Things to consider when using crystals for pets


Humans and animals are very similar biologically. For this reason, our relationships with crystals are very similar. Perhaps the only difference is that pets are more sensitive than we are in detecting energy. We’ve all experienced it. Our dog or cat can feel we are coming home long before we enter the house. In a way, they can sense our vibration from far away. They can also feel the healing vibrations of crystals more than we do.

The most crucial point to be aware of when using crystals for pets is this: when you bring the crystal closer to your pet, your pet’s first reaction should not be excessive. In cases of extreme fear or excessive excitement, it is necessary to remove the crystal. If the first reaction is overblown, bring the leopard jasper crystal closer to your animal before the crystal you use. If you don’t have leopard jasper, you can use a non-red agate stone. Agate and jasper stones are tremendously helpful for balancing energy. No matter how high your pet’s power is, they will calm him down. It is only time to calm down; when you wait long enough, move the other crystals closer.


Sometimes we may encounter emergencies, and it may be necessary to intervene immediately. In case of bleeding or injury, you can use the Bloodstone or Rhodonite crystal to stop the blood until you take your pet to a specialist veterinarian.

Sometimes there may be situations where our animal’s energy drops too low. We can use red crystals or quartz crystals to generate the binding energy needed in cases of prolonged hunger or cold tiredness.

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Sometimes we may never know what is happening with our animal, and we have no way of bringing it to a specialist. In such cases, there are two options. Use non-red agate and jasper crystals if there is excess energy and a red or orange crystal if there is low energy. If we have not seen any behavioral change, we should lay our animal on a mattress prepared from white crystals, preferably selenite or apophyllite. White crystals are the most suitable crystals that can be used to restore our animal’s internal balance. In such a situation, we should not take the crystals away from our animals until we take a reaction from them.


Except for the situations mentioned here, if your animal has a chronic disease diagnosed by the veterinarian, we recommend that you examine the benefits of crystals to find the appropriate crystal for that disorder. The disturbances are primarily due to the imbalance of our chakras. There are chakras in animals as well as in us. And likewise, the chakra locations are similar. Regarding the ailments, the chakra crystals that govern the condition’s area should be examined first. Check out our article on which all chakras are introduced.


For example, suppose there is a problem in muscle and bone development in animals. In that case, you should examine the root chakra crystals. If there is an emotional trauma or adaptation problem, you should review the solar-plexus chakra crystals.

Another essential point to note is to prevent our pets from swallowing any of the crystals, even small pieces (dust). Since some crystals contain toxic minerals, we should exercise extra caution in their use. Polished ones should be preferred for the crystals to be used as in our use. Some crystals may have exceptional use cases, so consider the usage recommendations on the crystals introduction page. Every situation that applies to us also applies to our animals.

Again, using crystals while sleeping under the pillow is beneficial, as we use them for ourselves. If our animal is uncomfortable with crystals on it, we can place the necessary crystals where it sleeps. Also, crystals can be added to drinking water as preservatives and therapeutics. The crystals in the water must be separated with an apparatus so that our animals cannot eat them, and the toxic effects of the crystal cannot pass into the water. Peridot, jade, agate, quartz, and calcite crystals will ground our animals’ energies and strengthen their immune systems. Thus, while their mischief due to excess energy decreases, their resistance to diseases will increase.

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Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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