expert to overcome your fears; face them with help. You will see that you will make your life more beautiful with the new experiences you gain after overcoming your fears.

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Azurite is one of the most effective crystals for fear. It is an excellent crystal for clearing stress, anxiety, grief, and sadness. Keep getting help with the azurite crystal. Azurite helps you get stronger and progress faster. It transforms fears and phobias, helping to understand why they occur. It is also a good choice for people who talk a lot when angry. This crystal is a proper emotional stabilizer that helps prevent overreactions and relieves anxiety and nagging thoughts. Azurite can be used to bring the courage needed to overcome negative behavioral patterns that stem from insecurity and fear.

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Believe and Take Steps With Charoite!


We are exposed to many different emotional states during the day. While some of these emotions make us feel good, some can limit our range of motion and cause us to postpone many good experiences. Fear is one of the emotions that affect your life negatively and restrict your range of motion. We know that you do not want to live with dread and are looking for ways to escape this situation. This is where you need to believe and take action. Believe that you can overcome your fears!

This transformation crystal assists and supports fear in times of change. It releases deep-seated and irrational fears by helping them reason. This energy helps create a relaxed attitude. It can also be used to relieve obsessions.

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Charoite crystal is among the crystals that are good for fear. It is a beneficial crystal for anyone who feels alienated from society and suffers loneliness, sadness, and anxiety. In addition, it is a delicate crystal believed to be helpful for those with autism, behavioral disorders, and Aspergers Syndrome.

It can be used to examine and release deeply internalized negativity and to help see the difference between reality and what the mind and insecurities create.

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Get Grounded and Free from Negative Energies with a Smoky Quartz Crystal!

Smoky Quartz is one of the most comforting crystals for fear. This variety of quartz helps ground and neutralize crystals, which is beneficial for detox at all levels. In addition, it guides in learning what can be left behind as it no longer positively affects life and brings emotional calm.

Smoky quartz can help alleviate fear and depression. On a mental level, this crystal encourages positive thought patterns and prepares the mind for meditation. In addition, it can improve the ability to tolerate stress.

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This crystal is also a practical choice for those with problems with the tangible physical world. It will help the user to feel more grounded and “existing.” Wearing a smoky quartz necklace; can help relieve feelings of depression, fear, and anxiety. It can help you understand the root of these feelings while calming them down so they don’t become overwhelming.

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Consider What Effect Your Fears Have on Your Life with the Blue Agate Crystal!

Your dream is to explore East Asian countries, but you are afraid to get on a plane. This fear prevents you from having many beautiful experiences and realizing your dreams. You are so scared of heights, which prevents you from getting an enchanting view of the city or paragliding. As we mentioned in these examples, every fear causes you to set limits on your life. What if you were able to overcome this fear?

At this stage, you must consider precisely how fear affects your life. When you overcome your fears, you can be sure that your life will become more enjoyable. This effect can help you overcome your fears.


Blue Lace Agate is one of the most comforting crystals for fear. This crystal is known for its centering and calming vibrational frequencies. Therefore, it works well at reprogramming thoughts and reactions with calm and positive ones.

When it comes to fear, you may not be reasoning about what you need. Blue agate, a Throat Chakra crystal, allows you to speak your mind calmly and clearly to get you out of these fear-inducing situations.

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Feel More Confident With Chrysocolla Crystal!


First of all, try to calm down! Whatever happens to you or whatever you are doing, you must first calm down! Hurrying or getting excited will bring you nothing but problems. Do not forget that the state of fear is a situation that brings with it extreme excitement. If you start to calm down with the suggestions you give yourself with the help of crystals and can suppress your excitement a little bit, you have done most of the work because your excitement causes your fear to continue. Chrysocolla is one of the most perfect crystals for fear.


This crystal has a feminine and soothing vibration. Gently calms the Heart Chakra when it beats with fear. It will give you more confidence when you get scared when you have to convey your needs to others or need some security in any social situation. Keeping it in your pocket when speaking in public is also very useful.

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Imagine Confronting and Overcoming Your Fears with Magnesite Crystal!


Many self-help books say, “If you can dream it, you can make it real.” says. But, unfortunately, this is true most of the time! Because no matter the subject, the road to success on that subject passes through your mind. Therefore, you must first convince yourself that you can overcome your fear. Yes, it is not that easy to do; But you have to give yourself time and be patient.

Put the worst scenarios out of your mind, which is one of the reasons for your fears, and imagine closing your eyes and facing your fears. But we’re not talking about dreaming once here. It would be best if you did this often to learn how to deal with your anxiety.


For example, imagine yourself happy in a park by the beach if you are afraid of dogs. Cute dogs run happily on the grass, playing with each other and not harming you. You can even imagine that you will love those dogs in the future. Well, these dreams can change whatever phenomenon you are afraid of. The important thing is that you can change your attitude toward your fear!

This white-colored crystal is a good choice for meditation and relaxation as it brings a deep sense of peace. Generally, it is a supportive crystal for anyone who is nervous or fearful and increases tolerance to emotional stress. Magnesite crystal contains high levels of magnesium, and this mineral is incredibly beneficial for many people suffering from anxiety.

How to Use Fear Crystals?

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One of the best ways to use natural crystals that are good for fear is to meditate with them. While doing one of the meditation exercises, comfortably hold one of the crystals listed above, one in each hand. The crystal in both hands does not have to be the same. You can choose two different crystals.
Once you start meditating, let yourself go. You will be fine!


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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