Amazonite (Stone of Harmony)

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite Stone

Easily recognized by its blue and turquoise colours, Amazonite Stone is an excellent stone with a long-acting and rooted history that people use to accomplish important work. After researching ancient sources, you will understand this stone is especially in Mesopotamian culture. Symbolized with courage and harmony, this stone was used for decoration and jewellery collections in ancient civilizations. Amazonite has been used in the construction of king thrones for centuries. People would prefer to put amazonite stone in front of their houses. This use is based on the belief that Amazonite is protective against the evil eye.

What Does Amazonite Stone Mean?

Amazonite Skull

The world-famous Amazon River inspired the name of the Amazonite stone. The reason for this inspiration is the natural colour and shape of the stone. When you take the Amazonite stone, it is like a small reflection of the river with its harmonious appearance of blue and turquoise colours and its reaction to light.

Amazonite Crystal

With shimmering blue-green hues, this mystical stone mimics the calm flow of the South American river. Also, the light and shimmering greens you observe as your eyes dance on an amazonite stone will remind anyone who knows the Amazon how sunlight glides across its ever-flowing surface. The name of the stone emphasizes Amazon women, apart from colour and visuality. It is certainly not in vain that Amazonite is used as a stone of courage. Because Amazon women, who reflect the energy of Amazonite, have succeeded in introducing themselves to the world by making a reputation for their strength and courage.

Amazonite Stone Formation

Amazonite Stone

It consists of approximately 14% Potassium, 9% Aluminum, 30% Silicon, and 46% Oxygen. It also contains many trace minerals. Green and greenish-blue hues include white foams and foamy streaks. Sometimes Amazonite and Smoky Quartz are found intertwined. Amazonite is formed by the fusion of various potassium feldspar, which falls into the microcline mineral category, a type of igneous rock formation. This ancient crystal has been revered for centuries for its divine manifestation powers and aesthetic beauty.

Amazonite Crystal

Of the seven crystal systems, Amazonite is part of the triclinic group. Over the years, many shades of amazonite crystals have been unearthed. The discovery of Amazonite is thought to date back 4000 years. It is a member of the semi-precious stones list. It is possible to find this magnificently formed stone in small prisms or very large masses. This natural stone used as an indicator of wealth and power in the past is still used by many people today due to its physical and mental benefits. You can listen to the changes in the lives of those who use it.

Where to Find Amazonite?

Amazonite Stone

Amazonite, which can be formed in many different parts of the world, is a type of stone that is considered easy to find. The main countries where Amazonite is mined are; the United States, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil and India. Amazonite, whose name comes from the Amazon River, is not located in the Amazon Basin, contrary to this information. The most famous place where Amazonite is mined on the borders of Brazil stands out as the city of Minas Gerais.

Considerations While Buying Amazonite

Amazonite Egg

Amazonite crystal is in shades of green or blue. You need to buy an amazonite crystal in a suitable colour that matches your needs. Even if the mineral structure is the same, the effects of the stone will change. Green amazonite appeals more to the heart chakra, while blue amazonite appeals to the throat chakra.

Unprocessed raw amazonite can be toxic to your skin. For this reason, we recommend that you prefer processed and polished amazonite crystals.

It is necessary to be very careful when purchasing healing natural stones. Purchasing fake stones will cause you not to achieve the desired effect and waste money. Please pay attention to the originality of the stone to get the expected benefit from the Amazonite stone. Otherwise, you may lose your belief in the healing effects of natural stones. As with other precious and semi-precious stones, it is possible to encounter many fakes of Amazonite. People who want to use natural stones for healing need to learn exactly what properties Amazonite has and how to distinguish it from a fake.

How to Tell if Amazonite is Real or Fake?

Amazonite Stone

The first way to distinguish a real Amazonite stone from others is to colour-check it. In all of the amazonite photos we share on our website, we share with you the different processed and untreated raw forms of natural Amazonite. The visual approach to distinguishing stones can rarely be wrong, but with strong visual perception and judgment, you can often distinguish a crystal from a fake.

Amazonite Crystal

Accordingly, Amazonite carries blue, turquoise and green tones in such a unique and light-reflecting way; Amazonite’s natural state is hard to imitate. When faced with a different tone than these, you should be suspicious of the falsity of the stone. After checking the colour of your Amazonite stone, you can continue to examine the stone. For this reason, it can also be checked whether the stone is scratched. Amazonite is of average hardness, not among the very hard stones. However, it is still a structure that is not easy to draw. Therefore, you can try the stone with the help of a hard object such as a fingernail or a coin. If there is even a small scratch on the stone’s surface, this is another sign that Amazonite may be fake.

What are the Properties of Amazonite Stone?

Amazonite Raw

Amazonite is extremely sensitive to heat and quickly affected by heat; it deteriorates and becomes pale even if touched too much. The combination of two elements in the body of this popular crystal creates a dazzling emerald hue. This colour is fascinating but also wonderfully soothing. The waterfall-like structure and sparkle of an amazonite crystal will awaken in you a deep desire to flow with the universe’s guidance. It will also awaken your intuition and higher truth. The lack of courage will fill your void.

Any crystal lover should add Amazonite to their collection. This crystal will bless you with a deep sense of calmness, joy, and harmony when accepted into your life.

Amazonite Stone Pair

When examining Amazonite’s chemical and physical properties, you can see its crystal structure, colour, hardness, transparency and brightness. The crystal structure of Amazonite is prismatic. Mohs Hardness is between 6 and 6.5. The stone’s colour is predominantly blue and green; it can be described as translucent. It has a luminous and glassy structure.

Amazonite is mainly known for its effect against the evil eye. Therefore, it is known that Amazonite has been placed on people who are afraid of bad energy and on objects that they want to protect. However, the benefits and effects of Amazonite cannot be limited to the evil eye. Accordingly, among the main benefits of stone, powerful effects can radically improve people’s lives. Amazonite also has amazing effects, such as increasing sexual compatibility between partners, absorbing environmental radiation and reducing stress.

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Amazonite Stone Usage Areas

Amazonite Stone

Eyes that can pay attention to aesthetic beauty will love the Healing Amazonite stone, which is quite flashy and also has harmonious transitions. In addition to being so beautiful, Amazonite crystal provides great physical and psychological benefits to humans. It is quite normal that this stone has been used for centuries in different regions and for the sake of different beliefs. Amazonite is a very effective healing tool against many physical and spiritual complaints. Therefore, people have developed different methods to use Amazonite.

Since Amazonite helps to adapt in transitions and strengthens the decision mechanism in thoughts, its most common use in ancient times was a throne and door decoration. However, it spread among people over time, and this usage evolved into jewellery products.

Amazon Crystal

Amazonite has a wide range of uses. Although the purpose of the stone varies from person to person, we, as the heal crystal family, ask you to try each crystal for its best feature at least once in your life. The prominent feature of Amazonite is related to “Harmony”. We recommend using it for courage and harmony during the busiest periods of your life, especially in brand-new transition periods. For example, do you need to start a new business life but can’t find enough courage in yourself? That’s exactly what Amazonite is for.

Amazonite Stone Ritual

Amazon Crystal

As a result of the Ritual you do with healing stones, you will feel extremely good and healed. You concentrate on any value and realization in a certain order with your crystal. Another condition for these actions to be accepted as rituals is that they are repeated regularly. It is seen that natural stones have been frequently used while performing rituals in recent times. In connection with the effects of these stones, it is believed to help physical and spiritual calmness. Amazonite stone is also a structure that acts quickly and makes you feel its healing properties due to successful rituals, alone and combined with other natural stones.

Amazon Crystal

When working with Amazonite, We recommend focusing on elements such as harmony, protection from the evil eye and courage.

The Amazonite stone placed on the heart chakra also reveals the love in the person but in a suppressed state. This rise causes mental fatigue; Feelings of hatred, jealousy and envy slowly disappear. In cases where the person feels that he is not loved enough, performing a ritual by placing Amazonite and Rose Quartz in the area where the heart chakra is located starts the healing. It is recommended to sleep or rest by placing the Amazonite under the pillow and the pink quartz on the bed to coincide with the feet.

Which Chakra Is Amazonite Compatible For?

Amazon Crystal

Amazonite stone in blue, turquoise and green colours has a structure that directly affects the heart and throat chakras in the body. These chakras, which constitute two of the main energy centres of the human body, can cause many problems when they are not working properly. The heart chakra is like a door that opens the human soul. This chakra regulates family and all love relationships that come to mind, and the person adopts his essence thanks to this chakra.

Amazonite Crystal

The throat chakra is also considered the centre of communication with the outside world and living beings. It is the centre from which your emotions gush into the outside world. You will relax and renew as you express yourself with the most correct and beautiful words. Functions like taste, smell, hearing, listening, and creativity depend on this communication centre. Therefore, in a possible imbalance in the heart and throat chakra, the person can be severely affected and become ruined and sick.

Carrying or holding Amazonite helps quickly clear any disorder in the heart and throat chakra. In this way, the problems in human relations and chronic body ailments begin to heal accordingly.

Compatible Signs of Amazonite Stone

Amazonite Stone

While natural stones listed as precious and semi-precious are healing for all born and living, they interact with Signs, Specially more than you might imagine. Due to its natural crystal mineral structure, it works effectively with people with the right sign. Amazonite is compatible with Virgo because of its elemental affinities. Zodiac signs can be supplemented with more than one gemstone. The important thing here is which stone the person feels close to. Amazonite and similar stones benefit the person’s mental and physical functions and have protective properties.

Amazon Crystal

Placing the Amazonite stone in places such as a home, or office or carrying it on the person equates the crystal’s energy with its user and quickly takes effect. Amazonite is a type of crystal that can benefit various complaints and requests. Therefore, to get the expected effect from Amazonite, it should be decided on which subject to expect to heal. Focusing on this issue increases the efficiency and energy of the stone.

Amazonite Benefits and Harms

Amazon Crystal
  • The external beauty of Amazonite can blow your mind. Amazonite is beautiful and inspires powerful healing processes in your heart, mind, body and spirit. With this wonderful natural stone, your body is renewed in every sense, and you can overcome a chaotic whirlwind of emotions. When it comes to attunement, any crystal enthusiast should acquire Amazonite.
  • Amazonite is the bedside stone of women. Relieves menstrual cramps. You can apply it by placing it on the painful area.
  • Amazonite is a stone that supports bones and teeth. You can prevent tooth decay with Amazonite.
  • It can reduce muscle aches and contractions in the neck and back area. Apply Amazoniti by placing it on the painful area.
  • Amazonite is extremely suitable for those who want to make spiritual progress. It helps to increase your spiritual faith in general. It provides spiritual awareness. Strengthens psychic abilities. It helps you gain realism, sincerity, dignity, self-love, communication, eloquence, honesty, reliability, foresight, farsightedness, clarity, inspiration, intuition, and frankness.
Amazonite Stone
  • It helps you gain Courage and Confidence. It Soothes and calms overactive and fearful minds. It calms excessive excitement, anger, anger and other emotional outlets.
  • It relieves depression caused by the effects of past events. For this, hold the Amazonite in the palm of your hand and imagine that the images of the bad events you have experienced in the past are getting smaller and farther away from you and are not visible in the vacuum of space. Amazonite is very effective in emotionally healing wounds. It can remove frustrations and the resulting sense of self-harm. It allows change to be accepted. It gives stamina.
  • Relieves anxiety. It calms anxiety and fear.
  • Balances masculine and feminine (Yin and Yang) energies. It calms all the chakras. Unlocks energy blockages.
  • It keeps the thymus gland healthy and strengthens the immune system.
  • It ensures the regular functioning of the nervous system and corrects its malfunctions.
  • It cleans the nerve and brain channels.
  • Heal spine and spinal cord disorders.
  • It is useful in brain diseases.
Amazon Crystal
  • It heals the scars in the body and brain tissues by renewing the surrounding cells.
  • It helps to heal neck and throat diseases. It is useful for larynx and throat diseases.
  • It is effective in the treatment of lack of sexual desire, impotence, sexual obsession and Priatism. It is effective in the treatment of vaginitis.
  • If the affected area is massaged with Amazonite, it cures inflammation. It is effective in the treatment of febrile diseases.
  • It is beneficial for general health. It strengthens the body. It balances the physical and the etheric body, bringing them to the same level. It removes negative energy.
  • It facilitates childbirth and relieves pain. During birth, it enables the channels to be opened more easily, thus providing an easy delivery. If it is held in hand during delivery, painless delivery is made.
  • It increases self-esteem in women and prevents self-neglect.
  • It ensures the regular functioning of the heart and blood circulation system. It is useful against heart ailments and blood circulation disorders.
Amazonite Stone
  • It filters electromagnetic radiation and pollution emitted from electronics and mobile phones. Absorbs (inactivates) microwaves. It cleans electromagnetic pollution. A small part can be used as a telephone bracket. It should be kept near the microwave oven.
  • It achieves the subtle but largely beneficial effect of restoring balance to your inner world. This is done by realigning your chakras and balancing your masculine and feminine energies, yin and yang. An amazonite stone is particularly effective in clearing the mental fog from overexposure to technology.
  • In essence, Amazonite is an amazing tool that can be used to promote mental clarity and calmness. If you are artistic and are experiencing a prolonged creative block, Amazonite can assist you in your quest for inspiration and creative confidence.
  • The benefits and harms of Amazonite are often questioned by people interested in natural stones. Accordingly, Amazonite has no known harm. As long as there is no allergic reaction, it can be used as a decoration product in the place and as jewellery for the person. Although there is no harm, Amazonite has benefits and effects that lists can extend.
  • Almost all natural stones, as long as the truth can be accessed, help them get better physically, psychologically and mentally. Amazonite is also a type of stone that is valued in this respect. This stone works in harmony with the heart and throat chakras. Therefore, it helps to heal throat and lung ailments seen in the irregular working of both chakras. If it is placed in the bedroom, it makes it easier to fall asleep at night and improves sleep quality. Moreover, it is extremely effective on the calcium mineral in the body. Bone resorption and dental caries due to calcium deficiency; can be considerably reduced in the presence of Amazonite.
Amazon Crystal
  • Amazonite is a stone that carries with it psychological and mental benefits as well as physical ones. Like other natural stones, this stone raises the ambient energy and increases the positive thinking in the space. Accordingly, the blurred minds of the people in the environment begin to clear and become clear. The person can see their goals more clearly and find the motivation to achieve them.
  • Known as the stone of harmony, Amazonite helps find balance in bilateral and family relationships. In this context, it is believed that masculine and feminine energies also arise and increase in the presence of Amazonite. The stone is also representative of abundance. It can be placed in homes and workplaces for financial relief. In other words, it is thought that there will be abundance and fertility where Amazonite is.
  • One of the dominant benefits of Amazonite is that it helps control moods. Accordingly, the unique effect of Amazonite can be used in moments of extreme excitement and anger. It is also beneficial for people with trouble with forgetfulness to carry Amazonite. Because Amazonite, on the one hand, clears the mind; on the other hand, it provides a stronger memory.

Where to Put Amazonite at Home?

Amazon Crystal

Using Amazonite stone indoors, such as at home and office, is very appropriate. Some stones are personal. Therefore, it is not right to use them indoors as decorative, as they can interact with more than one person. Amazonite can be used both individually and in the community. Putting it in a sunny place in the house’s living room, especially for harmony between the family, will constantly recharge your stone and contribute to the harmony between family members regularly.

Amazonite Heart

However, the stone’s placement should be decided according to the needs. It is known that natural stones, which are not damaged by the sun, love the light and thus increase the energy they emit. Amazonite is a natural stone that loves the sun. Its brilliant structure blooms even more with the sun, and its colour becomes more pronounced by maturation. Therefore, no matter what area of the house it is, you should keep the Amazonite stone in an area that receives light.

Amazon Crystal Egg

For those who practice yoga and meditation, try to practice Amazonite by placing it where the sun’s rays are at a nice angle. The stone can also be placed close to radiation-emitting equipment such as computers and modems. In this way, some of the harmful waves of radiation are absorbed. The bedroom and study room are also very suitable places to put Amazonite. Amazonite reduces the negativity in this environment thanks to the energy it emits. Moreover, it acts as a natural shield against the evil eye.

Where is Amazonite Stone Sold?

Amazonite Stone

Sale of Amazonite stone; It is made in places that sell decorative products, jewellery and jewellery shops, similes and e-commerce sites displaying crystal products. Since this stone can be found in many parts of the world, you will not have any difficulties purchasing it. However, natural stone counterfeiting is seen as an increasing problem daily. Although Amazonite is a cheap and widely available natural stone, there are few fakes of Amazonite Stone. To overcome this forgery, Amazonite must be visually checked. The crystal photos we offer you are real natural stones. Please carefully examine the various versions of Genuine Amazonite photos before shopping.

Amazonite Crystal

After receiving an Amazonite stone that is believed to be real, the first thing to do is to clean this stone. Because natural stones tend to store the energies of those who touch them, even if they are unaware of it. For Amazonite to carry only one person’s energy, it is recommended to be cleaned in detail first. In addition, continue with regular stone care and cleaning to preserve and increase the current energy. Energy cleansing of crystals is very easy. If you want to know in detail, you can click.

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How Much Does Amazonite Stone Cost?

Amazonite Stone

Amazonite is among the semi-precious stones. It is slightly more affordable than other gems that, qualify it as rare and valuable for its abundance in most parts of the world. However, the way the stone is used, its colour and size and transparency are some external effects that can cause an increase in the price. Small pieces of tumbled Amazonite in mass are offered for sale at an average of 5-7 dollars. This price increases slightly for bracelets and necklaces of gem quality, which are shiny and have high transparency. Do not forget that even though the price of the stone increases, its healing is still the same. Amazonite stone heals even if it is cheap and even if it is expensive. The visual beauty of Amazonite does not change anything regarding its healing properties.

Amazonite is a very valuable piece for natural stone collectors. So Amazonite, sold in mass, is often not sold alone. It can be found in a small set made with stones such as agate and ametrine.

Amazonite Stone Care and Cleaning

Amazon Crystal

To protect the energy emitted by natural stones and benefit from this energy, you should generally know which stone should be cared for and how. Accordingly, Amazonite is a sun-loving structure with the highest energy in any light-filled environment. However, on the contrary, it does not like too much heat. Therefore, the area where Amazonite is placed should be a place that receives light but is considered cool. Remember that natural stones can negatively affect each other’s energy when they come together. Therefore, if you keep more than one crystal in the same area, keep the Amazonite so it does not come into contact with other crystals. If you store it in a drawer, put it in different compartments or a bag.

Amazon Crystal

There are different ways to clean the Amazonite stone. The first of these is the widely used solar cleaning method. The crystal is quickly cleaned with solar energy. To speed up the process, you can put Amazonite in a glass of water and let it sit in the sunlight. If you don’t have any time, you can use the Amazoniti Water washing technique. Amazonite has a structure that absorbs water, but this does not damage the structure of Amazonite. You can leave it to dry after washing it in water at regular intervals. Those who do not want to use the water-washing method can put mint leaves next to the stone or make incense. Putting a mint leaf next to the stone shows a feature that increases the energy of the stone as well as cleaning. The smoke of sage incense also helps clear Amazonite.

Interesting Facts About Amazonite Stone

Amazon Crystal

Each natural stone that occurs spontaneously in nature is special and unique. So, when a small piece of Amazonite is taken, it should be known that it is special and has no equal on earth. Amazonite takes its name from the world-famous Amazon River. However, this stone is not found in the Amazon Basin.

It is known to have been used in ancient Egypt. For example, the Book of the Dead was carved into Amazonite fragments.

Amazonite first appeared in written history in the 1800s, but it is known that the history of this stone is thousands of years old. Amazonite stone, used for centuries, was believed to increase sexual power in ancient civilizations. Therefore, most societies had Amazonite at the head of the bed.

Amazon Stone

Amazonite jewellery was also found in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tutankhamun.

Amazonite, the symbol of harmony and courage, is also extremely valuable in communication. It is believed that this stone directly strengthens the communication between two people. In this respect, Amazonite is also called the “crown of peace”. Amazonite can suppress all negative emotions, such as anger, nervousness and irritability; taking the stone in the palm and holding it for a few minutes is sufficient.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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