Variscite Meaning and Properties

Variscite Meaning and Properties

Variscite Meaning

Variscite Meaning is more about courage. But that’s not the courage you need to go to war. We mention that It is a deeper and greater courage. For example, the big courage to know yourself comes with Variscite. If you can understand the Variscite Meaning, it touches something deeper in your life. It encourages you to continue on the path of wisdom by causing different meanings, but everything starts with this courage. Let’s get started if you dare!

Known as the stone of courage, variscite stone is known to give self-confidence and encouragement to the person using it. It helps to create an integrative effect on the heart and emotions. It brings harmony and peace to the heart.

Many curious about Variscite Meaning and Variscite Definition want to distinguish variscite from turquoise stone. Variscite stone is rare and looks like Turquoise stone. Turquoise crystals may look variscite, but their healing properties are completely different.

What is Variscite?

Variscite Meaning

What is Variscite? We regret to say that people who ask cannot find much information about variscite definition and variscite healing properties on the internet. We also do our research on Variscite crystal through books. We gathered the details of the meaning of Variscite Meaning from the books.

Most variscite is green in color and occurs in several different shades, with a color range ranging from light green to apple green to a darker green.

There are even some bluish-green stones, and less often they can be white or gray and have brown inclusions and white veins. This is a rare hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral that can occur in Variscite nodules, crusts, or massive form.

Variscite stone is popularly known as the stone of courage. It consists of an aluminium phosphate compound, which has crystallized as masses and is rarely hydrated. Its colour can be turquoise or light green. Some Variscite stones can also be teal in colour. Variscite Stone got its name from the region where it is located.

What is Variscite Meaning?

Variscite Meaning

Variscite Stone gives courage and self-confidence to people. For this reason, it is a frequently preferred stone. It is an extremely precious stone as it occurs rarely. It is generally preferred to be used as an accessory. Variscite Stone Meaning is usually about embarking on things one does not dare. But the variscite meaning begins after gaining courage. Because Variscite is not only a stone of courage, but also a renewer of hope. You embark on a long journey with courage and you need hope to continue on this path. It helps you go within and discover what’s deep within yourself. It is a great stone for clearing emotional confusion and learning about what truly intimacy is close to.

Variscite actually contains a strong frequency under its soft and flimsy appearance. Variscite helps you feel calm as it has a vibration of harmony. It has a deep connection with unconditional love. And it works through the higher heart chakra, where it activates feelings of compassion. It helps you easily overcome problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Variscite Meaning, heart-warming energy helps you receive and distribute love. And the green variscite meaning is more about emotions than that of the blue one.

Variscite Stone Properties


It is a stone of prosperity that can encourage you to solve the problems you may have, you can go with Variscite on the things you think are missing in your life. Variscite is a high-level crystal healing stone with highly beneficial and superior healing properties that has a high physical and spiritual healing effect on your entire body.

It is particularly known to help with central nervous system issues, helps with male reproductive issues like impotence and aids the immune system. Rather than simply being a stone of prosperity, it reveals ideas that can help solve problems to bring the best things to improve your life. Variscite works effectively on the solar plexus chakra to increase self-confidence and personal power.

We don’t want to cut it short when we talk about Variscite Healing Properties. For this reason, after briefly mentioning the physical, metaphysical, emotional, and mental properties of Variscite, we will continue to list all the variscite healing properties below.

Variscite Physical Healing Properties

Variscite Meaning

Variscite crystal is, first and foremost, a great pain reliever. It is recommended for people who suffer from chronic pain and, as a result, cannot sleep at night. What you eat affects your mood. Variscite meaning encourages you to eat healthily. You will also cleanse your soul by choosing good foods. It also reminds us how wonderful fasting is. Variscite also aids digestion, joint pain and male infertility. Variscite helps us understand that the physical and emotional bodies are essentially the same thing. When variscite meaning starts to heal the brain, you feel balanced and good. As you begin to balance, you discover what makes you unhappy and bad. While using Variscite, you must surrender yourself to the process. The more faithful you are, the better the variscite will work because of, the variscite crystal is not for fighting. It is for physical and spiritual healing. Variscite can lead you to Peace and well-being.

Variscite Metaphysical Properties

variscite ring

Variscite is a stone that you must use to know yourself and unravel your core self. It allows you to realize your courage and inner strength, strengthen your personality and get you to the core. Variscite crystal helps you to be loving and sincere towards yourself and your loved ones. The variscite crystal is also a good option to engage in behaviours that bring joy and peace. Variscite is the best to feel the essence of Love and Honesty.

Variscite Emotional Healing Properties

variscite ring

Variscite Meaning teaches us the amazing power of unconditional love, using this power to help us understand how miraculous things can happen. Variscite is programmed to treat you subtly. If your psychology is not good, variscite can support you. Variscite is extremely encouraging and empowering when you are feeling down. It clears your heart and helps you feel compassion. Variscite Meaning can also teach you to be gentle. It can increase your passion for life. Variscite works very well with crystals of similar form formed in the same environment. If you want to find solutions to your emotional problems faster, you can use Variscite Crystal with Rainbow Moonstone.

Variscite Mental Healing Properties

variscite ring

Variscite is like a brain cleanser. It helps to take your mind from darkness to light. It increases success by working the brain better in tasks that require concentration. Variscite helps us to get rid of burdens by simplifying. With this understanding of simplicity that comes with Variscite, you will now relax. Variscite helps us to be ready and competent when needed. It is also a good option to improve your empathy. It helps you better to analyze the emotional states of the people around you and to tolerate them.

Variscite Mineral Formation

Variscite Meaning

When phosphorus-rich waters flow over aluminium-rich rocks, variscite typically forms in veins and cavities near the earth’s surface.

Variscite is an important stone that resembles turquoise, has very beautiful colours, and gives people self-confidence and courage as well as its attractive feature. This stone is formed by the crystallization of some minerals in masses. These minerals are aluminium, oxygen, hydrogen and phosphate.

How Hard is Rough Variscite?


Rough Variscite has a Mohs hardness of only 3.5 to 4.5 and therefore wears very easily when used in a ring or bracelet. For this reason, the outer surface hardness of raw variscite stones with protective hard polish can increase by half to one degree. Best used as necklaces, earrings, or other items after polishing and applying an impact-resistant lacquer. Variscite can still be scratched or damaged if stored or transported in ways that may cause abrasion.

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Where is Variscite Gemstone Found?

utahlite skull

Variscite, which was found in Vogtland, Germany in 1837, is a rare stone. It is found in countries such as the Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Bolivia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Australia, and Spain.

Some variscite varieties discovered especially in America are named after the region where they were discovered. Although distinct colour tones and texture differences cause different names, they are all variscite stones. The healing properties of Variscite are the same. Variscite crystals in different colours and patterns are abundant. The names Nevada Variscite, Variscite Utah Lucin, Australian Variscite, Clay Canyon Variscite, Woodlands Station Variscite, New Lander Variscite, and Damele Variscite are mentioned.

utahlite necklace

But before you get to know variscite stones well while shopping. Since we encountered fakes, we are trying to inform you by explaining the detailed features of variscite crystals. Variscite varieties differ in colour, pattern and shape according to the regions where they are found. The differences in the crystal of the region in which it is located are clearly evident in the photographs. Damele variscite is in a spider web structure, while Australian variscite is the darkest, while in Utah it is the lightest green stone. Important Mines with Raw Variscite are in These Regions

Nevada Variscite

Nevada Variscite

Variscite mines are still being explored in the USA. Most recently, Opaque Variscite was found in Nevada soon after. Today, Nevada Variscite is called “Variquoise” because the Variscite in this bed is so similar in color and appearance to Turquoise that you can mix the two.

Damele Variscite

damele variscite

Damele Variscite Mine is a mine located in Austin. You can find magnificent examples of Turquoise, Variscite crystals here. Close to Nevada but outside of Nevada, the Damele mine produces some of the world’s most wonderful Turquoise and Variscite stones. Spider web-like varieties of Damele Variscite are found in this mine.

Variscite Utah Lucin

Variscite Utah Lucin

Variscite deposits abound in Utah, USA. The variscite stone in the Utah region was not fully identified when it was first discovered. The Utah version was called Utahlite until it was determined to be the same as every variscite crystal. Today the term ‘Utahlite’ is sometimes used to describe the rare transparent Variscite crystals in southern Utah. It is exactly the variscite stone. Discovered in Utah, this variscite crystal is also known as Clay Canyon Variscite.

Australian Variscite

woodlands station variscite

In 2003, in Australia, David Vaughan and Glenn Archer made a very important discovery of variscite crystal at Woodlands Station. This new crystal produces an exciting spectrum of colours, ranging from delicate lime greens to a darker chrysocolla green close to premium chrysoprase. Interestingly, large amounts of gold were also found beside the variscite crystals in this region. The variety they discovered is also known as woodlands station variscite.

New Lander Variscite

New Lander Variscite

Also from another region of Nevada, New Lander Variscite is the modern version of Turquoise produced at the Old Lander Blue Mine. But, Not turquoise. While there are similarities in their appearance, New Lander is absolutely a variscite crystal. No matter its classification, New Lander Variscite is highly prized for its beautiful clarity and is great for crystal lovers.

Purpurite in Variscite

Purpurite in Variscite

Sometimes Variscite crystals can be found in combination with purpurite. It is called Purpurite in Variscite. It is common in America and Brazil. Purpurite is a powerful uplifter, while variscite is calming. But they have incredibly adapted to each other, and the fact that they were formed together geologically is proof of this harmony.

Purpurite is a powerful ascension tool that can attune a person to higher energies, open the third eye, and crown the chakra. It can help raise intuition levels and consciousness.

Variscite is an excellent stone because of its soothing and purifying properties. It will promote healing both physically. Your body can align and balance your connection with your mind and spirit.

Things to Consider While Buying Variscite Stone

Variscit rough

One of the most important things to consider when buying natural stones is to recognize the stone. As a crystal user, you will benefit greatly if you know what you will use the crystal for and love to use the crystal, you will benefit greatly. Otherwise, you may think that the stone is useless. For crystal lovers, we are trying to research all healing crystals and share their healing properties with you. Knowing which stone you need before making the purchase will be more beneficial.

Using used or woven stones, especially quartz stones, is inconvenient without cleaning them or removing their energy. For this reason, after the stone is removed, it must be cleaned before using it.

utahlite cabochon

If the natural stones are taken especially for healing, using the stone in the chakras it is related to will accelerate the person’s healing. Chakra; They are the energy circulation points of the human body, and there are seven basic chakras in total in the human body. For this reason, visit our website before the stone is taken.

There is an important feature to consider when purchasing gemstones in the jewellery category. In these precious stones, it is important that the colour ends as it started and that there are no scratches, cracks or spots in the stone. Do not look for such a feature in semi-precious stones. “He who seeks the perfect stone remains without a stone.”

How to Tell if Variscite Value is High or Low

Variscit raw

The most distinctive feature of variscite stones is that the real ones have a veined structure. Apart from that, there are cracked marks in its physical appearance. The fake Variscite Stones in the market are shiny, veinless and smooth.

In addition, there are simple methods to check whether natural stones are real.

Natural stones have a cold structure at room temperature due to their structure. But fake or painted stones are warmer at room temperature. When you take the stone in your hand, you can realize this.

You can also test the variscite crystal by heating it. Variscite stone is left under some heat, and the colour change on the stone is observed. The purpose of this method is to reveal the foil of the painted stones. Of course, these methods only help you understand that the stone is fake. It does not 100% prove that your stone is real.

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What are Variscite Stone Features and Effects

Variscit Pendant

Courage stone gives self-confidence and encouragement to the person using it. It has a good effect on emotions and the heart. It has a sweet vibration that will bring harmony and peace to the heart. Courage stone helps the person using it to relax in the face of bad situations. The heart opens its eyes.

The courage stone is known as a grounding stone. It is also associated with abundance and abundance. It is known that this stone helps brain-related functions and improves intelligence and logic. It reduces stress and calms the brain in people who use Variscite stones. According to metaphysical beliefs, the joy felt by the person who uses the courage stone increases and gives harmony and peace to the person who uses it.

Variscite Uses Areas

Variscite Meaning

Since variscite stone is compatible with the heart chakra, keeping it close to the heart of the person using it is extremely beneficial. For this reason, a necklace made of variscite stone will be a good choice if it is to be used as jewellery. Since it has a very sweet vibration, it will also make you happy to wear it as a bracelet, earring or ring. Wearing a beautiful necklace of courage stones helps to energize her.

It has a harmonious energy. This stone calms the mind of the person using it and helps them go into meditation easily. The biggest effect of the Variscite Stone on the person who uses it is to make him love himself first. People who regularly use this stone or jewellery made of it find the courage to deal with the problems they face throughout their lives.

Variscite Stone Ritual

Variscite Meaning

The natural stone ritual can be seen as frightening by some people. But it is the most effective way to connect one with spirituality. It is not scary; on the contrary, it is peaceful. At the same time, rituals do not need to be time-consuming and intense. Performing a ritual in just a few minutes a day with a single natural stone can help improve one’s life. It can play a good role in directing one’s goals. One of these auxiliary stones is variscite.

The courage stone is called the third eye because it connects with people’s hearts. For this reason, the courage stone rituals that people have done help to clear their blurred minds, regulate their sleep, find healing from heart-related diseases and achieve many more beauties. Of course, the intention must be made first during the ritual. You will also feel the connection power of the stone with the intention.

Variscite Stone History

Variscite Meaning

It is known that the courage stone, discovered in 1837, was named after the old name of the Vogtland region of Germany, Variscia. Variscite stone has a rare structure and was mixed with turquoise stone in the early times due to its turquoise and green tones.

Variscite Meaning is not included in any of the ancient or medieval concise books. It is not possible to come across Variscite in old healing and crystal books. Variscite was first discovered in the 19th century.

Variscite is named after Vogtland, a region that covers the German states of Bavaria, Saxony, and Thuringia, and part of the Czech Republic. Vogtland was ruled by the Vogts, non-noble warrior-governors who ruled regions in the name of the Holy Roman Emperor. These Vogts helped maintain the balance of power with the Emperor himself, rather than allowing members of the aristocracy to become too rich or powerful.

Variscite Stone Compatible With Which Chakra

Variscite Meaning

The main harmony of Variscite stone is with the Heart Chakra. Try Variscite to get your heart pounding at twelve. Variscite is an excellent relationship stone; you can give it to someone as a gift. Love affairs are about the heart; as this magnificent stone acts on your Heart chakra, it can be more effective as a necklace.

It is also compatible with the Variscite Crown Chakra, perfect for ascending to higher frequencies. The awakening of the Crown Chakra signifies a universal flow of energy and spiritual enlightenment. It is represented by pure white light or violet colour. It is possible to make a crown or clasp from this stone, and you can feel very pleasant spiritually if you use it as a clasp corresponding to your crown chakra to relieve emotional distress and trauma.

You can use variscite to express what you cannot; it is also compatible with the Throat Chakra. If you want to work on the throat chakra, we recommend aquamarine, blue chalcedony and turquoise stones. But wearing a Blue Varisit pendant can benefit the throat chakra the most. Blue Variscite will help you immerse yourself in the stone’s energy during your speeches.

Compatible Signs of Variscite Stone

Variscite Meaning

Variscite is not officially a birthstone but is associated with the zodiac signs Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini and Pisces. It also has a strong interaction with the heart chakra. For this reason, it is said to open love, compassion and heart.

Apart from being a Scorpio and a Gemini stone, it works well with Taurus and Pisces. For this reason, people with the characteristics of these zodiac signs should use jewellery made of variscite stone. Courage stone interacts especially highly with Taurus.

Sagittarius and Aquarius are the ascendant signs that the courage stone is compatible with.

Are Pink Variscite and Blue Variscite Real?

utahlite pink

You can find “synthetic variscites” for sale on the Internet. Interestingly, some of these gemstones have a green body color or a pink or red color. The synthetic or imitation variscite was displayed at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. These materials can be variscite stones impregnated with pink color.

In blue variscite crystals, except for the turquoise color that goes from green to blue, the probability of being fake is high. Dark blue or navy blue ones are most likely fake variscites.

Real Variscite Crystal structures are extremely sensitive compared to other stone structures. For this reason, it may be vulnerable to the physical impacts it encounters, and it can easily break. Sometimes, crystal stones are loaded with too much energy and become vulnerable to this energy load it carries. Therefore, it naturally acquires a cracked appearance.

Variscite Stone Benefits

Variscite stone can benefit people in emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies.

Variscite Meaning

According to the Variscite Meaning, It increases the self-confidence of people by helping to overcome fears.
It enables people to find solutions to the problems they have experienced.
It helps to gain confidence in the strength of the spirit.
It brings out joyful feelings in people.
It helps to reduce anxiety or stress.
Since it also strongly affects the heart chakra, it helps people heal emotional problems.
Courage stone is extremely useful, especially for those who cannot find hope for the future and feel hopeless.

Variscite Meaning

It helps to increase feelings of compassion, love, and inner peace.
It especially increases the spiritual strength of those caring for bedridden patients or someone sick for a long time.
It helps people learn much more about their past experiences in connection with their illnesses.
It is extremely effective in clearing people’s auras.
It is known that it helps to increase the skin’s elasticity, restore the narrowed vessels, and increase the blood flow rate.
It neutralizes the acid.
It helps people against ulcers, gout and rheumatic diseases.

Variscite Raw

It has positive effects on the nervous system. It is good for stress, softens the state of nervousness,
It is effective in abdominal swelling problems,
According to the Variscite Meaning, People who experience insomnia and tension will realize that they sleep more comfortably if they put them under their pillows at night.
It is good for stomach ailments (such as gastritis)


It has enough physical healing properties to know cells and tissues in a triangle.
It is used to aid in treating diseases related to the skeletal and nervous systems.
Since it is good for the heart chakra, it is known to be good for the disorders caused by blood flow and veins. Therefore, it is used as a supplement.
It treats diseases such as ulcers, gout, bloating, gastritis, and rheumatism.
It neutralizes the acid.
It is thought to be good for ailments related to the muscles and kidneys.

Variscit Pendant

It allows people to attract what they need for situations where they want to be successful.
It brings energies of abundance, luck and success.
It strengthens relationships with people who can help get them out of there at the point where people are withdrawn.
It empowers people to be successful and keeps people motivated.
The energy of the variscite stone is known to help people, According to the Variscite Meaning, especially with their financial problems.

Variscite Meaning

The Benefits of Variscite for Relationships and Love are also numerous. Courage stone is a good love and relationship stone as it helps people eliminate pain and hopeless situations.
If the subject is to relieve one’s pain, this stone will be a good supporter.
It helps people to get rid of their suffering. Finally, it makes the person feel his old self for the second time.
Not everyone can have love in their life. According to the Variscite Meaning, Courage stone helps a person learn how to be happy by himself.
It helps the person discover many reasons to smile and discover some reasons to be excited.

Variscite Meaning

If the person using the courage stone is in any relationship, it will increase the energies such as forgiveness, understanding, happiness, joy, courage and hope.
It carries courage whenever peace and harmony are needed and helps the person who uses it.
It easily provides peace and balance between the person who uses the courage stone and the person he loves. It helps to ensure that they are protected safely and easily.
People who wear the courage stone as a necklace feel a stronger belief and trust in each other with their spouse.
Variscite is not just a beautiful-looking stone. It is also a very powerful stone. It is extremely helpful in releasing all kinds of emotional distress and burden. Courage stone has an extremely strong vibration of harmony and well-being. In this way, the courage stone calms and calms the person using it.

Where to Put Variscite Stone at Home

Variscite Meaning

Variscite (stone of courage) is a natural stone that provides many energy flows. This stone, which is extremely beneficial to its user, comes to the fore with its healing feature. The house’s energy can be increased by leaving this stone at any desired point in the house.

The most important feature of the courage stone is that it brings peace to its wearer. For this reason, this stone placed in the house will be instrumental in increasing the peace in the house. Depending on the size and hardness of the stone, it is beneficial to place it in places children cannot reach it.

The stone of courage, known to relieve its user financially, can also be a means of breathing comfortably in the household. The most important thing to remember is that the natural stone taken must be cleaned first and then used. Natural stones used without cleaning may be under the energy of other people. This could do more harm than good to the new owner.

Where to Buy a Variscite Ring?

Variscite Ring

To buy a Variscite ring, you should be careful with local vendors or street markets. A fake variscite ring is a very common situation. You can safely buy the most popular variscite ring among the variscite jewelry from our recommended online stores.

Variscite bracelet and variscite cabochon models are also original and rich in workmanship in the stores we recommend. Buying a Variscite stone is not very difficult nowadays. It can be easily found in many natural stone stores and shops. Since jewellery and rosary are the most common usage area, it is widely used. The most important point when buying a courage stone is whether it is fake or real.

How Much Is Variscite Jewelry?

Variscite Meaning

Variscite stone (courage stone) has a common usage area today. For this reason, the prices determined for the courage stone are not very high. Since it has an affordable price advantage, anyone who wants to benefit from the energy of this stone can easily reach it. Among the factors that can cause price variability in variscite stone, there are situations such as colour, size, designer and how much it has been used.

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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Variscite vs Turquoise

Variscite Meaning

Variscite Meaning is completely different from meaning turquoise. We are not trying to decide which stone is superior here. Both crystals have healing properties and are suitable for different people’s use because they have different characteristics. But we’re just trying to help you distinguish the crystals. Both stones have wonderful healing properties. Although the images of Variscite stone and Turquoise stone are similar, their healing properties differ.

Variscite is an aluminium phosphate. Variscite is usually greener than turquoise. In addition, gemologists can easily distinguish Variscite from turquoise by the presence of copper; While turquoise contains copper, variscite has no copper mineral. Compared to gemstones with a similar appearance, variscite has a more glassy lustre than turquoise and is also quite soft.

It has a hardness rating of 4.5 on the Mohs scale. The hardness of turquoise is between 5-6. So variscite is softer than turquoise. Turquoise stone variscite crystal can scratch when you rub it. Variscite is typically opaque with a glassy to waxy sheen. Variscite can be easily distinguished from turquoise, usually with its fine fracture, delicate structure and unique patterns.

Variscite Gemstone Care and Cleaning

Variscite Meaning

The care and cleaning of variscite stone can be done in many ways. These methods are

Courage stone cleaning can be done with the help of candlelight. If the hardness of the courage stone is low, it is cleaned by placing it next to the lit candle.
Courage stones can be cleaned with the help of incense. The courage stones placed next to the burned incense are taken care of.
The cleaning of courage stones is also carried out with the help of running water. Hard courage stones are washed under running water for 5 minutes and thus cleaned.
Courage stones can also benefit from the soil in cleaning. The courage stone is cleaned by burying it in the soil in a flower pot or open area for 24 hours. Then, the courage stone removed from the soil is washed in water to purify the dust on it. In this way, cleaning is carried out.
Courage stones are cleaned with the help of a salt lamp. The energies of all natural stones are cleared by placing the salt lamp around it.
Courage stones are also cleaned by keeping them under salt water or in seawater. Keeping it in these waters for 10 minutes is sufficient for cleaning.

Interesting Facts About Variscite Stone


People made jewellery from variscite even in the Neolithic era, more than 6,500 years ago. Discovered in Brittany, France, variscite necklaces were named callaina (callainite) after a gemstone identified by Classical Roman scientist Pliny.

Although it was first believed that turquoise came from China, it was found to be variscite, not turquoise. However, the name callaina for variscite continues to be used in art history and archaeology.

Courage stone, believed to cleanse the heart and aura, is recommended to be used with pink tourmaline, pink quartz, and green calcite natural stones that provide similar effects.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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