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Charoite Healing Raw
Charoite Healing Crystal

Charoite natural crystal is among the healing stones you should consider when it comes to healing crystals. Charoite healing stone, an excellent option for people who pay attention to their form, attracts people with its many different features and benefits.

What Is a Charoite?

Crystal Healing
Charoite Cabachon

Charoite crystal is one of the lesser-known healing crystals; In many cultures, they are known as core healing crystals and are referred to as powerful crystals. These crystals have body-cleansing and energizing properties.

It has a variety of uses, which you would prefer to carry with you or place in your home or office, or even that you would like to use in meditation.

What is Charoite Medicinal Crystal Structure?

Charoite Necklace
Charoite Jewelry

The structure of the medicinal crystal is still under investigation, but it is known to have several beneficial properties. Found in North America, Europe, and North Africa, this exceptional healing crystal is believed to have a unique molecular structure that aids healing.

The stone’s known structure is a mineral found in different parts of the world and has a structure consisting of thin layers stacked on top of each other. Composed of two concentric spheres connected by a light bridge, the crystal absorbs and releases energy evenly.

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What Is Charoite Good For?

Tumble Charoite Good For
Charoite Tumble

Some people prefer the healing crystal because it offers weight loss and detox properties. However, Charoite benefits aren’t just limited to weight loss.

-Promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety.

-Improves the quality of sleep and raises the energy level.

-In addition to relieving pain, it is said to improve circulation.

-The healing crystal, which helps reduce inflammation, also reduces negative energy.

-Charoite, which has a concrete and helpful structure, is a type of crystal. It is also said to help the crystal owner connect with and heal others.

Charoite Healing Crystal Properties

Charoite Sphere
Charoite Ball

A charoite shape is said to be in the form of an egg and is believed to have a pointed tip on top and the wider one below. Charoite crystal features are composed of small thin layers stacked on each other.

These layers appear to split the mineral into two. Crystal, used for healing, is also preferred because it helps various diseases and conditions. These unique healing crystals have a Mohs hardness of 3.5-4 and a specific gravity of 2.7-2.9.

purple stone Ball
Charoite Sphere

They are primarily used in jewelry and other decorative items. These healing crystals are mostly found in sedimentary rocks; They can be transparent or cloudy, while their color can range from white to black.

Calcite-type crystal embodies a wide variety of properties, including both physical and optical properties. In rare cases, when they block blood flow, they can cause serious problems.

pendant necklace purple
Charoite Necklace

How to Access the Charoite Healing Crystal?

The healing crystal you prefer to reduce stress and keep your weight stable; It can be found in some parts of the world, especially in Russia, Australia, and America. Charoite prices may vary depending on the size and quality of the stone.

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How to Store a Charoite Healing Crystal?

Charoit Pendant
Charoite Pendant

Charoite, a precious translucent crystal believed to have powerful healing properties, can be worn as a necklace or bracelet or stored in a private place in your home. It should be ensured that the crystal is clean and free of dirt and dust. You can click to learn how to clean crystals in detail.

It can be thoroughly cleaned and stored in a cloth bag or pouch when you want to store it in the corner of your home or workplace. However, they must be kept alone to prevent damage that may occur when other crystals touch each other.


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