Aquamarine Definition and Properties

What is Aquamarine Definition?

Aquamarine definition

Aquamarine Definition has recently become a hot topic among crystal sellers. Although Aquamarine’s past is very old, it has recently become famous again in movies and TV series. Those who heard its name in movies and games wondered about the aquamarine definition and what is an aquamarine stone. Let’s make Aquamarine Definition three different ways.

In its simplest, Aquamarine Definition: It is a hard structured blue colour healing stone.

A more chemical Aquamarine Definition: Aquamarine is the silicate form of a beryl stone. It is formed due to the hot-cold interaction for centuries by reacting with the oxygen of Beryllium, Silicon, Iron, Lithium and Sodium in its content. The aquamarine color is blue iron. Its content gives the stone its blue colour. Aquamarine crystal gem is found in mines as crystalline fragments.

A More Spiritual Aquamarine Definition: Aquamarine is a frequency from the deepest in the world and brings whispers of water everywhere. Aquamarine is the sea turned from water to stone, embodying the barely radiant sea tones of water, instantly calming nature and its precious and pure healing properties. Everything about the Aquamarine Crystal revolves around water, from its name to its beautiful blue colours and even deeper.

In this article, you will find all the details about the aquamarine color, aquamarine value, and hardness. What is an aquamarine stone? What does aquamarine mean? Where is aquamarine found? How much is aquamarine worth? You will also find answers to your questions. In short, we have examined all aquamarine properties in-depth for you. Our main goal is to teach you about the healing properties of the aquamarine stone. Those who want more brief information can use the navigation to go directly to the part they want to learn.

What is an Aquamarine Stone?

aquamarine definition

We have done the Aquamarine definition above, but if you want to distinguish between real natural stone aquamarine and fake, you should know more about the aquamarine definition. Aquamarine is a popular blue stone. It is a greenish-blue colour and is part of the hexagonal crystal system. Aquamarine has a glassy lustre and is an example of the mineral beryl. Its shade can range from very pale to vivid. Aquamarine means emotional clarity.

Due to the increasing interest in natural stones, some imitation stones have been put on the market. For this reason, it is necessary to consider whether there is imitation when buying an aquamarine stone. Since artificial stones will not show a healing effect, they cannot heal the disease, and being unable to heal will harm you.

Where you buy the stone from is also very important. Buying from unreliable sources, from stores that sell at well below normal prices, can have negative consequences. We advise you to be careful, as we often encounter counterfeit aquamarine crystals, especially in household goods and accessories.

aquamarine raw

It is known by names such as Aquamarine, Sky Emerald, and Oracle Stone. It is also known as the Calm stone and Courage stone.

This stone, which is widely used today, was also very popular in the past. It is heated in special ovens at 400 degrees to reach its blue colour completely. Its users love it because the aquamarine color is an astonishing greenish-blue tone.

After heating processes, Aquamarine (color) darkens according to its original aquamarine color from nature. These operations do not cause damage to aquamarine gemstone. On the contrary, the healing properties of aquamarine become deeper with the darkening of Aquamarine (color).

What Does Aquamarine Mean?

aquamarine definition

We will not be able to give a short answer to those who ask what does aquamarine mean. The aquamarine mean is a crystal that dates back to ancient times and has taken place in different mythologies.

The question of what does aquamarine mean corresponds to different answers in different cultures. It is written in Ancient Greek mythology that Aquamarine crystal washed ashore from treasure chests captured by pirates. It was a sacred stone for Neptune. Above all, Aquamarine was known to be a beautiful healer, a crystal that carries a wave of powerful healing vibrations that greatly relax the body, mind and spirit.

blue beryl

Find your flow with the supreme spiritual aspect of sea stone. Aquamarine has many physical and emotional things to teach you, but like all great healing crystals, it comes with a touch of spirituality. It is said to have clairvoyant qualities, great for those who want to glimpse their future and deepen their relationship with the universe.

Aquamarine crystal meaning, which has a crystalline structure, is seawater. Thanks to its blue colour, it resembles streams and seas. Aquamarine can reveal different superior features according to the person using it.

Aquamarine is a natural stone used as accessories and ornaments. For this reason, it is considered to give various healings to the person. While it was used to relax the individual in alternative medicine and psychology, it was preferred by the oracles in the past to show the future.

What Color is Aquamarine?

blue beryl

After what does aquamarine mean, the most frequently asked question was what color is aquamarine. To Most of those who ask what color is aquamarine, They say that the aquamarine (color) is blue. But this is not entirely true. Aquamarine (color) can also be green. Aquamarine (color) can take on different appearances depending on the angle of incidence of the light.

Many people prefer aquamarine stone as it reduces stress, relieves anger and helps the individual to calm down. Thanks to its flashy structure and colours, it can be easily used as an accessory. It is effective even if carried in any part of the body, even if it is invisible.

blue beryl

Thanks to the Aquamarine stone, which exchanges energy with its surroundings, the bad energies of the individual disappear over time. Better thoughts, courage, and comfort replace insecurity, fear, worry, and stress. It is possible to get the effect on the first day by cleaning this stone occasionally.

Sea traders were said to carry Aquamarine in their pockets to protect them from the sea in stormy weather; the Greeks believed it provided safe and wise passage through stormy seas, and the Egyptians loved this stone and believed it was medicinal. Many used Aquamarine as an antidote, a mermaid enchantment, a prophecy, and a talisman that helped bring thunderous rain to the lands of drought.

Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning

aquamarine definition

As we have said, Aquamarine Crystal Meaning has been interpreted differently by human communities in different cultures. The interpretation of each aquamarine crystal meaning is correct in a way. Since it is an extremely rich crystal in terms of aquamarine properties, we can accept that almost all aquamarine crystal meaning transfers are correct. The fact that it has become popular throughout history with its different features does not make this information contradictory. It is very normal to discuss what does aquamarine mean on the internet because aquamarine is a crystal with multiple meanings and very comprehensive benefits.

Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning is also called the Stone of Courage, respecting the inner strength and soft resilience it builds within, not to mention its nourishing ability to help you step out of the shadows and into the light. Any communication that brings you to fear, Whether speaking in public or simply expressing your needs to friends and family, Aquamarine works with the throat chakra to keep your voice steady and strengthens the soul.

blue beryl

What is an aquamarine stone? Why so many aquamarine healing properties? Aquamarine crystal gem, a silicate form of beryl, takes centuries to form. It contains many elements, such as Beryllium, Iron, and Sodium. It takes its present form due to the reaction of these elements with oxygen, the combustion reaction. Thanks to the iron element, it attains its blue colour.

Mined of Aquamarine from mines is an issue that requires attention. This stone, which comes out as large crystals, is not easy to break down because it has a rigid structure. It takes its final form thanks to the hot and cold interactions during its formation.

Where is Aquamarine Found?

aquamarine definition

Many aquamarine lovers ask where is aquamarine found. The widespread use of aquamarine stone is due to the large aquamarine mines. Aquamarine is found in many countries of the world, especially in Russia. Due to the enormous size of its mines, the stones used usually come from Russia, then processed and distributed around the world.

India, Pakistan, Brazil and Nigeria are also among the countries with Aquamarine stones.

aquamarine in etsy shop

How to Understand Aquamarine Value?

aquamarine definition

There are several ways to tell Aquamarine Value. You can try these simple methods to use teal aquamarine stone instead of a fake. The most common method is aquamarine hardness testing. You will need one softer crystal than Aquamarine and one harder crystal than Aquamarine. While the soft stone cannot scratch the Aquamarine, the hard stone will scratch the Aquamarine.

The inside of the real Aquamarine stone should have a blue or green tone just like the outside. Since it has a translucent feature, it should show a part of the item behind it. You can doubt that the Aquamarine stone is real, If it does not have these properties

aquamarine definition

Another way to control the stone’s naturalness is to burn it with fire. Since the aquamarine stone is fire resistant, it does not change colour in a small fire. It does not show reformation, shrinkage, burning or melting. Aquamarine (color) will not react when exposed to heat using a lighter or stove. Aquamarine (color) is affected by industrial heaters. Reactions, However, if there is a change with fire, it can be easily understood that the stone is unnatural.

Of course, all these tests are stone recognition methods that we recommend to people who do not know much about natural stones. These simple tests do not prove that the aquamarine stone is 100% aquamarine. If it’s just an imitation stone, you’ll understand it. People who know the natural aquamarine crystal and the natural stone types and minerals well can easily realize fake stones from real ones.

What are Aquamarine Properties and Effects?

aquamarine definition

Telling aquamarine definition, we were told by a sage that it was petrified water. He was using a wise metaphor. Regarding Aquamarine Properties, we must first get to know the water because aquamarine properties come from the specialities of water. The cleansing effect of water, which destroys negative energy, is in aquamarine properties.

In general, if we talk briefly about Aquamarine Properties, the stone has physical. Aquamarine stone has a glassy shine and is usually found in small pieces. It does not break easily, as it is 7.5 on the hardness scale. It is in the Beryl group. In addition, when the degree of transparency is examined, the internal cleanliness of the stone can be understood.

The biggest effect of aquamarine stone is that it is calming and relaxing. It helps to have only positive energy by clearing the negative energies in people and the environment. It also reduces stress and prevents psychological disorders that may come with it.

Aquamarine crystal gem, which can be used during meditation, increases the effect of the meditation. It encourages people who lack self-confidence and enables them to express themselves more easily. It makes it possible to cope with negative situations by raising living standards.

Aquamarine Healing Properties Usage Areas

aquamarine definition

The biggest effect of the Aquamarine crystal gem, which can be used for many purposes, is on the human body. This is unsurprising, considering seventy percent of the human body is water. It has an important place in treating and preventing diseases in alternative medicine. It mainly affects the respiratory tract, digestive system, and outh and jaw health.

Using Aquamarine stones helps those who want to get rid of addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes to get rid of addictions. Since it facilitates the removal of harmful substances in the body, it allows the organs to be cleaned faster.

Memory problems, usually caused by vitamin deficiency, negatively affect people’s lives. Carrying aquamarine stone continuously increases the absorption of vitamins, strengthens memory and reduces forgetfulness. Therefore, it enables better thinking, remembering and memorization.

Aquamarine Stone Ritual

aquamarine definition

Doing a ritual means trying to heal on a desired subject. In the meantime, help can be obtained from different items and natural stones. It would be wise to perform a ritual with Aquamarine stone, especially when reducing stress and relaxing the body. Since aquamarine healing properties are too many, one can perform rituals with the most compatible aquamarine properties according to the purpose of use.

Among the topics that can be done rituals with aquamarine stones are the subjects related to relieving anger, calming down, relaxing, regaining health, and human relations. Performing a ritual in an area other than the properties of the stone does not show the expected effect. For this reason, Aquamarine crystals should be used especially in rituals to experience relaxation in the spiritual area.

aquamarine raw

You must first touch a real Aquamarine stone. To perform a relaxation ritual, It is necessary to touch the Aquamarine stone, hold it in the palm or carry it on any part of the body while sitting quietly. After focusing on the Aquamarine stone with good intentions, imagine the energy spreading throughout the body.

If the 20-minute ritual with aquamarine crystal gem has been concluded correctly, you will feel an inner lightness. Feelings of strength and courage must be awakened; positive energy must be released. If the mind is not overflowing with healing thought patterns, you may not be focusing enough on your ritual.

Which Chakra Is Aquamarine Compatible With?

aquamarine definition

Aquamarine, which stands out with its blue and green colours, is effective on two different chakras in the body. One is the heart chakra, and the other is the throat chakra. In long-term use, the healing effect of the Aquamarine stone is observed on both chakras.

The heart chakra enables a person to have a balanced mood. It helps to be more frugal and benevolent in love-based events. It allows a person to easily get to know his soul mate when he meets them. It also strengthens intuition, making it easier to overcome difficulties. Placing the aquamarine stone above the heart chakra has a strengthening effect for all these situations.

The aquamarine stone should be used if the throat chakra in the neck area of the body is closed or not open enough. If it is placed in the chakra area, effects such as better functioning of the thyroid glands, acceleration of metabolism and help to lose weight are observed. It is also known to contribute to the growth and development of children.

Compatible Signs of Aquamarine Stone

aquamarine definition

There are some important criteria for natural stones to show their effect. Among the criteria, such as the colour, size and harmony of the stone with the chakras, the sun sign, and the individual’s rising sign are also important. According to the aquamarine definition, it has a structure that can adapt to many zodiac signs Aquamarine works better in Aquarius, Scorpio, Gemini, Aries and Pisces.

The effect of Aquamarine on the zodiac signs it is compatible with is easily revealed. Aquamarine strengthens human relationships by helping people keep their emotions under control. Fighting laziness helps one to be more hardworking and successful. Since it creates a logical thinking effect, it does not allow mistakes in life.

Especially those who have Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio, Aries and Pisces signs that use Aquamarine are optimistic. In this way, they can reach spiritual satisfaction in everything they do. Because it brings good luck and abundance, you can see the effect of Aquamarine in areas such as work, family and social environment. The healing properties of aquamarine stone apply to all zodiac signs. However, especially in Gemini and Scorpio signs, the healing properties of Aquamarine can be used much more.

Aquamarine Stone Benefits and Harms

aquamarine definition
  • According to aquamarine definition, which affects the throat and heart chakra, it has a healing effect on the digestive system. It also prevents the occurrence of respiratory diseases. It should be used as a necklace as it is good for ailments such as sore throat, thyroid gland problems, bronchitis and asthma.
  • You can get help from Aquamarine Stone for dental and jaw health. It has a healing effect on swelling, wounds, bruising and glands that may occur in the body. While preventing the diseases that may occur due to stress reduces the symptoms of the diseases experienced.
  • Children’s use of Aquamarine stone allows them to meet the concept of success at a young age. It helps shy and introverted children to socialize by increasing their self-confidence. It provides a happy childhood by eliminating boredom, embarrassment and negative thinking.
  • The aquamarine stone used has benefits as well as harms. However, these damages are caused by the fault of the users. Aquamarine is not regularly maintained and cleaned and cannot show good effects afterwards. Since the negative energy in their body increases, they can also give negative energy to the environment.
aquamarine definition
  • For the imagination to work better, adults, as well as children, should use Aquamarine stone. It can strengthen creativity by including this stone in business and hobby areas. Although aquamarine stones, which are a kind of inspiration, are not fragile, they should be kept in suitable places so that they do not break.
  • It is soothing for toothaches. It can relieve toothache and inflammation. It is useful for tooth and gum problems.
  • It confers perseverance, discipline, and carelessness. It encourages responsible behaviour. It leads to tolerance and non-judgment. It promotes the ideal of service to the development of humanity.
  • It provides mental and physical relaxation. It calms the nerves and gives calmness. It alleviates aggression. It protects from stress and depression. Due to its properties, it is one of the most suitable stones to use against stress and tension. The importance of the colour blue is also great in this.
blue beryl
  • Aquamarine encourages you and renews your confidence when you feel discouraged, and your efforts are wasted. It increases the feeling of optimism and hope and gives joy. If you have a perfectionist structure that believes you are inadequate even in the works, you do well; Aquamarine expands your view to give you spiritual satisfaction; It makes you realize your worth.

  • It helps to overcome shyness and negative emotions. It gives the courage to express feelings. It is effective in the treatment of psychological disorders.
  • It gives courage in the face of death. Clears anger or fear caused by emotional, physical or verbal abuse, Eliminates trauma. It treats the guilt feeling disease that occurs in adulthood due to the judgmental attitudes and excessive pressure of parents in childhood.
  • According to aquamarine definition, It builds self-confidence, courage and balance. It helps in the treatment of Panic Attacks Disease.
  • It helps to overcome the fear of speaking (Social Phobia).
  • It can help with allergy relief. It effectively treats hay fever (Allergic Rhinitis) and other chronic allergies (Allergic Sinusitis, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Allergic Asthma).
  • It keeps away from toxic substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and weakens the addiction to them.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It regulates brain functions and the nervous system. If placed on the Solar Plexus, it relieves nerve spasms.
blue beryl ring
  • It is useful in relieving angina and tonsillitis. According to the aquamarine definition, It treats Laryngitis, which includes inflammation, hoarseness and painful sores in the larynx caused by streptococcal bacteria.
  • It increases the mysterious psychic powers of the Scorpio man and protects his mind.
  • It can help relieve swelling in the hands.
  • It is a cure for epilepsy.
  • Reactivates those who enter sloth mode. It gives high energy, youth and vitality. It acts as a shield against negative energies.
  • It creates a harmonious and secure union in relationships, especially in marriage. It helps to solve problems by talking. It helps to overcome the fear of speaking. It helps to explain feelings and thoughts consciously and wisely. It allows responding to those who object without anger. For this reason, it is beneficial for teachers and presenters to use it.
  • It ensures the regular functioning of the respiratory system and is healing for the lungs. It is good for respiratory diseases, asthma and bronchitis. It is a cure for asthma. It helps in the treatment of chronic bronchitis. It is useful in the treatment of whooping cough. It treats chronic cough. It is soothing for colds and bronchitis.

Where to Put Aquamarine Stone at Home?

aquamarine definition

Where the natural stones are placed is as important as their use and care of them. It is necessary to carefully determine the place of the Aquamarine stone in the house, which is bought as an ornament. This stone, which should be placed in visible and constantly used rooms, is usually suitable for the hall or living room.

It can be placed in the study rooms of homes and workplaces because it creates a determination to work, increases creativity and relaxes. It is also suitable to be used in meeting rooms in offices. Leaving it in a visible area is sufficient to absorb negative energies.

blue beryl raw

Aquamarine stones can be placed on the library shelves for spiritual relaxation of the person. It can also be placed in bedrooms to alleviate psychological problems. In this way, it becomes possible to sleep more comfortably by feeling the relaxing effect of Aquamarine throughout the night.

Aquamarine stone can be included in the bags used constantly in some wallets to bring abundance. In addition, it can be used as a car accessory to reduce the traffic stress experienced while driving. Generally, positive effects can be observed by fixing them on the top of the glove box or attaching them to the rearview mirror with the help of a rope.

blue beryl

Where to Buy Aquamarine Stone?

It is possible to find Aquamarine stone in many places because it is widely used today. While aquamarine definition, it is always mentioned that the number of fake aquamarines is excessive. For this reason, it is necessary to have a detailed review when purchasing Aquamarine. It would be best to be careful when buying gemstones aquamarine because since it is a beryl group with a glassy structure, imitation glass ones are often available in the market. Gemstones aquamarine can take your life to a new level if it is a real natural crystal.

Some designers take special orders and provide the desired item to be made from the desired stone. Therefore, it is possible to sell Aquamarine stone to personal companies. However, due to special orders, higher prices are requested for purchased items. Women’s and men’s aquamarine rings models will be excellent choices regarding appearance and healing effects. You can safely reach men’s aquamarine rings models through our recommended stores.

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much is Aquamarine Worth?

blue beryl

Since natural stones are not among the precious metals, they do not have very high prices. It is suitable for every budget, as price changes may depend on its dimensions, processing and what it is used for. Although People know that the price of aquamarine stone will vary, many stone lovers ask the question of how much is aquamarine worth. However, be careful not to buy aquamarine stones below or much higher than normal prices. Even if aquamarine (color) changes, its price will not increase as long as the aquamarine hardness and transparency do not change.

Aquamarine tumbled stone with a glassy shine and some transparency has an average price of around $10. You can use the safe stores we recommend to buy aquamarine tumbled stone by clicking the purchase links. A small piece of raw aquamarine stone might be even cheaper. But One pound of aquamarine crystals, which are very high quality, can be sold for around $1500. Since the stones bought very cheaply are likely imitations, it is necessary not to go below the average prices. Otherwise, you will not see any effect, as the received stone is fake.

Several factors determine the price of Aquamarine stones to be purchased. These are the tone of blue, its transparency and inner cleanliness. While the prices of translucent, very shiny stones increase, the prices of more Aquamarine opaque stones decrease.

How to Test Aquamarine Hardness?

How to Test Aquamarine Hardness

Aquamarines have a hardness value between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale. This means that these stones have excellent resistance to scratches and abrasions. They cannot be scratched by anything with lower hardness. This makes them good choices for everyday wear jewellery such as engagement rings. Aquamarine’s relatively high hardness also means maintaining a good polish for a long time.

If you are wondering how to test aquamarine hardness, try it with a quartz with a hardness of 7. Since the aquamarine hardness is 7.5-8.0, quartz cannot scratch aquamarine. Alexandrite stone with a hardness of 8.5 will scratch the aquamarine. So, You can measure the Aquamarine hardness using quartz and alexandrite. There are not many stones with a hardness above 8. Since Alexandrite is expensive, you can use emerald, ruby, sapphire or chrysoberyl instead.

How to Clean Aquamarine Stone

blue beryl cleaning

It is always said to be a hard stone when making Aquamarine Definition. Care should be taken to clean and care for Aquamarine stones to eliminate the bad energy stored in them. Since the degree of hardness is greater than 7, help can be obtained from water, soil and sun during cleaning. However, the use of any chemical cleaning materials should be avoided. Cleaning of natural stones is effective when done with natural methods.

The aquamarine crystal gem taken must be cleaned before use. This cleaning process should be done both physically and energetically. Even if no one has used the stone before, it may not be effective enough because it draws energy from the environment it is in.

Aquamarine stone, kept under running water for about an hour, gets rid of its bad energies with water flow. Thus, cleaning is experienced both physically and in terms of energy. In addition, burying it in the ground and waiting for about an hour also allows the soil to attract bad energies.

Using chemicals to remove stains or dirt on the stone is very harmful. It is sufficient to wipe the stone with a soft and damp cloth that will not scratch the stone. In addition, the stones used as accessories should be kept in a bag when not worn. In this way, energy interaction is not experienced, and the stone is not polluted.

Interesting Facts About Aquamarine Healing Properties

aquamarin raw interesting

Aquamarine stone, which women especially prefer, gets its blue colour from its element iron. However, the amount of iron in the Aquamarine stone is quite low. However, it has the effect of changing the colour of the entire stone.

Do you know that aquamarine is a magnificent crystal for practising self-hypnosis? Aquamarine crystals, one of the best healing crystals to keep your mental health alive, almost renews your brain.

The blue aquamarine (color) instantly promotes calm, bringing a surge of relaxation to a parched and weathered soul. Carrying the pale blue aquamarine color of the place where the sky meets the sea, Aquamarine contains themes of water and immerses you a little deeper to know your truths.

Since it is called the oracle stone, the Aquamarine stone is still used in fortune telling, divination and similar spiritual areas today. Thanks to its colour and crystal structure, it increases the concentration and ensures a better withdrawal of energy in the individual. This situation can help those who want to see someone else’s future.

However, we still do not recommend methods such as fortune telling. We only recommend that you use Crystals for healing and radiating good energy.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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