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Chrysocolla (Stone of Harmony)

Chrysocolla (Stone of Harmony)

What is Chrysocolla? The use of Chrysocolla Natural Stone often dates back to Antiquity. In ancient Greek times, it was used for brazing gold due to the copper ore in it. At the same time, when we look at more recent history, it is known that it was frequently used as a paint pigment during the Renaissance period. Chrysocolla, also known as “Chrysocolla,” has a hardness of 2.5 to 3.5. At the same time, thanks to its hardness, you can easily understand whether this stone is original. The free weight ranges also vary between 1.93 and 2.40 for the original...


Chrysocolla Crystal – Healing Properties, Zodiac Signs, and Chakras

The most important feature of the chrysocolla crystal is that it reminds us when to shut up and talk. Of course, they noticed this feature of the crystal in ancient people. Cleopatra carried a necklace made of Chrysocolla in every setting she discussed. It’s not just up to us to control communication; there are always magic words and truths to get what we want. They may not always come out of our mouths. The most significant support of Chrysocolla can make you an excellent negotiator to achieve these goals. The Chrysocolla crystal is a very gentle stone due to the...