Natural Crystals in Brief by Zodiac Sign

Using Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign is a shortcut to healing. Because astrology is related to do with planets, planets with elements, and elements with healing natural crystals. The world is magical, and astrology is the gateway to the cosmic world. We are all made of stardust, and our zodiac sign defines how we perceive things and our behavioral patterns. If you believe in the concepts of astrology and horoscope, then you may be interested in buying natural stones according to your zodiac sign. Remember, if you think in the universe, you can manifest anything you want!

From fire signs to water signs, each character has its characteristics. Therefore, each needs a unique natural stone to enhance its manifestation. Learn more about natural rocks according to the zodiac sign and wear the stones that match your zodiac sign through this prepared guide!

The Best Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

birthstones Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Natural stone astrology works by using specific natural stones for each zodiac sign. Natural stone energy works extensively with astrology. Learning which Crystal is associated with which zodiac sign can help you deepen your basic understanding of natural stone healing. Meditating on specific natural stone energies can help manifest your desires and energize your life. Wearing or carrying clear Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign can promote healing for the mind, body, and spirit!

Stones associated with your zodiac sign are called your “sunstone”. This is because the stone’s energy corresponds directly to the sun’s position concerning the particular character. Therefore, working with your sunstone, more profound intuitive knowledge can help you gain increased personal power. You can find natural stones according to each zodiac sign below…

Aries: “I” (March 21 – April 19)


Element: Iron
Planet: Mars
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Bloodstone, carnelian, citrine

One of the natural crystals for Aries is the carnelian stone. Aries is the sensitive and violent sign of the zodiac world. And the best stone to ground them is carnelian.

Coaches are born leaders. Natural stones as a sign that paves the way for bold choices; they can be a powerful tool to support their courage, ambition, and individuality.

Carnelian encourages you to be more confident in yourself and all your endeavors.
The Citrine Crystal reminds you to choose happiness at every point of your unique life journey.

Taurus: “Mine” (April 20 – May 20)


Element: Copper
Planet: Venus
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Amber, azurite, jade, and pyrite

Taurus, who admires the stylish things in life, is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is very open to love. Therefore, they need rose quartz to keep their hearts safe. This stone opens the heart chakra and attracts the right kind of love into their lives.

Unshakable and strong-willed bulls can benefit from working with Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign that supports their determination and remind them to stop and enjoy.

Jade encourages you to accept the abundance and prosperity in your life.

Pyrite Stone; It helps you attract the success you desire in all areas of your life, especially in your career and financial field.

Gemini: “I think” (May 21 – June 20)


Element: Mercury
Planet: Mercury
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Agate, Citrine, Moonstone, Chrysocolla

Intelligence is the essential characteristic of Gemini. They are obsessed with increasing their knowledge. The natural stone for Gemini can be citrine to enhance learning and memory. They must also use the Agate Crystal for their speaking and writing abilities.

Gemini is a communicative social butterfly. However, their exciting social energies can sometimes prevent them from turning inward. Therefore, Gemini zodiac signs can help them connect with themselves on a deeper level.

The Agate Crystal has a balancing and stabilizing energy that deepens your connection with yourself.

Moonstone will have a balancing and stabilizing energy that deepens your bond with yourself.

Cancer: “I Feel” (June 21 – July 22)


Element: Silver
Planet: Moon
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Moonstone, ruby, jasper, rose quartz

Natural stones for Cancer, who are always inclined to give, give, and give, can remind them that they need to nurture themselves above all.

Cancers feel everything dramatically. On sad days, they become pretty intense.

Jasper encourages you to prioritize yourself.
Rose quartz fills you with loving energy and encourages you to direct at least some of that love toward yourself.

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Leo: “I will” (July 23 – August 22)


Element: Gold
Planet: Sun
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Onyx, carnelian, tourmaline, tiger’s eye

Leo is the sign that achieves everything. But, if you want to bring positivity and creativity into your life, the natural stone of the lion sign is the tiger eye. The tiger eye was created for lions and will help increase their self-confidence.

Leos are creative and highly dependent on their destiny. Therefore, a Leo sign who wants to develop their creative goals can get help from natural stones.

The Carnelian Crystal ignites the creative and passionate nature of lions.
The tiger eye gives you the courage and confidence to pursue your dreams.

Virgo: “I analyze” (August 23 – September 22)

virgo Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Element: Mercury
Planet: Mercury
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Carnelian, jade, jasper, sapphire

Virgo is the most practical sign of the zodiac. He needs to analyze all his actions, as well as other people. Red jasper, as a Virgo natural stone, brings clarity to their lives and is perfect for all Virgos.

Natural stones for Virgo perfectionists will complement and balance your need to improve every aspect of your life.

Jade has a harmonious spirit and encourages you to bask in the abundance of the present moment.
Red jasper motivates you to take action in areas of your life that are ready for improvement.

Libra: “I am in balance” (September 23 – October 22)

libra Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Element: Copper
Planet: Venus
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Opal, peridote, lapis lazuli, turquoise

Great at balancing everything and managing everything perfectly, Libras don’t like to lose but always stay calm. As a Libra natural stone, lapis lazuli is recommended.

Lapis lazuli is like their twin as it creates balance. Wearing a lapis lazuli bracelet is excellent for balancing your energy, which occasionally goes wrong. These peaceful beings seek a life of satisfaction and balance. Libras can connect with natural stones to maintain harmony in their lives.

Turquoise is a master healer that fills you with soothing energy.
The Lapis lazuli Crystal connects you to your inner wisdom as you make decisions and choices to maintain a sense of peace even during significant life changes.

Scorpio: “I want” (October 23 – November 21)

scorpio Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Element: Plutonium
Planet: Pluto
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Aquamarine, topaz, rhodochrosite, malachite

Scorpio people are people who desire all the good things in life. However, Scorpios have hidden negative thoughts that they can clear with obsidian. Scorpio natural stone obsidian is known to remove all negative thoughts and emotions and is, therefore, the right choice for Scorpios!

Dynamic and active, scorpions have a magnetic energy that draws in almost everyone. Scorpio stones can magnify your larger-than-life power and balance your sometimes scary nature.

Malachite will break down the walls you have built around your heart so you can love and connect with those around you.

Rhodochrosite Crystal has such a gentle energy that it can soften your demeanor, especially when meeting new people or navigating conflicts.

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Sagittarius: “I Discover” (November 22 – December 21)

sagittarius Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Element: Spirit
Planet: Jupiter
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Topaz, amethyst, turquoise, citrine, crystal quartz

Sagittarius takes luck wherever they go. As a Sagittarius Natural Crystal, turquoise has been used for ages to attract positivity and bring luck. Therefore, Sagittarians must carry a Turquoise Crystal to maintain their lucky title.

Free-spirited springs have an infectious optimism. Natural stones can increase this joyful energy while keeping you on track.

The Citrine Crystal brings a glow to your soul that illuminates your positivity.
The Crystal Quartz Crystal increases your clarity so you can develop a structured approach to your goals.

Capricorn: “I got it” (December 11 – January 19)

capricorn Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Element: Lead
Planet: Saturn
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Aquamarine, topaz, rhodochrosite, malachite

Capricorn is stubborn. And it always aims to gain prosperity and success.

As a Capricorn natural stone, jade is the only stone that symbolizes prosperity and success. So, for determined Capricorns, what they need most in life may be jade!

Capricorn is an assertive sign. People of this usually results-oriented sign can work with natural stones to make their dreams come true.

Azurite helps you focus on the most important thing.

Garnet fills you with passion and a desire to achieve your goals.

Aquarius: “I know” (January 21 – February 20)

aquarius Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Element: Uranium
Planet: Uranus
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Garnet, amethyst, crystal quartz, opal

Aquarius are fun-loving and free-spirited signs. Being misunderstood is something they always feel. The Aquarius Crystal is aquamarine to connect them to their compassionate and empathetic side.

Compassion is all Aquarius needs to avoid misunderstandings. Therefore, it is recommended that dear Aquarius acquire an Aquamarine Crystal as soon as possible. This innovative zodiac sign is constantly one step ahead of the world, thinking about the next new thing. Aquarius natural stones are the stones that inspire the creative thinking and bold ideas of this sign.

Amethyst connects you to intuition, reminding you to trust your ideas and plans.
Crystal quartz helps you clarify exactly how to turn your creativity into reality.

Pisces: “I Believe” (February 19 – March 20)

pisces Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

Element: Neptunium
Planet: Neptune
Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign: Aquamarine, topaz, rhodochrosite, malachite

Pisces are lazy and sensitive. Amethyst Crystal can protect them from negative vibrations and keep their innocent side alive. As a Pisces natural stone, amethyst will bring the necessary wisdom to Pisces and protect them from negativity!

For these hopeless romantics and dreamers, natural stones can bring them back to Earth from their constant daydreaming.

Bloodstone reminds you to stand up and start taking steps toward fulfilling your fantasies.
The Sodalite Crystal encourages you to communicate your wishes and wishes clearly and understandably.
Tips for working with natural stones for zodiac signs

Find Healing Quickly with Natural Crystals by Zodiac Sign

After discovering the natural stones according to the horoscope, You may want to work with natural stones that correspond to your zodiac sign to help bring clarity, healing, or increased energy into your life. For example, if your sign is Aquarius, you may want to work with a piece of amethyst, moss agate, or opal.

When choosing a crystal, you feel naturally drawn to it and program it with an affirmation that corresponds to your desire. Before programming, be sure to clear your Crystal of stored energies.

Stones Zodiac Sign:

While holding the Crystal, meditate on a sense of well-being and mentally repeat your affirmation. You can also choose to wear it as jewelry throughout the day or carry it in your pocket.

Remember that your skills will improve with practice and exposure to natural stones. After choosing natural stones accordingly, use them with love and compassion, in every way, for the good of all!

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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