Which Natural Healing Stones are Good For The Stomach?

Stones for Stomach

Stones Good for Stomach

Do you think stones for the stomach will really work? Natural stones have long been used to alleviate problems with the human body. Some people search the internet for smoky quartz for its detox effects, while others look to jade for protection from harmful toxins. After detoxing and protecting from the harm of toxins, a query is made in the form of stones that are good for the stomach in crystal healing. Yes indeed. Some natural stones can also be used to help with stomach problems.

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Digestive and stomach problems are a condition many people suffer from, whether chronic or occasional. Some use ozone therapy to treat digestive issues such as colitis. Ozone therapy is said to be both curative and detoxifying. However, a group of people also prefer to use only stones. If you have started to search for the healing properties of rocks, which are good for the stomach, to get rid of digestive and stomach problems, you are in the right place. It has been shown that natural stones can be good for all kinds of ailments; it has been tried on some specific diseases, and their effect has been approved by those who use them. Stomach problems are one of them.

Stones for Stomach Keyword “Sedative”

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One of the keys to shopping for natural stones to help with stomach problems is to look for those with calming effects among them. The idea is to regularly carry stomach-friendly natural stones with you every day when stomach problems arise. In this sense, it can be acted as a preventive measure. You can wear natural stones as jewellery or carry them in a pouch in your pocket or purse.

Best Stones for Stomach Problems

For digestive and stomach problems, several natural stones are recommended as stones that are good for the stomach. In this list, we’ve compiled some of the best options.

Peridot Stone

This natural stone; can be used to make the user feel confident, emotionally balanced and stress-free. It is believed even to help balance the adrenal glands. A good way to use this stone as a natural stone for the stomach is to rub it into your hands while taking deep breaths gently.

This powerful and green gemstone instantly connects with the Heart Chakra. In this respect, it also provides positivity in dealing with emotional turmoil. Peridot stone can connect to the heart and is familiar to every subject in the body. Since an emotionally devastated mood generally causes indigestion problems, it can be used as a stomach stone.

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Rhodochrosite Stone

The purpose of this special stone, blood circulation, kidneys, heart and spleen, is to be beneficial. These are all organs used in the digestive process. As you take deep and slow breaths and let your body calm down, gently rub this stone into your hands.

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Amethyst Stone

Amethyst is a very important stone that helps a wide variety of problems in the body at the same time. Problems it can help with include bacterial infections. It also helps the body’s immune system, heart, liver, circulatory system and stomach. Using it as a natural stone that is good for the stomach may be appropriate. You can test the effect by trying it.

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Citrine Stone

Citrine is an incredibly powerful stone for helping the liver, heart, thyroid, digestive system, and kidneys. It can create a detox effect in the body and can be useful in case of vomiting or nausea. It also promotes tissue regeneration. To use it as a stone that is good for the stomach, gently rub it on your hands or wear it as jewellery during the day.

This crystal is very popular simply because of its healing abilities. It will give positive energies and fill you with unconditional happiness and joy. When improving your digestive system, citrine will fight nasty infections and inflammations. Hence, this crystal also provides a healthy and optimistic mind.

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Carnelian Stone

Carnelian stone; It helps tissue regeneration and digestion and revitalizes the blood. It reaches the liver, gallbladder, lungs, spleen, kidneys, thyroid, and spine. It can be helpful if you are struggling with colds or infections. This stone can also help with eating disorders.

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Green Fluorite Stone

Fluorite stone is known to help keep the colon, intestines and stomach healthy; It can be helpful for nausea, heartburn, colitis, and even sore throats.

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Jasper Stone

This is a stone that helps relieve stress. According to the data obtained in the studies, stress can cause major digestive problems. It can cause many diseases in the body by negatively affecting our health. Placing the Jasper stone on your stomach will make you feel very good.

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Obsidian Stone

Obsidian is a wonderful black crystal that removes negative energies. It controls eating disorders and is good for ulcers, indigestion and other stomach problems. This gemstone also helps with emotional catharsis. It is also effective in cleansing the body and spirit.

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Blue Lace Agate Stone

This stone is an accumulation of positive and powerful energy. It helps the free flow of the digestive system. Blue lace agate will also dissolve old unresolved emotional stresses that have become the main cause of some digestive problems.

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Aquamarine Stone

Aquamarine helps to find the root cause of constipation. Aquamarine is a stone that is good for the stomach; It allows you to find a safe cure for digestive problems with the throat chakra. To use this precious stone efficiently, Keep it in the Throat Chakra. You can even do a light massage of the throat chakra.

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Emerald Stone

Stomach pain can be very irritating if not addressed as a priority. There can be various reasons behind stomach pain. This proves that emerald is an ideal stone to deal with these pains. Emerald helps to calm the nerves. This, in turn, strengthens the Heart Chakra. Putting the emerald on the areas of the stomach where you feel pain will do the rest.

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Listed above as natural stones that are good for the stomach, each crystal has its unique property. Each works wonders when used on the chakras in the body. These stones are a godsend for humanity and have countless applications. However, one has to believe in the rocks’ power, use them wisely according to the appropriate disease, and treat the corrupted chakra, which is the root cause of the disease.


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