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Get Rich with the Money Attractive Effect of Citrine Crystals

Get Rich with the Money Attractive Effect of Citrine Crystals

What is Citrine? Citrine Crystals, known as Money Crystals, is a Crystal in the quartz group with yellow tones. Citrine, which takes its name from the Greek word Citron, meaning lemon, has a yellow-to-brown style due to its intense iron. Suitable for people with fears, this Crystal also gives people strength and courage. It is also one of the most effective crystals that allows people to overcome obstacles to making money. How is a Citrine Crystal Formed? Citrine Crystals, which consist of dioxin compounds, limonite, hematite, and iron minerals, are natural stone that has completed their formation with the formation...


Citrine Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs and Chakras

Citrine crystal is distinguished from other quartz crystals with its golden color. Because of its color, merchants used it throughout history to call abundance. Ancient people recognized that gold is more valuable than different metals, primarily from its bright yellow color. They focused on fertility by carrying the citrine crystal in their cases or pouches. Citrine also bears the color of the sun. Citrine can bless us as the sun blesses the earth. Citrine crystal is one of the rare crystals that can be effective in all of our chakras. It is a powerful healer with a high vibration. It...