Open the Closed Doors of Your Mind with High-Frequency Healing Crystals in 5 Steps and Initiate General Healing in All Your Organs by Using More of Your Brain Capacity

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Brain Organ Anatomy

If we ask you which organ of yours is the most important, you will immediately answer, like everyone else, as the Brain. Where is your command center? You are your Brain! Your Brain is the chief of all your organs. If you have a good brain, you can be successful, healthy, and, as a result, happy. If you have a weak and problematic brain, we can say that it is impossible to be successful, healthy, and comfortable.

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What you feel, your feelings and thoughts, that is, your whole life passes inside your Brain. Loving yourself means loving your Brain. If you love yourself, you will treat yourself well, eat well and exercise.

water washing drinking

You should also drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if you are not constantly thirsty. You should not neglect your sleep. Although what we have said may sound ordinary, it is the easiest and most effective thing to do for a start. For the organs of our Brain and body to work regularly and perform their functions actively, you should drink water periodically and sleep regularly. If you want healing crystals to provide more harmonious and effective healing, your sleep pattern and drinking plenty of water are critical factors. Suppose you expect a more powerful and effective recovery from crystals. In that case, you can also do exercises that will nourish your Brain with the most beneficial and necessary nutrients and improve it.

So, are exercise and food the only way to treat yourself and your Brain? Of course, No. You can also feed your Brain and soul only with the energies of healing crystals. This is a choice. We can quickly tell you about valuable crystals and what order and combination to use them. But we, as the healcrystal family, do not just do that.

With our deep research on Diseases and Problems, we want you to get the maximum benefit and experience natural and lasting healing. Don’t let these details scare you; you don’t have to comply with all of them; follow what you can, or if you want, try to understand and use healing crystals, not complying with any of them because We don’t offer you a program that you have to stick to. Of course, you are free to do anything. We’re just looking into how healing crystals can make you feel better to use more and more of your brain capacity. Of course, there are other ways to feed your Brain.

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Millions of people die without being able to use and recognize healing crystals even once in their lives. While these people do not know about healing crystals, they must have benefited from other sources of beautiful frequencies, for Actually, Your Brain is nourished and healed by all of the suitable frequencies.

You can catch this frequency in a stream or by the sea, or in the forest, but above all, you should want to increase your Brain’s capacity and heal yourself. And remember that your mind is an excellent receiver for picking up frequencies.

1-If You Want the Sole Owner of the Universe to Love You, Try to Love Creatures Too

One of the highest frequencies is Love. Try to stay away from negative energies. These negative energies can make you sad and sick.

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If possible, try to spend time with people who love you, raise your energy, and are true believers. They are soft-natured, respectful, and pleasant-spoken intelligent people. You can recognize them immediately. Sometimes we lose such friends or be alone for other reasons. Know that you are not alone. Even if you can’t see it, those who watch and protect you every second are always by your side.

Good people friends

If you do not have such good friends, you can live with pets. Pets will love you unconditionally. Like pets, they impose on you loving, gentle energy that can raise your energy in crystals. Take advantage of the magnificent energies of the crystals and enter into solidarity with them.

Cat love Pet hand

Rejoice at what your great Creator has thought of and presented to you, and thank Him in your heart. Our Creator is so great and so merciful. Ask him for help and protection. Know that everything in the Universe does this all the time. Here it is the same with crystals. When you do this, you will immediately attract the attention of the living crystals, and they will want to befriend and love you.

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You can join the natural life, spend time on the edges of streams and forests and heal with high energy. But the main thing we need to be aware of is that the source of Love comes from the Creator of the Realms.

The One who loves us most is our Creator, omnipotent and unique. Our Creator, the lord of the realms and almighty, is the only One worthy of Love in the core of life because he loves us most. All works, occurrences and events, happiness and sadness, all animate and inanimate beings, and your existence are only for the Creator of the Realms. Our Creator is omnipotent and gives us food and drink.

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He is the one who heals us when we are sick. A good event that happened to you in this world or meeting someone who loves you is how the Creator loves you. Please stop for a few seconds and try to understand what we’re saying.

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Connecting and loving a crystal will result in the crystal loving you. If you want to be loved, you must first learn to love. For this, we need to realize the magnificent system we live in. You will surely be loved and healed if you know how to love. Success, abundance and abundance, and comfort can come after this. Ask to make peace with everything, forgive those you cannot ignore, and even love them. This is for your good, not theirs. When you love something beautiful in the life of this world, such as a crystal, in fact, by loving it, you only love and admire the One who created you. This is how it is, whether you realize it or not. Connect to the universal system and know that you are just a frequency like everything else. You are a wave in this sea of ​​frequency. And whether you live or die, you are always a frequency connected to this universal system.

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Nothing that exists in the Universe will perish. This has been scientifically proven: everything in the Universe simply transforms into each other. There is no extinction. So know that even when you die, you will not perish. You just taste death.

Transformation time

And you will taste death and continue on your way to experience the results of what you have done in your worldly life. Of course, in this magnificent system where everything is interconnected, your next life also depends on what you experience in this world.

Accept that you are the frequency, and ask the Creator of the Universe to encounter beautiful and high frequencies.

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Try to understand this and think about it every time you concentrate on everything you love, and your Love flows from your heart towards it. The sole owner of the Universe can’t be seen with the eye or comprehended by the mind. Our only Creator with this magnificent power is not a god in the sky! Please do not limit or underestimate the Creator of All; feel limitlessness.

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The Creator of the Universe is there, in every particle, everywhere, and directs and watches over everything wherever you turn! So actually spending time with our loving Family and Friends is some of the best ways to heal. The harmonious frequencies of relaxing music can heal you and all kinds of beautiful frequency sources by renewing your cells, healing you, and making it easier for you to connect to the universal system.

frequency wave

If you want to do yourself a favor, crystal healing is one of the best ways for you. The difference between crystals from other frequency sources is that they emit a constant frequency in harmony with nature. Crystal is an excellent advantage. So whenever you want, you will find them with the same amazing energy. As the HealCrystal family, we tell you how you can benefit from their soft and healing powers!

Cleanse and Ascend Physically First, Then Spiritually With The Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite Crystal

It also brings about the physical cleansing of toxic wastes in your body and then a spiritual cleansing. Getting rid of toxins also facilitates your spiritual elevation. The physical benefits of crystals, used more often for spiritual development, are also relatively high. It has antioxidant properties, helps cleanse the body of toxins, and helps prevent premature aging. Labradorite stone, which is composed of igneous rocks and extracted from the beaches of Labrador in Canada, allows you to focus and concentrate better. It is also used in the treatment of flu.

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Work Spiritually Evolved and Intimate with a Dazzling Luminous Mystical Topaz Crystal

Topaz Crystal Mystical Blue

Ancients believed that it cured the plague and removed the spells of ancient times. Topaz has a dazzling, sparkling, glossy glassy appearance and is a rare gemstone. Strength is a symbol of endurance and helps the user to have these features. It is also said that Topaz changes color according to the healthy, poisonous, or spoiled state of food and drink. Therefore, colorless Topaz can be confused with diamonds. It can be in different colors such as Colorless, White, Grey, Dull Blue, Yellow, Yellowish Brown, or Red. It is known to be very beneficial for spiritual development and growth, helping to increase abilities and Intelligence. The mystical topaz crystal, which is believed to protect people from evil spirits, also supports perception and courage. Ancients thought that Topaz was protected from the dangers of unknown forces and provided strength and fertility. It is said that those who close their hearts due to heartache can open their hearts and heal them. It can help you get the necessary energy in times of crisis and when motivation is needed.

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Align with the Zultanite (Sultan) Crystal by Reducing Your Bodily Tension and Increasing Your Confidence

Zultanite Sultan Crystal

This crystal, which is considered among the natural stones that open the mind and whose psychological and chakra benefits are known, supports the formation of a clear and transparent mindset. It also helps to increase your confidence. In addition to its tension-relieving feature, it enables you to gain courage and self-confidence, destroys negative energy, and has a strong effect against the evil eye. It helps with mental clarity and clear thinking. It reduces the tension in the body. It allows you to be in harmony with the environment. It is effective against the evil eye because it attracts attention. It helps you to be courageous. It enables you to get rid of negative energy.

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Get rid of Negative Emotions such as Anger and Resentment and Calm Your Nerves with Peridot (Olivine) Crystal

Peridot Olivine Crystal

Since ancient times, the peridot crystal clears the mind to protect people from evil spirits. In addition to helping to overcome fear, depression, and other psychological disorders, it helps to cope with emotions such as jealousy, resentment, and hatred. It protects the soul and body against all negative energies. In addition to helping to overcome fear, depression, and other psychological disorders, it helps to cope with emotions such as jealousy, resentment, and hatred. It helps to concentrate and direct attention. It promotes well-being and psychological clarity in natural stones that open the mind and make it work. It calms the nerves and helps in the protective effect against nervous breakdown.

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Forgive Yourself After Completely Letting Go of the Evils You Have Done With Rhodochrosite Crystal, Never Do It Again

Rhodochrosite Crystal

It is a stone that gives joy and pleasure. It is known as the crystal of Love and affection. It affects the development of the mind in people; it brings spiritual and emotional characteristics to the fore and contributes to the strengthening of memory. It removes the unnecessary sense of guilt and allows the person to forgive himself. It provides emotional balance and brings self-confidence, self-love, and self-respect. It supports those who want to be tolerant and tactful. It helps to soften your heart, calm you down and heal. It leads you to be positive and act positive, to be enthusiastic.

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Try to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Body and Connect to Universal Energy with Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal

It is among the crystals that activate your mind and connect your Brain to the universal energy. Among the natural crystals that work your soul, one of the most beautiful crystals known to man is amethyst. It triggers this by helping you get rid of your bad electricity. The amethyst stone, which carries a negative electrical charge, collects the excess electrical amount in the human body and thus increases brainpower. Calming anger and protecting people from negative energy. It is a stone used by people with distraction problems.

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2-Get Free From Your Addictions By Utilizing The Healing Crystal Energy

Cigarette dependence

It is possible to talk about a predisposition to addiction in all living things with a brain. In the past, when brought up the subject of addiction, cigarettes, alcohol, and drug addictions often came to mind. However, nowadays, we can talk about many addictions, from social media to shopping. The main reason for addiction is the potent effect of the reward center in your brain. Whatever stimulates this reward center in our Brain causes dopamine to be released, causing us to feel better, satisfied, and ultimately happy. The main biological reason for the existence of this system in the Brain is to support our survival by enabling us to enjoy them as a result of our ordinary activities such as eating and drinking, sexual drives, exercise, and work. But we, as humans, are different from other living things in some respects. We can concentrate on foods or experiences that we particularly enjoy in ways not found in nature and keep them unnaturally available.

Alcoholic Street Wine

For example, we can mix a substance called alcohol into drinks and consume it. We can concentrate the sugar, which is abundant but scattered in nature, and put it in packages and finish it whenever we want. Every dependency problem is due to this “Condensation feature.” The first thing we should do is stop concentrating and using concentrated products. But getting rid of addictions is not as easy as it seems. Relax with the stabilized energies of healing crystals and immerse yourself in the beautiful natural powers of your brain that are what you need because the substances you take in intensely actually hold the receptors in your brain cells. As a result, you are unable to enjoy daily pleasurable activities. Now let’s look at which healing crystals you can use to get rid of addiction.

Recognize the Truth and Overcome Your Emotional Traumas and Addictions Easily with Agate Crystal

Agate Crystal

It is hard, and its dark-colored parts are not transparent but have a light-permeable structure. Known throughout history to affect the crown chakra and remove addictions, agate supports you by helping you realize the Truths. It is also perfect for ending self-destructive traits like smoking, among other addictions. Agate, a stress-relieving stone, makes it easier for you to understand and treat repressed emotional traumas to alleviate the underlying addiction to eliminate the smoking habit permanently. Reddish-orange agates increase physical vitality and help you get rid of laziness. It is used against bad dreams. It enables you to gain a sense of optimism. Agate Crystals have many benefits other than addiction. For example, it has been used to relieve pain and against skin diseases since ancient times. Since it is used to open energy blockages, it helps children who carry this stone in their pockets to stay away from negative emotions and arguments. It enables you to get out of poverty. It is a symbol of luck and abundance—Agate support increases your desire to concentrate on the primary experience.

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Clear Your Mind Blur and Reconsider All Your Addictions, Including Humans, With Onyx Crystal

Onyx Crystal

Onyx, among the natural stones, is very beneficial for the human body. Because it is a crystal that can give whatever energy a person needs, it is known to be able to stop negative energies in the first place, and it can act as a kind of shield. It makes it easier for you to calm the nerves and the excitement center. Over time, it helps you to weaken and eliminate excessive emotions, sadness, stressful memories, and other negativities. It allows you to develop your self-control ability, remove the confusion of the mind, eliminate the lack of concentration, and make the right decision. As a result of all these, it supports the person in getting rid of addiction.
There is one more thing to keep in mind, and if you can find Onyx in White or Gray tones, it will also help your sleep quality.

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Relieve Your Anxiety, Get Stronger and Fight Your Addictions with the Energy of the Obsidian Crystal from the Lava

Obsidian Crystal

Obsidian stone, popularly known as volcanic stone, is a crystal with high therapeutic power. It is a crystal that comes from the Lava and carries the energy of the earth’s core. The stone, which takes the body’s negative energy, opens the mind and supports its clarity. It is one of the cornerstones of health therapies. It removes physical and mental negativities. It provides a balanced life by eliminating physical and mental negativities and subconscious obstacles and gives joy to life. It is suitable for depression and pessimism. It helps to reduce your anxiety and clear negative emotions in your subconscious. It prevents hypersensitivity and feelings of excitement and allows you to create harmony between feelings and thoughts. It gives masculine energy.
For this reason, it is beneficial for those who do not want to work. It supports the increase of humor. It increases the power of reason and logic. It frees the mind from confusion and provides the capacity to think logically the ability to solve problems. It regulates the digestive system and helps to relieve stomach and intestinal disorders. It helps us know ourselves, and it is like a mirror to us. It helps clean the body from infections and other toxins caused by bacteria and viruses. It helps in curing the flu.

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3-Ignite Your Intelligence Increase with Crystals and Support It with Mental Exercises

Brain Left Right intelligence

What is Intelligence? Intelligence can’t be easily defined. One of the most intelligent people known, Einstein Brain, was studied. What was found? Are intelligent people’s brains bigger than other people’s brains? Or is it heavier? Is Intelligence something that can be increased for non-intelligent people? For a long time, scientists tried to determine and score Intelligence with measurements based on components such as processing quickly, remembering, and solving simple or complex problems. But if you notice, these functions are also what computers can do. Humans invented these computers so that they could process faster than humans. Since our Brain is not a computer, and it is something very different from a laptop, additional components must be involved in understanding what human Intelligence is. You may remember that the term emotional Intelligence was in vogue in the late 90s.

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Inspirational reading is a type of Intelligence expressed as being able to empathize. In other words, Intelligence does not consist of numerical and verbal abilities, as mentioned in IQ tests. Many intelligence components cannot be measured in these tests. Emotional Intelligence is just one of them. As our knowledge of human behavior and the functioning of the brain advances, we realize that human Intelligence cannot be as simple as we think. Theories of multiple intelligences are currently being talked about.

With a bit of research, we can understand that there are concepts such as Physical Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Spiritual Intelligence. Still, these concepts are far from fully encompassing the human being. So as the HealCrystal family, we focus on how crystals can increase your Intelligence, research them from ancient knowledge and rearrange them to assist you.

clever woman smart

And what we can tell you about Intelligence on paper is that Intelligence has many components. And we have found that these individual components can be supplemented with Crystal healing. So what are these ingredients? Its most fundamental component is the ability to learn from experience and adapt to changing conditions. Other essential intelligence components are reasoning, problem-solving, making abstractions, and understanding complex thoughts and events. So now that we know what Intelligence is let’s look at what healing crystals we can use for them.

Balance Your Emotions and Overcome Your Excitement With Zircon Crystal, Strengthen Your Mind

Zircon Crystal

It is known that zircon stone, which has green, blue, red, and transparent colors, strengthens the mind. Zirconia stone, which accelerates mental activities that contribute to cognitive development, is an asleep balance regulator and gives the person peace and comfort. It removes excessive emotions, excitement, irritability, and vulnerabilities and provides emotional balance.
It gives spiritual peace and tranquility. It helps to strengthen the mind. It allows the small and large intestines to be functional and relieve their discomfort. It makes it easier to sleep on sleepless nights. It encourages independence. It helps to eliminate liver problems. It supports our reason and wisdom. It brings the whole body into balance in unity. It enables the nervous system to work correctly. It can support muscle recovery in those who do sports and help strengthen the muscles in those who do not.

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Concentrate with Fluorite Crystal and Increase Your Intuition by Finding Balance in All Matters

Fluorite Crystal

It reminds me of the rainbow with its eye-catching and vibrant colors. Fluorite stone, which is recommended for students to use, increases attention when it is kept close to the neck area since it affects one’s analytical ability, clarity, and concentration in mind. It is used for physical and spiritual cleansing. It helps to take a step back and do better when needed. When he is in complex thoughts, he who takes the fluorite stone in his hand feels that his views become apparent, and his mental fatigue disappears. It provides excellent judgment and intuition to avoid being deceived and deceived. Fluorite crystal, which increases concentration and strengthens intuition, is used for headaches. It helps to normalize and balance all aspects of life. It helps in relieving stress, build self-confidence, and increasing physical balance. It is helpful against the common cold. It is beneficial against flu. Relieves headache. It is helpful in the destruction of staphylococcus bacteria. Helps treat herpes. It has been used in cancer treatment since ancient times. Helpful in solving hearing problems.

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Shield Negative Energies with Aquamarine Crystal and Relax Both Mentally and Physically

Aquamarine Crystal

It is a beautiful energy, youth, and vitality support. The aquamarine stone, which gives peace with its deep blue clear color, strengthens the relationship between body and mind and boosts intuition. Apart from its ability to develop mind and logic power, it draws attention with its memory strengthening and clear memory creation feature, which is why it is among the natural stones that open the mind. It helps in gaining self-confidence and balance. It is the number one choice of those who want to gain the courage to express their feelings. Aquamarine stone provides both physical and mental relaxation and has a peaceful feature. It provides psychological and physical peace. It calms the nerves and gives calmness. It helps you stay away from toxic substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. It helps by raising your awareness. It allows your mind and thoughts to become clear and enlightened. It is effective in the treatment of psychological disorders. Activates slackers. It acts as a shield against negative energies. It helps to overcome shyness, shyness, and negative emotions. It is also beneficial for Kidney and Bladder health. It is effective in the treatment of nephritis and bladder discomfort. It increases the urinary retention function of the bladder. Beneficial for liver health, spleen health, and thyroid health.

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Morganite Crystal Sharpen Your Intelligence and Increase Your Communication Ability

Morganite Crystal

Morganite, known as pink beryl, is used by people for its ability to develop Intelligence and clear the mind and be a stone of Love and Love. It helps you balance emotions, alleviate the pain of separation, feed and grow your unconditional Love, and be patient. It helps in increasing your communication skills and keeping your emotional heart healthy. Compassion, and empathy, support the development of your self-control mechanism. It has been used since ancient times for emphysema and tuberculosis, as a curative for heart ailments, and throat and larynx problems. It clears and balances the chakras. It has also been used to keep the thyroid gland healthy and heal its diseases. It helps in keeping the parasympathetic nervous system healthy. It supports the healing of diseases by keeping the entire muscle and tissue system healthy. It also helps to heal respiratory tract diseases. It effectively passes oxygen in the cells more efficiently and increases the amount of oxygen in the cells.

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4-Boost Your Memory Power and Get Rid of Forgetfulness with Healing Crystals

We can say that memory is a repository of all your experiences. Everything is registered in our Brain. This Warehouse is constantly replenishing and evolving without limits. But if you don’t have a well-functioning, healthy brain without neuronal blockages, it will be difficult to recall from your Warehouse, which is called forgetfulness. The definition made by scientists for memory is the ability of an organism to store, store and then retrieve information. Or, from another point of view, this storage process is called memory since the effect of experience on behaviors after a certain period indicates that the trace of the experience is somehow preserved. The first studies on memory were made in philosophy and primarily focused on memory development techniques. With crystals, you can trigger the parts of your mind that you cannot reach and reach the information you need, and thus you can have a healthy body with a rational brain and a clean sense. Remember, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. When you pay attention to people who live long, you realize that they have powerful memories. This is because he still has very high learning abilities. They tell you in detail their memories from 80 years ago. And they get so much pleasure as they capture this information from their memories that you share this happiness with them. Crystals support your memory and can help you with that.

Overcome Learning Difficulties and Overcome Challenges with the Dumortierite Crystal

Dumortierite Crystal

Dumortierite is one of the stones known to strengthen memory, facilitate learning, and help treat forgetfulness. It is said that its effect increases even more when used with blue sapphire. Dumortierite stone, known as the stone of patience among the people, has the most substantial impact on the stone root chakra used while meditating. Useful for patterns underlying addictions and compulsions.
It is thought to be helpful for headaches, hypersensitivity, epilepsy, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and cramps.
When placed on the affected area, it is suitable for sunburns. It is beneficial for stomach aches, intestinal problems, depression, vomiting, gallbladder problems, sore throat, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, pregnancy, stress, and nausea. It helps to soothe inflammations in the body. If you are experiencing an inflammatory reaction, you can hold this stone in your hand and concentrate on alleviating the inflammation. When you feel mistreated, it encourages you to speak up, increasing your assertiveness and self-confidence. It promotes openness and language abilities for communication. It is said to increase self-discipline, improve organizational skills, and allow the sequencing of thought processes. Stabilizes a problematic relationship and attracts a soul mate. Finally, it helps to thank those giving you difficulties for their role in your karmic learning process.

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Empower Your Talents with the Bloodstone Crystal, Get Over Forgetfulness, and Increase Your Intelligence

Bloodstone Crystal Heliotrope

Bloodstone, which is accepted among the natural stones that open the mind and make it work, is one of the stones with mental, spiritual, and physical benefits. If those who have difficulty concentrating carry the stone with them, the problem of attention and focus may decrease. Thanks to the minerals in their content, Bloodstone supports memory, and it is used to clean blood, which is also known to be beneficial for eye health. It can provide support in increasing the endurance power of the person in times of distress and despair that are thought to be never-ending. It is a reinforcement for a person to overcome his troubles patiently. It helps regulate blood circulation and reduce menstrual and labor pains in women. It makes our natural abilities more qualified and visible and gives us Intelligence and agility. It can help our body become vigorous and robust. It helps us overcome our fears and increase our courage. It can also be carried in a pocket. Those who accept an ornament made of Bloodstone can be protected from the eye and capillary bleeding caused by diabetes. According to the traditional medical view, it is a severe help in renewing the body. It is jokingly true that Count Dracula’s favorite stone is the Bloodstone. It helps to remove the snake and other insect venoms from the body. In folk medicine, powdered Bloodstone used internally or externally has drying and blood-thinning effects.

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Boost Your Cognition and Memory Power by Supporting Your Immune System and Alleviating Tension and Fatigue with Amazonite Crystal

Amazonite Crystal

It has been proven as the benefits of amazon stone, which increases the power of mind and understanding. Amazonite is one of the most beneficial natural stones for the human body with psychological and physical effects. It is an excellent helper in relieving muscle spasms, keeping the body’s calcium balance at its average level, eliminating calcium deficiency, preventing tooth decay, and protecting and treating the eye from diseases. It is a supplement in keeping the thymus gland healthy and strengthening the immune system. It helps calm excessive excitement, anger, anger, and other emotional outputs, calming the nerves, dissipating negative energy, and relieving stress. It supports the emergence of new ideas in art and science. It increases one’s ability to express himself correctly and clearly. It strengthens the power of reason, understanding, and strength of experience and our mental abilities. It can also increase your adaptability by supporting it.

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Support Your Imagination with Garnet Crystal and Keep Moving forward with Lessons from the Past

Garnet Crystal

The garnet stone, preferred by people who want to be successful, is the most well-known natural crystal among the rocks that strengthen memory. It helps to remember the past, develop imagination, and calm excitement. Garnet is also used in the treatment of infectious diseases. It is a protective and healing aid against heart and blood circulation system diseases. It helps in activating the body’s oxygen intake and in the treatment of infectious diseases. Its energy is said to be beneficial for the veins. It has been preferred as an aid in regulating and strengthening the immune system, producing more white blood cells, and preventing anemia. It is placed on the uterus or groin to protect against lung diseases to keep the reproductive power high, and for this purpose, this application can be repeated for at least half an hour a day for a month. It alleviates menstrual pains, provides physical and mental benefits in eliminating irregular bleeding, regulates the menstrual cycle, relieves low back pain, and provides physical and mental advantages during menopause. It provides hormonal balance. Like Bloodstone, it has been preferred as an aid in cleaning the blood and protecting against blood poisoning.

Garnet etsy shop

5- Do not Forget To Benefit From Intelligent Healing Crystals During Decision Making

Yes, you heard suitable, Smart Crystals. Everything in the Universe is alive and has a soul. Everything is a kind of living thing, even if they don’t have meat brains like you or the animals we scientifically define as living things. Everything that exists demands Love and respect. Crystals have a kind of Brain. That’s why he also has a soul. Intelligence is not enough for you. Remember, Intelligence is a great power, but “Uncontrolled power is not power” can bring great harm instead of benefit. It may cause you to selfishly and arrogantly betray the universal system, and you will have to pay a hefty price for the result. By taking advantage of the stable frequencies of the crystals, you benefit from their minds.

Shield Negative Energies with Lapis Lazuli Crystal, Support Your Thyroid Gland, and Protect the Connection Between Your Brain and Heart (Your Mind)

Lapis lazuli Crystal

The lapis lazuli stone used in ancient Egypt and the Pharaonic periods come in all shades of blue, from light to dark. It is essential for mind and intellectual agility. Used for mental clarity and enlightenment, lapis lazuli also aids deep thought. Making your irrational thoughts clear enables you to progress better and concentrate your thoughts on people. For this reason, it is necessary to use the lapis lazuli crystal, which causes dizziness in people due to the vital energy it emits, very carefully. The fact that there are many different minerals in it and that they are found in a particular order has made Lapis Lazuli a versatile healer. It can act as a regulator in eliminating melancholy and depression in the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. It balances the tension. It can be used to create inner peace and tranquility and make people value themselves. It helps you establish a good connection between the heart and the Brain. It is also good support for pregnant women to prevent miscarriage. It helps increase hearing power and in the treatment of hearing impairment. It clears the mind and allows one to reach fundamental knowledge, broadening the perspective. Its determined and effective energy supports you to look at the events that you ignore. It strengthens your soul’s desire to reach the truth. It creates a balance between our physical and spiritual powers. Helps protect young children from fear and respiratory distress.

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Rutile Quartz Crystal Clear Your Aura and Send Back Negative Energies

Rutile Quartz crystal

It is a powerful healer for general health. Colorless or reddish brownstone has a useful integrating feature in all energies. The clarity of mind and sense of freedom it gives is illuminating for the soul and clears the aura. It is considered to be effective against spells. Rutile quartz stone, which is also the symbol of sexual power, emits an anti-depressant frequency thanks to its ability to collect sunlight. Rutile quartz stone has many physical benefits in the human body, regulates blood circulation, is suitable for headaches, and strengthens the bone structure. It balances emotions. It stimulates brain functions. It raises all levels of consciousness by activating all energy spectrums. It destroys or makes optimistic the negative energy in the environment, starts it, stores it, and helps it flow into the atmosphere. It is considered an excellent crystal for meditation. Increases communication with interdimensional or spiritual guides. It communicates with our inner world. Crystal Quartz heals and raises the energy of other stones when touched. In harmful people, it may not show its effect. It is a stone of power and talent, helps in removing static electricity in the body, cleanses all organs, and is a stimulant in making them functional, supporting the regeneration of body tissues and fluids with its energy.

Overcome Fears and Increase Mental Clarity with Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal

Citrine, one of the most vital stones on earth in terms of its properties, effectively disperses negative energy and has a severe antioxidant feature. Citrine stone, which helps people overcome their fears, also increases mental clarity. A must-try for those seeking clarity of mind. It helps to solve memory-related problems. It makes emotions clear. It allows us to see the solutions to the issues. It stimulates your physical strength and abilities. It is an essential crystal for those who want to gain self-control and discipline. Alleviates anxiety and fears. It promotes your sexual power. Balances weak bodies. It has been used to relieve allergies. It helps clean your kidneys, liver, urinary system, spleen, and intestines. This increases physical activity in the process. It helps clean the toxic substances in the blood of harmful substances for the circulatory system. It has been considered effective against snake venom since ancient times.

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See Your Way More Clearly After Increasing Your Focus and Calming Down with the Chrysoprase Crystal


It helps to increase attention, determination, and concentration. Chrysoprase crystal, which supports people to think more calmly by eliminating excitement, also has a motivating feature. It is used by those who have focusing problems and attention problems, and it is also the most known among the natural stones that open Intelligence. It helps relieve nervous tensions, balances excessive excitement, is a solid companion for calmness, and enables you to gain optimism, joy, and inner peace. It allows us to see our problems and recognize ourselves, especially our natural and personal abilities. It relieves the pressure on the heart by providing balance and harmony in times such as flying from happiness or temporary madness, helping to reduce your risk of a heart attack. It enables you to realize new ways out in life’s adventure. It helps to find alternative solutions in the face of problems. Stabilizing and curative in neurological disorders; In the case of depression, it has relaxing properties. It supports eliminating sexual issues, sexual imbalances, and especially psychological sexual problems. It has been used since ancient times to treat insomnia. It helps in reducing your nightmares.

Nothing Destroys, It Just Transforms!

Dry Soil death earth

Remember how dry dead soil comes back to life and imagine how many plants spring up from the dead earth. And motivate yourself again.
Remember again that nothing disappears. Just turns into each other. Do not worry about anything, and there is the only transformation in this Universe. There is no such thing as perishing or dying. Remember, you only taste death. And with that, you begin your eternal life. Try to keep your frequency high!

greening earth soil


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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