What are the General Properties and Benefits of Zircon Natural Stone

zircon natural stone

Zircon Natural Stone is a grounding stone. Venus controls a person’s love or marriage, and zircon strengthens Venus. It brings passion, understanding, and romance to one’s relationship. It is highly recommended for those who want peace in their married life or bilateral relations. Medically, it is known to protect against disorders caused by hormonal imbalance. It is also believed to be beneficial for the urinary and reproductive systems. It gives a sense of trust to the user. It also helps to improve social life.

zircon natural stone

Thanks to its astrological uses and benefits, it is much more popular nowadays. Although available in various colours, White Zircon Natural Stone is a grounding stone too. It brings passion, and understanding, and, in particular, has been in great demand for the past 10 years. This stone of the planet Venus is believed to bring happiness and luck to people belonging to Libra and Taurus. Zircon Natural Stone necklaces and jewellery are famous for their multicoloured light flashes and glassy shine. The intense fire it produces is said to resemble a diamond.

Zircon Natural Stone Meaning and History

zircon natural stone

The word “Zircon” comes from the Persian word “zargun,” which means “golden colour”. The colourless Zircon Natural Stone variety is the most popular as it is the most diamond-like stone. Unfortunately, zircon is often confused with cubic zirconia, a lab-made fake diamond, because of its similar name. When this is the case, many people are unaware of the existence of this naturally beautiful stone.

zircon natural stone

In the Middle Ages, it was thought that this stone made it easier for people who used it to sleep and gave them qualities such as honour and wisdom. In some civilizations, it has also increased people’s self-confidence and helped them love others. Inspiring, motivating, and guiding Zircon Natural Stone can also bring prosperity to its wearer, mainly when it contains yellow and gold colours.

blue zircon natural

It was also used for healing purposes in ancient times. In some civilizations, it was thought to cure insanity, make its wearer resistant to temptation, and strengthen intelligence. Victorians often used Zircon Natural Stone necklaces, rings, and brooches in the 1800s. At that time, it was also used to protect from theft, bodily harm, and diseases.

Zircon Natural Stone Properties

Planet: Venus
Mineral Class: Silicates
Birthstone: December
Hardness: 6.5 – 7.5 according to Mohs value
Refractive Index: 1.18- 2.02
Colours: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Brown, Pink, Purple, and Gray
Transparency: Transparent
Origin: Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tanzania

Zircon Natural Stone is a widely known gemstone often used in place of diamonds. It is a beautiful gemstone and is available in a variety of colors. It is also known as “golden stone” in Arabic. In addition to its physical, emotional, and mental benefits, it also has astrological benefits.

deep blue zircon

Gemstones have been used as part of astrology for a long time. Zircon Natural Stone in astrology; It is used to protect the body and mind from harmful energies spreading to celestial bodies in the solar system. Moreover, It is also believed to have some properties to attract vibrations of wealth, self-confidence, self-esteem, and wisdom. It is also associated with love and happiness. Two important diseases believed to cure by wearing a zircon stone necklace, ring, or brooch include; epilepsy and fever.

Zircon Natural Stone Benefits

yellow zircon

Apart from its beautiful appearance, zircon stone is also known for its healing properties in physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental dimensions.

Physical healing properties

zircon natural stone
  • Helping prevent migraine attacks, improving lungs and general respiratory problems, and giving pregnant women the power to give birth are among the most prominent features.
  • Zircon Natural Stone Stimulates the Liver
  • It relieves pain and resolves cramps.
  • Relieves menstrual pain caused by hormonal imbalances.
red zircon natural stone
  • Useful for sciatica, insomnia, bones, muscles, and dizziness.
  • It helps balance the adrenal glands.
  • It helps clear toxins from the body.
  • Caffeine can be used as a support for smoking addiction.
  • It promotes restful sleep and strengthens the heart.
  • It lowers fever and is known to repel infectious diseases.

Emotional Healing Properties

orange zircon natural stone
  • Whether it’s a family member, friend, or pet, it is a stone that will help you overcome overwhelming feelings of loss. The benefits of Zircon Natural Stone in the emotional dimension can be listed as follows
  • It helps you let go of emotional pain, sadness, and fear.
  • It helps overcome the feelings and things you get stuck on.
  • It encourages lucid dreams.
white zircon natural stone
  • It can help you feel at peace as a spiritual being in a physical body.
  • It can make you less afraid of being a physical being who opens up to Spirit.
  • By helping to balance the poles, it helps you feel balanced and harmonious with the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Eliminates depression, anxiety and grief.
  • It is also known as a virtue stone as it teaches consistency.
  • Overcoming jealousy and addiction can help let go of old love and open up to the new.

Mental Healing Properties

purple zircon natural stone
  • Zircon Natural Stone helps to understand the temporary nature of everything. It allows you to reevaluate the important things in your life from this perspective and remove your attachment to material things. Mental healing properties include:
  • It develops clear thinking.
  • It helps to separate the important from the unimportant.
  • Zircon Natural Stone teaches how to overcome racism and prejudices.
  • It cleans the traces of discrimination, victimization, homophobia and misogyny in life.
red zircon
  • Stimulates the chakras and stimulates the flow of life energy in the meridian system.
  • Zircon Natural Stone helps to overcome sluggish and depressive energies.
  • It is a source of energy for psychic abilities.
  • Zircon Natural Stone helps you turn intuitive impulses toward conscious understanding.
  • It offers protective energy to those who leave the physical body to explore other realms of consciousness.
  • Attracts success as well as wisdom and wealth.

Zircon Natural Stone Cleaning and Care

red zircon

It is best to store gemstones separately from each other to avoid scratches and breakage. When storing zirconia, it is a good idea to wrap it in a soft cloth and store it in a fabric-lined box. Always remove your zircon stone necklaces and jewellery before physical activities such as exercise or housework. Keep away from direct sunlight and intense heat sources.

Zircon stone cleaning; can be done with a soft cloth or brush. Wash with mild soap and rinse with warm water. For cleaning, avoid steam machines and ultrasonic cleaners.

How to Identify the Real Zircon Stone?

zircon blue

The best way to understand the genuine Zircon Natural Stone; is a professional test that uses specific gravity or refractive index tests. Without one of these tests, it is difficult to determine whether the zircon stone is real or fake.


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