Hemimorphite Crystal (The Empathy Stone)

What is Hemimorphite?

hemimorphite crystal

You will get lost in various shades of blue in the Hemimorphite Crystal. This is a crystal with such soft energy that it calms you down. The word Hemimorphite is a word of Greek origin. It is obtained by combining the words half and shape. The reason why this stone is named Hemimorphite is that there is a different shape in each corner. Hemimorphite is usually located with zinc deposits and has been called by its name for many years. For this reason, it can be referred to as Hemimorphite Calamine or Electric Calamine.

What Does Hemimorphite Crystal Mean?

hemimorphit crystal

Hemimorphite, which stands out with its development of empathy, is a crystal in the zinc silicate group. It has a very diverse structure thanks to its different colors. Although it was recorded in the 19th century, it is known that it began to be used in earlier periods. The purpose of existence is to maintain the balance of nature and to increase the amount of positive energy in the environment by attracting negative energy.

Hemimorphite Crystal Formation

hemimorphite crystal

The formation of a Hemimorphite Crystal takes millions of years. For this reason, it is one of the stones that have existed since ancient times but took time to discover. The first step of its formation begins with the rise of magma to the earth’s surface. The subsequent reactions form properties such as shape, size, color, and structure.

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The Hemimorphite Crystal is precious as it works on energy. It gained this feature thanks to the magnetic effects it was exposed to during the formation process. Therefore, it is one of the stones that should be used continuously because it benefits people and every creature in nature. Moreover, because it is rare, it is one of the indispensable pieces of collectors.

Where Does Hemimorphite Crystal Occur?

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Hemimorphite Crystal can be mined from different parts of the world, but since its reserves are not very large, it is in the rare stone group. It can be extracted from Austria and South Africa, especially America and China. It is known that Hemimorphite Crystal can be mined from England, Poland, and Thailand at lesser points. Received products may be in natural masses, or they may be already processed and made into accessories. Since it is a rare stone, it must be cautious in its removal, transportation, processing, and use.

Considerations When Taking Hemimorphite

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Paying attention to specific elements when purchasing the Hemimorphite Crystal will benefit users in the future. The first is that the Crystal is purchased from stores that have proven to be reliable. The reliability of the stores not only reduces the risk of counterfeit crystals but also facilitates the exchange or return of defective products. This way, possible conflicts between the user and the seller are prevented.

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To benefit from the energies and beautiful effects of natural stones, it is necessary to continue using them for a long time. Although they are only starting to take effect at the first touch, all their benefits can only be reached with regular use. For this reason, the person should choose the models he likes and can use them constantly. Otherwise, Hemimorphite will not be able to meet the expectations due to user error.

hemimorphit raw

Since Hemimorphite is a solid natural stone, it may get tired from time to time and need rest. At such times, it can be ensured that the stone rests and returns to its former state by taking care of it. Furthermore, since it has a natural structure, it is possible to use Hemimorphite for many years without wearing it out by regular maintenance.

How to Tell if Hemimorphite is Real or Fake?

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It is possible to encounter imitations of the Hemimorphite Crystal, although only sometimes. Therefore, learning how to decide whether the Crystal is real or fake is necessary. First of all, it is necessary to make evaluations by looking at the physical properties of the Crystal. If the examined Crystal’s color, brightness, crystal structure, and shape are not suitable for the Hemimorphite Crystal, it is possible to understand from the first moment that it is fake.

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The internal and external structure of the Hemimorphite Crystal is in harmony with each other. Therefore, its internal structure should be crystalline and the same color as its exterior. To evaluate this, it is necessary to compare by breaking a part of the Crystal, but stone breaking is only suitable for some accessories and items. Therefore, it is more correct to try it on products with more than one Crystal, such as necklaces, rosaries, and bracelets.

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Since Hemimorphite Crystal is resistant to heat, it can be distinguished from fakes by being fired. If there is no change in the burned stone for a short time, it can be decided that it is natural. On the other hand, if results such as melting, flowing, yellowing, or burning the paint on the outside are obtained, it is understood that the Crystal is fake. Also, since the Hemimorphite Crystal should be cold at room temperature, checking its temperature before touching it helps to identify if it is fake.

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What are Hemimorphite Crystal Properties and Effects?

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Hemimorphite Crystal, with a score close to 5 on the hardness scale, is a medium-hard stone. For this reason, its shaping, extraction, and crystallization should be handled by experts only, as it requires attention. It has a glassy and silky shine. Since it has a striated and fine crystalline structure, it can occur in an opaque or transparent form.

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There are Crystal and spherical types of Hemimorphite Crystal, but both have the same properties. However, their external appearance differs due to their reactions during the formation process and the area in which they are formed. It is called Hemimorphite because different shapes are formed even at the ends of a single mass. Since it contains zinc, silicate, oxygen, and hydrogen in its structure, it is beneficial to contact with the skin.

Hemimorphite helps to open the chakras as it clears the negative energies in the body. It increases the joy of the environment by making people more optimistic. It is a very effective natural stone in overcoming difficult times more efficiently, reducing stress, and eliminating traumas’ effects.

Hemimorphite Crystal Usage and Usage Areas

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Hemimorphite Crystal, which is among the rare stones, is not suitable for use in commercial areas. It is very costly to process due to both its structure and scarcity. For this reason, Hemimorphite is only included in producing accessories or ornaments. It can also be purchased in small batches by collectors or natural stone enthusiasts.

Hemimorphite Crystal, which balances emotions and fights against stress, is important in psychology. Helping people to relax helps to solve many mental problems. For this reason, it is especially suitable for treating depression and anxiety disorders. Furthermore, in psychotherapies, when the person is with him, it has an effect that strengthens the relationship between the expert and the client.

hemimorphite crystal raw

The Hemimorphite Crystal in alternative medicine helps maintain the health of the body. Since it has an effect that strengthens the immune system, it reduces the risk of catching infectious diseases, especially in seasonal transitions. In addition, it supports the treatment by accelerating the healing process of the already treated diseases. It can also be a natural pain reliever for stress-related stomach and headaches.

Hemimorphite Crystal Ritual

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Hemimorphite Crystal is suitable for use in many rituals as it is an emotional healer. It can show love, family, bilateral relations, and energy-clearing improvements. Moreover, being an Empathy Crystal helps people understand each other. In this way, it is very effective in solving problems, strengthening bilateral relations, and deepening ties of love.

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Hemimorphite Crystal performing the ritual that will attract love and affection to life and help to love all people because they are human. Hemimorphite, combined with the energy of the chakras, removes negative thoughts from the mind. It allows the person to feel comfortable and fresh, to end his troubles, and always encounter good energies.

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Men can also use the Hemimorphite Crystal as it balances the feminine and masculine energies. Before going to sleep, it is necessary to touch the Hemimorphite Crystal and place it in the chakra area with which it is compatible. In the meantime, it is essential to focus on one’s wishes and to think only positive sentences in his mind. It makes another energy feel as if there is a second person in love rituals.

Which Chakra Is Hemimorphite Compatible With?

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Specific points of the body represent important energy centers known as chakras. These centers are cleared of bad energies with the energy transformation of the Hemimorphite Crystal. This way, energy channels are opened, helping the chakras work better. Therefore, the Hemimorphite Crystal, which has an indirect effect on all chakras, is considered harmonious, mainly because it establishes good relations with the third eye chakra.

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The third eye chakra, also known as the forehead chakra, is located between the two eyebrows. If the Hemimorphite Crystal comes into contact with this area, it begins to open over time. Thus, it becomes possible to observe and experience the effects of the chakra in a short time. It has effects such as developing intuition, strengthening the sixth sense, insight into events and recognizing bad people at a glance.

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The forehead chakra is a very useful chakra when it comes to dreams. It helps in ending the nightmares seen. Supporting the individual to create a sleep pattern allows them to wake up vigorously even with little sleep. In addition, it is among the effects of the forehead chakra that dreams gain meaning, begin to be remembered, and contain divine messages.

Other chakras where the Hemimorphite Crystal is considered semi-harmonious are the heart, throat, and crown chakras. Thanks to the negative energies it purifies, it enables these chakras to be opened, thus allowing people to heal materially and spiritually. Hemimorphite is a shield that protects people from bad situations, as it always invokes the good.

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Compatible Signs of Hemimorphite Crystal

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Libra and Hemimorphite are in almost perfect harmony. Sign and Crystal features complement each other. This way, feelings such as halfness, deficiency, and excess felt by the Libra sign using the Hemimorphite Crystal will end. Because of the sound effects it creates, it becomes more accessible than before to catch success, love, and happiness.

Hemimorphite Crystal can be used by all zodiac signs, even if it is compatible with Libra. Since there is no such criterion in the use of the Crystal, those not Libra can also benefit from the effects of the Hemimorphite Crystal whenever they want. This is because the Hemimorphite Crystal, which exchanges energy not only with humans but also with all nature, does not act depending on the characteristics of humans while continuing its work.

Hemimorphite Crystal Benefits and Harms

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Hemimorphite Crystal, formed as a part of nature, has no known harm. However, while it benefits people and nature, it can get tiring from time to time. In these cases, it should be understood that the time for care has come since the sufficient effect cannot be obtained. Hemimorphite, which returns to its original state after the care, has no other adverse effects.

Hemimorphite Crystal is good for fatigue and insomnia by giving vitality and energy to the person. It enables the positive energy in the person to be released and directs them to do more fun activities. It is suitable for childhood and adolescence as it helps spiritual and personal development. It is also suitable for hormonal disorders that may occur during this period.

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Hemimorphite, which helps spiritual integration, provides effective changes by taking the help of the chakras. It brings success in artistic fields as it develops imagination. It effectively develops visual abilities, strengthens the sixth sense, and eliminates attention deficit. In addition, strengthening self-confidence and having the strength to stand alone are among the features of the Hemimorphite Crystal.

Hemimorphite, which strengthens the immune system, protects from infectious diseases experienced during seasonal transitions. It helps the circulatory system and the heart by cleaning the blood. It is among the natural stones that protect from cancer because it makes cellular regeneration. It also accelerates this process by regulating the appetite for weight gain and loss.

Where to Put Hemimorphite Crystal at Home?

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An effective grounding Crystal, Hemimorphite reduces negative energies in any area it is in. For this reason, it is a preferred natural stone, especially in homes and workplaces. Even if it is only in one corner of the house, it ensures that the entire household is under the positive influence. Thus, the concepts of success, victory, happiness, and peace become indispensable in the house.

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The area where the Hemimorphite Crystal will be placed should be chosen depending on the intended use. For example, if it is primarily for individual use, it should be in private rooms. However, the point to be noted is that the Crystal should not be placed in a closed area. Its presence in closed cabinets, drawers, boxes, or hidden places overshadows the energy conversion it will make and causes its benefits to be invisible.

It can occur in children’s rooms as it supports their mental and physical development. However, placing them on high cabinets is better so young children do not swallow stones. It is also the right choice to have it in the halls and living rooms to strengthen family ties.

Where to Buy Hemimorphite Crystal?

Hemimorphite Crystal is not readily available in the market as it is a rare stone. It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does a Hemimorphite Crystal Cost?

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Hemimorphite is a beneficial stone for humans. For this reason, it is offered for sale to be used in different areas by being included in various items. Since Hemimorphite is a rare stone, it is sold at higher prices than other natural stones. However, since it is not considered a jewel, it is possible to reach models suitable for every budget.

The price of Hemimorphite Crystal may vary according to its color, size, country of origin, and brightness. In addition, factors such as the name of the purchased brand, designer, and place of sale may also cause prices to increase. Generally, multi-stone models such as bracelets are offered for sale more expensive than necklaces and earrings.

Hemimorphite Crystal Care and Cleaning

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Since Hemimorphite Crystal is a product of nature, natural products are needed in its care. Due to its medium hardness, it is usually purged of its energy by being buried in the ground. In cases where it cannot be buried, it is possible to keep it on the soil to receive sunlight. After this care, which lasts for about half an hour, the Crystal features begin to be seen better.

It can be used after keeping it in a glass of water overnight. You can click to read the cleaning of crystals in detail.

If you can’t get help from water or soil for maintenance, moving the sage incense over the Crystal for a few minutes is sufficient. Another natural stone with an intense energy conversion will also attract negative energies to itself, thus allowing the Hemimorphite Crystal to be purified. All maintenance methods should be applied once a week or once a month, depending on the frequency of use of the Crystal.

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Exciting Facts About Hemimorphite

Hemimorphite Crystal has intangible benefits as it is a very successful stone in strengthening emotions. For this reason, psychics and fortune tellers believe to be more successful by taking solid energy from Hemimorphite.


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