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Rose Quartz vs Morganite – Which Pink Gemstone Speaks to You?

Rose Quartz vs Morganite In the world of gemstones, rose quartz vs morganite stand out for their captivating shades of pink and associations with love and compassion. While they share some similarities, each stone possesses unique qualities that make it special. This blog post will explore the differences between rose quartz and morganite, shedding light on their composition, colour, hardness, availability, and energetic properties. So, whether you’re a gemstone enthusiast or seeking the perfect pink stone for your jewellery, let’s delve into the enchanting world of rose quartz and morganite. Composition and Color: Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is a variety...

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Rose Quartz (Love Stone)

What is Rose Quartz? Although in the quartz group, the rarer Rose Quartz Stone is a silicon oxide crystal. It is considered a semi-precious ornamental stone and is often used in making accessories. Although it has become more popular recently, it has been used for centuries. It has magical latent power. Due to this power that is released when you start using the stone, it balances your energy and helps to get rid of many negative situations easily. What Does Rose Quartz Stone Mean? Rose Quartz Stone has gained a reputation as the stone of love. It is also known...

Rose Quartz Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs and Chakras

Rose Quartz Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs and Chakras

Rose Quartz is the most popular type of quartz crystal. This is no coincidence; Rose Quartz is the strongest crystal that can teach us love and beauty. It is not possible to remain indifferent to it as long as it spends time with it. It not only teaches us unconditional love but also offers us metaphysical gifts by opening our third eyes. It improves our awareness to see all kinds of beauty in life. It can help us develop telepathic ability. Rose Quartz teaches us the true essence of love. This teaching is so powerful that it can heal your...