Moldavite Crystal (The Crystal of Life)

What is Moldavite?

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite Crystal, which has been proven to have a meteorological history with scientific studies, has many names. In addition to being used as Moldavite in official sources, there are also the names Pearl of Fire, Crystal of Life and Bouteille Crystal. It takes its original name from the Moldau River. Moldavite is the most common name due to the sky crystal falling on the mountain in the region where this river is located in the Czech Republic.

What Does Moldavite Crystal Mean?

Moldavite Crystal Mean

Moldavite, a transformation Crystal, is a semi-precious ornamental Crystal. It undertakes the task of balancing the energies of nature and humans. For this reason, it shows the benefits of physically and spiritually balancing negative energies into positive energy. In addition to being effective in transdimensional events, it also provides peace of mind in the material world.

Moldavite Crystal Formation

Moldavite Crystal Formation

Moldavite Crystal, which has been used for thousands of years, begins forming when a meteor falls around the Moldau River. Therefore, it is not entirely a sky crystal, but the black spots in the green, black and brown varieties are composed of the meteorite remains. Therefore, Moldavite Crystal is one of the rare Crystals that is not produced by a reaction between rocks.

Although it has a Celestial Crystal effect, Moldavite Crystal takes many years to reach its final form. Therefore, it isn’t easy to find as it is one of the rare natural Crystals. However, it is one of the popular Crystals as it has a lot of effects and emits an intense vibration. Therefore, in recent years, it has been in demand worldwide, especially in the Czech Republic, which is the first place of formation.

Where Does Moldavite Crystal Occur?

Where Does Moldavite

Moldavite Crystal is a type of Crystal that forms near the surface. In this respect, it is not difficult to extract, but this does not change the fact that the Crystal is rare. It can only be mined in the Czech Republic since its formation completely depends on meteorites and reacts with special minerals.

Moldavite, a highly valuable Crystal, can be found worldwide even though it is mined in one region. Although collectors generally prefer it, it is turned into various items for daily use. Therefore, Moldavite Crystal can be found in many countries, especially Turkey.

Things to Consider While Buying Moldavite

Buying Moldavite

There are imitations of Moldavite Crystal because it is in the Rare Crystal group. Therefore, during shopping, you should only buy the Crystal once you are sure it is real. If naturalness cannot be assured, the seller may be asked to present a certificate proving the naturalness of the Crystal. In this respect, shopping from reliable stores and websites will prevent crises.

The main purpose of Natural Crystals is to give people peace and remove their negative energies. Therefore, establishing a spiritual connection with the Moldavite Crystal allows for better energy flow with the Crystal. Receiving unpopular or unappealing models will only weaken relationships with the Moldavite Crystal. Not making model choices that cannot be used regularly, making sure of the naturalness of the Crystal and doing the necessary maintenance will increase the benefits of the Crystal.

increase the benefits of the Crystal

It is very important to know who bought the Moldavite Crystal and why. If there is a physical need, it should be used after obtaining comprehensive information about the Crystal. Since it is effective for almost all spiritual needs, it is not harmful. Regular, conscious and careful use will eliminate the negativities felt and heal the person by healing the vital issues. In spiritual situations, help can be taken from the energy of the Crystal.

How to Tell if Moldavite is Real or Fake?

 Real or Fake

Due to its rarity, fakes of Moldavite Crystal are sold just like real Crystals. These fake Crystals, which are very close to each other in appearance, are offered for sale at almost the same price as the real Moldavite Crystal. Therefore, it is recommended to perform some tests to get real Crystals. Fake Crystals that cannot transform energy like regular pavement Crystal can only be used as accessories when purchased. It does not have any effect as in Natural Crystals.

accessories when purchased

The best way to know if the Moldavite Crystal is real is to break a part of the Crystal. If the Crystal is real, its inner and outer colors will be the same. It can be understood whether another Crystal has been dyed by checking the refractive index. Also, it can be decided whether the Crystal is fake by checking its coldness in room conditions or its brightness under the sun. However, those who will use Moldavite Crystal for the first time should apply methods that can achieve more tangible results regardless of their room conditions.

refractive index crystal

Another method of distinguishing a Moldavite Crystal from a fake is to set it on fire. For this, any flaming materials such as lighters, candles or matches can be helped. It is natural if the Crystal, which only needs to be kept on fire for a few seconds, does not change in the face of fire. However, cases such as peeling on the outer surface or melting the Crystal indicate imitation. For this reason, Crystals that are not considered real should not be purchased.

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What are the Moldavite Crystal Properties and Effects?

Properties and Effects

With a Mohs scale of 5.5 – 6, the Moldavite Crystal is one of the most durable natural Crystals, but it is not impossible to break. Crystals do not show noticeable distortions unless hit too hard or deliberately scratched. There are semi-transparent or transparent models. There are also many minerals in the silicate group in the Moldavite Crystal. Its specific gravity is about 2.5. It can sink in water.

Moldavite Crystal is suitable for use in various fields but is usually traded through accessories. It can be taken as natural masses and used as ornaments. It balances energy in relaxing and purifying activities such as meditation, ritual, massage or yoga. Thus, it helps the individual to feel more comfortable and peaceful. If it is used regularly, its effects are observed more quickly.

observed more quickly

Moldavite Crystal, compatible with the chakras and zodiac signs, provides physical and spiritual healing. It helps to prevent many physical and psychological health problems. For this reason, Moldavite Crystal is used during psychotherapies or alternative medicine. Since it will continue to balance energy even when not in use, it has an effect that makes itself felt in the environment. Since it is a personalized Crystal, it is unsuitable for common use as an accessory. However, even having one Moldavite Crystal in the same environment will impress everyone.

Moldavite Crystal Usage Areas

Usage Areas

Moldavite Crystal, generally used in energy studies, can also be used in spiritual areas. It reveals its calming feature whenever the person wants to feel comfortable. In this regard, it is generally used in contact with the skin. Therefore, it can be preferred as a bracelet, earring, necklace or ring as an accessory. Its effect will increase when used with other Crystals it is compatible with.

Moldavite Crystal is also used in alternative medicine and psychology. Besides being a natural pain reliever and antidepressant, it helps to protect the body and mental health. Therefore, it can be preferred to calm down with natural methods and reduce drug intake. However, since it is not possible to use it as a treatment method alone, it should be used under the recommendations of doctors or psychologists.

doctors or psychologists

Help can be sought from the energy of the Moldavite Crystal during meditation and ritual times. Since it clears the energy of both the person and the environment, it helps to determine the wishes better. Increasing the effect of meditation and rituals relieves the inner troubles of the person. It also makes it easier to control emotions by making the mind calm. In this regard, Moldavite Crystal is suitable for use in many areas.

Moldavite Crystal Ritual

Crystal Ritual

Rituals are energy sessions for a person to achieve their wishes faster. Therefore, positive energy is very important in these multi-purpose studies. During the ritual, the person should not think negatively, be completely purified from his bad energies and provide full concentration. For this, it becomes easier to complete the rituals as desired by using Moldavite Crystal.

Touching the Moldavite Crystal throughout the ritual will provide a better energy flow. It is possible to get rid of negative energy faster in situations such as lighting the environment with dim light, burning incense, and ensuring silence. In addition, rituals with Moldavite Crystal will become more effective in lunar cycles such as lunar and solar eclipses, full moons and new moons.

positive energy

Many natural Crystals can be used with the Moldavite Crystal, but the Crystals must be compatible with each other. Since it is accepted as the Crystal of Life, ritual topics should be chosen based on relationships with life, regaining one’s self-esteem, having good hopes for the future, and forgetting the past. However, as long as the rituals performed on other subjects directly affect life, it is sufficient for the Moldavite Crystal to have an effect.

Which Chakra Is Crystal of Life Compatible With?

Compatible With

Natural Crystals not only balance the energy flow in nature but also regulate the energy flow in the body. In this context, they work in harmony with the chakras, which are the focal points of energy. For example, Moldavite Crystal makes all chakras work better, but it works better in the throat, third eye, heart and crown chakras. Therefore, the chakras it is compatible with are the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras.

Failure of the chakras to work can cause some physical and spiritual problems. If they start working, it will make them feel better financially and morally. It makes the individual’s posture more self-confident while reducing the pain experienced in various regions. While making it easier to hold on to life, it gives the ability to adapt to the flow of events. In this respect, keeping the Moldavite Crystal in the areas where the Moldavite Crystal is compatible with the chakras will allow that chakra to work better.

Compatible of Moldavite Crystal

Compatible of Moldavite Crystal

The Moldavite has been studied and tested by astrologers and scientists. As a result of these tests, it has been observed that it works in harmony with all signs. Since every sign and ascendant sign owner can easily use it, it is considered compatible with all signs. This harmony helps the individual be happier and more peaceful, thanks to the energy transformation the zodiac signs make while filing their negative features.

Moldavite Crystal compatibility with zodiac signs has many benefits. These include experiencing some of the difficult aspects of natal charts in a milder form. In addition, the Moldavite Crystal gently overcomes the setbacks experienced due to planets in retrograde. Finally, according to karma astrology, if bad events in the past affect the present life, the negative effect of this situation is alleviated by using the Crystal.

What are the Benefits and Harms of Moldavite Crystal?

Benefits and Harms of Moldavite Crystal

-Facilitates adaptation in change processes.

-Gives the strength needed to hold on to life more tightly.

-It helps to remember memories easily.

-Relaxes the soul and body by purifying them from negative energy.

-Helps solve sleep problems.

-Brings luck, abundance and abundance to its user.

healing properties of moldavite

-Accelerates the treatment of diseases with its healing properties.

-Helps to choose between mind and heart.

-Enables the individual to discover the power that exists within.

-It increases the effect of meditations and rituals and helps to achieve wishes.

-Ends discussions in relationships.

-Shows that spirituality is more important than materiality.

healing properties anger management

-Helps a person to control anger.

-Prevents emotions from getting in the way of logic in stressful moments.

-Protective effects against diseases.

-Enables a person to love himself before anyone else.

-Helps to get rid of substance addiction and obsessions.

Where to Put Moldavite at Home?

Put Moldavite Crystal

Moldavite can be used for many purposes. For this reason, where it will be placed in the house may differ according to the person’s intended use. If it is used personally, it should be placed in the room belonging to the individual or in the most used area. If it is used for reasons such as providing domestic peace, it can be placed in the bedroom or living room. It is recommended not to be placed in bathrooms to avoid damage from moisture.

Moldavite should be placed in high places if children or pets are in the house. Since it is a rare and expensive Crystal, it should be positioned in places that are strong enough that it will not fall. It should not be stored in closed boxes, drawers or cabinets to prevent energy conversion. It can be stored and wrapped in a soft cloth when not used.

Where to Buy Moldavite?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does a Moldavite Crystal Cost?

Moldavite Crystal Cost

One of the most important features determining the price of Natural Crystals is how common the Crystal is. The price of Moldavite Crystal is high because it is rare compared to many natural Crystals. However, since it is not a jewel, models suitable for every budget can be found. Prices may increase depending on the size of the Crystal or the quality of the accessory to be purchased.

Crystal Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning moldavite

Maintenance and cleaning of Moldavite are separate concepts. Cleaning is getting rid of dirt by simply washing the Crystal with water or wiping it with a damp cloth. In the meantime, it should be kept from chemicals, and any substance other than water should not be used. Care is the removal of negative energies that have accumulated in the Crystal. Many methods can be preferred to care for Moldavite.

care for Moldavite Crystal

A powerful energy Crystal, Moldavite Crystal needs maintenance on average every four weeks. It is enough to get rid of negative energies to be buried in the ground or left on the soil surface for an hour. It is also possible to keep it in a flowing water source instead of soil. However, taking precautions such as tying the Crystal is recommended to prevent it from getting lost or flowing.

Moldavite can also be maintained when soil or water cannot be used. You can get help from various incense, especially sage incense. It can be kept in contact with other natural Crystals, if any, overnight. It should be noted that the crystals are compatible with each other. Other Crystals in the Amethyst or quartz group should be preferred if the compatibility status is unknown. Click here for detailed information about the cleaning of crystals.

Interesting Facts About Moldavite Crystal

Interesting Facts About Moldavite

The Moldavite was formed by a celestial Crystal that crashed into the earth on average 15 million years ago, but it took the 19th century to be discovered. Until then, it was carved, processed, and used in various fields. This lately appreciated Crystal has become popular in recent years. In the past, it was used as a symbol of fertility, placed on amulets and the head of arrows. In this regard, it is thought that its first use dates back to 25,000 years BC.

15 million years ago moldavite

Because it is composed of meteorites, the Moldavite has been used by some mediums that want to communicate with creatures on other planets. Also, help was taken from the energy of the Moldavite to communicate with transdimensional beings. Today, it is mostly used in the production of accessories and takes part in bioenergy studies.


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