How should we use healing crystal bracelets?


Among the most curious about healing stones, “How can we use crystals more effectively?” and “How should we use the healing crystal bracelets?” questions are included. The more we are closer to the crystals, the more effective they are, but proximity is a relative concept and can vary according to a person’s power of focus. We want to say that the interaction’s strength primarily determines the strength of the connection we establish with the crystal. Second, placing the crystal in the chakra area where it works most effectively strengthens the interaction.

The palm chakra is located from the fingertips to the elbow. The healing crystal bracelets we use primarily interact with our palm chakras. Therefore, our palm chakras have an important place in the process of interacting with crystals. Almost all of us have one hand that we use more actively than the other. If we are right-handed, we actively use our right hand and support our right hand with our left hand. It’s the opposite of left-handers. At this point, we need to know that our active hand is in the donor position, and our passive hand is in the receiving position.

The life energy entering our body moves from the earth to the sky. If we look at our chakras, the energy enters through our Gaia Gateway chakra and leaves our Stellar Gateway chakra after passing through all chakras. Our palm chakras support this process.

For this reason, our suggestion is to use chakra stones that have a stronger connection with our physical body and the earth in our passive hand and use chakra stones that have a stronger relationship with our spiritual body in our active hand. Suppose we wear physical chakra stones in our active hand rather than spiritual chakra stones; it can be causing neutralization or inhibition in the energy flow, making the interaction inefficient. For example, if we wear the Hematite bracelet in active hand, it may turn off our metaphysical awareness.

We can use the stones of our heart chakra and palm chakra on both hands because these chakras can always work constructively. Unless otherwise stated, we recommend that you use the bracelets as follows.

It is necessary to evaluate the bracelets according to their chakras, not their colors. Because some stones with the same color may belong to different chakras, in fact, if we are to give more details, we should choose first according to the desired benefit and then according to the chakra that brings out that benefit in the most effective way.

Some crystals work effectively on all chakras so that we can wear them on both of our arms. In these cases, what matters is our intended use. Use the tables on each crystal’s own page to determine the chakra suitable for our use.

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Chakras and colors of crystals that we can wear to our active hand:

Stellar chakra: white, clear, silver, gold, deep violet
Soul Star chakra: magenta, white, black
Crown chakra: purple, lavender, white
Soma chakra: white, lavender, ultraviolet, blue
Third Eye chakra: indigo
Alta Major chakra: magenta, green
Throat chakra: blue, turquoise

Chakras and colors of crystals that we can wear in both active and passive hands:

Higher Heart chakra: pink, purple, gold, blue
Heart Chakra: green, pink
Heart Seed chakra: pink, light blue, white
Spleen chakra: green
Palm chakra: red, blue, silver-white, gold-white

Chakras and colors of crystals that we can wear in our passive hand:

Solar Plexus Chakra: light greenish-yellow, yellow
Dantien chakra: reddish-orange, amber
Sacral Chakra: orange
Base chakra: red
Knee chakra: tan, multicolor
Earth Star chakra: brown, maroon, dark gray
Gaia Gateway chakra: brown, black, silver, gold

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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    Palm chakra? Knee chakra?

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    • Yes, it looks a bit complicated but actually, it isn’t. A little familiarity will be enough. We aim to get the maximum benefit and not be harmed. If you write us your desire, we would love to help.💕🥰

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