How to Use Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Solar Plexus

As you master the seven core chakra centers, you can have more and more influence on your mental and physical health. The main reason people don’t mess with chakras is that they can initially seem pretty confusing. You may not remember which names correspond to which areas, or you may not understand what the word “chakra” means.

Working with the chakras does not have to be overly complex and does not require intensive work. Solar Plexus Chakra Stones balancing is especially beneficial for those who struggle with low self-esteem or feel more in control of their life.

In this guide based on Solar Plexus Chakra Stones balancing and unblocking, we have shared the most effective chakra stones and daily practices that will bring this chakra to its full potential!

Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Solar Plexus Chakra Key Features

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Essential Functions: Personal power, independence, transformation, manifestation, responsibility, trust, and personal growth

Body Areas: Digestive system, pancreas, adrenals, liver, gallbladder

Solar plexus chakra; It is the energy center that controls our power, transformation, and independence. Balancing it with solar plexus chakra stones helps us feel confident about who we are. This 3rd essential energy center of the body is located in the diaphragm, in the upper part of the abdomen.

It governs our sense of self; thus, it drives our self-confidence, originality, and ability to transform and manifest the life we desire. It is one of the lower chakras but closest to the heart chakra. Therefore, it makes us think about how we interact with those around us.

You can think of chakras as energy centers scattered throughout the body. When they are in harmony, you feel happier and physically stronger. However, when one or more are blocked, you may experience unhappy moods or health problems!

How to Open Solar Plexus Chakra?

Solar Plexus

It’s a good idea to take the time to learn techniques focusing on each chakra. Each method offers its benefit. However, there are many benefits to focusing solely on the solar plexus chakra, at least for a while. As you try to create a more positive self-image, make responsible decisions, and understand what you want out of life, good things will follow!

Since the solar plexus chakra also has much to do with life’s purpose, working on this chakra can also reduce procrastination. Similarly, it can help you use your time to create a better future for yourself. Learn about Solar Plexus Chakra Stones, meditation, affirmations, and how to incorporate these techniques into your daily life!

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Solar plexus chakra meditation will also be easy if you have bits of knowledge in meditation. It starts with a few minutes of deep breathing, and then when you are properly relaxed and focused, you can move on to a visualization phase that will help you access the solar plexus chakra.

  • Turn your attention to the upper part of your abdomen, where the solar plexus chakra is located.
  • Here, imagine a round sphere of bright yellow light and focus on making the energy larger and more colorful.
  • Imagine the sphere spinning as it grows clockwise.
  • As you do this, feel the space become warmer and more comfortable.
  • Allow the energy to disperse throughout your body for 3-5 minutes, retake a few deep breaths, and open your eyes.

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Affirmations aim to help you increase your self-esteem. So, in this sense, almost any positive claim can reduce blockages in your solar plexus chakra. However, you can also move forward by designing direct solar plexus chakra affirmations. Solar plexus chakra affirmations can help overcome issues such as low self-esteem or lack of purpose.

“I am the embodiment of inner peace and confidence.”

“I have high self-esteem and feel better every day.”

“We don’t need to be in control of everything in our lives.”

“I am strong and I am comfortable with that power.”

“I feel motivated to reach my goal.”

“I free myself from negative past experiences.”

“I am ambitious, talented and ready to fulfill my purpose.”

“I know that I am worthy, good and talented.”

“I forgive myself for my past mistakes and learn from them.”

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

solar plexus stones

As you probably know, all stones have special meanings and properties. Therefore, it is unsurprising that natural stones are attributed separately to each chakra.

As you open the chakras, you can use Solar Plexus Chakra Stones in various ways. You can wear accessories made with solar plexus chakra stones, hold a rock in your palm while meditating, or carry one in your pocket to help align your solar plexus. The crystals most commonly associated with solar plexus chakra balancing are:

Citrine Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Citrine is one of the first stones most people think of when it comes to solar plexus chakra stones. Because its energy is matched with a balanced solar plexus, it brings us feelings of strength, confidence, and optimism. It captures the sun’s power, elevates us, and helps us experience more joy and happiness.

Citrine expands our perspective and raises our vibration by trying to remove the fears that hold us back. As a result, it gives us a sense of physical energy and the mental power we need to achieve our dreams.

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Jasper Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Yellow Jasper Solar Plexus Chakra Stones
Yellow Jasper

Jasper is a solar plexus chakra stone that provides the confidence, courage, and motivation we need to move forward. As a stone of protection, it draws positive energy into our lives and brings us more joy.

It provides the deep inner peace and promotes harmony between body and soul. It also calms our nerves and emotions and helps increase stamina.

Tiger Eye Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

tiger eye Solar Plexus Chakra Stones
Tiger Eye

Eye of the Tiger; It balances the solar plexus chakra with its protective, grounding, and cleansing energy. Known as the stone of courage, this stone helps to dispel fears and build confidence to overcome obstacles and take risks.

It is one of the best solar plexus chakra stones to help us access our gut intuition. It also renews our energy and develops our willpower.

Keep its energy close to your body by wearing a Tiger Eye Solar Plexus Chakra Stone bracelet that will encourage you!

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Pyrite Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Pyrite Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Pyrite is a luck stone that promotes wealth, prosperity, and abundance by cultivating our creative and manifesting powers. It increases our emotional strength, inspires personal growth, and helps us trust our decisions.

It supports us with its motivational energy and gives us the courage to move forward and transform our lives. Through protection from the thoughts that hold us back, these powerful Solar Plexus Chakra Stones help us persevere and achieve our goals.

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Rutile Quartz Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Rutile Quartz Solar Plexus Chakra Stones
Rutile Quartz

Rutile quartz is a Solar Plexus Chakra Stone that reveals our authenticity by helping us better understand ourselves. Its light and positive energy motivate us to do things we don’t like.

When this solar plexus chakra stone is used, You can feel your soul cleansed. You feel elevated as it works to heal you emotionally and stimulates gut intuition. With its help, you can learn to make choices based on your real personal needs and find solutions from a fresh perspective.

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Yellow Quartz Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Yellow Quartz Solar Plexus Chakra Stones
Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz is another solar plexus chakra stone with a sunny disposition that brings a light, happy, vibrant energy that makes us feel alive. Typically a citrine crystal would also be considered Yellow Quartz, but a much lighter colour quartz crystal would be regarded as Yellow Quartz. With their transformative powers, these Solar Plexus Chakra Stones energize us to find creative new solutions that allow us to manifest the changes we desire.

Yellow Quartz; brings us clarity, optimism, and a powerful life force. It helps us see our worth and make confident, positive decisions. Practising solar plexus chakra balancing makes manifesting the life you desire easier. And the solar plexus chakra stones we have listed are one of the most effective ways to do that!


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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