GAIA GATEWAY CHAKRA – Chakra Functions, Crystals, and Balance

What is GAIA GATEWAY chakra?

What colour is Gaia Gateway Chakra?

Gaia gateway chakra colours are black, brown, silver and gold.

Where is Gaia Gateway Chakra Location?

Gaia Gateway Chakra Location is About arm’s length beneath your feet, below the Earth Star Chakra.

Gaia Gateway Chakra Meaning

Earth Star Chakra Like a root from our toes, it connects us to mother earth. The Gaia Gateway is located below this chakra and represents a stronger connection with the Earth. We can think of it as the deepest state of our roots. Just as the roots of a plant that has moved away from its soil dry up, if we move away from mother earth at levels that cannot transmit energy, our connection with life may be interrupted.

What are the functions of the Gaia Gateway chakra?

A higher resonance of the Eart Star Chakra, this chakra anchors the high-frequency light body to the physical body and the Earth body. Thus, the event we call grounding, balancing the energy that harms us in the body with the energy of the world, can occur.

Your resonance becomes easier to rise when you tune your electromagnetic frequency to stay in resonance with that of the planet. Energy flow can occur as it should, and all body functions are balanced. The soul is fully grounded in the human and earthly spheres and is aware of the divine. We may be aware that you are part of a sacred whole, the earth’s energy system and All That Is. Together with our Stellar Gateway chakra, it governs our physical and metaphysical presence in the world.

Gaia Gateway Chakra and Stellar Gateway Chakra

The Gaia Gateway Chakra and Stellar Gateway Chakra

Gaia Gateway chakra works with Stellar Gateway chakra, a connection point with the divine and the multiverses surrounding us. A stellar gateway is a dimensional portal rather than a physical site. Thus, while the soul is revealed with the physical body, it creates the frequency range between these two chakras that we can see with the naked eye. A bridge is formed between the soul’s higher self and the physical body’s needs attaching to the earth. The healthier this bridge works, the more peaceful and “existing” we feel.

How do we know if our chakra is out of balance?

Test your chakra to see if it is balanced. Observe yourself for half an hour by choosing one of these chakra crystals. As you begin to work with the crystal, evaluate the people in your life and your position in this life. If there are extreme thoughts that the future of the world and people are in danger, your chakra is spinning faster than it should. To make sure of this, run the test at intervals. Once you’re sure, use Black kyanite, Sardonyx, or Shungite to slow it down.

When you choose one of these chakra crystals and start working, if you feel that your life has no meaning and you feel jealous towards other people, it means your chakra is turning slowly. Once you know this, use Shungite or Tektite to accelerate the chakra.

When the chakra slows down, underactive or blocked

When this chakra is blocked, it cannot be grounded and connected to higher energies. As a sacred, living being, you can emulate the disconnection from Earth, greed and overexploitation of the planet’s resources, resulting in radical colonial movements. Since the bridge that needs to be built between the higher self and physical needs has not been established, we may think we have only one finite life. In such a situation, what we can do to the world and other people may not be the limit of evil.

When the chakra gets too fast, overactive, or blown

When this chakra explodes, it leads to hypersensitivity to Earth changes and geopathic and electromagnetic stress. It is difficult to be in the incarnation, especially in a physical body, and it is impossible to remain still during periods of energetic ascension. Being hypersensitive to the changing state of the world means feeling pain in your bones when something bad happens to your loved one. You can get sick without knowing why climate change and magnetic fluctuation. Or you may emulate radical movements and stray too far from your life plan because your worries about the world’s future are excessive.

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How to balance the chakra?

The layers on the surface need to be gently scraped off for a certain period until the fundamental problems that destabilize our chakra are reached. Then the negative energy can be released and converted into positive energy.

Of course, this process will take time. We highly recommend acquiring a jasper stone in colour and pattern that interests you to help you persevere during this time. The time it takes to balance the chakra can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the depth of the problem.

The Gaia Gateway Chakra crystals

Best stones for The Gaia Gateway Chakra are Shungite and Tourmalinated Quartz

Apache Tear, Basalt, Black Calcite, Black Flint, Black Kyanite, Black Obsidian, Black Petalite, Black Spinel, Jet, Master Shamanite, Mohawkite, Naturally Dark Smoky Quartz, Petalite, Sardonyx, Snowflake Obsidian, Tektite.

The Gaia Gateway Chakra Affirmations

“I am a speck of a sacred whole, the “One” thing that exists.”


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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