What are the Natural Stones to be Used in Difficult Times?

Stones for Hard Times come to your rescue when external factors get heavy and you feel powerless. Stones that create inner strength, courage and calmness in the face of difficulties, unpredictable changes, stress and difficult times; can be very beneficial for your mental, physical and mental health.

Winter Has Come, and You Can Help Yourself With Crystals


We have passed through a time of the pandemic, and now winter is coming again. This winter, as the Healcrystal family, we hope we will not experience another pandemic similar to the covid-19 pandemic. People and families were tested, stable jobs disappeared, and everyone had too much to deal with. We regret to say that the astrological calendar predicts that 2023 will again be quite active in events and developments worldwide. And it is possible to say that almost everyone in the world had a tough three years.

Crystals Are Your Support in Big Challenges

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All of the natural stone suggestions we’ve listed below are possible options you can try. Of course, you don’t need all of them, but feel free to mix them if you want. You can choose the stone according to its properties and intuition. For best results, don’t forget to clean the rocks and program them according to your intent.

Which Stones Should Be Used in Difficult Times?

Natural stones can be helpful in difficult times to help you overcome significant challenges. For example, when you’re feeling stressed or about to lose your cool, you can use these stones to guide you through the chaos.

Amazonite Stones for Hard Times

If you feel stressed and pressured by others, you can try using amazonite stone. A calming stone that can be beneficial in balancing energy and emotions, amazonite will also support you in making you believe in yourself more as you go through tough times in life.

You are known for its calming energy; amazonite stone can bring peace to its wearer. Because it brings calmness, it inspires you to express your inner truth. It is also strongly associated with the Throat Chakra. Wearing an Amazonite necklace gives you healing energy and vibration, allowing you to relax by speaking more during times that may be emotionally difficult.

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Hematite Stones for Hard Times

Do you feel like a chaotic environment in your mind? Hematite stone, to be used in difficult times, can also help rest the mind and disperse energy, besides its many benefits.

Hematite is a grounding stone; While blocking the negative energies entering your energy field, it also helps alleviate your anxiety and worry. This gemstone will give you the inner strength you need to weather storms and increase your resilience.

Hematite stone in therapy with natural stones; has healing power. It revitalizes the administration within its wearer during stress and the shaking of one’s ego. In addition, it is a powerful stone for removing negative energies.

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Bloodstone for Hard Times

Bloodstone Stones for Hard Times

Bloodstone, among the natural stones used in difficult times, is a precious stone that gives courage and strength. Forest green and blood red colour create an inner strength within you to face the difficulties that exist both within and around you. Bloodstone is also a helpful stone for self-healing.

The bloodstone is associated with sacrifice as a reminder of the saying, “life hurts”. Therefore, it is one of the best choices among natural stones to be used in difficult times.

We must not let the struggle of life overwhelm us. Instead, we should embrace it as part of life. For example, wearing bloodstone necklaces and jewellery can be very comforting during intense battles, such as the death of a loved one.

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Labradorite Stones for Hard Times

As a magical stone, labradorite can be your guide stone to use in difficult times. This gemstone changes and changes as you change as a person. It helps you go through life transitions. It is a stone that facilitates personal transformation. If you’re going through a tough time, labradorite helps ward off energies and situations trying to pull you down. In short, it allows you to shine the light inside you.

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Jasper Stones for Hard Times

Jasper stone is also known as “eclipse stone”. In chaotic times and difficult situations, it helps increase the user’s inner strength and balance his energy. During any life changes, you are experiencing, working with this stone can be beneficial. As a result, it helps you adapt quickly to change. Jasper will support you in overcoming fears and help you move forward.

It is a very healing stone that increases courage, vitality and strength. It supports both the physical and mental, and emotional bodies. Jasper stone allows the person to be centered; It will help you stay strong and standing no matter what challenges come your way.

Bronzite Stones for Hard Times

bronzite Stones for Hard Times

Bronzite can be beneficial by increasing one’s determination to face difficulties. This gemstone helps you face and overcome obstacles and blockages to move forward in life. It is also a beneficial grounding stone for protecting your center. Finally, as a stone to be used in difficult times, it can increase your belief in yourself.

Bronzite is beneficial for the Solar Plexus Chakra and is very helpful for difficult times when self-confidence is needed. This chakra governs one’s will. Thanks to its versatile frequency, it keeps its user grounded. It gives you the confidence to make the right decisions and the courage to act on your thoughts and feelings.

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Turquoise Stones for Hard Times

When you need some clarity, you can get help from turquoise stone. This gemstone clears the mind and helps you see the bigger picture of chaos in your life.

The turquoise stone helps the user relax, relieve stress, gain peace and bring serenity to his life. Another significant benefit of a turquoise stone in challenging situations is that it helps strengthen your faith.

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Pietersite Stones for Hard Times

A mysterious-looking stone, pietersite stone, was first discovered around South Africa. Besides its warm fire tones, it is also known for its cold blue colours. This gemstone is an excellent stone to use as you navigate life changes and personal transformation. If you are in the midst of chaos, it can help overcome it and calm down in the storm.

Rose Quartz Stones for Hard Times

Rose quartz, a valuable stone for dealing with stress and anxiety, definitely deserves to be included in the list of natural stones to use in difficult times.

This stone, which is successful in calming the nerves, can be used to consolidate inner peace. This pink form of the quartz stone group is one of the best stones to provide emotional support and relax its wearer. Let this soothing stone dissolve what doesn’t serve you. As a result, you will be able to focus more on taking care of yourself.

Rose quartz stone; It can be used to balance emotional health, clear emotional blockages, and balance the chakras in the body. When you recognize and feel the pure love within you, this pure love energy is what those around you think and react to, most importantly.

It is mighty when used as a necklace and stone in challenging times. Because it is located close to the heart chakra, when this stone is held close to the heart center, it opens up tension in your life and allows it to be released.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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