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Crystal Terminology may seem a bit strange when you first read it. But it’s all just a few words and here we write them all. Do you know that there is a terminology for the world of healing stones? In this list, we have compiled the most basic crystal literature information.

Akashic Record A record that exists beyond time and space containing information on all that has occurred and all that Will occur.

Ancestral line The means by which family patterns and beliefs are passed from previous generations.

Angelic realm The energetic level where angels abide.

Ascended Masters are Highly evolved spiritual beings who guide the spiritual evolution of the Earth.

Ascension process The means by which people on Earth seek to raise their spiritual and physical vibrations.

Astral travel or journeying The soul is able to leave the physical body behind and travel to distant locations. Also known as out-of-body experience or soul journeying.

Attached entities are Spirit forms that become attached to the aura of a living person.

Aura The biomagnetic sheath or etheric body around the physical body, comprising the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies.

Between-lives state The vibratory Slate in which the soul resides between incarnations.

Cellular memory Cells carry a memory of past-life or ancestral attitudes, trauma and patterns that have become deeply ingrained as ongoing negative programs, such as mortifıcation of the
flesh or poverty consciousness, which create dis-ease or are replayed in the present in slightly different forms.

Chakra An energy linkage point between the physical and subtle bodies, by a clairıvoyant eye as a whirling pool of energy.
Malfunction can Iead to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease or disturbance.

Channelling The process whereby information is passed from a soul not in incarnation to or through an incarnate being on Earth.

Christ consciousness A state in Which all life forms of the universe are linked in üniversal love and awareness, ‘The highest manifestation of divine energy.

Clairaudience Hearing with the psychic ear rather than the physical one, hearing What is inaudible to physical hearing.

Clairvoyance The ability to discern and communicate With spirits.

Cosmic consciousness A very high Slate of awareness in which the subject is part of universal energy.

Devas Nature spirits, traditionally believed to rule over trees, rivers and mountains.

Dis-ease The State that results from physical imbalances, blocked feelings, suppressed emotions and negative thinking which, if not reversed, Will lead to illness.

Earth healing Rectifying the distortion of the Earth’s energy field caused by pollution and the destruction of its resources.

Electromagnetic smog A subtle but delectable electromagnetic field given off by power lines and electrical equipment, which
can have an adverse effect on sensitive people on Earth.

Emotional blueprint A subtle energy field carrying the imprint of past- and present-life emotional experiences and attitudes, which
influences the present life and may cause psychosomatic dis-ease.

Energy implant Thoughts or negative emotions implanted in the subtle body by outside sources.

Entity Discarnate spirit who hangs around on a plane close to Earth and may attach to an incarnate being.

Entity removal The process of detaching an entity and dispatching it to the appropriate post-death place.

Etheric blueprint The subtle programme from which a physical body is constructed. It carries imprints of past-life dis-ease or injury from which present-life illness or disability can result.

Etheric body The subtle biomagnetic sheath surrounding the physical body.

Geode Cave-like crystal that conserves and harnesses energy.

Geopathic stress Earth stress created by energy disturbance from underground water, power lines and ley lines.

Grids/gridding Placing crystals around a building, person or place for energy enhancement or protection — positioning
is best dowsed for.

Grounding Creating a strong connection between one’s soul, physical body and the Earth.

House clearing Removing entities and negative energies from a house.

Implants Some believe that implants are energies or devices implanted by alien beings, but implants may also be thoughts,
blockages or scars created by an outside source in the present or a previous life.

Indigo children Children who are born with a higher vibration to those already on Earth. These children often have extreme difficulty adjusting to the present Earth vibration.

Inner Child The part of the personality that remains childlike (but not childish) and innocent, or that may be the repository of abuse and trauma that requires healing.

Inner levels The levels of being that encompass intuition, psychic awareness, emotions, feelings, the subconscious mind and subtle energies.

Journeying Travelling out of the body through the spiritual or other words.

Karma of grace When suffıcient has been done, or no more can be done, the karma can be released and no longer operates.

Karmic Experiences or on-going lessons arising from a past or present incarnation. Debts, beliefs and emotions such as guilt can be carried over into the present life and create dis-ease but past-life credits and wisdom are available to heal these.

Kundalini An inner, subtle spiritual and sexual creative energy that reşides at the base of the spine but can be stimulated to rise to
the crown chakra.

Lemuria A very early civilization believed to predate Atlantis.

Mental influences The effect of other people’s thoughts and strong opinions on your mind.

Meridian A subtle energy channel that runs close to the surface of the skin, of the planet, that contains; acupunctuıe points.

Metaphysical abilities Abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, healing.

Miasm The subtle imprint of an infectious disease or traumatic event the past that has been passed down through a family or place.

Mortification practices Many monastic orders or religious people undertook practices such as scourging or wearing a hair shirt that were designed to modify the flesh, ego or spirit and subdue passions and desires. Such practices can lead to or attract psychological modifıcation or humiliation by yourself or others in the present life.

Multidimensional healing Healing that occurs at multi-levels, including but not limited to the physical, cellular, neurological, psychic, emotional, mental, ancestral, karmic spiritual and higher spiritual, planetary and stellar, terrestrial and extraterrestrial levels, which can travel along a timeline and works on the etheric blueprint of the body, Earth or universe to create total balance and wholeness.

Negative emotional programming ‘Oughts’ and ‘shoulds’ and emotions such as guilt that have been installed, often in childhood or other lives, that remain in the subconscious mind and influence present behavior, sabotaging effort to evolve until released.

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) A system for reprogramming the mind and behavior based on hypnotherapy techniques.

Occlusion or inclusion A mineral deposit within or upoın a crystal.

Planetary grid The subtle and invisible Earth energy lines that cover the planet rather like a spider’s web.

Pleochroic A crystal appearing to have two or more colors from different angles or light.

Projection Seeking and disliking in others characteristics we cannot accept are actually part of ourselves.

Psychic attack Malevolent thoughts or feelings toward another person, whether
consciously or unconsciously directed, that create dis-ease and disruption in that
person’s life.

Psychic vampirism A person’s ability to draw off or ‘feed on’ the energy of others.

Psychopomp A Greek word for the conductor of a soul through the process of death and into the other world. A psychopomp may be a living person or a spiritual being.

Qi The life force that energizes the physical and subtle bodies.

Radionic A method of diagnosis and treatment at a distance.

Reframing Seeing a past event in a different, more positive light, so that the situation it is
creating can be healed.

Reiki A natural hands-on method of healing.

Scry Discerning images in a crystal relating to past, present or future events.

Self The Self encompasses both the incarnated personal self and the non-incarnated higher self (the highest vibration of the overall Self). The higher self can influence and communicate with the
personal self. Self is also part of the soul.

Silver cord The subtle link between the physical and etheric body that goes from the third eye of the physical body to the back of the head of the etheric body.

Soul The vehicle for carrying the eternal spirit. Soul parts are part of the soul not presently in the incarnation, which can include but are not limited to soul fragments that split off (see soul retrieval).

Soul group A cluster of souls who have travelled together throughout time, all or some of whom are in incarnation.

Soul links The connections between members of a soul group.

Soulmate A soulmate appears to be an ideal ‘other half’, a soul partner with whom there
is rapport on all levels. However, many soulmate connections carıy karma to be dealt with or difficult soul lessons. Soulmate relationships may not be intended to last a lifetime, nor are they necessarily between sexual partners.

Soul retrieval Trauma, shock or abuse, and even extreme joy can cause a part of the soul energy to leave and remain stuck at a certain point in life, or past-life death. A soul retrieval practitioner or shaman retrieves the soul, bringing it back for interrogation in the present-life body.

Spirit guides Discarnate beings who work from the between-lives State to provide assistance to those on the Earth.

Spirit releasement Souls can become trapped Close to the Earth, spirit releasement sends them home.

Star children Evolved beings from other planetary systems who have incarnated on the Earth to helps its spiritual evolution,

Subtle bodies The layers of the biomagnetic sheath around the physical body.

Subtle energy fields The invisible but detectable energy field that surrounds all
living beings.

Thought forms Forms created by strong positive or negative thoughts that can exist
on the etheric or spiritual level and affect a person’s mental functioning.

Triple burner meridian One of the meridians concerned with temperature control.

Twinflame A soulmate without karma attached. The person with whom you are meant to be in the present life for unconditional mutual support, evolution, and love. Spiritual twin flames have often
been together in many previous lives.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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