Which Natural Stones Heal the Liver?

Stones for Liver

The liver is like a laboratory that constantly produces waste material. Stones for the Liver help to remove these wastes. Bad eating habits and excessive use of alcohol and drugs cause harmful substances to accumulate in your body. These accumulated substances can cause great harm to you in the long run. The liver carries the dark side of most addictions. And avoiding most liver-health-threatening pleasures is nearly impossible in today’s world. So while your liver gets dirty, you must continue to heal it. Have you tried alternative medicine methods that force your liver to regenerate? Starting treatment with healing stones is one of these methods.

We want to talk to you about natural and healing stones that can quickly heal many liver diseases. These natural stones are known as “liver stones” and were naturally formed for the human body, especially to work with your liver.

Natural stones for the Liver can aid the regeneration process to complete the healing of liver disorders, including cancer. So, what are these stones? And what benefits can wear them have for you? Keep reading to find out!

Which Stone Is Good For The Liver?

Stones for Liver

Stones that are good for the Liver; are natural stones that help the Liver regenerate and heal. These stones are formed naturally in nature, just like you! Our supreme creator, the sole owner of the realms, has created everything in harmony with each other. There is no incurable disease. Healing stones in nature are waiting for you to treat your diseases.

If you are considering starting your liver healing process with these stones, you must know how they affect your body. Let’s talk about the pros of stones that are good for the Liver so that you can find the right use.

Stones for Liver

Natural Stones Are Restorative

Stones that are good for the Liver can fight the disorders in it. Some healers even report witnessing cancer healing during the long course of crystal rituals. Therefore, these stones can help heal your liver problems gradually.

Natural Stones Are Regenerative

The second benefit of natural stones for the Liver is their miracles. They can bring many miracles with them. One of them is liver regeneration. Hundreds and thousands of people worldwide have experienced these stones’ power.

Natural Stones Are Supportive

Liver healing stones give you an accelerated boost. Simply put, these stones will help speed up the potency of your prescribed medications. It can also assist in the rehabilitation of patients with liver disorders.

12 Liver-Friendly Natural Stones

Stones for Liver

Certain natural stones benefit liver vitality and regeneration, while others can be supportive.

If you’ve already consulted your doctor and are on medication for this condition, these stones may relieve the disease sooner than usual. In addition, disorders such as 1st level fatty liver can be treated comprehensively with these natural stones.

1-Rainbow Quartz Stones for the Liver

Rainbow Quartz
Rainbow Quartz

Targeting internal organs such as the bladder in addition to the Liver, rainbow quartz is a versatile healer for people suffering from liver ailments. This amazing variety of quartz also removes foods that are naturally toxic to the body.

Hold a rainbow quartz necklace close to your Solar Plexus Chakra for maximum effect.

How to Use Rainbow Quartz?

  • Take your rainbow quartz in your right hand.
  • Say your affirmation.
  • Place it on the Liver.
  • Gently tie the stone over your Liver with a soft cloth.
  • Hold for 10 minutes in the morning and before going to bed.

2-Citrine Stones for the Liver

Use a citrine stone to keep it close to your solar plexus chakra; it gently removes fatty deposits from the Liver and makes it more active.

Citrine helps with digestion and relieves physical ailments such as upper neck pain by removing toxins from your Liver and body. You can wear a citrine stone bracelet if you have a level 1 fatty liver.

How to Use Citrine?

  • Take your citrine stone bracelet in the palm of your hand.
  • Gently rub into the painful area in circular motions.
  • Do this three times.
  • Then wear the bracelet on your arm.
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3- Amber Stones for the Liver

When placed in the Solar Plexus Chakra, a star stone with a unique and powerful colour energy, amber powers your Liver and kidneys.

Amber is highly respected for being one of the best healers in treating ‘organs of elimination’ such as the Liver, bladder and stomach.

Keep an amber necklace on your chakra regularly for liver ailments and thyroid.

How Is Amber Used?

  • Take a purifying natural stone such as clear quartz or selenite.
  • Circle three times over the amber.
  • Now take the amber in your right palm.
  • Close with the left palm and say your affirmation.
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4-Aquamarine Stones for the Liver

Respected as a jaundice stone, aquamarine is a stone that can be healed by people who have to follow strict dietary protocols after jaundice.

Roman history confirms this stone was widely used for stomach and liver ailments, even poisoning. If you have liver treatment, you can wear an aquamarine bracelet.

How to Use Aquamarine?

  • Place the aquamarine stone first on your throat chakra. Then slide the stone from your throat chakra towards your abdomen.
  • Imagine toxins passing through your Liver and out of your mouth.
  • Continue with aquamarine lying on your back for at least 20 minutes.
  • Try to do your meditation practice in the morning, if possible.
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5-SunStones for the Liver

A powerful little-known natural stone for redesigning your liver cells, sunstone is a powerful liver healing stone for people suffering from threatening diseases like liver sclerosis.

Please keep it in your liver area for 30 minutes daily after you wake up and before bed to accelerate healing.

How to Use Sunstone?

  • Take the stone in your hand.
  • Meditate with it until the sun comes up.
  • Next, please place it in your right palm.
  • Cover it with your left hand.
  • Say the affirmation to cleanse your Liver.
  • Place it on your Liver.
  • Leave it undisturbed for 30 minutes.
  • Do this before and after sleep.
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6-Red Aventurine Stones for the Liver

Red aventurine is a powerful detoxification stone for strengthening liver cells and removing toxic deposits. Clean liver cells are not too far away for their users, as their energy clears 100% of the toxins in the Liver in the shortest time possible.

Wear an aventurine necklace to keep it close to your solar plexus chakra for maximum healing effect.

How to Use Red Aventurine?

  • Put the red aventurine in front of you.
  • Look at the stone and say to affirm for ten minutes.
  • When you feel the stone energized, place it on the seven chakras one after the other.
  • Finish by leaving the stone in your root chakra for 30 minutes to flush out toxins.

7-Turquoise Stones for the Liver

Besides being a stone good for cancer, turquoise, which has a healing colour energy known as the saviour of many diseases, relaxes the muscles, spleen and pancreas.

Turquoise users also significantly increase blood circulation rate, leading to faster recovery after serious liver therapy treatments. You can wear a turquoise stone necklace to eliminate toxins in the Liver.

How to Use Turquoise Stone?

  • Take turquoise in your right hand.
  • Place it on the left side of your chest.
  • When you feel the temperature rise, cover it with your left hand.
  • Close your eyes and look at the sky.
  • Say affirmation three times to heal the Liver.
  • Wear the turquoise for 24 hours or carry it in your pocket.
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8-Pyrite Stones for the Liver

A brown-coloured healing stone with stronger cleansing powers than coffee beans, pyrite clears toxins to increase bladder control and emissions throughout the body.

The pure and transparent nature of pyrite also helps to clear diseased areas in the body.

Wearing a pyrite necklace can contribute to liver health, even if you’re a lifelong alcoholic.

How is Pyrite Used?

  • If you can, try to sit cross-legged on the floor.
  • Repeat your affirmations to charge the stone for 3 minutes.
  • Place the stone on your right ankle.
  • Close your eyes and feel the stone’s energy rise in your body.
  • Now put it on your left wrist.
  • Repeat this every night before going to bed.
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9-Malachite Stones for the Liver

Another healing colour energy rarely seen in green stones gives power to the breech stone to release the blockages in the liver. You should be careful not to let the malachite touch the water.

Malachite absorbs the poison in your liver, and it is an immune booster as well. Wearing a malachite bracelet will detoxify the liver. To prevent its side effects, we recommend using malachite with aventurine, smoky or rose quartz.

How to Use Malachite?

  • Place the stone over your heart.
  • Meditate for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat this whenever you feel hopeless about the illness.
  • Malachite will flush out as many toxins as possible.
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10-Yellow Fluorite Stones for the Liver

Fluorite is like an engine that accelerates Toxin removal in your body. Bacteria and viruses begin to multiply when your body becomes weak against diseases. While these harmful microorganisms multiply, they excrete and leave harmful substances left over from their life cycle to you. Here, yellow fluorite stone not only allows you to get rid of these microorganisms completely but also helps to remove toxic substances from your liver.

How to Use Yellow Fluorite?

  • Place the stone over your Dantien Chakra.
  • Know that you will win in this battle with harmful organisms.
  • Continue the meditation for 30 minutes.
  • If possible, work at noon when the sun is directly overhead.

11-Labradorite Stones for the Liver

The liver is the organ in your body where vitamins and minerals are stored. When the liver cannot fulfil this storage task as it should, the vitamins and minerals you take in your body go as they come. Many diseases begin to appear in your body. When it comes to minerals, you start to have problems with the functioning of your muscular system and regulating your blood pressure. If you want a liver that stores vitamins and minerals better, we recommend using labradorite, even periodically. Labradorite, which balances high blood pressure, helps you by supporting your liver in complaints such as vitamin and mineral deficiency, sensitivity to seasonal changes and extreme cold. Labradorite is like complete liver support. When you start using labradorite, your liver will start to do its job much better. You will store vitamins and minerals much better and use them more efficiently.

How is Labradorite Used?

  • If possible, take a yellow-coloured labradorite stone in your palm.
  • Repeat for my liver that I will do my Primary treatment with this crystal.
  • Lie on your back and place the stone just above the top of your liver.
  • Lie down for 20 minutes when the sun is directly overhead and continue to pass through your brain the idea that your liver is healing and that the reflective labradorite crystal is healing you right now.
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12-Limonite Stones for the Liver


Limonite is known as ironstone. It makes your liver strong like iron. Although it has similar benefits to hematite, it is a stone that provides more benefits to your sacral chakra and liver with its yellow colour. It is useful for blood diseases such as anaemia. It supports the Liver and Kidneys and improves tissue structure. It strengthens the absorption of iron and helps the formation of red blood cells. It soothes insomnia and anxiety disorders. Limonite is a suitable stone for repairing your liver tissues if your liver is damaged. You should be careful not to let the limonite touch the water.

How to Use Limonite?

  • Take a yellow-coloured Limonite in both your palms.
  • Get into a semi-sitting position with your back leaning against something.
  • Place the limonite right in the middle of your tummy. Keep in contact with limonite for at least 30 minutes to repair tissues in your liver.
  • If possible, do this before bed at night, and continue this meditation for several weeks.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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