Howlite (The Stress Stone)

What is Howlite?

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Howlite stone, which maintains its importance among natural stones, has become very popular recently. Because it is a stress stone, it is preferred by people who need relaxation of their minds. The fact that it effectively reduces problems by giving a person spiritual calmness causes it to be called the stone of peace and calm.

What Does Howlite Stone Mean?

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Howlite occurs naturally in nature and is an energy-balancing stone. It attracts the negative energies existing in the environment and causes an increase in the rate of positive energy. Thus, it makes people feel more comfortable and calm. Therefore, it is one of the stones used with great love by its users, as its spiritual value is priceless.

Howlite Formation

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Since the formation of howlite stone dates back millions of years, it is mentioned that there was a time when people did not even exist. During the volcanic events experienced at that time, the magma that came to the surface underwent some reactions and formed the properties of the stone. Especially the chemical reactions with Calcium and boron determine the properties of howlite stone.

Howlite stone, which affects energies, owes this effect to the magnetic effects it has seen during its formation. Thanks to the magnetic effects it sees, it is one of the stones that undertake the task of protecting the energy balance of nature. In this way, it benefits all living things, especially humans. But, unfortunately, being in the environment causes bad energies to be drawn towards the Howlite stone and lost.

Where Does Howlite Occur?

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Howlite, which is very common around the world, is reached from the states of Arizona and Nevada in the United States. It is exported to many countries as it has vast reserves in these regions. There are also large reserves of Howlite, known as Howlite, in Canada. Since it is a brittle stone that makes it difficult to remove, it passes through the hands of experts. It is easily separated from other stones thanks to its marble-like patterns.

Things to Consider While Buying Howlite

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There are issues to consider when purchasing natural stones. The first of these is to shop from trusted stores. The fact that the shopping is safe indicates that the Howlite stone purchased is genuine, that defective products are not sold, and that refunds or exchanges can be made if necessary. For this reason, buying cheap from unknown places is not correct.

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Howlite has many positive effects on human health. It is always preferred because it gives healing to diseases, resistance to the spirit, and calmness to the mind. In this respect, it is more correct to buy the stone by learning about its effects and benefits. When it is taken by looking at which diseases and areas it affects, it becomes easier to notice its properties.

Natural stones such as Howlite that can transform energy need maintenance from time to time. For this reason, it is preferred that people who can use it carefully. Otherwise, the effect of Howlite will not be observed after a few weeks.

How to Tell if Howlite is Real or Fake?

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Howlite, which is very common, has a low market value. For this reason, it is not usually sold as a fake stone. People who are experts in natural stones can distinguish between the real and the fake, even just by touching them. If the Howlite stone is to be purchased for the first time, it must be proven with some tests whether it is accurate.

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The most effective method to show that Howlite is real is to break a part of the stone. While trying this method, care should be taken that it is a multi-piece such as a bracelet or a rosary. Otherwise, the aesthetic beauty will deteriorate, or the purchased item will become unusable. However, if the inside of the stone is white and black patterned like the outside, it is understood that it is accurate. In addition, since it is a fragile stone, it can be decided by looking at the strength of the blow that will break it.

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Howlite is a stone that is resistant to heat thanks to the chemical reactions it undergoes. Since it is cold at room temperature, it should feel cool to the touch. In addition, it is not possible to change color, peel, or melt when fired. If the mentioned situations are not observed, it can be decided that the stone is natural.

What are the Properties and Effects of Howlite Stone?

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Howlite has a very natural appearance thanks to its marble pattern and opaque appearance. Since it has a porous structure, it can easily break against impacts. Since its value is close to 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, it is used in souvenirs or decoration products rather than accessories.

The most considerable effect of Howlite is to reduce stress both in the individual and the environment. It is preferred in business meetings, meetings, important days and exams. When used regularly for a long time, it enables the individual to cope with stress and overcome anxiety. It also has positive effects on mental illnesses as it provides general relaxation.

Howlite Stone Rough Mass

Howlite stone, which contains Calcium, boron, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen, is rich in minerals. Mainly thanks to the Calcium in it, it has positive effects on the growth and development of children. Furthermore, since it supports bone health, it accelerates the healing of fractures and dislocations. In addition, it strengthens the joints and prevents calcifications that may occur in these areas.

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Howlite Stone Usage and Usage Areas

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Howlite is a natural stone sold in its natural state because it has recently become popular. Imitations are rare because imitation stones are produced by dyeing Howlite. However, it is sold from time to time because it looks like turquoise stone, especially when it is painted blue. Since it is a natural stone, it does not lose its effects when painted.

Another area of ​​use for Howlite is medicine. Although it is not a treatment method that doctors use directly, it is preferred against diseases known to be good among people. It is one of the first stones to be applied, especially in conditions related to the skeletal system. In addition, Howlite has an effect that strengthens the immune system.

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Since it is a stress stone, Howlite can be preferred as a solution center for mental illnesses and troubles. This is an indication that it is also used in the field of psychology. It is effective in recovering from disorders such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive disorder. While contributing to reducing symptoms, it makes the treatment method more effective.

Howlite Ritual

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Howlite can be found in all rituals, especially energy cleansing and stress relief. It can be a supporting stone in bilateral relations, family, career, and money. Since its general effect is on relieving the soul, it does not need a particular time in the rituals to be performed.

The ritual must be performed in a quiet setting, lit by candlelight. Distractions should be removed from the person to ensure concentration. If Howlite is kept in contact with the skin, it can feel its effect better. In addition, it increases the ritual’s effect by attracting the area’s negative energies.

Howlite Stone Sphere

In rituals made with Howlite, it is necessary to accept that the stone is a guide. Therefore, engaging the mind with good thoughts is essential by focusing on the positive energies it radiates. The fact that the individual starts the ritual by knowing what he wants helps the Howlite stone to work decisively. At the end of about 20 minutes, the ritual is completed and begins to show its effect quickly.

What Chakra Is Howlite Compatible With?

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Chakras represent important energy centers located in certain parts of the body. The occurrence of blockages in these centers from time to time causes the chakras to be closed and unable to show their effects. Howlite can benefit all chakras by opening energy pathways. It is considered attuned to these chakras as it shows the highest effect for the crown and third eye chakras.

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The crown chakra is a chakra that represents one’s consciousness. It begins to open by placing the Howlite stone at the top in the head area. In this way, it helps the person to reach themself and learn what they expect from life, where they want to be, and what paths they should draw for the future.

The third eye chakra opens when the Howlite stone is placed between the two eyebrows. Making the person’s sixth sense more robust shows its first effect. As it ensures that the inner voice always reveals the truth, the individual does not make mistakes in essential matters. Furthermore, since it effectively understands what people think and feels, it prevents the individual from being used emotionally.

Compatible Signs of Howlite Stone

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When natural stones exchange energy, they do not look at what features people have. For this reason, every zodiac sign owner can use Howlite and see its benefits. As with any zodiac sign, individuals of all ages and genders can freely use Howlite.

Since Howlite can better affect Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo signs, it is compatible with them. The most significant influence on the Leo sign is finalizing the identity search. In addition, supporting his leadership qualities prevents him from fighting stress when he leads. Finally, its calming feature leads the Leo sign to permanent success.

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The Howlite stone, compatible with Scorpio, enables the fighting scorpion spirits to win their wars. He protects himself from wrong decisions, not letting greed blind his eyes. It increases the attractiveness of individuals and allows them to be noticed by others. Howlite supports Scorpio to communicate with reliable and quality people.

The most damaging features of Sagittarius are that they act on their emotions, and they should not be aware of this situation. When Howlite is used, a balance is established between heart and logic. Thus, Sagittarius’ emotions such as optimism, compassion, and love, are prevented. It also has the effect of preparing for the future by learning from the past.

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Howlite Stone Benefits and Harms

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Howlite is suitable for use in all age groups and genders. It is known to provide benefits because it supports the growth period of babies and children. For this reason, it is impossible to talk about any damage to Howlite stone. It has only benefited as it protects the individual from foul words and thoughts in the environment.

Howlite helps to achieve success in different areas as it psychologically relaxes the person. It strengthens the bonds established with people by improving the person’s communication skills. It acquires features such as expressing oneself, conveying thoughts more efficiently, and listening to the others. It shows a way to overcome the difficulties experienced and produce a solution in the face of difficulties.

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Howlite, which has many physiological effects, protects against diseases as it regulates the hormonal system. In addition, since it purifies the blood and internal organs from toxins, it facilitates purification from harmful foods and beverages. In this way, it increases the effect of diets made to gain and lose weight. Because it contains Calcium, it also benefits teeth and bone health.

One of the critical effects of Howlite is to develop artistic sensitivity. It enables the individual to express himself better in the works of art he has created, as it enables him to use his imagination better. It also destroys the sense of selfishness that people have and makes them more loving, sharing and empathetic individuals.

Where to Put Howlite Stone at Home?

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The areas where the Howlite stones, bought as ornaments, will be placed should be carefully selected. It should be kept in open boxes, cabinets or drawers, as energy conversion needs to be effective. It is essential to keep it wrapped in a soft cloth when not in use in order not to damage its outer surface.

Howlite, which is a stress stone, should generally be left in environments where stress is intense. It should be placed in the house’s most used areas to end the family’s tensions. Unbreakable items can be placed under the pillow to solve the problems between spouses. It can be kept in study rooms, library shelves or study desks to relieve work and school stress.

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Where is Howlite Stone Sold?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How much is the Howlite Stone Price?

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Howlite, one of the ornamental stones, is available at very reasonable prices. It can be used to make imitations of expensive stones because it is sold cheaper than average natural stone prices. It is recommended for those who want to buy natural stone for the first time because it is suitable for every budget.

Different criteria affect the prices of howlite stones. These criteria may increase or decrease depending on the stone’s color, size and design. In addition, prices may vary depending on other materials used with it. Although it is a stone that is usually sold cheaply, situations such as which brand is sold, where it is ordered or if it is a unique design can cause an increase in prices.

Howlite Care and Cleaning

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Howlite care and cleaning are separate concepts. While cleaning is used only to clean the dirt on the outer surface, care means clearing the stone of energy. Superficial dirt can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but natural substances are needed to care for the stone. These substances are generally preferred as soil, water or sunlight.

Howlite stone, which has a fragile structure, gets scratched and looks old quickly. For this reason, instead of burying it in dry soil, it would be better to keep it on the soil to receive sunlight. The soil creates a resting environment by attracting the negative energies in the stone in about an hour. This way, the maintenance is completed, and the stone shows better effects than before.

The healthiest way to care for Howlite is to keep it under a running water source. With running water’s help, the stone’s destructive energies are removed. Also, leaving it with other natural stones overnight helps Howlite to rest. Finally, bad energies can be removed from the stone with the help of sage incense.

Interesting Facts about Howlite Stone

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India has rich mines from which many natural stones can be extracted. Howlite can also be mined in different parts of India. Discovered in the 19th century, Howlite began to be widely used quickly. For this reason, it has gained importance in rituals and some religious beliefs in India. According to tradition, Howlite is good for the eyes and is said to be effective in psychic states.

Howlite stone creates a marble appearance with its black and white colors and creates resistance against stress. You can approach happiness by gifting yourself a Howlite Stone Natural Stone Mass to reduce the stress you experience on your hard days.


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