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Amazon Crystal

What are the Amazonite Properties and Benefits?

Amazonite Healing Properties and Benefits If you want to know about Amazonite Healing Properties and Benefits, you are in the right place. You can see the features of the Amazon River in the Amazon stone. The amazon river, which is divided into branches, heals the world. It’s similar to Amazon Properties making improvements in multiple areas of your life. Amazonite is a crystal that occurs in tiny prismatic crystals or extensive masses, emitting great blue healing rays, varying in colour from dark blue and blue-green to turquoise. Although this stone was first reported in the 1800s, its use is believed...

Amazonite Stone Ring

Amazonite (Stone of Harmony)

What is Amazonite? Easily recognized by its blue and turquoise colours, Amazonite Stone is an excellent stone with a long-acting and rooted history that people use to accomplish important work. After researching ancient sources, you will understand this stone is especially in Mesopotamian culture. Symbolized with courage and harmony, this stone was used for decoration and jewellery collections in ancient civilizations. Amazonite has been used in the construction of king thrones for centuries. People would prefer to put amazonite stone in front of their houses. This use is based on the belief that Amazonite is protective against the evil eye....


Amazonite Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs and Chakras

Legend has it that warrior Amazon women carried the Amazonite crystal in war materials and on themselves. They carried it like a talisman and used it to heal. Amazonite crystal has a lovely turquoise color. This color symbolizes a bridge between the heart chakra represented in green and the throat chakra represented in blue. Seeing the facts and talking from the heart is perfect for solving any adversity without harming ourselves or others. This behavior is most necessary for our immune system because being to see and unable to tell the facts or show the facts in the most harmful...