Natural Stones for Depression


You can relax thanks to Natural Stones for Depression. Depression, is a response to fundamental changes such as sadness, loneliness, fatigue, the loss of a loved one, and life struggles. When feelings of sadness, guilt, helplessness, worthlessness, and irritability persi t for long periods, you may struggle with depression. Although essential help is essential in severe cases, stones that are good for depression can also be beneficial in dealing with depression-related emotions, depending on their use.

Anxiety and depression; It can be caused by different basic reasons such as a lack of self-confidence, negative beliefs, and internal conflicts. Healing natural stones that are good for depression can help calm the mind, calm the heart and heal the spirit. The stones below can help manage various symptoms of depression and anxiety, from overwhelming feelings to emotional damages.


If you feel stressed and overwhelmed, we recommend lepidolite for relaxation and support. If you want to heal the root causes of depression, you can try rhodochrosite. Of course, these are not the only natural stones that are good for depression. The following 8 gemstones; will help absorb negative energies and improve mood. Using these stones, you can elevate your mind to a more positive place!

Healing Stones for Depression

There are many healing stones that you can use for depression. However, these are the most recommended. These stones can be carried in your pocket or purse throughout the day. Or, it can be used as jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. If available, a larger stone can be placed in your home where you spend a lot of alone time. To try, start with a small stone. If you find it helps, you can invest in a bracelet or necklace if you want.

Citrine Stone for Depression

Use natural citrine as a depression stone, which is much more effective. This stone; While bringing positive energies to the energy field, it helps to absorb negative energies. It can also help develop a more positive mindset. Although this gemstone is not easy to find, it is well worth the search. With a light or dark smoky tone, citrine is a very effective mood booster with a deep detox effect. Natural citrine stone is golden in color. It is not bright yellow or orange.

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SunStone Natural Stones for Depression

Sunstone is a peachy orange-pink stone with sparkling sparkles in it. This stone is also very good for mood. It infuses the emotional body with lighter energy and provides a more positive outlook. It is among the rocks that are good for depression as it fills the body with positive energies.

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Rose Quartz Stones for Depression

Rose quartz is a soft milky pink gemstone that no one should be without and is available in abundance. Because it is very relaxing, it can be helpful for people suffering from depression. Rose quartz stone has a healing and soothing energy for the Heart Chakra. It teaches its user to be kind to themselves and develop self-love. It is also an effective stone for those who have difficulty managing stress.

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Carnelian Natural Stones for Depression

Carnelian stone; It is a waxy-looking gemstone with red, white, and orange colors. It is the perfect stone for anyone who lacks the will to make positive changes in their life. This gemstone provides an energy boost to the person and is also an effective stone for reducing anxiety. Carnelian stone, which is among the natural stones that are good for depression, will help motivate you to take proactive action steps.

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Amethyst Natural Stones for Depression

With a hue ranging from pale lavender to deep blue, amethyst can range from opaque to clear. Many people consider this purple-colored gemstone to be very beneficial for depression. This stone, which is a deep cleansing, helps transform negative energies into positive energy.

Especially in people who feel a sense of emotional pain; When worn as jewelry or placed in the Heart Chakra area, it will help to heal that sense of emptiness on a deep level.

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Blue Chalcedony for Depression

chalcedony Natural Stones for Depression

Blue chalcedony helps soothe those parts of us that are often childish in nature. It helps internal work run more smoothly and be more productive. Blue chalcedony also helps you communicate insights to others. Therefore, it is also a great stone for helping others.

Most negative moods, such as depression or panic, are caused by unconscious fears and predictions of the future based on the past. Blue chalcedony stone, which is among the stones that are good for depression; calms and balances the emotional body, helping you stay clear and centered. Whatever the underlying condition, it can help heal and stay clear enough to communicate without being overwhelmed by emotions.

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Angel Natural Stones for Depression

Angel stone, has a sweet, loving energy that helps you see the love around you. Its mere presence can improve your mood. In particular, it can be used to clear your energy field during meditation.

With its peaceful energy, the angel stone helps its wearer to feel at peace with himself. It provides a physical and mental rest that helps alleviate the stressful state of mind seen in people suffering from anxiety and depression.

If used correctly, angel stone can also help you reach a higher state of consciousness. All you have to do is believe this stone will cure your depression and watch it work for you.

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Long-Term Use of Crystals to Treat Depression

stones high Natural Stones for Depression

Depression, guilt, prolonged sadness, feelings of helplessness, and worthlessness can be both mentally and physically damaging in the long run. If you are losing interest in activities, you are used to doing, or if you notice a change in feelings about family or friends, please try to seek professional help. Using orange-colored natural stones like carnelian can help bring joy back into your life. If you want to remove emotions such as stress, depression, and anxiety from your life in a natural and calming way, use natural stones that are good for depression every day for 12-18 months, and take care that your stones are fresh and clean in terms of energy.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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