Natural Stones for Self-Love


Do you have a hard time loving or forgiving yourself, or do you put other people’s needs before your own? These eight natural stones for self-love can strengthen your self-worth and give you a sense of well-being!

Self-love; means honoring your true self with every thought, word, and deed. However, nurturing yourself this way is not always easy. And it can have a profound effect on your life and relationships.


Loving yourself motivates you to take care of your physical and emotional needs. This way, you can make healthy choices and end self-sabotaging behaviors. This also gives you more energy, a positive outlook on life, and self-esteem. As you increase your self-love, you will soon find that your relationships and communication improve, benefiting everyone around you.

Natural stones are great for promoting self-love. Balances energize and support the chakras. In this article, we have listed the natural stones to use for self-love!

What is a Lack of Self-Love?

self love

Do you not feel worthy of love? Do you endure mediocre relationships or allow others to disrespect you constantly?

Breaking with love is the root cause of almost all our problems. It leads to an ordinary life of confining ourselves to boring routines or suffocating relationships and caring more about others.

A lack of self-love is often caused by the notion that “I am not loved”. This is an unreal fear. However, you wouldn’t know it because you were too scared to discover this fear. When you don’t love yourself, you start looking for love outside of yourself, hoping to find someone who can overturn this judgment about yourself. So, how to understand the lack of self-love?


You may be needy if you constantly need a lot of attention, love, or approval from others. Also, because you are highly defensive, it becomes difficult for you to form healthy relationships. People lacking self-love may have an intense fear of gaining weight and often have a distorted self-image.

In addition, these individuals have difficulty communicating effectively with others and lack self-expression skills.

All of these are signs of a lack of self-love. Fortunately, you can reminisce about your love for yourself and increase your self-worth. On this path, some natural stones with their healing powers will be good helpers for you. Here are natural stones for self-love and their uses…

8 Best Natural Stones for Self-Love

The stones we recommend in this list are healing stones that we believe can be beneficial during any spiritual healing practice. You don’t have to have all the natural stones for self-love. Choose the ones that attract you the most and add them to your meditation practices and rituals to help you love yourself!

1-Carnelian Natural Stones for Self-Love

Adding stones related to trust to this list of natural stones for self-love is also essential. Because working on your self-esteem and self-worth dramatically affects your self-confidence.

Carnelian is a striking stone explicitly connected to your sacral chakra, where you hold onto past pain and trauma. Working with him has a fiery energy that will increase your courage.

This stone is beneficial for heightening feelings of self-worth and allowing you to see your true worth. It helps unblock the sacral chakra and is the stone of confidence and courage.

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2-Smoky Quartz Natural Stones for Self-Love

While smoky quartz isn’t directly related to self-love, it is a versatile stone to have in your practices for self-love.

This stone is also excellent for grounding and releasing negative energies. You cannot expect to rise in vibration and feel self-love if you do not remove the low feelings holding you down. Therefore, you must regularly work with this natural stone to keep yourself in high vibration.

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3-Kunzite Natural Stones

kunzite Natural Stones for Self-Love

One of the Natural Stones for Self-Love connected to your heart chakra, Kunzite, is excellent for those who want a greater sense of oneness or wholeness. Kunzite is the stone of emotions; It will help your courage as you work with your feelings to align with those of your heart.

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4-Amazonite Natural Stones for Self-Love

Amazonite is a soothing stone that helps set boundaries, an essential part of self-love. Self-awareness helps to develop rational thinking. Amazonite is also helpful in boosting self-esteem and self-forgiveness. It is also said to calm the nervous system and reduce feelings of anxiety.

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5-Amethyst Natural Stones for Self-Love

Amethyst is a beautiful stone for spiritual self-love. It helps us connect with our higher selves and develop the self-awareness needed to transform into our best selves. It helps to work on shame and fear and brings you into a meditative state.

Amethyst helps you expel all negative energy from your life, including negative thoughts toward yourself. This beautiful stone is associated with the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, both of which help you connect with your highest self and spiritual exploration and enlightenment.

This stone is also excellent for cultivating self-worth through spiritual self-love.

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6-Moonstone for Self-Love

Moonstone is a soft and gentle stone that holds the power of the moon’s feminine energy. It is known as the stone of new beginnings and is associated with the crown chakra.

Working with moonstone helps you feel more self-compassionate. This, in turn, enables you to accept yourself as you become less harsh and kinder towards yourself.

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7-Rhodochrosite Natural Stones for Self-Love

Rhodochrosite Natural Stones for Self-Love

Known as the stone of the compassionate heart, rhodochrosite is a perfect choice in your self-love practice as it aids healing. It heals by focusing on forgiveness and compassion for your inner child. This, in turn, will help you feel a deep sense of self-worth later on that is directly related to self-love.

Rhodochrosite stone; It is associated with the Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, and Heart Chakra. The main focus is to direct love toward the self for healing purposes. Thus, love can then be extended outward. It raises feelings of compassion and forgiveness by helping to heal old wounds, emotions, and traumas to move forward peacefully.

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8-Rose Quartz Natural Stones for Self-Love

pink quartz is known as the “stone of unconditional love”; It is the stone of loving others and yourself. It helps you have self-compassion and love yourself regardless of perceived flaws. Because of these properties, it is an excellent natural stone for self-love meditation and other practices.

It is the best natural stone for self-love as it is associated with unconditional love. Its dazzling pink color is related to the heart chakra and love. This stone is also great for searching for love.

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How to Use Natural Stones for Self-Love

Natural Stones for Self-Love

Now you know some of the best natural stones for self-love. Now is the time to start using them!


While doing the self-love meditation, hold the stone of your choice or place it in front of your mat. If you wish, you can also repeat self-love affirmations to reinforce this feeling.

Working with the Chakras

Self-love is an emotion associated with the heart chakra. Place natural stones in the heart cavity for self-love as you lie down to feel their energies.

​Home Placement

Even placing Natural Stones for Self-Love in your home is a great way to increase the vibration. You can also try creating a sacred space with natural stones and other items that allow you to connect to your heart.

The Manifestation Box

If you are trying to manifest self-love, you can make a manifestation box and put natural stones for self-love in it. This is a great way to maximize your manifestation.

Self-Love Affirmations

When choosing from the self-love stones listed above, you can take advantage of the self-love affirmations before incorporating them into your meditation practice or daily life.

“I’m Grateful”

A sense of Kindness and self-love for yourself can be developed with this mantra. While reaching the highest state of self-love from this mantra, one can also increase self-confidence.

“My True Nature is Joy and Love”

This mantra says, “My true nature is joy and love.” Repeating this mantra while meditating; can be the best source of love, joy, and inner strength. Reciting this mantra in your mind will guide your soul, giving you a sense of true self-love.

“I Feel Love”

It means “I am love.” Repeating this mantra can help you express every possible aspect of love in the universe. It will change how we look at ourselves in a new and endearing way, giving a sense of true self-love. Repeating it daily can help develop a state of deep self-awareness that can help you love yourself more than ever before.

If you want to love yourself, you are not alone. While doing this, do not neglect to adopt practices that heal your soul. Do whatever it takes to love yourself. We hope these self-love stones and techniques bring more love, light, joy, and happiness into your life!


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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