Eliminate Your Concentration Problem With Crystals


Discover the most effective crystals for concentration to make your life easier. Millions of years ago, humanity did not have a concentration problem. People were living with nature. Everywhere was full of stones, crystals, trees, and animals. Living with nature and being a part of it was enough to protect people from the thousands of diseases and accidents we are currently grappling with. Of course, humanity had utterly different problems in ancient times.

Imagine the following situation: When you are running away from a wild animal. The animal wants to eat you alive, and suddenly while running, your attention is distracted by another thing, your eyes caught in a flower. What a beautiful flower! You stopped and smelled it; wait a minute; you wouldn’t do that because nothing might distract your focus from nature life. 

Today, while using metal vehicles that can travel at a 200 km speed per hour, our mobile phone distracts our attention, and we lose our lives. We live in narrow, reinforced concrete houses that look like boxes lined up on the edge of asphalt in our unnatural and gray cities. Of course, stress existed before too, but it was not endless. Today’s constant pressure and stress result in depression. We were under pressure while escaping from the lion, but when we managed to escape from the lion or the moment the lion caught us, our stress was over. These short stresses force us to concentrate, resulting in almost 100% success.


That is how natural life is. The main reason that nothing could distract us was that we could organically find everything in nature. Food, stress, anxiety, and routine were enough of nature for our lives. Nowadays, We have an extreme amount of food, stress, anxiety, and routine. We lose concentration because we are overly exposed to them in our artificial world.

Now we came to the most exciting part. We can eliminate these curses of our artificial world with crystals’ healing energy to eliminate our concentration problem.

Sleep deep enough to clear your mind

If we can’t sleep deep enough, it becomes challenging for us to concentrate.
I was already a person working under extreme stress from my job. Unfortunately, at that time, I was unaware of the healing power of crystals. I could not stand it, so I used sleeping pills as a last resort. I was feeling like I slept for 2 hours after sleeping for more than 12 hours. The drugs increasingly disrupted my brain’s natural dopamine and melatonin systems.

I found stones that I could hold under my pillow; I never used that sleeping pills again after sending my brain the most potent sleep vibrations. I’ve experienced these stones that removed my sleep problems and improved my concentration problem at the same time. These two crystals will be enough for your concentration problems, too.

Pink and Green Fluorite

This is one of the most effective crystals for concentration. We advise you to sleep, leaving yourself in the arms of the guardian angels of Fluorite stone. Although the purple, green, pink ones of fluorite stone are better for sleep, you can put any color of fluorite stone under your pillow. While you sleep, fluorite will eliminate your emotional problems to a clear mind. If you feel melancholic, especially under stress, you should sleep with fluorite that day. Also, if you think people are too overwhelming and you irritate, fluorite will relax you.

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Another important sleeping stone should be a Hematite crystal. Hematite is one of the most potent crystals for concentration. Whatever the source of your trouble sleeping, the hematite crystal will clear it. Don’t be surprised because hematite stone has minerals and frequency to help you do them.

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Discover your passion, and let your life change.

No matter what age we are, we can still discover our passion. It can take years to find our love; unfortunately, people are now getting away from their real passion. The system imposed on us does this. We are forced to focus on something other than ourselves.

To break this situation, we can meditate regularly in daily life, stop and think, and focus on ourselves. Our passion is hidden, especially in our childhood. Once we find it, we will not have any concentration problems.

Red Jasper

For this, you use malachite and jasper together. Jasper stone will accompany you on your inner journey, and malachite encourages you to go to the past. Both are some of the most potent crystals for concentration and help you control your willpower.

Malachite (!) should use during meditation. But Jasper stone works more slowly and finds your passion in your dreams, and you should not take it off even at night. You can use the jasper stone you want.

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Break the excessive self-criticism

Excessive self-criticism poisons our brain and soul, and we can’t concentrate on anything. Jade is one of the most efficient crystals for concentration brings us inner peace by increasing the self-worth we show ourselves. Using a jade necklace or bracelet will completely protect you from the damage of your self-criticism.

If you have excessive self-criticism, as in the title, You should use it with obsidian stone. It will give you the comfort of accepting yourself. While your diligence and strength will increase with obsidian, you get everything you cannot change.

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Snowflake Obsidian

Increase your self-confidence to reach your goals

Our self-confidence directly affects our concentration and keeps us from achieving our goal. There can be many reasons for your lack of self-esteem. Whatever these reasons may be, ruby ​​will help you eliminate them all. When you feel your body energy nearly doubled, that energy is actually “liveness energy.” ruby ​​will give you courage and strength.

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If you have self-confidence problems related to speech, you can use Lapis lazuli stone as a necklace. You can continue to speak, feel more confident, and concentrate after each sentence. It provides making you use your vocabulary much more effectively, especially in public speaking. Lapis Lazuli stone, because it has a very high frequency, should not be used for more than 6 hours.

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Don’t Worry!

Calming down may be the most effective method to solve our concentration problem. That is natural to worry about what we should focus on. It is not the right thing to ignore our worries, but it is not right to destroy them because there may be a danger that our subconscious knows that our higher consciousness has not yet realized.
It would be best if you used agate crystals to turn your worries into “solution keys.” You can use agate crystals you wish for it. As your mind continues to think more calmly, your real problems and reasons will begin to emerge.

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Rest your mind to focusing

At the end of the day, our mind becomes tired of what we consciously record and what we unconsciously record. This fatigue can sometimes be too traumatic to be relieved by sleep. Mental processes may slow down with increasing fatigue. Aquamarine acts as a filter in all this mess, helping you organize your mental processes. When mental confusion is cleared, your concentration problem will disappear. You can use the aquamarine crystal on your desk or bracelet-necklace as jewelry.

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Activate yourself

Black Tourmaline

Sometimes our concentration problem can be psychological and spiritual rather than mental. We may not be able to solve many problems in our minds and still be unable to act. Or we may be greatly influenced by the negative thoughts and behaviors of others about us; in these situations, we may not activate ourselves.

One of the best crystals for this is black tourmaline. It protects you from psychic attacks, bad vibrations, and even the harmful energies of electromagnetic waves by acting as a shield. Black Tourmaline also provides practicality and creativity by helping you use the right and left lobes of your brain together. It activates you by helping you get rid of negative effects easily.

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Overcome your fear of responsibility

One of the reasons for concentration problems may be that our responsibilities are heavy, and we fear them. Magnetite (!) pulls your heavy loads like a magnet, making you feel lighter. Especially in places where you feel under intense pressure, having magnetite stones on your table will reduce your fears and anger.


Magnetite has poles like a powerful magnet and is much more effective than you might think. Using it as jewelry can cause harm. It should not be touched to the head and heart area of your body for more than 5 minutes. Do not use this crystal, especially if you have a pacemaker.

Similarly, you can use a citrine crystal for your fear of responsibility for emotional reasons. It will be more beneficial to use the citrine crystal as jewelry.

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Protect your body balance

Our body is in a state of complete balance from head to toe. Our body temperature is always constant. Even if we lie in a bathtub full of ice, our body temperature is still the same because we start to tremble for our body to keep warm. Likewise, in an environment above the ideal temperature, our body keeps the body temperature constant by sweating. This is called homeostasis. When we have this balance, our concentration problem is solved.

Desert Rose Selenite

Although almost all crystals help you maintain your body balance, some crystals do this much better than others. Desert Rose, one of the most effective crystals for concentration stones, enables you to achieve this balance by cleansing your body of harmful residues.

When you use Desert Rose with Crystal Quartz, they adjust your body’s vibration to adapt to the earth. You balance your body’s inside according to the external environment’s signals, just as you do unconsciously while adjusting your body temperature.

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Get rid of ADHD if you have it

Green Tourmaline

ADHD, known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, can be seen in both children and adults. One of the biggest symptoms is undoubtedly a lack of attention and concentration.

Green tourmaline has a powerful calming energy and can help with this even more than you think. To gather your scattered thoughts in one spot, put the green tourmaline crystal on your forehead, and close your eyes for a few minutes. Swipe down from your forehead and hold it on your eyelids for a few minutes. After a short while, you will see that you are focused on it. It will be more effective to use as jewelry, especially for children.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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