Jade (Healing Stone)

Jade Stone

Jade Stone; is a magical crystal with high healing properties. In addition, it is a wonderful stone that you can use as a “preventive of diseases” by protecting the body and soul from all diseases. It is used in the treatment of many diseases.

Jade; is known as the stone of happiness. Of course, it gets its name from its green colour. However, this stone also has white, blue, purple, yellow, brown, red and black spotted colours.

What is Jade?

Jade Stone

Jade; is a toxin cleanser that helps the human body eliminate impurities. It acts as an Antioxidant, similar to when you apply the herbal treatment. It can also be stated that Jade beautifies the skin and is good for toothache problems—the appearance of Jade; is translucent or opaque. The main countries where this stone is mined are; Canada, the United States, Colombia, Tibet and China. In addition, each jade stone mined has a different value. But across Canada, this stone is getting more attention. Jade, with a High Healing effect, is a very special stone type with a diverse and unique appearance, which has attracted attention since ancient times.

Jade Stone

Jade; For centuries, it has been used as products such as accessories, small sculptures and jewellery. Magnificent Jade is among the precious and hard natural stones. The most precious jade stones, Burmese Jade and emerald, are Jade. Blue, red, grey and black jade stones are also among what we will show you with photos. As the colours change, the Healing properties also change.

What Does Jade Stone Mean?

Jade Stone

Jade; is also known as Nephrite. This stone; is a type of stone that has been used in many different fields, especially in the area of jewellery, for centuries. Unlike other natural stones, it is a type of stone used in many trinkets and sculptures. Despite being so plentiful, gem-quality clear jade can be extremely expensive.

Jade; It is one of the most common stones in nature. In addition, it is frequently demanded due to its durable structure and aesthetic appearance. It would be correct to state that jade stone, which has very healing effects, has many benefits for human health. Emerald jade is one of the most preferred and admired species today.

In Far East countries, this natural stone; is mostly used in the field of carving. Sculptures made with this stone; For the Maoris and New Zealand people, it was used as a lucky stone. It was often used on the roofs and foundations of houses built in China in ancient times because it protects homes from lightning.

Jade; is also known as the heaven stone. This stone; There are two basic types, Nephrite and Jade.

Jade Stone History

Jade; has been a known and used stone in China for thousands of years. Jade, in 3000 BC, was known as the royal gem. This stone was mostly used in China to make small statues such as animals, trees, human heads, and furniture. United States of America; He keeps these small sculptures, which he bought from China by paying very important money, in his museums. The jade stone used in China is usually Nephrite. The Chinese, after the 17th century, With the discovery of Burmese jade stones, frequently used the jade type in carvings and other tools.

Jade Stone

The use of Jade dates back to ancient times. However, its roots date back to ancient Eastern civilization. China; is one country that respects the jade stone very seriously. In the excavations of ancient sites worldwide, Remains of utensils and tools made of Jade were found.

Jade has a very important place not only in China but also in all Asian cultures. In Asian culture, It was believed that the Jade would bring good luck to the wearer. In addition, Jade stone in the ancient period was considered good for kidney ailments. It was also believed to be good for toothaches and cavities.

Jade Stone

What Are the Benefits of Jade Stone?

It has a long history of being used as a protective talisman. However, this stone; is associated with good luck. Jade; attracts the good things in the universe. In addition to being a very important stone in bringing luck, wearing a ring, necklace, earring, or bracelet made of Jade; can help make your life great by being emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically healing.

Jade Stone

Jade, which has very important effects in the spiritual and emotional sense, is among the first three crystals that support the Healing of the human body. This stone; is a very powerful cleansing stone; it directly helps the organs to be purified from toxins.

What Are the Physical Benefits of Jade?

  • Jade can rejuvenate you physically.
  • It is perhaps the best among the stones that should be used to improve your overall body health.
  • It contributes to the fight against infections in the human body.
  • Supports the healthy functioning of the bladder, kidney and spleen.
  • Thanks to its cooling texture, it helps to reduce fever.
  • Contributes to the balancing of fluid systems in the human body.
  • Allows the body to heal effectively.
  • On behalf of individuals experiencing sexual problems, this stone can be used to increase libido.

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Jade?

  • A jade stone; is very effective regarding emotional and mental health. It is possible to see the benefits in many areas, especially self-esteem and negative thoughts.
  • Jade is naturally associated with feelings of cleanliness and purity.
  • Jade leads to increased self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • It prevents negative thoughts.
  • It supports the individual to act with a sense of confidence.
  • It is a stone that increases the self-sufficiency of the individual.

What are the Benefits of Jade Stone for the Skin?

Jade Stone
  • Jade recently; It is often used as a massage stone for the skin. Massages with jade stone have significant effects and profound benefits on the skin. These;
  • In the case of massaging the face of people with skin allergies, it has a saving effect from this negative effect.
  • With the massage made with jade stone, the excess fat in custody is removed.
  • A morning massage with Jade helps relieve sleep swelling on the face.
  • When massaged regularly on the areas with wrinkles on the skin, it visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Massage with jade stone accelerates blood flow, increases the effect of creams applied to the face and helps the cream absorb faster.
  • The capillaries shrink by keeping the jade stone in the refrigerator and massaging the face, reducing the bruises under the eyes.

What Are the Metaphysical Benefits of Jade?

Jade Stone
  • Jade; is a very strong stone for spiritual vibrations. However, this stone; is highly dependent on the heart chakra.
  • It goes beyond romantic love.
  • It helps the individual to cope with what they are going through.
  • It helps to expel negative energies and harmonize with the wider world.
  • Offers a shimmering and soft mood.
  • Jade; It helps the individual to be self-confident. It also helps to increase compassion.
  • This stone helps identify good friendships, connect one’s self-love feelings, and improve loving family ties.

Where to Find Jade?

Jade Stone

This stone is very important, especially in China; It has rich deposits worldwide in jade deposits. Jade; It is very common in Peru and Mexico countries.

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How to Care and Clean Jade Stone?

Clearing the energy that the Jade has collected; is very important to ensure that the stone’s power is constantly at its peak. Although Jade is not a stone that clings to negative vibrations, it will still be very important to care for it.

Jade; is a very durable and bright stone. In addition, the cleaning of this stone; It can be done with a toothbrush with soft bristles and warm soapy water. In this way, the shine of the stone will be preserved. But after the stone is cleaned, it should be dried properly with a soft or velvet cloth. To neutralize the energy of the jade stone, it will be sufficient to leave it under boiling water for a few minutes. In this process, Two minutes will be enough to meditate with the rock and fill it with pure, clean energy.

What Are the Properties of Jade Stone?


There are many different types of jade stones. But the kind of jade stone most used in making very important and precious jewellery and jewellery; is a type of Jade.

Jade; It carries the courage and love necessary to increase the individual’s energy and meet the unique feelings that want to come to the person with satisfaction. However, it is a natural stone that helps individuals achieve their dreams. There are two different types of Jade. These are; Jade and Nephrite are the types. It is very difficult to distinguish these stones from each other. Mineral structures are almost the same. In general, it is determined by experts using sound frequency or different techniques. However, it can be said that both types of stones have the same effects.


The jade stones, which have undergone various processes, are then carefully processed to combine these stones and make them more vivid. The transparent ones of the type known as Jade are very rare and are very precious stones. Therefore, this type of Jade is often used as precious jewellery.

This type of natural stone has been preferred in exterior and interior decoration decorations in recent years. Jade stones, which have a much harder structure when compared to marble, are preferred due to their resistance to environmental and climatic conditions and their aesthetic appearance.

How is Jade Stone Used?

nephrite Stone

Jade; It can be used in the home, in the name of welfare and health, in the form of jewellery and in many other places. However, Jade stone; has a long and strong history in Feng Shui. For centuries, people have had Jade on themselves and in their homes. Jade; is used in the form of jewellery and rings. However, the jade stone, which has a magnificent appearance in terms of appearance, also has a healing power. Therefore, being close to the skin brings many benefits.

Jade Stone

Jade is believed to bring luck and light energy. However, keeping it close to the heart, touching your skin, is one of the best ways to approach these energies. We recommend keeping this stone close to the skin by wearing jewellery and accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Which Zodiac Sign Is Jade Compatible With?

nephrite Stone

Jade; is a stone associated with the heart. Along with that, she likes to radiate joy and happiness. Jade; For Gemini, Aries, Taurus and Libra zodiac signs, it is a stone with cooling touches and magnifying and grounding abilities of the heart. It is a stone that strengthens self-confidence on behalf of Taurus signs, who are tired of second-guessing one’s mind.

Jade is a natural stone for Gemini that supports harmony with experiences and people. However, individuals with the Gemini zodiac sign are individuals with fun personalities. But it can be indecisive. Jade to help balance your indecisions; it will also bring abundance to these individuals.

How to Know the Authenticity of Jade?

Jade today; is produced in a fake way with different and artificial ways and offered for sale. You can check by comparing the photos. But no method, except laboratory tests, gives a hundred per cent result. Jade has a unique texture, which becomes even more pronounced when processed.

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There are several simple ways to understand the authenticity of Jade. By holding it to the light, you need to see if it has a lively and bright appearance. It is necessary to look at this stone’s colour and ensure it seems saturated and bright. Often Jade will not be completely opaque or transparent. Since it is a mixture of opaque and transparent, a reflection similar to light reflected from water should be encountered. If the colour of the Jade is plain or dull, the stone may be fake.


The imperfections on the surface of the jade stone should be looked at. There may be roughness or pits. Irregular shape in real stones; there should be minor imperfections such as pits or indentations on the surface. The colour of the jade stone must be consistent. It should neither be completely flawed nor completely irregular. Jade; If it is real, the stone has some colour changes. These are substantially consistent. The same patterns are repeated on the rock. Faux jade stones may have a perfect colour or may be inconsistent. The discrimination methods we mentioned are visual; you can only temporarily try to satisfy your curiosity. If you have decided to buy an expensive jade stone, you should ask the seller for a certificate of the stone.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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