10 Natural Stones That Increase the Power of Yoga

Precious and semi-precious Natural Stones for Yoga; can give new strength and energy to your yoga practice. In addition to being a superb accessory option, natural stones are also precious as they embody transformation and have healing powers. Natural stones can be your best assistant if you are ready to increase the power of your yoga practices! Continuous operation of your chakras will ensure that you always stay healthy. The stretching, pushing and pulling movements you do while in yoga will keep you healthy by stimulating the spaces between your joints (we mean the spine joints because your chakras are on this spine).

The Healing Power of Natural Stones


Natural Stones for Yoga are good helpers to unleash potential transformation; It is also great for creating positive change, protecting your energy field, and providing unconditional love.

Healing Natural Stones for Yoga can help you further enhance your yoga experience. Even if you don’t believe in their healing powers, they can still be used as a symbol of your inner light and hidden beauty. And natural stones enable your chakras to rotate more slowly and adequately in the long run. Natural crystals serve the same purpose as yoga. Just smooth rotation of your chakras, that’s all! As long as your chakras are working as they should, you will always be healthy and happy.

Crystals That Can Be Used in Yoga


If you want to benefit from natural stones’ healing effects and power, it is essential to choose a suitable stone. Since each natural gemstone has different healing properties, you must determine which ones you should use while practicing yoga.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite stones to have with you at yoga practice. While doing yoga, you can place these stones around the mat. It is also possible to meditate by using your favorite jewelry as jewelry. It can also be helpful to have a Palo Santo incense in the area where you practice yoga.

Citrine Natural Stones for Yoga

Carrying the sun’s power, these precious Natural Stones for Yoga have an appearance that is at least as bright as its energy. Known to radiate upbeat energy and joy, citrine helps fend off any negative energy that comes your way when used as jewelry, such as a bracelet or necklace.

Citrine, which aligns the first, second, and third chakras and evokes the element of fire; Digestion is also beneficial to support metabolism. In addition, it also increases creativity and energy by inspiring its user. So, if you want to feel cheerful and energized, you can get help from citrine jewelry or place a piece of citrine around your mat in your morning yoga.

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Crystal Quartz Natural Stones for Yoga

One of the stones used while doing yoga is crystal quartz stone. This stone, with a semi-transparent and transparent appearance, can heal problems on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level. Representing and aligning all the chakras, the Crystal Quartz Natural Stones for Yoga can assist in all healing forms.

Crystal quartz; brings a connection to the higher self, higher consciousness, higher wisdom, and unconditional pure love. It is also said to increase inspiration and creativity by creating space in mind. It is also excellent for raising the energies of stones used in yoga and meditation.

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Black Tourmaline Natural Stones for Yoga

Known for activating the root chakra, black tourmaline is a stone deeply rooted in the earth. In this respect, it has been used by healers for centuries. It is a gemstone known for its grounding and protective properties.

Black tourmaline; By creating an electrical force field around your energy field, it heals physically, spiritually, and emotionally and drives away lower harmful vibrations. It absorbs negativity and transforms it into positive energy. If you want to bring more goodness into your life, you can also include it in your yoga practice. Using black tourmaline in meditation and yoga can help you become more determined and centered.

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Moonstones for Yoga

Moonstone is a stone with female energies that increases intuition and promotes success and good luck. It helps you unlock the power of the Moon within you, calming emotional instability and stress, balancing emotions, and providing calmness.

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Aquamarine Geniune Stones for Yoga

Known to be a mighty stone, aquamarine can help you begin to feel the presence of the divine female deep within you. These Natural Stones for Yoga also strengthen the energies between the heart and throat. This, in turn, helps increase clarity and better understand your inner truth.

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Jade Natural Stones for Yoga

Jade, which we know as a fascinating jewel, is also among the stones used in yoga. Known to attract and develop love, this stone symbolizes peace and purity. It attracts luck, peace, harmony, and friendships into your life. It is also a protective stone and helps remove the negative energies surrounding you.

Placing jade around the mat while practicing yoga; encourages you not to listen to the limitations you impose on yourself and supports you in reaching your goals. Also, it will make your dreams come true.

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Hematite Geniune Stones for Yoga

If you wear jewelry such as a hematite bracelet or necklace, you may feel calmer when you touch it.

Hematite removes negative emotions caused by stress and anxiety and makes you feel calm and centered. It can also be used to clean the blood and promotes circulation. These Natural Stones for Yoga warm and energizing vibrations will speed up a slow nervous system and boost your energy centers.

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Black Onyx Genuine Stones for Yoga

This stone heals the integration of your inner self. It gives you power and dominance over yourself. It is grounding and transforms aggressive energies into permanence. It is a physically and mentally empowering stone. Using it in meditation and yoga practices will free your mind from self-doubt.

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Amethyst Crystals for Yoga

Associated with the Crown Chakra and known to resonate with the Third Eye Chakra, amethyst is a gemstone that helps you connect to your spirituality. Helping to open the door to higher intuition, this stone can bring balance and peace. It is also known for relieving stress and anxiety.

This highly spiritual amethyst; is also beneficial for increasing your inner strength and balancing emotions. It will also help you gain resilience and acceptance during difficult times. All these features make amethyst a great aid in your yoga and meditation practices.

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Rose Quartz Genuine Stones for Yoga

This beautiful pink stone, accepted as the symbol of universal love, is also remarkable for being the “stone of love”. However, it’s not just that rose quartz attracts love. These Natural Stones for Yoga also do a beautiful job of protecting you and healing the pain in your heart. It can also help you be more kind and tolerant. Rose quartz also teaches you to hope and encourages you to accept yourself as you are. Placing a rose quartz stone around your mat while doing yoga will help increase the power and energy of the practice.

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Are You Ready to Choose Your Stone?

Do yoga; While providing a balance between spirit, body, and mind, Natural Stones for Yoga also release blockages that become emotional barriers.

Using natural stones the next time you practice yoga can enhance your practice and create a more powerful healing experience.

These natural stones can help you get closer to true fulfillment and happiness in your life. When kept around the mat, they will inspire you to promote happiness!


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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