Angel Crystal Angelite (The Friendship Crystal)

What is Angelite?

What is Angelite

The name of the Angel Crystal comes from a Greek word mean “thirsty.” The water evaporated in the formation of the Angel Crystal causes the Crystallization of the minerals. For this reason, it is called the Angel Crystal, which means dehydrated. It is also called Angelite Stone, which is internationally accepted in foreign sources or official documents.

What Does Angelite Mean?

Blue Crystal Mean

The Angelite Crystal, one of the Awareness Crystals, is a Crystal that usually accompanies man. It is popularly called the Friendship Crystal because it strengthens human relations. Its vibrations are very strong because it rushes to the aid of the individual whenever he needs it. For this reason, it is among the natural Crystals that can help nature and people purify their negative energies.

Angel Crystal Formation

Crystal Formation

The Angelite Crystal, formed by hundreds of reactions over millions of years, is a Crystal that was discovered quite late. Therefore, there are unknown issues about its formation. The most important factor that causes it to separate from other Crystals is that it reacts with the evaporation of water in aqueous environments. The vibrational number of the subsequently hardened Angelite Crystal is 1.

The first formation of the Angel Crystal begins, thanks to the magma that rises to the surface with the metamorphic movements. Then, it takes its final form with the evaporation it experiences after hot and cold reactions. In the meantime, since it experiences magnetic effects, it gains the features that it can transform into energy. The main purpose of its existence is to protect the balance of nature and to prevent the increase of bad energies.

Where Does the Angelite?

Crystal Spawn

Angelite Crystal is considered a common Crystal as it is easy to reach. It is a very popular natural Crystal because it is found in sky-blue tones. For this reason, it is constantly mined from its source, Peru. It is not among the rare Crystal groups due to its large reserves. It can also be mined from England, Mexico and Egypt.

Although the world is rich in natural Crystals, it is not among the regions where the Angelite Crystal is formed—imported from Peru, England, Mexico and Egypt. Since it is sold in only some stores, it is necessary to check whether the Crystal is natural during shopping. Otherwise, the effects of Angel Crystal cannot be seen in imitation Crystals that are likely to be taken. Furthermore, energy conversion is not possible since it can only be used as an accessory.

What are the Points to Consider While Buying an Angel Crystal?

While Buying a Blue Stone

The first thing to consider when buying an Angel Crystal is whether the Crystal is natural or not. If the Crystal is natural, it can be used immediately after taking it. However, since it is a low-strength Crystal, it should be protected against impacts. Therefore, especially if it is used as an ornament, it is recommended to be placed in high, out of reach of children and in safe areas.

used regularly necklace

The Angel Crystal, which can show its effects in the best way if used regularly, is affected by the energy of the person using it. For this reason, unloved or disliked Angel Crystal models should not be bought. Instead, accessories or ornaments that are suitable for the person’s taste and that can be used regularly should be purchased. Thus, it is possible to reach the known and unknown benefits of the Crystal.

Those who will use the Angel Crystal for the first time should first know about the Crystal. It is only right to complete the shopping by getting information about its benefits, effects, features and how to use it. It should be purchased after learning the effects it shows on the needs of the person and the issues he feels lacking. Otherwise, it may not show the required effect and cause prejudice about natural Crystals.

How to Tell if Angel Crystal is Real or Fake?

Real or Fake

The Angel Crystal has some distinctive features that make it real. The first of these is the color of the Crystal. Crystals of any other color are not Angelite, as they are available in sky blue and similar tones. The colors of the Imitation Crystals can be distinguished from each other as they will look artificial. Also, Angelite Crystal is not usually smooth and monochromatic in appearance.

bracelet Imitation Crystals

The best way to distinguish Natural Crystals from fakes is to break a part of the Crystal. If the Angel Crystal is broken and its inner and outer colors are the same, it is understood that the Crystal is real. Because dyeing pavement Crystals obtain Imitation Crystals, they are gray or dark in color. In addition, there is no peeling or discoloration on the outer surface of the Angel Crystal.

The Angelite Crystal is among the Fireproof Crystals. Therefore, it is possible to set the Crystal on fire while checking its authenticity. If the paint does not melt, peel, fade or tarnish, it is understood that the Crystal is real. However, it must be kept in a fire for a short time to avoid damaging the crystal structure.

What are Angel Crystal Properties and Effects?

Crystal Properties and Effects

Angel Crystal, with a score of 3.5 on the hardness scale, is not resistant to impacts. Therefore, it is quite easy to scratch and breaks. However, it can be prevented from breaking by placing it in high places during use or by choosing accessories to be protected from impacts. The main color of Angel Crystal, which is in the class of silicates, is sky blue.

The vibration of the Angelite Crystal in the Orthorhombic Crystal system is number 1. Since it contains calcium sulfate, it is very useful for contacting the skin. However, care should be taken while shopping as it is mixed with Selenite Crystal. Although it generally has a dull appearance, it can be polished through some processes.

orgonite angelite Orthorhombic Crystal

The Angel Crystal is naturally referred to as the friendship Crystal. Since it reduces stress in human relations, it makes it easier for individuals to understand each other. Furthermore, while strengthening the bonds of friendship, he befriends people who feel lonely. Thus, it increases the person’s self-confidence and helps him to be accepted in society. Furthermore, it is beneficial to have competitions or projects that will receive awards in the working process, as they bring great success quickly.

Angel Crystal can be used to communicate with all visible and invisible beings. Although the Crystal was discovered late, this feature is known by almost everyone. It is thought that the Angel Crystal is used especially by psychics, fortune tellers, sorcerers and witches who work with other dimensions. However, the Crystal does not have any spiritual properties for those not interested in such events.

angeliteanhydrite etsy shop

Angelite Usage Areas

Angel Crystal Usage

Angel Crystal, which has been used at high rates recently, can be used in different areas. Its place in alternative medicine is very important due to its well-known benefits among people. It can relieve body aches, strengthen the immune system or treat diseases. It also helps the treatments applied by doctors to have a better effect.

Another area where the Angelite Crystal is used is related to psychology. It protects against mental illnesses that may occur due to the relaxation and calming of the user. It also helps the person feel comfortable and express themselves better during psychotherapy. Therefore, it accelerates the healing process and facilitates psychological health.

Angel Crystals sold as accessories and ornaments can only be used as decoration items. However, due to its blue tones and natural appearance, it can be easily placed in any area. At the same time, it clears the negative energies in the environment and makes individuals feel more comfortable. It can also be used to relax the muscles during meditation, yoga, ritual or massage.

Angelite Ritual

Angel Crystal Ritual

The Angelite Crystal is very powerful in energy transformation. For this reason, abundance and fertility can be increased by including it in rituals. Although it is generally used in rituals where bilateral relations are strengthened, it can occur in all rituals because it clears the ambient energy. The effect of the rituals is increased when it touches the chakra points.

rituals because it clears raw angel stone

When performing a ritual with the Angelite Crystal, it is necessary to contact or be near the Crystal. Depending on the situation, help can be sought from other Crystals compatible with the Angelite Crystal. Angel Crystal is best utilized when the Crystal is cared for before rituals or when cleansing incense is used.

The Angelite Crystal can be used in any environment as a powerful energy balancing Crystal. It can occur in all rituals performed in the bath water, on the ground or in the open air. As it will affect the people closest to you more, it should be kept in constant contact. The effect can be observed quickly, as it makes you feel relief immediately after the ritual.

Which Chakra Is Angelite Crystal Compatible For?

Crystal Compatible For Angelite

Chakras can open and close from time to time. This is a situation that is related to the cleaning of the energy channels in the body. Therefore, better functioning of the chakras can be achieved at any time. Especially in people who use Angel Crystal, it is observed that the throat, crown and third eye chakras do not close, but they open even if they are closed. Therefore, the Angelite Crystal is understood to be compatible with the throat, crown, and third eye chakra.

The crown chakra is above a very important energy channel in the head area. When it is opened with the Angel Crystal, it is possible to make sense of dreams and achieve spiritual success. In addition, it produces excellent results with the Angel Crystal as it develops the ability to love people for being human.

Angel Crystal raw

Since the throat chakra is located where the vocal cords are, it comes to the fore, especially in communication issues. It helps the person to perceive his environment better by developing his five sense organs. Because it develops creativity, it brings success in artistic fields. It is a chakra compatible with the Angelite Crystal, as it helps one better understand oneself and those around one.

Raw Angel Stone Blue

The third eye chakra represents the energy channel located in the area between the two eyebrows. The most important feature is to help the inner voice always lead the person to the right path. Because it strengthens intuition, it makes distinguishing between good and bad people easier. It harmonizes beautifully with the Angel Crystal, as it regulates human relations.

Compatible Signs of Angel Crystal

Cabachone Angel Stone Tumble

The Angel Crystal, which can exchange energies with nature and humans, harmonizes with all zodiac signs. It works to make people better regardless of what features they have. Therefore, each zodiac group can use the Angelite Crystal. It is considered compatible with the Aquarius bush only because it works better with the Aquarius bushings.

Angel Crystals used in Aquarius undertake the task of rasping, especially the negative aspects of the sign. Arrogance, stubbornness, and anger help insensitive people become more sensitive and calm. It teaches Aquarius owners, who are overly dependent on freedom, to take advice from other people. This enables them to become more successful and logical people who do not succumb to their emotions.

A big sign is that people who stand out with loving attitudes sometimes see their good intentions are abused. The Angel Crystal helps the individual to distance himself from the people he has been harmed, as it makes him feel with which people to continue his life. It minimizes negative effects so people can continue their lives as they wish.

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What are the Benefits and Harms of Angel Crystal?

Benefits and Harms of Angel Crystal

Since it does not have a radioactive effect, it is possible to use the Angel Crystal at any time and in any situation. Therefore, it cannot be said that there is any direct damage to the person. However, it is ineffective because it will not meet the expectations of the individual in misuse. For this reason, using the Angel Crystal as a treatment tool, not as a treatment method, provides the best effect from the Crystal.

The Angelite Crystal is valuable as it allows one to connect with one’s higher self. It helps to understand things better by removing the blocks in mind. It is a powerful sedative that prevents people from experiencing sudden mood swings. Affecting the chakras provides a wide range of benefits.

Tumble Angel Crystal

The Angel Crystal, which regulates the work of the thyroid and pineal glands, also controls the work of the internal organs. Therefore, it plays a big role in keeping the immune system strong. In addition, it positively contributes to the circulatory system as it ensures the regeneration of blood vessels. It also affects cleaning internal organs, removing toxins and maintaining regular nutrition.

The concentration effect of the Angelite Crystal can be assisted when making new beginnings or continuing existing affairs. In addition, it regulates friendship relations by developing emotions such as compassion, love, devotion and loyalty. Since it is suitable for children, their growth and development can be accompanied by the Angel Crystal.

Where to Put Angel Crystal at Home?

 Angel Crystal at Home

It is a very important issue where the Angel Crystal that has been received and started to be used should be placed. Crystals left in the wrong places may not be able to show their effects because they need to draw more energy. Especially leaving it in closed areas may cause the Crystal to stop working completely.

Long Angelite Pure

When placing the Angel Crystal, it is helpful to consider why it is used. Study rooms or desks should be preferred when used for work, education or career. It can be placed on library shelves, in reading rooms, and next to pen holders. It is among the natural Crystals that achieve success quickly, as it increases the focus for both children and adults.

Where to Buy Angel Crystal?

 Buy Angelite Crystal Shape Angel

It is possible to reach the Angel Crystal, which is usually included in accessories and decoration products, from different places. For example, it can be found in jewelry stores selling Natural Crystals, in the accessory sections of some clothing stores, and in souvenir shops. In addition, it can be sold on the internet in different colors, patterns, types and models. It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

angeliteanhydrite etsy shop

How Much Does an Angel Crystal Cost?

Crystal Cost Raw

Natural Crystals can be ornamental or semi-jewelry, so their prices vary. Angel Crystal is quite inexpensive as it is not found among semi-gem Crystals. Since it has special models for every budget, it is among the natural Crystals anyone can reach. Prices may vary depending on the Crystals and materials used with it.

Many characteristics determine the price of an Angel Crystal. How pure the Crystal is, its color, brightness and size are among the most important criteria. Its use as an accessory or ornament is also reflected in the prices in different ways. Depending on the country of origin, the designer, and the brand sold by it, an increase or decrease in prices may be observed.

Angel Crystal Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning Angelite

The Angel Crystal, which can continuously transform energy, does not need any maintenance. Therefore, it differs from other natural Crystals. Since it can clean its energy, there is no need for special care or cleaning. Therefore, there is no harm in keeping the Crystal on the ground, leaving it in running water or making sage incense to rest the Crystal. Click for details about the Cleaning of Crystals.

Interesting Facts About Angel Crystal

The reason why Angel Crystal is most used today is that it is effective in spiritual areas. It is preferred to go to the Angelite realm to communicate with god or other unseen beings. Astral travelers can find their way back more easily by carrying the Angel Crystal during their journey.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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