7 Rules You Should Follow To Get the Maximum Benefit When Using Healing Crystals

For centuries, crystals have been on our necks and wrists as decorative ornaments at home. Their reactions to light, colors, and textures are tremendous gifts our Almighty Creator offers us. No one among us will deny the fact that they are beautiful. But is it just that these marvelous things are beautiful? Does it have any other features? For example, do they make you feel good? How does this occur? How is it triggered? Why do you feel better with a rose quartz necklace around your neck? Or why can your sore throat go away, and you be more hopeful while using aquamarine? So do the Crystals have secrets we don’t know? The short answer to our last question is Yes. And there are perhaps hundreds of mysteries that science has not yet solved. You will find answers to other questions as you review our articles. These are available in ancient knowledge, are fixed by our research, and you can start benefiting from crystals by trying them on yourself.
Moreover, it has no side effects! They don’t cause allergies either! And best of all, they are so cheap! If you want to use Crystals and get more efficiency from them, please continue reading; I hope you find what you are looking for in our article.



First of all, we can assure you that Crystals are never placebos. So whether you believe in crystal healing or not, they will have a tremendous effect on you and satisfy you spiritually and physically. But we still want you to strengthen your faith; why? Because faith is about love, it shows our commitment to our Creator; it shows our bond with our Creator, who is the architect of the whole universe and even the universes we do not know. Because He has connected everything, and everything belongs to our Creator. We’re not just talking about your belief in crystals here. We ask you to strengthen your faith in life and Universal Power. Scientific studies in recent years show that unbelieving people suffer from psychological and physical diseases much more quickly and die prematurely in agony. You can recognize these people by their insecure and overly suspicious nature. They even enlarge the issues that cannot be bothered with; they get sad and lament. Anyway, we are sure some of these people are around you, and we hope you are not one of them. Because everything is in the hands of this unlimited power, everything in the universe is interconnected. Stones, people, plants, etc. In other words, if you don’t trust a person, you don’t trust unlimited power. Likewise, when you do not trust that it will not work in a crystal, you are again not trusting the Omnipotent, the Only Creator of the Universe. Then it is inevitable that you will find what you expect. Have you read the book Secret? Although it is not fully explained correctly, there are some topics in that book. As we said at the beginning, the crystals will undoubtedly affect whether you believe it or not. We will discuss this matter of faith in more detail in our future articles.



There are many different healing crystals, and each has its characteristics. It is impossible to see the benefit you get from one another. they are just like our friends. Some crystals trigger healing in the body, mind, and spirit, but remember that universal energy heals your body. It is the omnipotent who owns everything that gives the actual healing.
A crystal that can be carried in the pocket, on your desk, or in the corner of your home is also beneficial.
However, if the crystal is to be used for therapeutic purposes, it should touch the body, that is, the skin, or if it is silver-framed, both sides should be open. Because it is atoms that make up the crystal, the ability of the electrons of the atoms to communicate with the body and your organs depends on this.
Silver-framed stones that are closed on one side are also helpful. But not as much as the two-sided ones.
Whether or not to remove jewelry while bathing is up to the user’s discretion.
There is no harm in removing it. Moreover, they are washed (cleaned).

However, if you are using a chemical mixture shampoo, it is beneficial to remove it.



We are not talking about physical pollution here, but rather energy pollution that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Do not forget that they treat with the frequency energies of the mineral structures within the Crystals. These minerals do not enter your body directly, but the electrons in the minerals enter your body. That’s why we clean our crystals to make the electron flow comfortable and clean.
First of all, to clean your newly bought stone, you should keep it in clean water for 2 hours before using it, before touching your skin, and you can add a little salt to it.

Because the crystals come into contact with the hands of hundreds of people until they become jewelry, just as crystals affect the body, the body also affects the crystals positively or negatively.
Soil is also an excellent cleaner, but first, the soil must be clean. Clean soil can only be found in the mountains. It may also be garden soil, but since the plant-soil placed in the pots is contaminated with chemical or animal fertilizers, it disrupts the structure of the stones. Therefore, we do not recommend keeping your stone waiting on fertile soils.

Secondly, let’s talk about the daily cleaning of your stones briefly.
Keep the jewelry and stones you use under running water for 15-20 seconds once a day. This process is sufficient for daily cleaning, but if you wish, you can do this 2-3 times a day when you wash your hands.

Third, let’s talk about their weekly cleaning.
Throw the crystals you use into a glass of water in a location where the sun’s rays reach directly for 3 hours at least once a week and let the negative energy go away completely.


They are not measurable or visible things with scientific instruments. Although some special people can see your aura and chakras, their number is negligible. Chakras are also energy points that have reached the present day from ancient knowledge.
Chakras are wheels of energy. The function of these wheels is to distribute the power to the body and provide the flow. The connection between the energy body and the physical body is established through chakra channels. It is also linked to your nervous system and spine. Experiencing physical and mental problems is caused by the blockage of the chakras. Because the chakras not working well causes negative thoughts and fears in the subconscious to come to the surface. After a while, physical diseases begin to appear. Activation of the chakras means physical and mental health. Sometimes even carrying the right colors on the right chakra can be enough to activate the chakra.
There are seven chakras. Some sources suggest that there are more chakras. It is present in the intermediate chakras, but working on the main chakras gives satisfactory results. Your seven primary chakras are:
1-) Root Chakra
2-) Sacral Chakra
3-) Solar (Abdominal-Stomach) Chakra
4-) Heart Chakra
5-) Throat Chakra
6-) Third Eye Chakra
7-) Crown Chakra
You can browse our article on chakras here and learn the details of which stone belongs to which chakra for correct use.


Each of us was born at a different time on a different date. And when each of us was born, all the planets and stars were in various positions in the sky. That means a lot, my friend. This is why we have very different personalities and are different, like snowflakes. We were born under the other effects of distant star systems, and various expansions occur to the rays that our brain receives. Accordingly, this effect starts from our birth and continues until our death. This is precisely what is related to the subject of destiny. We do not go into the details of astrology much on this site. If you want to get more information about astrology or astrology consultancy from us, we recommend checking our sister site healastrology.com.
Now we seem to hear you ask what does astrology have to do with stones 🙂 Planets are made up of mineral structures, just like stones. Although the majority are gases, each of these is an element. It is made up of Elements, just like Crystals, just like you. It is essential to reach the frequency of the suitable component at the right time. And different stones are recommended for everyone by looking at the aspects of the strong planets at the time of one’s birth. In short, the date and time of birth are looked at, and natural stones suitable for the person are formed. Some natures have a high predisposition to natural life. Due to their tendency to be intertwined with nature, the effect of genuine crystals from wildlife and soil on different signs is noticeable.

Some zodiac signs’ aesthetic perspectives and artistic perceptions are also highly developed. Therefore, the energy that people will receive from natural crystals will affect them more spiritually; because genuine crystals, which can heal and influence people, reveal a blended state of earth and aesthetics. And this effect is directly related to the frequencies of the stars.
As we said at the beginning, Astrology is an intense subject.



If you want to use it for a specific purpose, a detailed study should be done if you are looking for a cure. You can get advice from us from an intelligent crystal healer who has practiced various treatments before. You can take yourself to a certain level by reading all the articles on our site and benefiting from this information. Crystals provide a certain amount of benefit on their own in the matters specified for them. They may not be sufficient for a complete treatment. However, if there is a disease, its benefits against this disease may be limited because conditions do not depend on a single cause. The systems that make up the human being and the building blocks that make up these systems (organs, cells, enzymes) are complex structures. Therefore, many diseases are based on challenging and mutually triggering causes.
For this reason, if it is desired to use crystals as a preventive or treatment for a disease, it is necessary to use jewelry in the form of a combination of crystals. Rather than eliminating the signs (symptoms) of the problem, it will be better to eliminate its causes. Therefore, it is necessary to address the root causes, as removing the signs will often lead to further problems in the future.

Designing different stones so that they touch each other can create inconveniences. As different minerals come into contact with each other, their structures can change.

Healing with crystals depends on one’s physical and spiritual response to its influence. In other words, the effect of crystals is like the effect of drugs. For example, a drug that works 100 percent in ten people may have partial or no effect in two people. Or, a stone or stone association that cures the disease in ten days in person X can provide the same result in 6 months in person Y.



We are sorry to say that the crystals sold in the market are also fake and the real ones. And again, we regret to say that fake crystals do not heal in any way. Because they have not naturally been exposed to compression energy for millions of years and have not gone through natural processes, it is formed by combining temperature and various chemicals in a laboratory environment quickly.
The more important it is to determine the most suitable crystals/stones to be used, the more critical it is that the crystal to be used is the specified crystal, not fake.

Many stone shops have been opened in recent years, but fakes have also appeared on the market at the same rate.

Other than mining engineers and experienced people can’t distinguish the real from the fake.

Sometimes synthetics can be more attractive than the real ones. For this reason, we recommend that you buy your crystals from people who know the job you trust and are also interested in healing.
We hope it was a helpful article. As the Healcrystal family, we love you very much, so as you read to the end of our article, we understand that our love is mutual, and we embrace you again.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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