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Aragonite Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs and Chakras

What is Aragonite? Aragonite is one of the oldest crystals in terms of formation. The crystallization of Aragonite formations, the raw materials of pearl and mother-of-pearl, dated back two and a half billion years ago. Old crystals have an essential common feature. They usually contain organic material. For this reason, they form the crystal group that includes the most ecological and world information. Based on this, we can say that these crystals increase our environmental concerns and remind us that we must exist in harmony with nature. Ancient people used Aragonite crystals for grounding and patience. Aragonite in our root...


20 Main Chakras – Chakra Functions, Colors, Locations, and Imbalances

20 Main Chakras Locations There are numerous energy zones in our physical and spiritual bodies. Some of these regions contain more intense energy. There are 20 main energy zones/chakras, fifteen in our physical body and five in our metaphysical body. 20 Main chakras’ locations, their representative colours, functions, what they symbolize, and the situations resulting from imbalance are given in the tables below. This placement of the main chakras belongs to Judy Hall. Main Chakras Their Colors, Functions, And Imbalances Stellar Gateway Chakra Colors: white, clear, silver, gold, deep violetIt symbolizes the connection point of our spiritual body with the...