Increase the Power of Water with Crystals

How to make gem water or crystal elixir?. It is effortless to improve the quality of water by using a crystal.

The water is full of mysteries. It is one of the essential substances for life, but we know little about it. But something new we know increases the value of crystals for us. Water molecules can understand the type of energy and adjust themselves accordingly. When you say nice words to water, it repairs its molecules with a positive regulation. With this arrangement, it tends to protect what is in it. But when you say bad words, it disrupts its molecules in a negative arrangement. When it breaks down, it stops protecting what’s inside.

The same thing happens with us; if we are exposed to a negative effect, we immediately get stressed. Either we don’t want to do anything or get angry and hurt ourselves first. On the contrary, when exposed to positive effects, we feel vitality because most of our body consists of water. This situation is an advantage because, with crystals, it is effortless to turn negative to positive.

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The crystal’s vibration passes into the water very quickly, and the water behaves just like it has the crystal’s properties. Water regulates its molecules with this vibration; when we drink, it can go to any point in our body. It can accelerate the crystal’s healing properties. For example, suppose we have a stomach disease. In that case, when we drink the water containing one of the solar plexus crystals, the healing vibrations reach our stomach with water, and healing begins immediately. If we have a skin condition, the healing vibrations penetrate our skin faster when we wash with crystal water.

So how can we use crystals with water? The most important thing is to ensure that the crystal does not contain toxic substances. Some crystals may contain harmful minerals in their bodies, while others may be next to harmful minerals in the formation process. We always recommend using processed stones obtained from a dealer we trust.

We need to pay attention to the hardness of the crystal and the possibility of splintering. Notice the usage warnings on the pages where the crystals are introduced.

If we are sure that the crystal is safe, we can put the crystal directly into the water. Preferably soak the crystal in a container with light penetration. As soon as the crystal enters the water, it will change it, but in cases where new water is added, it is better to continuously be in the container.

For a safer way, you can use the indirect method, which is a method where you can use both crystals containing harmful minerals and soft crystals. For this, you can put the crystal you want in a glass jar and then put this jar in water. Thus, we prevent direct contact between crystals and water.

Note: We can use crystals in water for both our animals and plants. Please read our article on the use of crystals for animals.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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