Agate (Stress Stone)

What is Agate?

Agate Stone

Agate Stone is one of the most effective natural stones, famous for its calming power that can eliminate stress. Each of the agate stones is like an oil painting. There are agate stones of amazing colours waiting to change your life in the depths of the underground. This riot of colours in Agate occurs when magmas get stuck and leave residue on some other mineral structures. The colour variety of the magnificent pictures of nature in the agate stone is almost unlimited. Still, it usually has the most beautiful shades of pink, white, brown, black, red, blue, and green.

Agate, each of which has a personal story inside, is a very solid healing stone. Since it is highly resistant to heat and radiation effects, its colours do not fade or wear out, even after centuries.

What Does Agate Stone Mean?

Agate Stone

Agate stone, which helps to bring people with fluctuations in stress levels to a stable level, has different important meanings according to its colours. The common feature of all Agate stones is relieving the person and removing negative thoughts. Different colour agate stones have other wonderful properties of their own. Each of these different colours does the best job.

Red Agate stone is used to heal heart and vascular diseases; Black Agate stone is about being a shield from inner fear and negative energy; Green Agate is about insomnia and your skin-hair; Blue Agate is about speaking well, reducing thyroid problems, accelerating muscle and bone healing, Pink Agate is about improving your positive thinking ability and protecting eye health; White and Yellow Agate helps to protect baby health.

Agate Stone Formation

Agate Stone

Agate stone, which can be formed in many different colours and shapes, is silicon dioxide with the same formula as quartz. The story of this quartz stone, whose formation goes deep underground, begins under the magma layer. The magma that rises to the earth leaves some residues in its paths. With the cooling of the fire in other minerals, Agate stone is formed in different colours, patterns and shapes.

Where to Find Agate?

Agate Stone

Agate is found in many parts of the world because it has a SiO2 mineral structure. It is possible to encounter this Stone, especially around sea coasts, deserts and rivers. Since it can be found around hot water sources, it is possible to see more agate stones on people in those regions.

Agate stone is found in many countries, especially the United States of America, China, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey.

Things to Consider While Buying Agate

Agate Stone

The most important thing to consider before purchasing a natural stone is to determine what the Stone will be used for. For this reason, learning the meaning of Agate stone before purchasing it will bring much more benefit than you think. You can find out what healing properties agate stone has by reading our article to the end. Since agate stone has all seven basic chakra colours, the individual’s desired colour should be preferred. Discover the problem areas in your life; the problem area in your body is probably causing similar problems. For example, you cannot express yourself fully at work, and this causes some problems in your business life. Because your throat chakra is malfunctioning, your throat is likely also to ache frequently. If you want to simultaneously fix your business life and sore throat, choose blue colours for the throat chakra.

Agate Stone

In addition, the loving use of the natural Stone has an effect that increases the energy taken from that Stone. Whether you like the Crystal or not, it still works, whether you believe in the healing crystals.

Before using the Agate stone you bought, you should do energy cleaning. These stones, which exchange energy with each other, should be kept on any soil and be purified of their energy. Afterwards, you can start using it by washing it with water and healing yourself easily.

Agate Stone

Another thing to be very careful about when buying agate stone is whether the Stone is real or not. For this reason, you need to estimate the Stone’s naturalness by paying attention to some simple criteria. It is useful to take advantage of reliable sites when shopping online.

Agate stone is very hard to structure and is not easy to break. However, care should be taken when using it, as it can break into pieces if it falls suddenly on a hard floor. Precautions should be taken against unfortunate situations that can be experienced by placing them in secure places in the houses.

How to Tell if Agate is Real or Fake?

Agate Stone

Many stones on the market look natural but are fake. The Agate stone you buy may also be one of these fake stones. For this reason, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the stones before completing the shopping. Otherwise, you may not see any benefit from the Agate stone.

Generally, it may be sufficient to check the outward appearance of the agate stone. Agate stone has very specific properties.

Agate Crystal

By carefully checking Crystal’s inner and outer colours, You can tell if that Stone is real or fake. All crystals on our website are of real natural structure. For example, Agate has a unique striped structure. They are easily distinguishable from fakes. But some imitations can look very similar to crystals, especially monochromatic ones. Visual methods can be misleading. Agate is a very heat-resistant crystal. When the painted stones are burned with a lighter, they reveal their fakes in 5-10 seconds.

Agate Stone

If the visual methods cannot understand the naturalness of a stone most guaranteed method is to apply to universities. With the examinations made in the laboratories in the archaeology departments, the internal structure of the Stone can be examined without damaging it. In this way, you can know for sure whether it is a natural stone or not.

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What are the Properties and Effects of Agate Stone?

Agate Stone

Agate stone, whose hardness is close to 7, is very hard. Since it belongs to the quartz group, it has a semi-permeable structure. It is a complete therapist. It has powerful, and stress-reducing energy radiates.

It has been used to quench the negative effects of thirst in deserts and hot areas because it creates a cooling effect on the person who uses it.

Agate stones, which strengthen the body, are especially preferred by people who do sports. In addition, people who do difficult professions can make their bodies more energetic and active when they use Agate stone. Since it protects against hazards, it can be kept in high-risk work areas.

Agate Stone

People who want to lose weight or protect their health can use Agate stones. Thanks to this Stone, which accelerates metabolism, oedema becomes easier. While providing a healthy weight loss, precautions are taken against other diseases that may occur in the body.

It is widely used because it has a great effect on children as well. It enables shy and introverted children to be friends more easily. You can observe that the child becomes socialized quickly when any accessory made of Agate is attached to the child.

Agate Stone Usage Areas

Agate Stone

Agate stone, used since the Neolithic ages, has occurred in many areas simultaneously. In historical artefacts, agate stones were processed by ancient people with stunning vivid colours and have survived tens of thousands of years ago.

Agate stone, mostly used in war tools, has been preferred for centuries, especially due to its healing effect in the Middle Ages. The individual’s psychological and physical health problems can be reduced thanks to Agate stone, which is preferred in the right colour.

It is normal to encounter Agate stone in ornaments, accessories, household tools and equipment. The Chinese and Persians kept this Stone in their homes to protect them from natural disasters. Today, it is mostly used as an accessory and carried on the body.

Agate Stone

Another useful feature of agate stone is that it protects against bad energy. Therefore, it can be a wonderful protective natural stone for children and babies. Agate stone, seen in workplaces, homes, cars and other places used by the individual, bonds with people and can protect the person using it like a shield in various diseases and negative situations.

Agate stone also acts as an excellent therapy tool for psychological disorders. Talking about bad memories or events absorbs the dark energy in the environment like a black hole. It helps the person to get rid of them by making peace with the problems within his grasp.

Agate Ritual

Agate Stone

The methods used by stone healers may change periodically. Our research shows that stress reduction rituals with Agate stones have recently increased. You do not need to go to a Stone healer to be healed with Agate. Agate is already a healer who is a therapist. If you want to be Healed, getting close and befriending your Stone is enough. With agate stone, you can perform rituals to reduce stress quickly and easily without paying any money.

Agate Crystal

The most important thing is determining the Agate stone colour the individual needs. In a stress reduction ritual, your body position is very important. It is very important to lie on your back on the bed to calm down. After placing Agate stones in two palms, close your eyes and focus on the energy emitted by the stones. Feel the energy emanating from the palms spreading throughout the body.


Although Blue and Green Agate stones are mostly used in the ritual, the desired colour can be preferred. As a result of the ritual, the person feels calmer, calmer and carefree. With its repetition from time to time, serious reductions in stress levels can be observed.

Agate isn’t the only ritual that can be done to relieve stress. In some health rituals, Blue Agate stone is used with Amethyst stone. Again, the ritual is completed when the individual lies on the bed, closes his eyes, feels the energy, and constructs affirmative sentences within himself.

Which Chakra Is Agate Compatible With?

Agate Stone

Chakras are located in important parts of your body along your spine. If these chakras are weak or damaged, you may experience negative consequences, such as feeling more unstable, lost, unsuccessful and incapable. Agate stone, found in every colour, can suit all your chakras. You can work with all the colours of the agate stone to completely regulate your entire body. The number of chakras is much more, although it is known as 7. And when you guess the agate stone, it appeals to your whole body with its many tones of every colour. To give a brief example,

Purple Agate also harmonizes with the crown chakra in the head area, among the most important chakras. Green Agate has a healing effect on the heart chakra. In this way, it gives the individual the life energy he needs. Similarly, Pink Agate is also effective on the heart chakra. It helps to improve the problems and increase the sense of confidence. It increases the positive energy of the individual due to its soothing effect.

Agate Stone

Using Brown Agate stone is effective on the sacral chakra. It helps open the heart and mind to innovations and helps the person experience a grounding.

Red Agate is like the key to your locked root chakra. Try working with red carnelian agate just once when you feel vulnerable and helpless and experience how it works for yourself.

Blue Agate acts on the throat chakra to help one express himself better. Thus, improvements in communication skills are observed.

Navy Blue Agate harmonizes with the third eye chakra. It has effects such as increased intuition, balancing emotions, and better communication with the universe. It plays an effective role in solving problems by giving individual interior lighting.

Compatible Signs of Agate Stone

Agate Stone

Natural stones do not show the same effect on every individual. Your genetic predisposition and the astrological effects of the rays you receive from the stars and planets are very important. They are also affected by different criteria such as the mineral in the Stone; the area used, colour, size and type of item. One of the simplest criteria to pay attention to is your sun sign and rising sign. Agate blends wonderfully with Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Aries as it is a particularly strong influence in Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Aries.

Agate Crystal

Agate stones can regulate your chakras permanently; It has a healing effect on skin diseases, the evil eye and your metabolism. It reduces the health problems experienced in the stomach and intestines. It is also excellent for providing psychological benefits, reducing stress and regulating the harmony between the individual and the environment.

Agate stone, compatible with other signs besides Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Aries, is a healing tank for everyone. It helps protect everyone’s mental health.

Agate Stone Benefits and Harms

  • It is one of the general health stones. It can initiate permanent healing in your entire body. It can cure you after using it for six months so that you don’t need to use it again.
  • It helps you have a healthy sleep pattern by eliminating your sleep problems. While it has an extra protective effect on the mother and baby during pregnancy, it gives comfort by reducing tension. It also has effects such as balancing blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  • It discharges excess or negative energy into the body, thus removing stress and calming it down. And it helps you act more rationally.
  • It socializes you and helps you adapt to the environment and people. It creates a peaceful structure.
  • It helps to overcome fears and increase courage. It can help you handle things you couldn’t try before with confidence.
Agate Crystal
  • It helps you to develop the power of reason and logic. It strengthens creativity ability. Therefore, it is important for artists and students.
  • It helps to focus attention and act prudently.
  • It helps to protect you against diseases by physically strengthening your body.
  • It relaxes the circulation of lymph.
  • It stabilizes your blood pressure, especially bringing low blood pressure to its normal level. Low blood pressure patients should use especially Red Agate stones. You can choose it as a ring or bracelet.
  • Red Agate is primarily associated with the heart and blood circulation system. It protects the heart and ensures the regular functioning of the blood circulation system. It strengthens the veins.
  • Mossy Agate is beneficial for eye health. It gives sleep. It gives the power to recognize, comprehend and unite the plant and mineral realms.
  • Mossy and blue Agate help you gain the ability to speak and write well.
  • It helps to stop bleeding by providing clotting.
  • You can use it against bad memories that you cannot erase from your mind.
  • Agate is also very successful in having good dreams and dispelling bad dreams.
  • The warm frequency it gives to the parts of the body that are in tension reduces tension.
  • It’s a good pain reliever. It can be used to relieve Body Aches.
  • Children who carry this Stone in their pockets keep them away from negative emotions and arguments.
  • It is believed that especially business people carrying Agate in their trouser pockets will increase financial abundance.
  • Although natural stones are useful, it is not right for some people to use them. It is not recommended to use Red Agate stone, especially for people of advanced age. High Blood Pressure patients and individuals experiencing heart palpitations should avoid Red Agate stones. There is no harm in using the green and blue colour ones.
Agate Crystal
  • People who do not have symptoms such as blood pressure, allergies and heart palpitations can use Red Carnelian Agate with peace of mind. It can be carried continuously as it brings both physical and spiritual healing. The fact that it is used as an ornament in rooms that are used constantly is good for the evil eye, stress and health problems.
  • If there is a problem in your internal organs, agate stone, similar to your organ in colour and shape, can heal your disease. In ancient sources, agate stone was used this way to treat disease.
  • It improves the mental and logical power of the individual. It relieves stress by giving physical comfort. In addition, Agate stone has a socializing effect by beautifying human relations.
  • Agate stone, which has a relieving effect on chronic diseases, is especially good for stomach pains. It leads to a healthier life by reducing the complaints experienced for a long time. In addition, for bone pain, it is recommended to use Agate stone accessories close to the area where the pain is experienced.

Where to Put Agate Stone at Home?

Agate Stone

Agate stone, one of the natural stones with the most beautiful appearance and patterns, only needs to be in one room to have an effect. The effect also increases when placed in different parts of the house. In this way, it is possible to eliminate many negative emotions and thoughts, especially stress and fear.

Agate leads you to success as it increases your vitality. Therefore, it can be placed on the desks in study rooms or offices. In addition, for children to be more successful, they should be placed in a visible place in their rooms. It should be placed in living rooms and living rooms to spend pleasant moments in bedrooms to eliminate sleep problems.

Where is Agate Stone Sold?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Is Agate Stone?


Agate stones are suitable for all budgets. The price will, of course, vary depending on the size of the Stone. You can buy small tumbled agate stones starting at $5. However, prices may increase depending on household goods, accessories and other special orders.

The prices of Agate stones to be purchased are not very high, but imitation stones are cheaper than natural stones. For this reason, stones that are below the normal price range should not be purchased. In addition, the prices of Agate stones vary according to their colours.

Agate Stone Care and Cleaning


It is necessary to show sufficient care to the Agate stone used and to pay attention to the cleanliness of the Stone. Agate stone shows the feature of being constantly affected by the environment as it changes the energy in the environment. It reflects its effect much better if it is cleaned and cared for.

Make use of water, sun and soil while maintaining and cleaning. After this maintenance takes 1 – 1.5 hours on average, Agate stone becomes as clean as the first day. This cleaning is related to both the outer surface and the energy it emits.


Agate stone, which should be kept under running water for more than 15 minutes, destroys the negative energy it carries with the water flow. Instead of water, soaking can also be done on the soil. Staying on the soil for more than an hour allows negative energies to be transferred to the soil.

If both conditions cannot be met, the Agate stone should be kept under the sun for a while. The sun plays a very effective role in cleaning the Agate stone. Since it reflects the light, it is ensured that the negative energies are mixed into the air. Thus, Agate becomes as effective and clean as the first day.

Interesting Facts About Agate


We have said that Agate stones, which can be used in almost every area, show different effects according to their colours. Although the structure of the Stone is the same, it is understood that it spreads different energies only by changing its colour. For this reason, choosing the colour that will bring the most healing to the person when purchasing the Stone is important.

Agate stone was also used in ancient times as it was good for many psychological problems. Women believed they could eliminate their problems, especially by choosing natural stones as accessories. For this reason, the use of Agate stone instead of precious metals has become widespread in some periods.


According to some rumours, the Agate stone was used by important people and people who held positions in the state. This Stone was often found engraved in rings. The shape of the ring served as a seal in the letters used between states or while giving some important duties.

Using Agate stone in Babylon was very common because it was believed to protect the person. For this reason, it was found in almost everyone’s home. Especially those with dangerous professions would carry Agate stone on themselves for protection and would not remove it unless they had to.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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