Natural Crystals to Relax You in Summer

Everything in the universe is energy, and miraculous natural crystals bridge this energy and the human body. Genuine crystals to be used in summer are a source of healing for people. In summer, the angle of incidence of the sun becomes steeper. As a result, the temperatures increase, and the energy your body has to take on increases considerably.


Crystals nourish you with positive energy vibrations. Many scientific studies reveal that natural crystal formations that last many years provide positive energy vibration.

Healing crystals, which have many different properties, also help to look more aesthetically pure and pleasing and support revealing their true beauty with emotional, mental, and physical healing energy.

When it comes to natural crystals to be used in summer, we have listed the crystals that can be of the most benefit to you.


Amber crystal, which has been healing as a pain reliever for centuries, is preferred because it protects mental health and energizes the body with vitality. It covers mental health by destroying the negative energy in the environment and emphasizes the feeling of relaxation in people.

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Sapphire crystal

Sapphire crystal, known as sky ruby ​​among the people, comes from the word sapphirus, which means blue in Latin. Although it is usually blue in color, orange, pink, green, yellow, black, or purple colors are also encountered, but it is also possible to have a transparent sapphire crystal.

The sacred crystal, used by rulers or kings throughout history to protect themselves from magic, betrayal, or evil, is also suitable for many diseases. In addition, transparent sapphire makes you feel trust, love, and light, while blue sapphire helps people get a sense of freedom by removing emotional burdens caused mainly by emotional traumas.


It is believed that the ruby ​​crystal, considered the master of crystals in India, has protective properties against many phenomena such as untimely death and mental illness, unhappiness, worthlessness, attack, fight, and hostility. Natural stones to be used in the summer, the ruby ​​crystal also helps to give a vital and warm creative energy that leads to purification and change.

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Amethyst From Crystals That Make Your Life Easier In Summer Increases Your Brain Power. Amethyst crystal, intoxicating in mythology, is generally known to give energy, happiness, peace, and vitality, so it takes its place among the natural crystals used in summer. Amethyst, a crystal that people can always carry on, protects people from everything negative, thanks to the energy it emits.

Amethyst crystal, which strengthens the immune system, is preferred because it is suitable for stress, loss of appetite, migraine, and lung diseases. In addition, the amethyst crystal, generally used to purify the quartz crystal, is positively charged, so it transfers positive energy to the person wearing it.

Standing out with its blood-cleansing feature, amethyst also raises the brain power, discharging negative energy, making it more peaceful and not more energetic. Amethyst crystal, which is among the natural crystals to be used in summer, when used together with pink quartz, raises the mind, strengthens the heart, and provides support for addiction treatment such as alcohol.

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Mother-of-pearl increases self-confidence and is one of the crystals that make your life easier in the summer. Good luck and an abundance of crystal agate facilitates blood circulation, protect the male gland and ovaries in women, and activate the sexual organs. Due to this feature, the pearl crystal, a symbol of health and longevity, helps to evaluate the events from a better side in times of distress and hopelessness.

Those who prefer yellow pearl to orange pearl that takes the trouble for no reason get much more pleasure from life. Pearl strengthens the desire to concentrate and helps to provide endurance, seriousness, and calmness. Moreover, it allows people to protect their inner selves by dissolving negative emotions and gaining self-confidence.

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Emerald, one of the crystals that make your life easier in the summer, helps you to be social. The emerald crystal also helps to increase the level of sensitivity by strengthening the relationship between body and mind. Emerald, used as a protection from the evil eye and a good luck crystal, is called a crystal that supports family happiness. It boosts memory, protects against stress, fights respiratory problems, and most importantly, is a symbol of confidence, balance, and harmony.

Due to its green color, emerald crystal, which has been used for centuries as a symbol of rain and fertility, is believed to strengthen memory. In addition, Emerald improves the imagination in people, increases productivity in both men and women, and helps to relieve eye pain, inflammation, and body frustration.

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The agate crystal, which strengthens the ability to speak, symbolizes happiness and longevity. In addition, it helps people to be more social by eliminating the anxiety caused by inattention.

Agate crystal, which is known to reduce daily stress and is among the natural crystals to be used in summer, is a crystal that balances blood pressure, strengthens the mind and body, helps keep the urinary system healthy, and encourages the person.

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turquoise Summer crystals

Turquoise, one of the crystals that make your life easier in the summer, gives vitality, strength, and patience. Turquoise crystal, which has antidote properties and is provided as a luck crystal, shows a healing effect with its inner connection and is known to be good against the evil eye. In addition, it helps to calm people’s anxiety by expanding consciousness and regulating blood pressure and is suitable for heart diseases.


Jade crystal protects against mental health, eye disorders, fever caused by kidney diseases, and even labor pains. In addition, red jade crystal strengthens the blood and helps to cleanse the body, giving vitality, strength, and patience.

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Radiation Collection Feature That Makes Your Life Easier in Summer. Quartz crystal, which takes the excess energy and electricity in the body or completes the deficiency, regulates blood pressure and is used for meditation. In addition, quartz, which has the feature of collecting radiation, is a must-have crystal for mobile phone users. It is cleaned from the stored radiation by frequently washing to increase its ability to manage radiation.

Quartz, which stands out among natural crystals, is a complete energy source and reduces depression. It helps people to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts, especially at the end of a troubled day.

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garnet ring Summer crystals

Known as the crystal that warns of danger, the Lal (Garnet) crystal supports opening the eyes to the unknown and receiving information from the novel. The natural crystal provides the balance between the soul and the body in the genuine crystals used in the summer.


diamond Summer crystals

Diamond crystal, which has been the most valuable crystal for centuries, is believed to strengthen the love between men and women, and therefore it is preferred to be used in engagement rings or wedding rings.

Besides purity, it is also a symbol of courage and love, known to bring love and joy. It supports people to be more courageous in their lives according to both spiritual and moral beliefs and to be honest with themselves and others.

Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli crystal, famous as the dark blue crystal, encourages deep thinking, provides mental clarity, and facilitates digestion. Crystal therapy, an excellent negative absorber, is preferred because of its strength. It reduces stress and supports treatment in humans by clearing blockages in the subconscious.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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