Dumortierite (The Intelligence Enhancing Stone)

What is Dumortierite?

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The Dumortierite stone is named after the person who first discovered it. It is usually mined in shades of blue, although it can be found in the dark blue, navy blue, green, pink or purple. Its benefits have been observed since its founding in 1881, and it has been the subject of various research. Since it is a powerful energy-transforming stone, it is suitable for use in accessories, ornaments or industrial areas.

What Does Dumortierite Stone Mean?

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Dumortierit, a unique stone of nature, has gained popularity thanks to its intelligence-enhancing feature. It improves the quality of life of the person thanks to the mind that it purifies from negative energies. Since it shows a protective element against diseases, its moral value is higher than its material value. It effectively opens the chakras, allowing them to be used during meditation and rituals.

Dumortierite Stone Formation

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The formation of Dumortierite stone dates back millions of years before it was discovered. It occurs when magma rises to the surface and crystallizes silicates. Afterwards, it enters into reactions that will last for many years, filling its colour, internal structure, durability and beauty. However, since it is a rare natural stone, the places where it is extracted are limited.

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Combustion reactions are also involved in the formation of Dumortierite stone. Dumortierite, which reacts with oxygen, takes its final form depending on the elements in it. He learns to protect the energy balance of nature by turning his exposure to magnetic effects into an advantage. Thus, it attracts the bad energies in every environment it is in and increases the positive energy.

Where Does Dumortierite Stone Occur?


Although it is rare because natural stones have increased in popularity recently, it is among the rocks that are relatively easy to find. Especially the stones extracted from Brazil are prevalent in the market.

Dumortierite can be found in its completed form on different continents. It is also mined in Russia and Sri Lanka, especially in the USA and Canada. Products exported from this country are sent to the rest of the world and processed for different uses. Although it has a durable structure, it is shaped only by experts.

Considerations While Buying Dumortierit

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There are some issues to consider before buying natural stones. These issues begin to ensure that the authentic stone is taken. Since imitations of Dumortierite stones are on the market and accurate, it is necessary to learn how to distinguish between real and fake stones. Otherwise, the purchased stone can only be used as an ornament and accessory.

Buying Dumortierit stone from reliable stores provides a solution to any problem. It prevents problems that may occur in return or exchange issues. In addition, since only natural Dumortierit stone will be sold in reliable stores, it is not possible to buy a fake.

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Dumortierite stone must be used regularly. If you want to buy a natural stone that will be used rarely, Dumortierit stone would be the wrong choice. Since it will affect regular and long-term use, using it a few times and leaving it aside prevents it from showing its benefits. For this reason, people who do not prefer to use accessories may choose to be in the same environment as Dumortierit by turning to ornaments.

How to Tell if Dumortierit is Real or Fake?

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There are different methods to distinguish between real and fake Dumortierite stones. Those experts in rocks can tell the difference simply by touching them or holding them up to the light. However, those who buy Dumortierit stone for the first time should avoid buying imitation products. For this reason, a certificate showing the naturalness of the rock, if any, may be requested.

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Imitation stones are only physically similar to Dumortierite stones. However, they can be distinguished in many respects, especially their weight, internal structure, energy conversion, fragility and brightness. For this reason, part of the stone should be broken as the surest method. Then, if the rock patterns look the same as the interior and exterior colours, it can be decided that the stone is natural.

Although it has undergone hot and cold reactions for millions of years, Dumortierit stone has low resistance to fire. Therefore, burning the stone can cause physical damage. If the paint does not flow or peel off when it can be fired for a short time, it is understood that it is accurate. However, this option is not the preferred method as it is risky.

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What are Dumortierite Stone Properties and Effects?

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Dumortierit stone is a semi-precious ornamental stone with a score between 7 and 8 on the hardness scale. Since it has a rigid and durable structure, it is suitable for use in accessories, religious motifs, household goods and decoration products. Furthermore, since it is a stone of water and air elements, it is taken by the signs in this area increase the benefits it will show.

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Discovered by Eugene Dumortierite in 1881, all the properties of this natural stone are unknown. Although its effects in many physical and spiritual areas are known, there are still some unknown effects. Because it balances the energies of nature and humans, it only benefits its environment. It is especially preferred because of its intelligence-enhancing effect.

Dumortierite stone is a very effective natural stone in overcoming anger and stress. It helps to live life more positively by preventing toxic emotions, relationships and energies from harming the person. Thanks to the feeling of renewal, it brings the pleasure of living to its peak. When the stone is touched intense moments, it removes negative emotions and relaxes the person.

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Dumortierit stone, beneficial for getting rid of addictions, passes the headaches experienced in moments of stress. It is effective on digestive system problems. Thanks to its immune-boosting feature, it protects from infectious or other possible diseases. It helps to heal by accelerating the treatment process of an existing illness.

Dumortierite Stone Usage and Usage Areas


The energy transformations made by Dumortierite stone are pretty powerful. Therefore, it has properties suitable for use in different areas. Since it has been a preferred stone in alternative medicine for over a century, its therapeutic effects are widely known. It has reached its current popularity in medicine, mainly thanks to its benefits in child development.

It is observed that Dumortierit stone, which relaxes, calms and makes people feel peaceful, also takes place in psychological treatment methods. Being in the environment during psychotherapies enables the person to express themself better. In addition, it has essential benefits in terms of healing and non-recurrence of the disease.

The Dumortierite Stone Ritual

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One of the most valuable stones to be used during meditation and rituals is Dumortierit. Because it is a dream stone, it profoundly cleans your subconscious. In this way, he creates an atmosphere of individual peace by confronting the person with his experiences in every ritual he is in. It helps to distinguish between what is wanted and what is not wanted in the future.


With the Dumortierite stone, rituals of love, subconscious cleansing, energy balancing, and strengthening psychic abilities can be done. During these rituals, it should be in contact with the body. If a Dumortierit stone is used, that cannot be handled, and it will be sufficient to have it in the same room. Rituals take effect more quickly as being in contact will speed up the energy exchange.

The rituals with the Dumortierite stone take effect in a short time. The person feels lightened and relieved as soon as the way is over. Then, as reasonable expectations replace troublesome thoughts, it sends positive messages to the universe. In this way, the events that he wants to happen will also turn out well.

Which Chakra Is Dumortierit Compatible With?

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Chakras are vital energy points in different body parts that heal people psychologically and physically. Dumortierite effectively opens every chakra as it clears the whole body’s energy. It is considered to be in harmony with this chakra, as it exerts its most significant influence on the heart chakra.

The heart chakra strengthens its work by placing the Dumortierite stone over the heart. When it is fully opened, sensitivities are seen in the sense of touch. It supports the immune system and protects from cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to its constant contact with the lungs due to its blood circulation, it also defends against respiratory infections.

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The heart chakra, the centre of compassion, helps to love people for being human. For this reason, those who use Dumortierit constantly become loving individuals. It enables the individual to forgive his own mistakes first, as it will give him the ability to forgive mistakes. It is referred to as compassionate, good, helpful, forgiving, happy, self-confident and brave for people with an open heart chakra.

Compatible Zodiac Signs of Dumortierite Stone


Dumortierite stone is a healing stone that can show its benefits to every person. It transforms energy regardless of why it is used and who is using it. Even when it is not yet extracted from the rocks, it begins to balance the power of nature. In this respect, Dumortierite stone is suitable for every sign owner, but it shows its effect better in Leo and Capricorn signs.

When Leo signs use the Dumortierit stone, they shine more and attract the attention of those around them. They learn to forgive when mistakes or crimes are committed against them. By becoming more patient, they progress enough to see the end of their experiences. They also benefit from the healing effect of the Dumortierit stone for subconscious problems.

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The most notable feature of Capricorns is their strong will, but they may have problems in this regard from time to time. If they use the Dumortierite stone, they can protect their choice anytime. They begin to behave more comfortably towards people by solving their subconscious trust problems. In addition, thanks to the Dumortierite stone, they can protect themselves by noticing the issues that people are not honest with.

Dumortierite Stone Benefits and Harms

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Dumortierit stone, which occurs spontaneously in nature, does not have any harm to its users. Sometimes they can get tired due to the energy density and cannot show enough effect. However, at these moments, energy maintenance is performed so that it can work as well as on the first day. It is one of the stones that should be preferred frequently because it is suitable for all age groups and genders.

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Dumortierite stone has benefits such as healing dreams, preventing nightmares, and ending sleep problems. In addition, it increases self-confidence and prevents submission to injustices. Furthermore, it provides convenience in all bilateral relations by improving deteriorated relations. It also helps the individual to create a working discipline as a source of motivation. In this way, it is among the natural stones that lead to success in every field.

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Dumortierit stone, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, has many products on the skin. Therefore, it is suitable for scars, acne problems, and sunburns. In addition, regulating the functioning of the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems prevents disruptions in the relevant organs. Thus, it helps to protect health by preventing diseases that may occur.

Dumortierite is one of the stones that pregnant women must use. Thanks to its intelligence-enhancing effect, it makes the baby born smart, intelligent and brave. If used regularly during childhood, it helps grown babies shine in their academic life. In addition, it facilitates mothers’ birth and influences the baby’s healthy birth.

Where to Put Dumortierite Stone at Home?


The placement of the Dumortierite stone is as important as its use. Especially when bought as an ornament, leaving it in the wrong place in homes and offices can restrict energy exchange. Therefore, all Dumortierit stones should be placed in open areas to see their benefits. The energy exchange stops when glass, wood, cloth, cabinet or drawer are left inside.

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All house rooms are suitable for Dumortierit stone, usually placed in children’s rooms. It is even possible to set a place in balconies and gardens. However, it is better to put it in children’s rooms to benefit from the intelligence development feature and leave it on the study desks for school-age children. In addition, adults can have Dumortierite stones on their desks for concentration purposes.

Dumortierit, which is very effective in bilateral relations, is very useful in repairing broken links. It can be placed in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen to benefit spouses or cold family members. Being in a visible area is very important as it will increase the energy exchange it will make.

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Where to Buy Dumortierite Stone?

It’s easy to buy this healing crystal in any form, gem or raw. Click on our Etsy or Amazon links below to access unique pieces made from real minerals with attractive handwork.

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How Much Does Dumortierite Stone Cost?

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Despite its rarity, its durability is an essential factor for the prices of Dumortierit stone to be manageable. Dumortierit stone is inexpensive because it is simpler to extract and work than other stones. Because it is suitable for every budget, anyone who wishes can have the Dumortierit stone instantly.

Some features determine the price of Dumortierite stone. At the beginning of these is the colour of the rock, its size, where it was bought, which brand it belongs to, and what material is used with the stone. Specially designed Dumortierit stones are more expensive as each criterion causes prices to increase or decrease. However, since it is not considered a jewel, it can be obtained at affordable prices.

Dumortierite Stone Care and Cleaning

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Natural substances such as soil, water, sun or moonlight are needed for natural stones. Both physical and energetic considerations help the stone to last longer. To show its effects better, maintenance should be done once a week during periods of intense use and once a month at other times.

Soil and water remove the negative energies within the stone and ensure the cleansing of Dumortierite. However, sunlight exposure may cause the stone’s colour to fade or cause problems in its external appearance. For this reason, it would be better to keep the Dumortierit stone under the moonlight while taking care of it. It should be included in scorching environments and protected in cool areas.

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These substances mustn’t come into contact with the Dumortierit stone while bathing or dealing with chemicals. Each chemical causes the stone to lose its properties as it will cause its structure to deteriorate. Therefore, it is beneficial for the person to remove the Dumortierit stone, considering that he will sweat when he does sports.

Exciting Facts About Dumortierite Stone

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Dumortierite stone is often preferred by people who want to improve their psychic aspects. It is also a stone that should be used for those interested in astrology, tarot and water fortune. It is beneficial as it strengthens intuition, helps to unify the events and provides the correct interpretation of what is seen. In particular, it enables individuals interested in these fields to rise and be discovered quickly by expressing themselves.


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