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Angel Crystal Angelite (The Friendship Crystal)

Angel Crystal Angelite (The Friendship Crystal)

What is Angelite? The name of the Angel Crystal comes from a Greek word mean “thirsty.” The water evaporated in the formation of the Angel Crystal causes the Crystallization of the minerals. For this reason, it is called the Angel Crystal, which means dehydrated. It is also called Angelite Stone, which is internationally accepted in foreign sources or official documents. What Does Angelite Mean? The Angelite Crystal, one of the Awareness Crystals, is a Crystal that usually accompanies man. It is popularly called the Friendship Crystal because it strengthens human relations. Its vibrations are very strong because it rushes to...


Angelite (Anhydrite) Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs, and Chakras

Angelite Properties Angelite crystal meaning Angelite (Anhydrite) crystal It is a celestite crystal that has been compressed for millions of years. Although they are similar in terms of some features, they have different effects. Angelite is known as an awareness stone. Healing gained importance with the emergence of the New Age view, which is dominated by the belief that “there is a cosmic force inside man that enables him to overcome his physical and psychological problems.” Believing in the ability to heal ourselves and someone else with our inner awareness without being an outside leader is at the heart of...