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No two snowflakes are the same. It is unique like humans—no one’s fingerprints match. We are indifferent bodies with additional abilities, different weaknesses, and different needs. No one is the same. Sometimes we need similar things, but everyone’s nutritional needs are still different. The only way to stay healthy is to get what you need at the moment. Use the characteristics of your blood type as a guide in your diet or crystal selection. You will be healthier, and your aging will be delayed because your blood type is a much more reliable measure of identity than your geography and race. Blood is life; It is the main factor that activates the power of birth, wars, terrible diseases, and death. Blood ties established all civilizations. Blood is a mystical, miraculous, religious, and cultural symbol of human history. From time immemorial, hunters have smeared their blood on their faces to calm the animals they have killed.

It is a fact that crystals are used according to astrological influences. According to your birth chart, suitable crystals are given to you, and in the future, the right stones will continue to be recommended for you according to planetary transits. Crystals are actually for everyone. If we look at the diseases, they are used regardless of the birth chart. Because if the problem has already occurred, there is a crystal suitable for this problem.

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You may have heard of the blood type diet. Your blood group; is a key to being healthy and unleashing your emotional strength. The ancients divided people according to 4 temperaments when blood groups did not exist. Now modern science has divided these four temperaments into blood groups, and basically, blood groups are temperaments. You may not think that there is a relationship between blood types and Nutrition or health, but there is. If you feed according to your character and start using crystals suitable for this, you will begin to get results in a short time (2-3 weeks). In other words, your energy amount will increase, and your digestive complaints will decrease. Your headaches, asthma, and heartburn problems begin to pass. Blood types affect energy levels, calorie-burning ability, responses to stress, and even factors that determine our personality. Blood groups are the basis of our creation. Blood groups are the oldest signature of our ancestors in ancient times in the indestructible pages of history. Blood groups are just like cellular fingerprints. There is no such thing as a right or wrong lifestyle. One person’s food can be another’s poison. Only right or wrong choices are made according to our genetic codes. We will have future articles on Proper Nutrition According to Blood Types. At the moment, we are saving the information we will give about Nutrition for our next article. Now let’s get to know the four different blood groups (i.e., according to your temperament) in more detail and then examine what you can do.

Now Let’s Get to Know Some Blood Groups

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Group 0 The blood type can be understood by looking at the history of human evolution. Group 0 is the oldest. They are hunters. Their emergence around 40,000 BC brought humans to the top of the food chain. They hunted in regular teams. They made tools in a short time and learned to use them. They became skilled and formidable hunters with no rivals but themselves. Population growth was incredible. Even today, it is the most dominant group in the world. Protein, or meat, was their primary source of energy. And the hunters began to kill other people who encroached on each other’s hunting grounds. The enemy of man had become a man again. What happened when productive hunting grounds gradually dwindled? They were forced to migrate. Small animals, nuts, and plant roots also entered their diets as they migrated.

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Group A evolved with farming societies. New cultures arose between 25,000-and 15,000 BC. New civilizations arose in Asia and the Middle East to adapt to the new environment. Agriculture began, and animals were domesticated. Everything changed with the cultivation of the land. People who tried to exist by eating what they found now led life and formed settled and permanent societies. Neolithic Age people had a completely different immune system and digestive system with this effect. Today, Group A is still the most concentrated in Western Europe. It decreases as you go east. It is primarily concentrated in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Sardinia, Spain, Turkey, and the Balkans. The Japanese also have many groups A. Group A emerged to counter the thousands of infections caused by the growing population.

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Group B originated during migrations in cold, harsh climates. It originated in the Himalayan mountains between 10,000 and 15,000 BC. The lands they planted were combined with superior intelligence and engineering skills due to the unusual environment. They developed extraordinary techniques for watering and cultivating the soil. Geographically, its density is more apparent than in other blood groups. From the middle of Eurasia, India Today, the rate of group B is higher in North Chinese and Koreans.

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Group AB, On the other hand, the EU group is an entirely modern adaptation. It emerged from the mixing of different groups. It is an infrequent blood group. It makes up only 5 percent of the population, and it is the newest blood type. It is estimated that this group emerged 900-1000 years ago with the migration of eastern nomads to the west. Group AB is a versatile, confusing blood group. It has led to the amalgamation of the immune characteristic. Since they have neither anti-A nor anti-B antibodies, their susceptibility to allergies and inflammatory diseases is reduced.

Make Your Crystal Selection According to Blood Groups

0 Blood Type Crystals

0 Blood Type

Since they are the oldest considered hunter blood group, people with this blood group consist of people with organizational skills; they are usually practical, responsible, and stable. They have high leadership skills and can work in managerial positions. Yellow, Red, and Orange tones help them get the high energy they need. They feel strong with warm tones. On the other hand, the purple color allows O group people to have a stronger mind by increasing the power and activity of thinking.

Amber stone crystal

Light-reflecting natural yellow stones such as citrine, sapphire, amber, tiger’s eye, jasper, and gold may suit these people in the first blood group. Warm-colored natural stones such as red and purple are thought to have positive effects. It is beneficial to use ruby, coral, rhodonite, tourmaline, and pink pearls for suitable natural stones in red and rosa colors.

A Blood Type Crystals

A blood type

The farmer’s blood group was formed with the settling of the 0 blood group and the development of agricultural tools. They are people who can be friendly and close friends, keep secrets, and stay away from conflicts. They are patient, calm, sensitive, gentle, and compassionate. Jobs such as writing and programming are for them. Blue and green colors are for group A people. They know how to adapt to the environment and cope with crowded environments. Characteristically, they have strong feelings and an investigative nature. They are helpful and sharing but do not like to share their problems. Extremely friendly, prone to conflict-free relationships. Reliable, organized, like order. In love, they are constant, affectionate, and romantic. However, at times, they can be overly responsible and overly meticulous. This can harm them. They are also prone to depression or are very emotional.

blue stone

Since blue and green tones are suitable for the people of this group, they should prefer natural stones with these color tones when choosing genuine crystals. Furthermore, natural stones in blue and green tones such as smoky quartz, jade, sapphire, emerald, opal, agate, turquoise, tourmaline, nephrite, and lapis lazuli strengthen the mental performance of individuals with A blood group.

B Blood Type Crystals

B blood type

It is a nomadic blood group. People in group B are creative, energetic, curious, and open to new experiences. They can spend hours on exciting pursuits. Brave and attractive group B people know very well how to present themselves. Professions such as artists, journalists, and academics are very suitable for them. Mood states change very often. It cannot be said that they are hardworking and disciplined. They care about justice. They are Independent of the EU group. Any shade from yellow, blue, green, red, or purple can be the color of this group because Routine is not for them at all.

All color crystals

Those in blood group B are yellow to orange; They can easily choose the stones of the color they desire, ranging from blue to green. It is thought that any of the crystals they want, such as emerald, sapphire, gold, coral, jasper, amethyst, citrine, and aventurine, would be suitable for those in group B which is the combination of the first two groups. Because it has standard features that can belong to both groups. Especially natural stones in red and orange tones affect physiological and intellectual processes in people in this group.

AB Blood Type Crystals

Ab blood type

As we said, it is a blood group with a history of 900 years. People with AB blood group are loving, kind, sensitive, independent, extroverted, and energetic people. They have very distinctive and superior tastes. Professions such as teaching and advocacy may be ideal for people in this group who are self-sacrificing, honest, loving to do good, fair, and do not know how to be offended. Being too emotional, they immediately open their hearts, which usually does not turn out well. Their immune systems are weak. Plain colors are the colors of this group.

crystal quartz

The last blood group, AB, is different from all the first three blood groups. Natural stones such as moonstone, emerald, agate, sunstone, quartz, garnet, jade, and tourmaline are very suitable for this group, which is more uncomplicated and refined than others. Natural stones of the same type will also be ideal for those in the AB group since they have similar features to the A blood group. The individuals in this group show the leadership of change by reflecting the extraordinariness of their group thanks to these natural stones.

We have listed natural crystals suitable for blood groups and share this subject with you, which is taken very seriously in Eastern and Far Eastern cultures. Maybe you would like to determine your natural stones by making choices suitable for your blood type and character traits with a little more detailed research. As the HealCrystal family, we wish you to be more assertive with natural stones suitable for your blood type.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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