Najaf Stone (Miraculous Stone)

What is Najaf Stone?

Najaf Stone

Najaf Stone is crystal quartz itself. In the literature, we just discovered that quartz with a slightly more muddy colour is called Najaf stone. Used as an infinity stone or a miraculous stone, the Najaf Stone symbolises purity that contains some dirt and wants to be purified.

It symbolises the balance between birth and death, light and dark. It is one of the stones considered healing because it positively affects people. Since it is a semi-precious stone, it is often used as jewellery. It is one of the stones used fondly because it brings abundance and fertility and brings people together with miracles.

What Does Najaf Stone Mean?

Najaf Stone

When we examine the oldest Arabic sources, Najaf stone means high, mountain or hill. After realising that it formed a significant part of the earth’s crust, it was quickly found in many areas. In this way, it began to be used promptly and took its place in various electronic household goods and many accessories.

Najaf Stone Formation

Najaf Stone

Najaf stone, a quartz stone, is formed due to the reactions of oxygen and silicates. Its internal structure is hollow, and these spaces contain oxygen and water. In this way, its transparent appearance is white patterned and wavy. The formation of the Najaf stone, which looks like a harder form of water drops, is completed over millions of years. Exposure to the magnetic effect in these years gave the Najaf stone the ability to transform energy.

Najaf stone, called mountain crystal, must undergo many years of reactions to take its final form. It goes through many stages, such as chemical reactions, oxidation reactions, and oxygen and silicate reactions resulting from the change of hot and cold. As a result, it completes its transformation by taking a hollow, transparent, hard crystal appearance.

Where to Find the Najaf Stone?

Najaf stone

Najaf stone is found in many parts of the world, as it is found throughout the earth’s crust. However, since it is impossible to extract it everywhere, stones removed from certain places are imported into the whole world.

Najaf stone is in high demand in other countries, especially Madagascar and the USA. Astrology is especially used by those who are interested in spiritual events. In this respect, it continues to be mined with various giant rocks in Russia and Brazil to meet the need for Najaf stone.

Things to Consider While Buying Najaf

Najaf stone

Real Najaf stones can be easily separated from fake ones because they have a semi-transparent structure. However, some Najaf stones may not be as transparent as it seems. For this reason, it should be ensured that real stones are purchased while shopping for rocks, and imitation stones should not be bought unintentionally. A document showing that the natural stone is real can be requested from the place of sale.

Be very careful when using crystal quartz-type stones. Crystal quartz wonderfully hears your intent. The purpose of the Najaf stone is to give people peace, purify the soul from evil and transform energy. For this reason, it is a stone that should not be used as jewellery for no reason. It is important that the person buys the stone with good intentions, likes it and can use it regularly. Otherwise, the expectations for the Najaf stone may cause disappointment. If your intentions are good, you can now buy crystal quartz stone that adds elegance to your elegance and fascinates the eyes.

Crystal Quartz

Najaf stone, which can be used with almost any outfit, shows better effects when worn regularly. However, instead of accessories that are difficult to use, you can use natural stone masses, household items, facial massagers or rosaries. Because these larger varieties can be more effective than jewellery (only if connected to one person). But if the person has no problem using accessories, we recommend that he choose the model he wants, like it, and wear it constantly. Because crystals, which have a large mass and are used as decorative, can communicate with more than one person at home or in the office, and thus you may not see the effect you want.

How to Tell if Najaf Stone is Real or Fake?

Najaf stone

Although Najaf is not an expensive stone, there are many fakes. It cannot be understood whether the Najaf stones are real or fake just by looking at their appearance. In this respect, the stone should not be taken before it is proven authentic through some special processes. If there is a store or website that sells only real natural stones, you should shop from the same place. Otherwise, it must be checked whether the stone is real or not.

A natural Najaf stone’s internal and external structure is the same. If the outward appearance of the stone is translucent or white, its internal network should be the same. If there is a visible difference in the inner and outer colours of the rock, it is understood that the stone is an imitation.

Crystal Quartz

Najaf is a stone resistant to fire and does not change colour at high temperatures. In this regard, whether the stone will change by burning it with a lighter should be observed. However, it should not be kept for a long time, as keeping it in the fire for a long time can damage the structure of the stone. While results such as flowing, melting or peeling are obtained in the paint of imitation stones, natural stones remain as they are.

What are the Properties and Effects of Najaf Stone?

Najaf stone

One of the common features of quartz stones is that they have high values on the hardness scale. Najaf is one of the stones that have documented its durability and hardness, as it has a Mohs value of 7. It is found in many parts of nature with its colourless, white, translucent or transparent colours. In addition to its harmony with the chakras and zodiac signs, it stands out with its energy-balancing feature.

Najaf stone, consisting of silicon and oxygen, belongs to the silicate group. Its specific gravity is between 2.6 and 2.7. It is quite striking because it has a wavy appearance. It is considered a semi-precious ornamental stone and can be used in various fields. It is a popular stone with its effects and properties because it is widespread and can be found in meditation and rituals.

Najaf stone indirectly affects the physical and psychological health of people. Since one of the purposes of existence is to protect the energy balance of nature, it also interacts with people’s energy. It keeps negative energies and situations that cause these energies away from the person. It tries to increase the power not only of its user but also of the entire environment. Therefore, it needs care from time to time.

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Najaf Stone Usage Areas

Najaf stone

Najaf stone, which has a great place in alternative medicine, is generally used to relax and purify negative energies. Due to its painkilling and calming properties, it fights various issues, especially stress and anxiety disorder. It is used in sleep disorders, depression and similar areas, aiming to regain the former joy and health of the person. It can also be used in rituals and meditations on these subjects.

It is possible to come across the Najaf stone in accessories or household items in many ways. In addition, women’s accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, prayer beads and bracelet models are produced.

crystal quartz stone

Najaf can be found in watches, in various chests or boxes, in facial massage tools, or sold as a natural stone mass. It is suitable to be used by anyone who wants to add luck and miracle to their life and to maintain their happiness.

There are many products produced using Najaf stone in the industry. At the beginning of these, coloured glasses, lighting, electronic repellent, and separator took their place. Najaf is a multi-purpose stone found in detergents, soaps, toothpaste, paper, and plastics.

Najaf Stone Ritual

Najaf stone

The Najaf stone, a symbol of eternity, raises energy when used in rituals. In this way, it helps him achieve his wishes more easily. It helps to get rid of bad thoughts and negative effects. It enables the past to stay in the past, not affect the future. It is especially used in love rituals, spiritual transformation, luck, bilateral relations and energy balancing.

While performing the ritual with the Najaf stone, the person needs to be fully concentrated. In this regard, there should not be any distracting elements in the environment. It should be positioned in a quiet area to make the person comfortable. It is necessary to have only positive thoughts and avoid bad ideas. In the meantime, putting mobile phones in a small room would be more correct. If possible, you should prevent wifi sources, even if it would be better if wifi were turned off during meditation.

crystal quartz

If rituals are for new beginnings, they should be performed during the new moon phase of the moon. If it concerns a situation you want to eliminate, doing it during the full moon phase is more effective. In addition, rituals can be performed on the dates determined by astrologers, on important conjunctions of planets, and days with good energy. It is usually more effective if done in the evening. To improve the power of rituals, incense, flavoured candles, and other natural stones compatible with the Najaf stone can be helped.

Which Chakra Is Najaf Compatible With?

Najaf stone

The biggest reason why Najaf is beneficial is that it can balance energy and have the ability to remove negative energies. This situation helps the body’s energy channels, namely the chakras, to work better. Najaf stone, which affects the work of all chakras, albeit indirectly, works in harmony with the top chakra. If a person’s crown chakra is closed, using the Najaf stone regularly can make it work better.

Crystal Quartz

The crown chakra, called the crown chakra or Sahasrara, is an important energy centre in the head area. It gives a spiritual power by creating the effect of clinging to life in the person. While preventing the formation of various diseases, it is protective, especially in the head and neck region. It contains the energy from being blocked while ensuring that the hormones work more regularly and the brain’s health is protected.

The easiest way to achieve inner peace is to make the crown chakra more effective. Keeping the Najaf stone in the head area daily is very useful. This chakra, which helps to achieve goals and objectives, is also considered to be the chakra with the highest vibration. Increasing self-confidence gives the individual the necessary effort to stand on his own feet.

Compatible Signs of Najaf Stone

Najaf stone

All people of the zodiac can get help from its benefits by using the Najaf stone. Especially Gemini, Leo, Pisces, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn are among the rocks that should be preferred. The Najaf stone, which can be compatible with many zodiac signs due to its highly developed effect and features, can be chosen by other zodiac sign owners. In this respect, there are benefits to use by other individuals other than compatible signs.

The Najaf stone, which affects both the zodiac sign and the ascendant, prevents bodily diseases. Because it has the feature of repelling illnesses that can be experienced from a psychological point of view, it also balances situations of hyperactivity or calmness. It helps to reintegrate each individual into society by helping to grasp the negative aspects of the horoscopes.

Najaf Stone Benefits and Harms

Crystal Quartz

The cause of many diseases is the negative energy accumulated in the body. In particular, conditions for which the cause cannot be found are caused by energy pollution and disturb the individual. On the other hand, the Najaf stone clears these bad energies and shows protection and healing properties for people from disease. In this respect, it is impossible to talk about any harm.

Najaf stone, which has effects that regulate the lymph system and strengthen the immune system, reduces the possibility of catching infectious diseases in winter. Since it has healing effects on the eyes, it improves eyesight. It can relieve pain in the skeletal system. It is a natural stone that can be used in the treatment of goitre and helps to gain or lose weight by regulating the work of the thyroid glands.

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Since Najaf improves the ability to be patient, it benefits all areas of life. It ensures that the mind remains healthy, thus improving the ability to make decisions. It protects from nightmares by improving sleep disorders caused by psychological conditions. In the meantime, it enables dreams to gain meaning by carrying a more divine value and guiding the necessary issues.

The Najaf stone, which brings success in spiritual events, can be used to make predictions. Since it is a miraculous stone, it provides rewards even in unexpected areas. Sometimes this award can be money, sometimes a medal, sometimes a person. It effectively corrects behaviour patterns, strengthens social relations, and protects family ties. Thanks to the psychological and physiological effects it causes, it carries living standards to a higher level.

Where is the Najaf Stone Placed at Home?

Crystal Quartz

Almost every part of the house is suitable for Najaf stone, which is beneficial in various areas. It is especially recommended to be positioned in areas where the person spends more time. If you put it in a sun-exposed corner of the house, you will be profitable in terms of energy. Although it is a durable and hard stone, it should be kept in areas where children cannot reach it, as it may break in some accidents. It should be placed in a visible location, not in drawers or cabinets, to spread its energy fully.

Bedrooms are generally the areas where the Najaf stone is placed the most. If the person is single, it helps to find love, encounter miracles or establish a sleeping pattern. If the person is married, besides these effects, it ensures that he gets along better with his wife, solves financial and moral problems, and maintains the balance in marriage. It can also be placed in children’s rooms to solve sleep problems or to create a safe environment.

Where is Najaf Sold?

Crystal Quartz

Najaf stone is usually found on accessory shelves in stores, jewellery shops or gift shops selling natural rocks. But some of these are fake Najaf stones made in China. You can shop with peace of mind from the vendors we recommend or us (Reliable stores).

What is the Price of Najaf Stone?

Crystal Quartz

Since it is a common stone, the prices for the Najaf stone are not high. It has a natural stone price, which is considered cheap. For this reason, anyone who wishes can buy the Najaf stone and start using it. Some factors that may cause the price to increase; The designer of the rock, the store where it is sold, its size, and colour, how much it is used in which accessory, and the inner brightness of the stone.

Najaf Care and Cleaning

Crystal Quartz

Regularly used Najaf stones play a role in energy flow in every situation. For this reason, the rock gets tired and wants to eliminate the negative energies that remain inside. Najaf stone can be maintained with the help of various natural materials so that it works as well as before. These operations can be done regularly, once every two weeks, or every few months, depending on the use of the stone.

The preferred method to care for Najaf is to bury it in the ground or leave it on the soil surface for a while. This allows the bad energies in the stone to be transferred to the soil. In addition, energy cleaning of the stone can be done by getting help from a running water source.

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Interesting Facts About the Najaf

Crystal Quartz

Najaf is a historical stone. It is located in various museums. Najaf stone could have been used among people in medieval times, but it was not common.

Najaf has been used throughout history in various spells and spell-breaking rituals. We strongly urge you never to do black art(sorcery) or anything like that. It has not benefited anyone who casts a spell. The lives of those who do the opposite are ruined.

Thanks to its bright and vivid structure, Najaf stone raises the energy of the person it is on. You can also feel valuable by buying a Najaf Infinity Energy Natural Stone Bracelet and protecting the points you want to continue forever.


Nature is astonishing, and Crystals are gifts from mother nature. Living happy and healthy is very easy with Crystals. Follow us and stay informed!

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