Initiate Rapid Healing with High Vibration Natural Stones

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High Vibration Natural Stones can heal you faster. Everything in nature; People, animals, objects around us, and natural stones have their vibration and frequency. The frequency of the rocks also varies. Some have a higher frequency. But each serves a specific purpose and healing.

Some stones are rare and more expensive. So, what are high-vibration stones that are not rare or extremely expensive? If you have a gemstone collection, you probably already have some of them. In this article, learn about high-vibration stones, their use, and how to use them!

Stones and Their Frequencies


As we mentioned above, the frequency of the stones varies, and each has its frequency. You can feel very powerful when you feel the energy of High Vibration Natural Stones. Therefore, high-frequency stones tend to have more spiritual uses and properties.

Orgonites are High Frequency


Orgonite, obtained by compressing the crystals with Epoxy Resin, has also passed from low frequency to high frequency. You can get a faster and higher signal from the crystal inside.

High vibration stones are often used by those on a spiritual path and are interested in things like ascension. To remove yourself from the lower frequency, you can work with them to tune in to them and raise your vibration and frequency. A high-vibration crystal can raise your vibration very quickly.

Use High-Frequency Crystals for Your Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

Yes, They can be used to accelerate your spiritual development and to adopt new ways of thinking and living. Adding it to a corner of your home will increase the vibration of your surroundings, aura field, and overall home energy. Unfortunately, most of the high-vibration stones on the market are rare, extravagant, fake, and expensive. The truth is that; There are also many readily available and affordable high-vibration stones. So what are these stones?

Elestial Quartz High Vibration Natural Stones

Elestial Quartz High Vibration Natural Stones
Elestial Quartz

This stone has an extremely high vibration and frequency. It is also great for assisting you in your quest for spiritual growth. Meditation with this stone is also precious. Because they tune in to the vibrations of the spiritual realm, they can help you make meaningful connections with the beings out there.

Keeping it close to your body can also be beneficial, as the elemental quartz stone constantly receives spiritual vibrations. This impressive stone provides meaningful communication with the angelic and spiritual realms and helps you make significant changes in your life. As a high-vibration stone, it aids deep soul and karmic healing. It can also awaken your third eye and psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance.

Sugilite High-Vibration Natural Stones

Sugilite High Vibration Natural Stones

Another high-vibration stone! In purple or deep purple, this gemstone is a delicate crystal despite having high vibrational energy. Also known as “luvulite” in some sources, this stone is one of the most important love stones. It is also an essential spiritual stone.

It soothes those who feel lonely and alienated. It also helps individuals face their anger issues. Additionally, it encourages self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. This gemstone is also a protective stone. While protecting the owner against the negativities outside, he also deals with the negativities he keeps inside.

Meditating with sugilite, which is among the high-vibration stones, helps to attract higher vibrations. It is also a healing crystal and a perfect stone for empaths. The body itself; will help him heal and repair physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Amethyst High Vibration Natural Stones

Amethyst is a high-vibration stone that almost every crystal collector has or should have. Mainly, It works with the Third Eye and Crown chakras. It awakens spiritual abilities and connections. It also transforms negative energies into positive energy with the power of the purple flame.

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Selenite High Vibration Natural Stones

Selenite is another widespread and abundant stone known as “spar stone.” This shimmering stone anchors high-vibration light to the planet and drives away bad vibrations. Selenite is a deep cleanser. It raises your vibration or the vibration of any place where it is placed. Above all, a must-have for those on a spiritual path!

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Moonstone High Vibration Natural Stones

Moonstones can be white or transparent. However, it has a vibrant color flash. Sometimes, it is also known as white labradorite. Moonstone awakens clairvoyance and enhances its wearer’s intuition. It can be used for spiritual journeys as it is among the high-vibration stones.

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Celestite High Vibration Natural Stones

Celestite is a rare stone. It may be better to look for tumbled stones, as this blue-gray-colored stone is a bit hard to find. Celestite; It has a very high spiritual vibration that helps you release old karmic patterns and self-limiting beliefs. In addition, it is also perfect for those looking to make a fresh start.

Blue Kyanite High Vibration Natural Stones

Blue kyanite is a high-vibration stone, great for taking advantage of high frequencies. It fixes the higher chakras and balances the energy. This silver-blue stone; is connected with the archangel Michael. This stone is also protective and cleansing.

While the most common color is blue, it is also found in black, green, yellow, and orange. Its most brilliant feature is the automatic opening of the body’s seven chakras or energy centers. You don’t need to tell the stone to do it; it will just do it.

This stone helps the body heal, and when used on the third eye chakra between the eyebrows, it will contribute to developing psychic gifts such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Lie down, place it above the third eye chakra, and meditate. This stone is also great for clearing the throat and crowning chakras. It also effectively removes negative energies that may have accumulated in the aura field and cause psychic blockage in the chakras.

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Moldavite High Vibration Natural Stones

Moldavite; is a mighty, high-vibrational stone of transformation. You can feel its energy just by holding it in your hand. This stone is like a buzz of energy.

It is located between stones with deep frequencies and high vibrations. Generally, it is a rare stone in the Czech Republic due to its proximity to Bohemia. It is a deep, olive green color believed to be the product of a meteorite impact. Although there are several theories about how it formed, it is accepted that it occurred about 14.8 million years ago when a giant meteorite struck near the site of Moldavite today.

Strong vibration and high energy levels of Moldavite; encourage you to be reborn or renewed when you want to make life changes. It is also a crystal of spiritual transformation and will help you establish a universal connection.

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Tanzanite High-Vibration Natural Stones

Purple is a beautiful stone! Tanzanite among high vibration stones; It is a bluish-purple stone that raises its wearer’s vibration, increasing health and vitality.

It reduces stress and makes you a balanced being. It reduces anxiety, depression, and panic. Tanzanite can boost the immune system and reduce inflammation, but it will also aid in metaphysical healing.

If you need healing on a cellular or karmic level, Tanzanite is one of the best high-vibration stones. It also increases your ability to communicate with the angelic realms and your higher consciousness.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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