Natural Stones Good for the Heart and Their Properties

Crystals for heart

If our heart doesn’t work properly, our life ends in minutes, and we change dimensions, so we die. Natural Stones Good For Heart can help keep your heart working properly. Using natural stones to heal physical ailments greatly complements medical care. Always seek medical advice from a doctor first. Later, crystals help to support heart treatment. Without the medical support of a specialist, natural stones should not be the primary treatment. However, some natural stones can be very useful for relieving heart-related problems. Natural stones that are good for the heart; can help with heart palpitations and other heart problems.

Natural Stones for heart

Heart palpitations, in Chinese medicine, are defined as the feeling that the heartbeat is irregular in the chest. Even if you haven’t been tested for an irregular heartbeat, if you’re aware of an irregular heartbeat, you may be experiencing heart palpitations.

Chi Energy and Heart Health

Chi energy

Chinese medicine considers heart palpitations to be caused by a deficiency. This deficiency is called blood deficiency and “chi deficiency”. In case of a lack of blood, it is necessary to strengthen the blood. Chi energy, that is, the strengthening of life energy, is possible with crystals. However, since blood and chi energies work together, a complementary therapy that will benefit both may be preferred.

Natural stones that are good for the heart can be very useful. Natural stones for the heart chakra include all crystals containing the color green, which is also the color of this chakra. These stones will provide appropriate vibrations to harmonize with the natural frequency of the heart chakra.

Chi energy

To benefit from stones that are good for the heart, choose rocks known to strengthen the blood, energy and physical body. Supporting the Heart Chakra can be helpful when symptoms related to heart problems are present. The heart as an organ is directly related to the healthy functioning of the Heart Chakra.

Natural stones, when placed near a living thing, aid healing as they offer a vibration that allows the energy of that being to harmonize with the stone. Carrying heart-healthy natural stones in your pocket or wearing them as jewellery brings the rock closer to your aura field. Here, Crystal presents its own vibration to the body to begin to adapt.

Chi energy

To help the heart heal, Prefer natural stones with a vibration that heals the heart, balances the heart chakra, strengthens the blood and body energy, and instills a sense of peace. Natural stones are beneficial for blood circulation, and heart organs are listed below…

Natural Stones for Heart Palpitations

heart palpitation
  • Lepidolite is useful for instilling peace and calm.
  • Chrysoprase opens and activates the Heart Chakra to allow the flow of Life energy (Chi). This, in turn, helps counteract depression.
  • Lithium quartz stone is beneficial for opening and healing the Heart chakra. It also relieves anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.
  • Jasper stone is a stone for relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and providing emotional balance. This, in turn, ensures the balance of life energy.
  • Emerald is a powerful healing stone in general. It resonates with the Heart Chakra.
  • Jade, As a healing and nourishing stone, has a protective vibration against harmful energies.
  • Malachite absorbs Energies, helping to bring emotions to the surface.
  • Rhodochrosite stone is a healing stone for heart attacks.
  • Unakite can make you forget the direction of the journey. At such times, wearing a necklace to support the heart chakra may be helpful.
  • Rhodonite can be used to calm down in times of panic or shock.
  • Rose Quartz is balancing the heart chakra. Carrying rose quartz may be helpful if an imbalance in the heart chakra or chi energy is due to emotional trauma.

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General Crystals Good For Heart

Emerald Natural Stones Good For Heart

Emerald is the first stone used in therapy with natural and healing stones. It is the essence of ancient Indian treatment to improve the circulatory system. When used in healing therapy, it calms heart palpitations and can be useful for relaxation during anxiety and anxiety attacks or when there is an irregular heart rate.

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Pink Quartz Natural Stones Good For Heart

Pink quartz, also known as rose quartz or love stone, is a special crystal that soothes and calms the heart and spreads love, happiness and peace to its environment. It is associated with love and passion. It has strong feminine energy. Due to its association with the heart, it is also called the “heart stone” in many parts of the world. It is associated with Aphrodite and Adonis in Greek mythology.

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Pink Mangano Calcite Natural Stones Good For Heart

pink calcite Natural Stones Good For Heart
Pink Calcite

Pink Mangano Calcite can help resolve body aches. It is also known to lower blood pressure and support the functions of the heart. It can harmonize the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. It can also reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

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Aventurine Natural Stones Good For Heart

Aventurine stone for those suffering from high cholesterol; It can help clear plaque and deposits from the coronary valves as blood begins to flow unobstructed. Using the aventurine stone; allows the chakra power to flow through all blood vessels while also helping to cleanse it. Aventurine is also a great stone to meditate on the Heart Chakra.

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Jasper Natural Stones Good For Heart

Red-coloured jasper stone, an ideal stone to activate the root chakra, helps remove toxins from the blood vessels, especially after a surgery such as a bypass. Representing the most soothing colour energy, jasper may even be suitable for curing heart diseases as well as diabetes.

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Pearl Good For Heart

pearl Natural Stones Good For Heart

Pearl is a wonderful stone for people with immune problems and anemia problems due to insufficient blood circulation; It works perfectly on the Heart Chakra.

Among the natural stones that heal heart valve problems and are good for the heart, the pearl is a therapeutic stone that enlivens its user with its amazing beauty. Wearing a pearl necklace; will also be a good choice for people suffering from chronic chest pains.

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Kunzite Natural Stones Good For Heart

Kunzite, another healing stone with sharp nourishing properties, prevents heart attacks. It’s also great for post-heart attack care. In addition to the heart, this stone also aids in the healing of endocrine glands such as adrenaline. Among the rocks that are good for the heart chakra is kunzite; It can be used as a ring to raise heart vibrations.

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How to Choose Natural Crystals for the Heart?

Heart Crystals

While all the stones listed above are among the natural stones that are good for the heart, the best way to find the right stone for you is to try them out. “How do I choose a stone” is a frequently asked question at this point.

There is no right or wrong way to choose a natural stone. If you are looking for a rock with a specific goal, such as healing the heart, choose from the rocks stated to have this function. You may find that you like one stone to meditate on. Or, you may find that you want to work with several stones at once.

heart attack

Try placing an emerald on the Heart Chakra as you fall asleep at night. Apart from emerald, among the natural stones that are good for the heart, it can also be beneficial to carry rose quartz in your pocket during the day. Once you start doing this, observe the changes that occur. And, of course, if you need a healing boost in your heart, look for the right stone for you. And, of course, don’t ignore your chest pains.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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