10 Simple and Effective Ways to Use Natural Crystals

Natural Healing Crystals

If you have just entered the magical world of Natural Crystals, you are probably wondering how they work and how you can benefit from their healing powers. Quantum physics has revealed that everything is energy at the most fundamental level. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. And the human body is no exception.

Natural Crystals shake frequently and can help harmonize our energies and balance us on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It can absorb, amplify, transform or transmit power.

Natural Crystals born from the powers of the Earth have come to us through the extraordinary creation of our Supreme creator. It carries the sacred energy and wisdom of the Earth. It emits powerful healing vibrations that help balance our energies and empower us to achieve our goals and dreams. Read on if you’re wondering how to incorporate them into your daily routine to unleash their magic and healing effects!

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1. Gain Control of Your Emotions with Crystals

Control of Your Emotions with Crystals

Aventurine, moonstone, and rose quartz are Crystals that help balance your emotions. You can wear them as jewelry, carry them in your pocket or keep them in the bathroom. Rose quartz is particularly beneficial for emotional healing.

Calming Crystals are relieving:


Blue lace agate



Rose quartz

You can calm yourself down by taking a bath with them, massaging yourself, or lying down. Try placing one over your heart.

To relieve anxiety worry, fear and stress:

Rose quartz


Lapis lazuli


Use them as “Anxiety Crystals” and rub them with your fingers whenever you feel anxious, worried or stressed. The results are often surprising.

To help keep anger under control, carry an amethyst, sodalite, or obsidian crystal with you and use it whenever you need it.

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For depression, use these crystals:

Smoky Quartz





Lapis lazuli


In addition, you can use Tourmaline to facilitate problem-solving.

2. Store Natural Crystals Under Your Bed or Pillow

Natural Crystals Under Your Bed or Pillow

You can get a light night’s sleep by placing rose quartz or amethyst crystal under your pillow or beside your bed. Under your pillow to increase your dreams, You can place amethyst, azurite or sugilite crystal.

Placing under the bed will chase away all nightmares:

Smoky quartz

Rose Quartz



3. Carry Natural Crystals When Traveling

Natural Crystals When Traveling

You can carry a ruby crystal in your suitcase to provide a sense of security and allow you to explore the unknown without fear or anxiety. Aviators also use malachite for protection in flight. Smoky quartz taken during the trip; enhances your survival instincts and momentary alertness, making it great for any travel trip. Black tourmaline in your pocket will help to overcome the fear of travel, especially for those who panic in tight spaces. During the journey, you can benefit from the following crystals:


Smoky Quartz


Black Tourmaline

4. Carry Natural Crystals in Your Car

Natural Crystals in Your Car

Crystal quartz kept in the car can help the car run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, placing tiger eyes on your vehicle can protect you and your car from accidents. With Carnelian, you can increase your focus while traveling. Again, you can have more attention with Chrysocolla.

As the Healcrystal family, we recommend the following crystals for traveling by car.

Crystal Quartz



Tiger’s Eye

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5. Carry It With You Or Use It As Jewelry

Use It As Jewelry

Throw the crystal of your choice in your purse or pocket and use it as a protector. For women, hiding it inside your bra allows you to maintain the healing vibrations that work in your energy field throughout the day. Another way to make the most of the properties of Natural Crystals is to use them as jewellery. This can be a necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring.

As the Healcrystal family, we recommend using all the natural crystals that are non-toxic and do not irritate your skin.

6. Place Natural Crystals in Your Home

Natural Crystals in Your Home

Placing Crystals such as Black Tourmaline in the corners of your home will create an energy shield to deflect and block unwanted energies.

Placing protective Crystals such as Black Obsidian, Black onyx and Hematite in front of the entrance door; can prevent negative energies from entering your home.

Placed on a table or shelf in the living room, lounge or study, Crystal Quartz can fill your home with love and harmony.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the vibrations of Natural Crystals is to place them at various points in your home. It’s good to have clear quartz at the entrance to clear unwanted energies and keep everyone outside from the door.

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You can place Rose Quartz on your coffee table to create a loving atmosphere in your living space, Amethyst in your bedroom to bring restful sleep, or Aventurine in the kitchen to encourage healthy eating.

7. Use Natural Crystals That Represent Seasonal Colors

Natural Crystals Seasonal Colors

Summer: Bright yellow and red represent warmth and joy. You can also try mixing it with bright pink and blues and yellows and reds.

Autumn: Orange represents warmth and comfort. You can also use different shades of brown, especially dark ones. Some dark blue Crystals are also good.

Winter: You can opt for light, calming blues. Dark winter colors like deep purple, dark blue, and dark greens work well; Black Crystals will also be acceptable.

Spring: You can opt for light greens or pink and light purples. Bright, soft colors work very well in bringing out spring’s new growth.

8. Use Natural Crystals to Relieve Pain

Crystal to Relieve Pain

Bloodstone, Lapis lazuli, Aventurine, and Malachite are good pain relievers. You can place it on the affected body area until the pain subsides.

You can place a Carnelian on your lower abdomen to help relieve pain from menstrual cramps.

For headaches, put Amethyst or Turquoise on your forehead. In case of migraine, Blue Agate Crystal helps relieve pain, and Lapis lazuli has been used for a long time since ancient times.

9. Use Natural Healing Crystals at Work

Natural Crystal at Work

You can place a few Crystals of Quartz, Lepidolite Crystal, or Purple Fluorite near your computer to help shield you from its electromagnetic field.

It’s also a good idea to have a Smoky Quartz Crystal on your desk or around your workspace to protect yourself from the stress and frustration of your colleagues and clients.

You can carry Rose Quartz or Amethyst Crystal to help you stay calm and relaxed. When you get stressed, these can be excellent touchstone Crystals. All you have to do is hold the crystal in your hand and rub it with your fingers.

10. Clean the Air with Healing Crystal

Use dark Crystals such as Obsidian, Onyx, and Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz and Hematite to dissipate negative energy from your home. These Crystals work as environmental cleansers that purify the area and protect it from negative energies.

Selenite does a similar job, helping to keep the air and the environment clean.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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