Which Natural Stones Absorb Negative Energy?

Stones That Absorb Negative Energy

Stones for Negative Energy

Eliminate bad vibrations with these powerful healing stones for negative energies. With the seven negative energy stones listed below, you can protect yourself and remove negative energy from your aura field, home or workplace!

Negative energy, bad vibrations and unwanted energy are all around us. They are a part of life; however, you can reduce the negative energy you come into contact with and prevent it from entering your energy field. This is important if you are sensitive to energy.

Where Do Negative Energies Come From?

Negative Energies

Negative feelings and thoughts are normal and part of life’s ups and downs. Negative energies can also sometimes be generated by our thoughts and mood. Bad points; can also be created by our friends, family, or social interactions during arguments and disagreements.

We get negative energies from the environments and places we are in. Regardless of origin, negative energy circulates and accumulates over time. When it gets concentrated, it affects your mood and lowers your vibration. It can cause obstacles or bad luck in our lives. And you don’t need it!

Why Should Negativity Be Cleared?

negative energy

When your energy is clean and clear, your mind is also clear. You’ll feel better too. And we all have the right to get rid of what we don’t need.

There are many ways to clear negative energy, but Stones for Negative Energy are wonderful. Because they can act as a filter for bad vibrations and reduce the effects of these vibrations, gemstones can protect you from negativity before they enter your energy field.

How to Use Natural Stones to Clear Negativity?

negative energy

There are several ways to use stones that absorb negative energy. Firstly, You can sweep a stone from your energy field. You can start from the top of your head, work your way down, and then all over you.

You can carry one of the stones listed as stones that absorb negative energy in your pocket, wear it as a necklace, keep it at home in a small pouch or carry it in your wallet. This places the stone’s energy in your energy field throughout the day. Another way is to place natural stones in the space to clear the negative energy around the house or room.

Do Stones Need to be Cleaned?


Definitely! All gemstones absorb negative energy over time. For these natural stones to work properly, they need to be cleaned regularly. They must be cleaned periodically to work properly, including self-cleaning stones like selenite. Air and water filters need to be maintained to work well.

Stones That Absorb Negative Energy

Natural stones and crystals provide spiritual protection and support at many points. For example, it secures your aura by protecting you against negative energies, feelings and thoughts of the people around you, such as jealousy, envy, and anxiety.

A similar effect can occur in stressful areas. Natural stones can protect both the mind and the spiritual space against rising tension and increased stress levels during moments such as workplaces, tense meetings, a long queues. They also provide great benefits in protecting from negative entities and energies during astral travel.

Selenite Stones for Negative Energy

A clear and bright stone, selenite is a high-vibration stone filled with moonlight and divine energy. It is known as a deep cleansing and negative energy-absorbing stone. It surrounds its user with a protective white light. Clearing the energy field removes negative energies from you and your environment.

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Black Tourmaline Stones for Negative Energy

An article about stones that absorb negative energy would not be complete without mentioning black tourmaline. This black-coloured stone helps to strengthen the energy field against harmful energies. It can neutralize negative energies around you. It works very well when used with selenite stone.

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Blue Kyanite Stones for Negative Energy

This gemstone is like a filter for the etheric body. It acts as a buffer against toxic energies around your energy field. Known for its calming effects, blue kyanite; is another high-vibration spiritual stone worth exploring. This silver-blue stone is connected to Archangel Michael and his protective energy against lower vibrations.

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Smoky Quartz Stones for Negative Energy

Smoky quartz is a powerful protector against negative energies. It absorbs negative energy, clears it and sends it back to the depths of the earth. This stone offers a grounding and safe protective energy around you and your home.

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Halite Stones for Negative Energy

Halite is the mineral name for natural salt crystals. This stone is the same as the pink stone used in Himalayan salt lamps and candles. These large salt crystals are excellent cleansers of harmful energy in the home or any environment. They absorb and clean the power of the area where they are placed. They will do this even when they are turned off.

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Amethyst Stones for Negative Energy

Amethyst is another natural stone with high vibrational energy. Purple-coloured amethyst; transforms negative energies that are accidentally or intentionally directed at you. This stone; is good for psychic protection and healing and helps balance your home’s energy.

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Shungite Stones for Negative Energy

Found in Russia, this gemstone is best known for its shielding from electromagnetic frequencies. The deep black of shungite will act as a black hole and absorb negative energy, almost completely removing it. It will also absorb the negative electricity of your devices such as mobile phones and computers.

shungite Stones for Negative Energy


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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